How to Take PhenQ: Dosage & Directions


phenq directions + dosage mobile

phenq directions + dosage

Do you wonder how to take PhenQ pills? If this is the case then I have an excellent news for you. Taking this dietary supplement is very easy.

All you have to do is to always follow official PhenQ dosage recommendations and directions to avoid any adverse side-effects on your body.


After analyzing the official product label as well as information available directly on the official product website, I can conclude that using PhenQ is really simple as long as you follow these main dosage rules:

  • You need to take a maximum of 2 pills a day
  • Take one PhenQ pill with your breakfast
  • Take the other pill with your lunch

Avoid exceeding the recommended dosage at all costs.

As you can see on the product label, this supplement includes caffeine and other ingredients that are focused on:

“[Preparing] your body for accelerated fat burning by increasing your metabolism, thermogenesis, and energy levels.”

That is why you should not take these pills after 3 pm as otherwise, you could interrup