7 Most Popular Paleo Blogs You Will Like


paleo diet concept

REMEMBER: These Are TOP 7 Most Popular Paleo Blogs You Will Like! Pay SPECIAL Attention to Blog #6! These Tips Helped Over 2,000 Readers!

With so many fad diets and “super foods” making the rounds, it can become quite difficult to know what a healthy meal plan looks like.

Those who choose a Paleo diet know they need to forget all about these “new dietary trends” and get back to “good old basics“! People who try this regime often report significant weight loss, an increase in energy and they feel healthier overall.

Here is a list of 7 best blogs full of excellent tips, great cookbooks and delicious recipes that will help you a lot.

Blog #1 – NomNomPaleo.com

nomnompaleo website

Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, authors of this site, keep things simple. The 2 offer short snippets of information that are useful and entertaining for those who are living a Paleo lifestyle.

While visiting their website, you should look for:

  • Plenty of paleo friendly recipes!
  • Links to great & relevant articles from other websites!
  • Reviews of products that will make your life and cooking in the kitchen a lot easier!

What is more, it uses cartoons and captions to keep things entertaining. This is a fun way to point out some of the common misconceptions about this diet.

Remember: Both authors say that this way of eating offers plenty of delicious options that will keep everyone satiated and happy. The cartoons make it fun and keep the information light!

Blog #2 – PaleOMG.com

PaleOMG website

If you’re looking for some seriously delicious recipe ideas, this blog is the right place to go. Its author – Juli Bauer – posts nearly every day with incredible new recipes that include lovely photos.

With meals this good, you won’t be missing overly processed junk food.