Vital Facts About Meratrim: Reviews, Ingredients and Possible Side Effects


Meratrim supplements

Meratrim by ReBody (Editor´s Choice)
meratrim-bottle for overview

Manufactured for: Re-Body, LLC
Official website:
Price: $39.99 Per one month supply
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day

Ingredients: Meratrim proprietary blend (400mg), Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetable cellulose, Rice bran, Silica

After looking at every pure Meratrim product on the market, this is the one that offers the best value for the price.
Last Update: May 2017

At first glance, Meratrim may seem like just another fashionable dietary supplement. To find out whether it is something that stands out of the crowd and belongs to the group of products you should be investing your money in, there are couple questions that you should ask yourself first.

  • “Is it here to stay?”
  • “Why is Meratrim better than its competition?”
  • “How can this product help you change your body and life if you are willing?”

Let’s examine these pills and take a look at the scientific research done. Together, we can hopefully answer all questions you may have.

This Article Includes (TOC)

  1. What Is Meratrim Fruit & Flower Formula?
  2. What Do Scientific Studies Say?
  3. Thing You Have to Know Before You Buy This Product!
  4. What Are The Ingredients?
  5. Dosage Rules You Should Follow
  6. Side-Effects & Safety Tips
  7. What Are the Results & Customer Opinions?
  8. Top Brands of Meratrim Supplements on the Market
  9. Further Resources That Will Help You!

So, What Exactly is 100% Pure “Meratrim Fruit & Flower Formula”?

Garcinia Mangostana fruit

Being all-natural, the Meratrim Fruit and Flower Formula contains a combination of extracts from two plants – Sphaeranthus Indicus (a flower head) and Garcinia Mangostana (a fruit rind). Usually, these are mixed in a ratio of 3:1.

There are scientific suggestions that Sphaeranthus Indicus, also known as East Indian Thistle, provides several benefits:

  • Has anti-inflammatory effect that inhibits the progression of atherosclerosis (1 – studied on animals)
  • Treats nervous disorders (2 – studied on rodents)
  • Provides a lot of antioxidants (3 – studied on rats)
  • Has many positive substances that help with treating psoriasis (4)

With regards to Garcinia Mangostana, also known as Purple Mangosteen, has been shown as:

  • Very beneficial anticancer agent (5)
  • A useful substance at lowering lipids in blood (6 – studied on rats)
  • Strong antibacterial substance (7)
  • Potent antioxidant (8)

Meratrim ingredients

As you can see, this formula is composed of very effective substances that may boost your health. However, there is a study that explains how these two substances work together to promote short-term weight loss.

This formula has been even endorsed by the famous Dr. Oz, who is a trusted celebrity with regards to weight loss and health.

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What Do Scientific Studies Say?

female researcher

The best thing you can look for when choosing any weight loss supplement is an open and honest research study. Thankfully, Meratrim was tested to see if it could make a difference with weight management.

Here is a name of the study I will analyze below:

Stern, J. S., et al. (2013) “Efficacy and Tolerability of an Herbal Formulation for Weight Management“, published in Journal of Medicinal Food, Vol. 16 (6): 529-537.

It was conducted for eight weeks as a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 100 people (23 men and 77 women) who were overweight (BMI 30-40). These people were divided into two groups:

  1. Meratrim group – These people were instructed to take 400mg of actual Meratrim formula half an hour before both breakfast and dinner.
  2. Control group – The placebo group took the same amount of a dummy pill instead of the herbal blend.

Both groups followed a strict 2000-calorie diet and walked for 30 minutes five days a week!

study results for meratrim formula

Research outcomes:

After the 8-week test period, individuals taking this herbal blend showed better results than the placebo group with regards to weight loss. They lost:

  • 11.4 Pounds (5.2kg) of weight
  • 4.68 Inches (11.9cm) off waist
  • 2.48 Inches (6.3cm) off hips

This formula may be effective short-term weight loss option. However, it has not been studied from the long-term perspective, and I do not know whether these participants gained the weight they lost back or not.

These results are quite surprising, don’t you think? If you want to try it out, you need to know about few side-effects you may experience with your usage.

Important disclaimer: This study was sponsored by InterHealth – a company that produces and sells this supplement.
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3 General Dosage Rules You Need to Follow

weight loss pills

Please note that these recommendations are just informative and may differ from one brand to another. Always follow the dosage rules that are on your product label.

Although each brand may have its own dosage rules, there are some general tips you could always follow when experimenting with Meratrim. Usually, studies that have been done on this substance were most successful at following conditions:

  • One serving should include 400mg of Meratrim
  • Take one serving twice a day
  • It is best to take it 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner

You should always talk with your medical professional before you start taking any dietary supplement. He or she may suggest changes in dosage according to your overall health.

