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Plexus Slim new and old

Product Overview

Product name: Plexus Slim
Producing company: Plexus Worldwide
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Yes (see offer)

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Last Update: May 2017

In the world of weight loss supplements and pills, you often face the problem whether to take it slow and steady while being careful, or see significant results right away. Most people want the best of both, but that seems out of reach.

The promise of Plexus Slim is to give you that high caliber weight loss solution without putting yourself at high risk, and that is definitely a promise worth looking into.

If those claims are true, then this supplement might be a complete no-brainer for a great number of people, so I’m going to cast a light on it and give it a thorough look to see what you can really expect!

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Easy Way to Prepare Your Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Plexus pink drink

If you have your blood sugar levels out of balance, you can bet that the hormones necessary to tell you to stop eating are compromised. This is when Plexus Slim supplement comes into play. It is rich in various ingredients and substances that will help you to suppress your appetite.

To make the Plexus Slim powder work, all you have to do is to:

  1. Get a glass or a shaker bottle
  2. Open 1 slim pack of your Plexus Slim powder
  3. Get it into your glass or shaker
  4. Pour in 12-20 ounces of water
  5. Mix or shake it well
  6. Drink it around 30 minutes before a meal (once a day)

If you want to experience much better (and faster) results, combine this powder with a Plexus Slim Accelerator. Formulas of both products were designed to be synergistic and used together, so do not try to use accelerator on its own.

Ingredients in Plexus Slim Old Formula (DISCONTINUED)

plexus slim ingredients

Plexus Slim

Ingredients: Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg), Plexus Slim Blend (530mg)

Proprietary blend: Green coffee bean extract (with chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid

Other ingredients: Polydextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet extract, stevia leaf extract, luo-han-guo fruit extract, guar gum, silicon dioxide

As you will learn below, there are several potent ingredients in the original formula of Plexus Slim pink drink. However, I have to say that producing company is hiding the precise amounts of individual ingredients that are included in their Plexus Slim blend – this is always a red flag for us.

Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg)

Chromium plays an important role with regards to stabilizing blood sugar levels in your body (and hence minimizing food cravings). I have found a good article about chromium that points out its role with regards to weight loss:

“Chromium supplementation is a simple method to improve blood sugar control in some people. Several studies have evaluated the effect of chromium on glucose levels with varied results, but a significant number of these studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization and decrease insulin requirements in patients with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.”

Plexus Slim Blend (530mg)

This special blend includes Green coffee bean extract (with chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract and alpha lipoic acid. There are a lot of articles and studies dealing with these three substances.

I really liked the article dealing with studies of Green Coffee Beans and weight loss:

“In a recent small, 22-week study, researchers gave 16 overweight adults low doses of green coffee bean extract (350 mg, twice a day), high doses of the supplement (350 mg, 3 times a day), or a placebo (3 times a day) for 6 weeks each with a 2-week break of not taking the pills between sequences. Subjects were encouraged to be physically active, but no dietary changes were recommended.”

“Results of the study, funded by Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (a company that manufactures green coffee bean extract) and published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, found that subjects who took the extract lost about 18 pounds on average — more than 10 percent of their body weight. No adverse side effects were noted.”

Cho, A. S., et al. (2010). “Chlorogenic acid exhibits anti-obesity property and improves lipid metabolism in high-fat diet-induced-obese mice“, in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 48(3).

From a plethora of articles dealing with Garcinia Cambogia extract, I would like to point out one by Dr. Axe, that is analysing it into details:

“Some studies have found that garcinia cambogia might, in fact, be able to help with low amounts of fat loss, plus some of the other health concerns mentioned above, although its effects are rarely strong or consistent. For example, research suggests that HCA works by blocking a certain enzyme called adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase, which contributes to the formation of fat cells.”

“Studies have also suggested that it’s possible that HCA found in garcinia cambogia can help lower someone’s appetite by increasing production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with calm, happy feelings and. therefore, sometimes appetite suppression, less cravings and reduced desire for comfort foods.”

There is a great and very detailed article on ALA and its effect on weight loss:

“While ALA is often touted as primarily a powerful antioxidant, ALA seems to have potentially beneficial effects on fat loss as well as prevention of further fat gain.”

“Multiple studies have shown that ALA stimulates the activation of an enzyme called 5’-adenosine monophosphate kinase (AMPK) in muscle and fat tissue. AMPK is the cells fuel gauge and switches it into a state that optimizes fat oxidation.”

