8 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Definitely Inspire You


weight loss success story

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Weight loss can be a difficult venture for people all around the world. Although it can bring forth many benefits, sometimes it is hard to gather the motivation to shed your excessive pounds.

Rather than waiting until tomorrow or the day after, the following 8 success stories will inspire you to start living a healthier life as soon as possible!

Story #1 – “Michael Hebranko” Lost 700 Pounds

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During the entirety of his life, Michael Hebranko has gained and lost a total of 3,000 lbs! Due to his excessive obesity, he struggled with various emotional and physical issues such as depression and thoughts of suicide.

Instead of taking his life, he decided to write a letter to Richard Simmons, one of the most popular fitness celebrities in the world. After hearing his story, Richard assisted with a world-record of losing 700 pounds in a year and a half.

Worth noting: As his journey to new body progressed, Michael had his ups and downs with keeping control of what he eats, but ultimately he has beaten his obesity!

Story #2 – “Kathy Stuart” Lost 140 Pounds

Diet pills may seem like a permanent solution, but in reality, they are temporary, and Kathy Stuart’s story is a prime example of how you have to work hard for a skinny figure.

At the beginning of her journey, she was a size 16 and began taking nutritious capsules, causing her to lose 50 pounds.

After she had considered the health risks associated with these, she im