Master the Leptin Hormone and Lose Weight Easily


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Weight loss is a big business, and when the leptin (also known as “satiety hormone“) was discovered in 1994, many in the industry thought it would be the next revolution in losing body fat. I bet that some people wanted to make it into another miracle pill that will make you skinny without any other effort on your side.

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But this one doesn’t work like other “magical” tricks. If you want to know a little more about what this substance is and what it does inside your body, then read this article.

A hint – it has a lot to do with the difference between easy and non-efficient fat burning.

Main Function of This Hormone

The Leptin hormone is a substance that signals our brain that we have sufficient energy reserves for engaging in day-to-day activities. While being a protein-based substance, it is produced by fat cells and then gets circulated in the blood and carried to the brain.

Every person has genetically set “threshold” of this substance, and when leptin is above that threshold, your organism can function normally and go about normal growth processes like puberty.

Pay attention: When it starts to go below this limit, it tells your brain that you are starving, and you need to increase your energy reserves so your vagus nerve is stimulated and that makes you really hungry. Your body continues to increase your appetite until you regain back your ideal leptin level.

Leptin Resistance & Obesity

Leptin Hormone

Your leptin hormone works as long as your bodily systems understand the signal being sent when your levels hit your threshold.

In obese people, however, their brains do not get this signal and continue to crave for more food even though their leptin level is above its optimal threshold.

This is a dangerous beginning of a vicious cycle.

Because brains in obese bodies usually think they are starving (are resistant to leptin signals), they increase appetite and releases a much greater amount of endorphin as a reward for eating fatty and sugary stuff. This causes obese people to continue overeating.

“Over time, if your body is exposed to too much leptin, it will become resistant, just as your body can become resistant to insulin.”

– Dr. Mercola

Their bodies store the excess food as fat, and so more of hormone is produced.  Usually, the more leptin (and body fat) you have, the less you need to eat. Sadly, in obese people, this process usually never stops, and the person gets fatter and fatter because of their resistance to the signals of leptin.

Keep in mind: When it was first discovered many thought that giving leptin to obese men and women would help to curb their enormous appetite. But in many cases, it actually had no effect at all because they were naturally resistant to it.

There is only a tiny portion of the population who do not produce leptin at all, and when given this substance artificially, they lose weight as a result.

Using Food to Fix Your Resistance Issue

vegetable salad

Luckily, the leptin resistance is similar to insulin resistance, and there are diet changes that you can make to improve both issues at the same time. Surprisingly, the immunity to insulin also makes us leptin resistant.

Therefore, doctors usually recommend reducing intake of both:

  1. Artificial and refined sugar that makes our insulin level go up which increases resistance to both leptin and insulin.
  2. Triglycerides (fat) that have been proven to block leptin from reaching the brain and thus stopping the signal that you are full.

Keep in mind: By reducing our intake of sugar and foods that contain a lot of triglycerides, we allow our bodies to receive the full and steady signal from the leptin that is being produced.

5 Guidelines for Stimulating Leptin

There is even stimulating diet has been developed that involves following five simple rules, including:

  1. Stop eating after dinner – Leptin levels are highest and do their repairs in the evening. If you eat at this time, you disrupt its work and overall balance in your body.
  2. Always eat three meals each day 5-6 hours apart – Your organism is not designed for constant grazing; a continuous intake of food disrupts it from removing triglycerides which block leptin from getting to the brain. Snacking causes hormonal changes that disrupt necessary processes.
  3. Avoid eating large meals – A good advice is to stop just before you are full, do not succumb to the large meal sizes and have only a portion of the dish or split an entrée.
  4. Make sure your breakfast contains protein – High protein meals increase your metabolism unlike the typical carbohydrate diets nowadays.
  5. Reduce intake of carbohydrates – Finally, avoid (minimize) carbohydrates, they are easy energy and your metabolism will burn rather carbs and not your fat reserves.

Pay attention: There is a whole diet that is focused on balancing this hormone in your body. You can read more in this comprehensive guide: The Beginner’s Guide to The Leptin Diet

Available Leptin Supplements

leptin supporting supplements

It’s not possible to ingest artificial leptin because it’s a protein. When eaten, it is broken down in your stomach. As a result, you cannot take this hormone to increase its levels in your system directly as you would digest it.

The main idea behind leptin-based supplements is to trick your body to produce more of this hormone on itself.

There are numerous products available that contain ingredients purported to help improve leptin functioning or feelings of fullness. These capsules are meant to help balance your body, make you feel full, reduce your resistance, and decrease overall inflammation.

Keep in mind: In general, these supplements can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, in supermarkets, and health food stores. A quick online search will bring up a multitude of sites where you can purchase these supplements and have them shipped directly to your door.

Remember that leptin is not a weight-loss cure-all, but you have to adapt a new lifestyle strategy. By understanding how this hormone works and the effect of leptin resistance on your body, you can use your food to shed body fat.

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