Top 7 Weight Loss Myths That Hurt Your Fitness Efforts


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The more we know about weight loss processes, the harder it is for us to fall for various myths with regards to shedding body fat. While it is in our nature to simplify complex problems, we need to realize that there are hundreds of other factors affecting these processes.

You need to realize that if all actions you take to achieve skinny figure are based on wrong knowledge, you are doomed to fail even before you begin. Therefore, I am going to debunk seven most commonly believed weight loss myths!

Myth #1 – Starvation Is The Right Way

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Your body produces energy – that’s how you get out of bed in the morning. Your fuel is comprised of oxygen, water, and food. We try to trick our bodies by treating your fuel intake as a simple math equation:

Calories intake – versus – calories burned.

However, human bodies are more adaptable than that. In fact, the less food your organism gets over a longer period, the more it tries to conserve the calories it is getting.

Keep in mind: The way it does this is by supplying you with less energy and not by burning your fat reserves you already have stored under your skin.

Myth #2 – You Can Not Eat After 6-PM

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The so-called “6 p.m. rule” is a holdover from a time when we didn’t know anything about nutritional science and human metabolism. The reasoning is that your organism goes into resting mode around 9 – 10 p.m., and so it slows down its ability to burn eaten food for fuel.

While it’s true that your body takes longer to digest food while you’re asleep, it still converts it into the same amount of energy reserves as it w