Koh, E. H., et al. (2011). “Effects of alpha-lipoic Acid on body weight in obese subjects“, in The American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 124(1).

Other ingredients

These include substances, such as Polydextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet extract, stevia leaf extract, luo-han-guo fruit extract, guar gum, silicon dioxide.

Ingredients in Plexus Slim New Formula

New Plexus Slim ingredients

New Plexus Slim

Ingredients: Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg), Xylooligosaccharide (1,000mg), Plexus Slim blend (531mg)

Proprietary blend: Green coffee bean extract (with 50% chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid and Mulberry fruit extract

Other ingredients: Citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, beet root extract, cellulose gum, silicon dioxide

The official producing company has recently (at the end of 2016) launched a New Plexus Slim. Its formula is slightly different than its original version.

Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg)

This substance is used in the old formula as well. You can see more about this ingredient in above section.

Xylooligosaccharide (1,000mg)

Everyone knows that without healthy guts you will have a much harder time when trying to lose weight. Luckily, this substance is a powerful prebiotic that supports a healthy gut flora:

“Although these data are controversial, they suggest that specific phyla, classes or species of bacteria, or bacterial metabolic activities could be beneficial or detrimental to patients with obesity. The gut microbiota is, therefore, a potential nutritional and pharmacological target in the management of obesity and obesity-related disorders.

Delzenne, N.M., et al. (2011). “Targeting gut microbiota in obesity: effects of prebiotics and probiotics“, in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, Vol. 7, p. 639-646.

Plexus Slim blend (531mg)

This special blend includes Green coffee bean extract (with 50% chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid and Mulberry fruit extract. I have dealt with first three ingredients in the section above (dealing with the old Plexus Slim formula). However, there is one new ingredient added.

I have discovered an interesting research study that presents substances extracted from Mulberry fruit as very effective for weight loss and management in cases of high-fat diets (not in normal diets):

“The phytochemical constituents of a freeze-dried powder of mulberry (Morus alba L.) fruit (MFP) were determined. The hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of the MFP as a dietary supplement were evaluated in rats who were fed 4 weeks of either a high-fat or a normal diet supplemented with 5% or 10% MFP. Administration of MFP to rats on a high-fat diet resulted in a significant decline in levels of serum and liver triglyceride, total cholesterol, serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and a decrease in the atherogenic index, while the serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was significantly increased.

Yang, X., et al. (2010). “Hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of mulberry (Morus alba L.) fruit in hyperlipidaemia rats“, in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 48(8-9), p. 2374–2379.

Other ingredients

These include substances such as Citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, beet root extract, cellulose gum, silicon dioxide.

Ingredients in Supporting Plexus Products

Plexus Accelerator+

Ingredients: Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B6 (30mg), Folic acid (400mcg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg), Calcium (16mg), Chromium (150mcg), Proprietary blend (950mg)

Proprietary blend: Yerba maté extract, higenamine hydrochloride, hordenine hydrochloride, hawthorn extract, 5-HTP, green tea extract

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, rice flour, magnesium stearate & titanium dioxide

Plexus Block

Ingredients: Chromium (200mcg), White Kidney Bean 10:1 extract (200mg), Brown seaweed blend (500mg)

Brown seaweed blend: Acophyllum nodosum, Fucus vesiculosus

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate & silicon dioxide

Plexus Boost

Ingredients: Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B6 (30mg), Folic acid (400mcg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg), Calcium (16mg), Chromium (150mcg), Proprietary blend (608mg)

Proprietary blend: Citrus reticulata/Nelumbo nucifera blend, yerba maté extract, Carallumaluma fimbriata extract, green tea extract

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, rice flour, magnesium stearate & titanium dioxide

Few Side Effects You May Expect

young woman with headache

There is not a lot here to report regarding side effects because this is a dietary supplement based on substances extracted from nature. However, there are some negative user reports that include:

– Feeling of bloatedness, being gassy, nausea, stomach pain, constipation, dizziness, diarrhoea, fatigue & headache

Be extra cautious if you suffer from:

– Mental issues, heart and blood pressure problems, kidney disorders, liver damage, diabetes, and digestive problems

Better be safe than sorry, so do not take this supplement without consulting medical professional first!

