List of Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin D


high vitamin D foods

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Reliable food sources of vitamin D are hard to come by. Surprisingly, only this vitamin can be produced by your body, which technically makes it a hormone.

It helps you absorb calcium, keeps the immune system healthy and also your insulin levels in check. Deficiency of this substance has been attributed to various health conditions, including inflammation, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

While the best way to obtain the recommended amount of this substance is through sun exposure, there are some foods that also contain this vital nutrient. Listed below are the top 10 sources you should try to eat.

Keep in mind: Mushrooms are the only vegetable that includes vitamin D in large quantities, while various other foods in this category have only trace amounts. Let’s take a look at the top vegetables.

Vegetable #1 – Mushrooms: Shiitake, Portobello, Maitake & Chanterelle

chanterelle mushrooms

Vitamin D is difficult to obtain from plant sources, but mushrooms are an exception to this rule. However, the amount of this crucial substance you will get will largely depend on which type you consume!

The following varieties are great choices to begin with:

  • Shiitake – 18 IU in a 100-gram serving (4% of the RDA).
  • Portobello – 10 IU in that same amount (2%).
  • Maitake – 1,123 IU (280%).
  • Chanterelle – 212 IU (53%).

The way in which you prepare these mushrooms will also have an effect on quantities of vitamin D you will obtain. Just remember that any mushroom should be handled with care and cooked properly for safe consumption!

Vegetable #2 – Ka