5 Best BMI Calculators You Will Want to Use


5 Best BMI Calculators You Will Want To UseWith so many people looking to try and get in shape and reduce their weight, particularly with it being new year, people are trying to find ways in which they can keep track of their body size.

Nowadays, many of us are able to do this by using an online body mass index (BMI) calculator, as well as some useful information about how we can improve our shape.

However, there are some that are better than others, and some of the sites that have them also have some extra features that are also very helpful.

Therefore, I have decided to review and provide you with the following list of the best ones that are online right now.

1. WebMD BMI Plus Calculator

WebMD Calculator

This website provides you with one of the best available online right now, mainly because of all the detailed features that it has.

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It is able to calculate person’s body mass index, while also enabling people to check other things such as:

  • Their daily intake of calories.
  • Their heart rate.

In other words, it addresses almost every aspect of a person’s health so than you are able to keep a track of everything.

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Worth pointing out: This site also has a lot of articles that address how you can make your diet healthier and some exercise techniques that can help you improve your BMI and other aspects of your physical welfare!

2. NIH –┬áThe National Institute of