Master the Leptin Hormone and Lose Weight Easily


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Weight loss is a big business, and when the leptin (also known as “satiety hormone“) was discovered in 1994, many in the industry thought it would be the next revolution in losing body fat. I bet that some people wanted to make it into another miracle pill that will make you skinny without any other effort on your side.

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But this one doesn’t work like other “magical” tricks. If you want to know a little more about what this substance is and what it does inside your body, then read this article.

A hint – it has a lot to do with the difference between easy and non-efficient fat burning.

Main Function of This Hormone

The Leptin hormone is a substance that signals our brain that we have sufficient energy reserves for engaging in day-to-day activities. While being a protein-based substance, it is produced by fat cells and then gets circulated in the blood and carried to the brain.

Every person has genetically set “threshold” of this substance, and when leptin is above that threshold, your organism can function normally and go about normal growth processes like puberty.

Pay attention: When it starts to go below this limit, it tells your brain that you are starving, and you need to increase your energy reserves so your vagus nerve is stimulated and that makes you really hungry. Your body continues to increase your appetite until you regain back your ideal leptin level.