Top 15 Fat Burning Foods You Need to Know


fat burning foods

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Are you trying to get rid of your excess body fat the easy way? There is a particular group of food out there that can help you do so when consumed!

These are often known as “negative calorie foods” and can significantly boost the rate of your weight loss as your body will use more calories on its digestion than it will receive from these foods.

This article will not only try to explain to you how does this type of groceries work, but you will be able to find the extensive list of best and most efficient (yet delicious) foodstuff that will aid you on your journey to skinny summer figure.

List of Great & Tasty Fat Burning Foods

Food #1 – Avocado

tasty avocado

How do avocados help you shed your excessive pounds? Well, they contain substances known as MUFAs. These are monounsaturated fatty acids which have a vast plethora of health benefits.

The most important are its abilities to increase your good cholesterol levels while simultaneously reduce the bad one.

Pay attention: That means it takes relatively fewer avocados to make your body feel “full” when compared to other types of foods.

Food #2 – Almonds & Other Nuts

bowl of almonds

Nuts are known as a super help for weight loss. Why? There was a study proving that people who consumed 43-gram daily portions of dry-roasted salted almonds did not gain weight.

Furthermore, their “good” cholesterol levels either stay the same or rise. These nuts are also low in calories which means that they’ll make you feel full and suppress your appetite at the same time – thus burning your fat tissue.

Related study:

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Food #3 – Berries

tasty blueberries

Berries are an excellent source of fiber. This substance is a key when it comes to weight control. You could say that every time you eat a gram of berries, you will be eliminating around seven calories.

Pay attention: This means you could lose 30 pounds in one year if you made berries a staple part of your daily diet.

Food #4 – Cinnamon


Did you know that a scoop of cinnamon can make you lose weight? It’s hard for people to believe that this spice is great for losing your body mass because they are usually putting it on high carb rolls.

However, you can actually get skinnier with it quite efficiently. This is what you want to do:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of organic honey together with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  2. Add this mixture to a cup of hot water.
  3. Drink it once it reaches a safe temperature.

The reason why it is so effective is that it imitates the biological activity of insulin to increase your metabolism of glucose. As you know glucose is primarily used in explosive movements – it is also derived from carbohydrates which can be converted into fat if not used.

Keep in mind: Cinnamon can also act as an “appetite slowing agent” meaning that you will feel full for longer and eat less throughout the day. This will help you to get rid of lots of weight from a long-term perspective.

Food #5 – Brown Rice

rice with vegetables

It is a well-known fact that brown rice is actually healthier for your body than its standard white version. Why? And why is adding brown rice to your diet a key component when trying to get skinnier?

The whole grains in a brown type of rice are determined to aid you to get rid of your energy reserves. A study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” proved that people who were on similar low-calorie nutritional plans lost more pounds when they were actively eating whole grain foods.

Related study:

Katcher, H. I., et al. (2008). “The effects of a whole grain-enriched hypocaloric diet on cardiovascular disease risk factors in men and women with metabolic syndrome“, in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87(1).

Food #6 – Egg Whites

eggs on breakfast

A staple item of the classic body builder’s diet, egg whites contain a ton of protein and absolutely no fat. This is great because when you consume these after workout, you are building muscle and digesting the rest without storing anything under your skin.

Pay attention: An excellent news is that the protein that is not immediately used is not being stored – but simply digested and excreted. Therefore, this is making eggs one of the best foods for burning stored lipids you can find.

Food #7 – Wild Salmon & Tuna

salmon appetizer

Both salmon and tuna are fatty fish that have a great deal of polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFA’s. These are amazing because they stimulate weight loss.

The PUFAs are good to eat. Actually, you should not gain any fat tissue if you stayed on an “all fish diet”. Furthermore, salmon and tuna are rich in protein.

Pay attention: Luckily, you will be able to consume fish meat to receive required daily doses of protein and just excrete the rest of it. It boosts your metabolism by growing your muscle mass and not providing you with any unnecessary fat or carbohydrates.

Food #8 – Grapefruit

pink grapefruit

This is another negative calorie food that many people absolutely love. You may have heard of the “grapefruit natural diet.” It does not hold any “special chemicals” that burn excessive body size like the PUFAs in fish.

However, they contain a very low amount of calories and are very rich in soluble fiber. This fills you up and discourages you from eating more than you actually need.

Food #9 – Hot Peppers

hot chilli peppers

Hot peppers are one of the most effective natural fat burners on the market. Why? Simply put, they provide close-to-zero calories. What is more, capsaicin – the compound that makes peppers HOT – actually helps in burning more calories during the digestive process.

It heats your body thoroughly. When you add cayenne or hot sauce to soups, eggs, or white meats, it will boost your metabolism even more.

Related study:

Lejeune, M. P., et al. (2003). “Effect of capsaicin on substrate oxidation and weight maintenance after modest body-weight loss in human subjects“, in The British Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 90(3).

Food #10 – Chia Seeds

chia seeds with spoon

Chia seeds are one of the most underrated seeds out there. They are native to Mexico and contain a ton of omega-3 fatty acids. High amounts of this substance increase the process of insulin sensitivity.

This means that if you eat a lot of carbs and consume a good deal of omega-3 fatty acids, then there will be less of body fat stored and more calories burned every single day. Furthermore, these acids make the mitochondria, and the peroxisomes work harder and burn more energy. This, in turn, makes you shed more.

Food #11 – Lean Meat

beef with tomatoes

As already mentioned, protein can be really helpful if you want to get rid of some extra pounds and fight off cravings. The best part? Lean meat is full of it.

However, when choosing the kind of meat you want to add to your daily menu, that dark one has a tendency to have higher fat levels. Therefore, you should opt for chicken and turkey breasts without skin, or more expensive extra lean beef steaks.

Food #12 – Lentils, Beans & Legumes

dried legumes on spoons

There was a study proving that people who eat beans actually have smaller waistlines than those who do not. The reason why this is the case is that they are a fantastic source of fiber.

That means you can consume the same amount of food and still feel full because of the beans. Also, when you consume these, you are usually burning more than you are taking in. That is great, right?

Food #13 – Dairy Products (Low Fat)

cheese on shelf

If you want to eat dairy products, it is usually a good idea to go for their low-fat versions. It is more beneficial to consume these products right after a workout, especially skim milk.

Keep in mind: It contains an enormous amount of protein that will directly aid in the building of your muscle mass. Higher muscle mass means that you’ll have a more working metabolism even while resting.

Food #14 – Oatmeal

granola in bowl

Yes, believe it or not, oatmeal does help you lose some body mass because it boosts your metabolism. This is another food that is high in fiber, but low in fat stuff.

Also, the amount of energy-producing carbohydrates (most often found in bread, pasta, etc.simply) that are inside of oatmeal is essentially non-existent. Your body tries to absorb the fibers, but usually without any success, and eventually, it all gets digested and excreted.

Food #15 – Quinoa

bowl of boiled quinoa

Quinoa is the last on our list, but it is certainly not the least. There is a multitude of reasons why this food assists you in losing fat:

  1. High fiber and protein – First of all, the high content of these two substances will actually make you feel much more full. This will prevent binge eating sessions.
  2. Low glycemic index (LGI) – Quinoa has an LGI, which means that your insulin will not spike your blood sugar. You will not crave more sugar for this reason.

Pay attention: This is also a negative calorie food because of the high fiber content – your body tries to absorb it, but it does to no avail, therefore only passes through your digestive system.

Every single one of these foods should help you to shed your pounds effectively. When you make your next grocery store visit, you should have a list of these fat burning foods so that you can reach your fitness goals as soon as possible.

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