3 Most Popular Diet Programs Out There


Girl Eating Fruits and Vegetables

The word “diet” is derived from the medieval Latin word “dieta” and old French word “diete” meaning an everyday food allowance.

There are thousands of nutritional plans out there to follow. While some are for losing weight, others are for gaining muscle mass, lowering cholesterol levels, having a healthy body and mind, and much more.

Outlined below are three most popular programs these days followed by millions of people.

Diet #1 – Dukan Diet

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This program is basically a high-protein, low-carb diet. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of food you want to eat, provided that you follow its rules religiously.

There are four main phases this nutritional plan is based on:

During the initial phase, you are strictly on a lean protein diet, which is derived from a comprehensive list of about 72 protein-rich, low-fat foods such as turkey, eggs, chicken, fat-free dairy, fish, and more.

This normally lasts for about five days to achieve rapid weight loss. Carbohydrates are entirely off limits during this period except for oat bran in small amounts. Moreover, you are not supposed to eat fat or vegetables during the phase one.

Pay attention: During the next three phases of Dukan diet, you can gradually start using some vegetables, fruits, and carbs. You will slowly work your way to all foods. The primary goal of this diet plan is to lose at least 2lb of your weight per week.

5 Pros

  1. You should not clog your arteries as you will consume mostly lean protein.
  2. You will lose weight in no time, which is pretty motivating.
  3. It is very perceptive and strict fat loss plan.
  4. You don’t have to count calories throughout the dieting period.
  5. Apart from keeping your meals low fat, high protein and low salt