Taking more than 800mg of Meratrim per day is not recommended as it may cause several side-effects that may endanger your health.

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Mild Side Effects

young woman with headache

Studies observing the weight-loss power of Meratrim have not observed any significant side-effects. However, some people on the internet reported following:

– Slight stomach pain, few cases of nausea

However, there are two main substances that come with individual dangers.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

According to WebMD, may have some effect on blood clotting:

“Mangosteen might slow blood clotting. Taking mangosteen might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.

Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract

I have not found a lot of info on the side-effects of this substance. It may be that this ingredient has not been studied long enough for any side-effects to have been noticed, though it does appear to be a very safe ingredient to use.

You should always consult your doctor before beginning a new medication or supplement. Even though this product has little in the way of ingredients or chemicals, you never know how your body will react when taking it.

Safety Tips

There are some safety tips you should consider as well when making your purchase of any pills or supplements.

Avoid seal-less containers

Regarding safety, you should avoid seal-less containers. Never take any pills if the container seal is broken or missing when you first open your bottle. This could mean that something went wrong during processing, and you should request a new shipment.

Buy on official product website

If it is possible, always try to make your purchase on the official product website as this way, you can be sure you will get the original formula and not a fake supplement.

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Meratrim Results & User Testimonials

sexy female stomach

“I took this product for 3 weeks. Did not see the kind of results that were mentioned in the article I read. No inches lost, and I lost 3 lbs, but this was due to the calorie restriction. I did not lose lbs because of this product. Have had headaches lately. Will not purchase again.

– Lizardh7 (Testimonial was taken from

“I was gradually and steadily losing weight due to low carb diet and exercise months before trying this product. Experienced increased frequency and softness of smaller bowel movements and increased hunger while taking this product as advised while maintaining diet and exercise regimen, yet experienced no change in the rate of weight loss.

– Tobias (Testimonial was taken from

“This isn’t a product where you lose a ton of water weight and think you’re really solving the issue. It’s slow, but steady real weight loss….at least that’s what i’m experiencing. Down 8 lbs in two months. Going to stick with it.

– Charles, F. (Testimonial was taken from

“Works great IF you use it as directed. It has to be taken 30 min before you eat. I tend to forget and take it too close to dinner. Then it doesn’t work as well. Need to still eat healthy. Just because you are taking it, you can’t expect to loose if you still are going to snack a lot, eat huge portions, ect. I am pleased with it. It helps me.

– Jo (Testimonial was taken from

As would be expected from the countless research trials and influential backers, Meratrim has both positive as well as negative reviews. Here are some main points from what I have found:

  • Many individuals have positively reported success equal to or beyond what was predicted by the companies selling this product.
  • Also, many have observed a change in their BMI levels, as well as feeling better and less hungry.
  • Of those who negatively reviewed this supplement, the vast majority stated that they were not getting results quickly enough (hence giving up on it).
  • Only a slight percentage of testimonials reported no change after a full medication cycle!

Before we show you the best brands of Meratrim supplements, you might also want to read other reviews from reputable sources like, or to form an opinion about this product.

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Top Brands of Meratrim Supplements on The Market

Meratrim supplements

Meratrim by ReBody (Editor´s Choice)
meratrim-bottle for overview

Manufactured for: Re-Body, LLC
Official website:
Price: $39.99 Per one month supply
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day

Ingredients: Meratrim proprietary blend (400mg), Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetable cellulose, Rice bran, Silica

After looking at every pure Meratrim product on the market, this is the one that offers the best value for the price.
Meratrim Gold by NutriGold
nutrigold Meratrim Gold small

Manufactured for: NutriGold, Inc.
Official website:
Price: $48.32 Per one month supply
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day

Ingredients: Meratrim proprietary blend (400mg), Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetable stearate, Plant-based cellulose

As you can see, this product is rather pricey when compared to other options on this list. However, its brand name stands for quality and safety.
Meratrim by Puritan´s Pride
Puritans Pride meratrim

Manufactured for: Puritan´s Pride, Inc
Official website:
Price: $35.98 Per one month supply
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day

Ingredients: Meratrim proprietary blend (400mg), Vegetable cellulose, Gelatin, Vegetable magnesium sterate, Silica

The product from Puritan´s Pride is more financially accessible and has the same potency as the other products on this list. However, it is hard to get these days.
Meratrim Platinum+ by BioGenetic
Meratrim Platinum+ by BioGenetic

Manufactured for: BioGenetic Laboratories
Official website:
Price: $79.95 Per one month supply
Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day

Ingredients: Meratrim proprietary blend (400mg), L-Carnitine (250mg), Green Tea Extract (150mg), Gelatin, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate

BioGenetic uses a slightly different formula that is more expensive. Re-Body provides 25% more servings per canister for only a slightly lower price.
You may also want to read further reviews from reputable sources like, or to form an opinion about this product.

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