2 Controversial Warnings for This Product

WARNING#1 Issued by Canada (February 7, 2014):

“The Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) warned consumers not to use these products as they were found to contain 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), a drug that is not approved for sale in Canada!”

WARNING#2 Issued by Australian Government (July 16, 2013):

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested Plexus Slim Accelerator capsules and Plexus Slim Accelerator 3 Day Trial pack capsules and found that:

  • They contain the undeclared banned chemical 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA)
  • Consumers are advised that DMAA is listed in Appendix C of the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP). Substances within Appendix C are of such danger to health as to warrant prohibition of sale, supply and use.

Risks associated with its use include high blood pressure, psychiatric disorders, bleeding in the brain and stroke.”

It’s important to say that the ingredients can change, and these warnings are dated back to July 2013 so they may be no longer valid. However, we have decided to keep these posted as we believe that history of a product is important as well.

Useful Results & Customer Opinions

woman with detoxing smoothie

Comment from Deborah (Positive)

“Thanks for your fine article! I began Plexus Slim to lose weight almost 2 years ago! Little did I know what was in store for me as I continued my awesome journey!”

“Since then, I have been taken off all meds and have become an active member in society now, thanks to Plexus helping my body to work the way that it was meant to work! I’m a new person thanks to the Pink Drink!”

“With all the ingredients in our foods these days, our bodies do not recognize a lot of them so they get stored in our organs, bones, joints, brains, etc.,, causing so many unexplained symptoms. And we all know that eating properly is very expensive, so going to all organic and unprocessed foods is a great idea, but it’s difficult to be able to do that and survive in today’s society.”

“Plexus actually helps to eliminate all the bad things our bodies store, I’ve seen so many people get well after being sick for years, just because they tried Plexus. Once you start feeling better, thinking clearer, and gaining more energy, you can very easily begin to do things that you weren’t able to before, so now, exercise, proper nutrition, and just making better decisions about your health are literally a piece of cake!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Tiffany (Negative)

“I tried the Plexus Pink Drink yesterday at noon, by 3 am I was itching all over. When I woke up this morning my eyes were swollen shut, I had hives on my ears, chest elbows hands fingers and legs.”

“Thankfully I was able to get into the DR right away, I was having a horrible reaction to it!!! Now going on 24 hours since I took it my chest is so incredibly tight and sore, and it is incredibly hard to breathe… It looks like this isn’t for me!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Maude (Positive)

“It works, I was the same as you! Actually, I had tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked…then I tried it and in one week I went from being tired and depressed because I didn’t have the energy to get up and do anything (much less exercise). In a week I had lost 8 pounds and I was running again. I highly recommend it.”

“I’m 61 years old and I was always a size 8 and weighed 130, then I went through menopause. I gained 55 pounds and was miserable. I started taking it and now I am back to running again, lifting weights, feeling good and HAPPY. For the first time in years I am really HAPPY. I won’t stop taking it, even when I reach my goal I want to keep it off and it helps you do that too. I’m a firm believer in it!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Morgan (Negative)

“After using Plexus Slim diligently and correctly for one month, I came away with 6 extra pounds (5’3, 125 normally) and crazy horrible hormone fluctuations. In the 2 months since coming off of Plexus, my PMS has lasted 2 full weeks and is just miserable (mood swings, extreme bloating, depression, etc). I never struggled with this before. Anyone else has this issue??”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Beth Ann (Positive)

“I have to tell you from personal experience: I use Plexus, My husband saw the results I was getting and he started it too…While I have no problem buying two monthly supplies of the Plexus and the accelerator for us, because the results have been great….it IS pricey.”

“By simply signing up as a consultant/ambassador etc for the product I save a considerable amount each month. (when someone asks if I’ve lost weight, I tell them YES, and ONLY if they ask what I did, will I share the Plexus story)”

“Right now I simply use the product for maintenance 4 days a week. I have MS and while there is no MIRACLE cure for that, Plexus has helped me balance other issues caused by the medication I AM on for this disease. I suffer from low blood sodium, low vitamin B and D and fluctuating glucose levels, as well as very low energy levels (I tire very easily).”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Heidi (Positive)

“First of all, I had a long list of health problems(migraines, nausea, fatigue, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, problems with sun and heat, severe pain) was very sick and couldn’t walk, cut my food, dress myself … for 6 years… I can’t eat processed foods or take medicines from a doctor….”

