5 Simple Strategies for Conquering Emotional Eating


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There is no doubt that hasty and stressful lifestyle can have quite a damaging effect on your health! It can cause wear and tear on your body, and can also restrict certain parts of your organism and immune system from working properly.

Often, being overweight is a side effect of stress and emotional tension. This can be a detrimental problem as it can often lead people to choose foods that are not very good for them.

There are ways, however, in which you can deal with your emotional eating and improve your health in the process. Here are five strategies that will help you to get rid of this nasty habit once and for all.

Strategy #1 – Relax to Process Your Emotions

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There are various methods you can implement to limit stress and process your feelings that do not require food. You can try to:

  1. Meditate – Meditation can be very helpful as it gives your nerves a chance to rest and your whole body to relax.
  2. Squeeze ball – A soft ball to squeeze now and then can be quite helpful when you are feeling a little on edge.
  3. Breathing exercises – Try inhaling through your nose and then exhaling through your mouth.

Keep in mind: These three are excellent ways to lower your stress levels that will give you a break from any emotional tenderness!

Strategy #2 – Prepare Plan for Your Short & Long-Term Success

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The best thing you can do to get rid of using food to manage emotions is to come up with a short and long-term plan. You should try to create at least these two:

  1. Short term plan – This should involve natural and very effective methods to help you manage your feelings without food, such as exercise and meditation.
  2. Long term plan – You need to set yourself goals you want to achieve with an appropriate timeframe.

Keep in mind: Planning will help give you a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you can make sure that it happens.

Strategy #3 – Burn Your Stress & Feelings with Exercise

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Exercise is another great way of dealing with this issue. If you can keep yourself active, you will lower your stress levels and the amount of damage that emotions will cause on your body.

Things like yoga are ideal for this, as it will increase the amount of exercise you can get, but it is also considered an excellent way to reduce stress.

Keep in mind: Other forms of workouts are also great! Have a look at the various exercises that you can do at home, and also consider joining a gym.

Strategy #4 – Reward Yourself with Occasional Treat

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Of course, just because you are planning on conquering your emotional eating doesn’t mean that you have to cut out everything you like!

The best thing to do after you have set some attainable goals is to reward yourself when you can keep your cravings for food under control.

Pay attention: This will help you to deal with your cravings and make you feel quite proud of your efforts when you earn a treat for reaching one of your goals!

Strategy #5 – Slow Down While Taking Small Bites

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Eating fast is not very good for you. When you do so, you don’t chew your food properly. This way some of the nutrients you eat are harder for your body to process and get rid of.

If you take your time and chew your food a lot (around 15-20 times each bite), your organism will be able to deal with what you’re eating much more efficiently.

Keep in mind: It also means that when you eat healthier stuff, you are far more likely to absorb the healthy nutrients from your meals into your body. It’s a simple step that has a lot of benefits.

These are just a few ways in which you can reduce your habit of snacking as a way of dealing with your emotions. Ultimately, it comes down to stress and the way you try to deal with it.

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