“My body has a hard time with both… so I to got on Herbalife there I at least had food, something to get in my system… love our supplements, cold processed and really getting into the body… and I lost 40 pounds 32 inches…. do not have all the health issues, I have my psoriatic arthritis, but I have control of it, instead of it controlling me…. psoriasis, I still get, it’s amazing.”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Christina Anthony (Positive)

“I just started taking Plexus Slim too, along with one accelerator and listen to my body so when I begin to feel a bit of that racing feeling you are talking about, I drink water… which is what is recommended and I think that feeling comes on as my body is depleted and toxins need flushing I need more water. As soon as I have a large glass of water, that feeling is gone.”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Overall, customers are not always sure about this product. Some are remarkably positive about it while others complain about few issues and side-effects.

Best Place to Buy Plexus Slim

new official plexus slim website screenshot

This is how official website of Plexus Slim looks like –

These days, it is easy to get scammed when making your purchase through the internet, especially in the case of weight loss pills and supplements. That is why we always recommend making your purchase through the official product website.

It is called – – and one month supply of Plexus Slim (if you take it only once a day) will cost you $84.95 (old formula). Sadly, you can not purchase new Plexus Slim formula through the official website at the time of writing but I will keep you updated. Purchasing your product through the comes with several advantages.

Money back guarantee

The official product website points out that you can try Plexus Slim risk-free for 60 days. Your purchase is protected by a very advantageous money back guarantee that is valid for 60 days since you make your purchase.

Here is a citation from their guarantee page:

“If you are unsatisfied with a product, you have a full 60 days from the date of purchase to request a full, prompt refund. No hassles, no questions.”

“To request a refund, simply contact Customer Service at 480-998-3490. One of our agents will get to work quickly processing your refund and answering your questions.”

“This guarantee can only be used once per product and excludes certain promotional items. If you have purchased a Plexus product directly from your Ambassador, your Ambassador will issue a refund to you.”


As far as shipping goes, I have managed to get this list of countries where the official e-shop ships their products:

– The United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

As you can see, buying your Plexus Slim on the official product website (or an official Ambassador) is much safer as your purchase will be protected by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Price of Products

The Plexus company produces a lot of products for weight management, not only the Plexus Slim. However, all these products are quite expensive. Just have a look:

  • Original Plexus Slim (30 Day Supply) = $84.95
  • New Plexus Slim (30 Day Supply) = $87.95
  • Plexus Accelerator+ (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Plexus Boost (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Plexus Block (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Original Plexus Slim & Accelerator+ Combo= $114.95

If you ask me, paying over $100.00 for a monthly supply of weight loss pills that you are not 100% sure will work for you is overkill. Especially when there are more affordable options on the market these days.

Just imagine that losing a significant amount of body fat will take you at least 3-6 months. That would be around $350.00-$650.00 for something that you are not 100% sure will work for you.

Final Verdict: Promising Solution to Losing Excessive Pounds

Product Overview

Product name: Plexus Slim
Producing company: Plexus Worldwide
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Yes (see offer)

I have to say that the formula of Plexus Slim includes many potent ingredients that are useful if you want to lose weight. These are often included in other appetite suppressants that are on the market these days. Although this product looks really promising, it comes with a few drawbacks.


My biggest issue is its price. You will pay around $84.95 for a one-month supply. However, you can get much more sophisticated and efficient weight loss pills for under $70.00 per month.

Formula not completely transparent

The second problem I see is the fact that manufacturing company does not declare precise numbers for individual active ingredients used in their “Plexus Slim blend“. They only declare how much of this blend is used overall.

Don’t forget to read other reviews of Plexus Slim on reputable websites like, or

If you are convinced that this product is the right solution for you, then I highly recommend getting your hands on this product directly through official product ambassadors and a website – This way your purchase will be covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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  • Skip Wyse

    What about fibromyalgia patients taking plexus?

    • Tiffani Aime Kennedy

      There have been numerous fibro patients experience very successful results with Plexus. Just be sure to check with your MD. Best of luck to you.

      • georgia

        i have not had fibro symptoms since August 1 after taking Plexus for one week. Never felt this good!

        • Anonymous

          Do you sell this stuff? Are you saying PS has cured your symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Wow, billions of dollars has been spent studying this terrible debilitating disease, and all that had to be done was make a ‘FREAKING” vitamin out of somebody’s garage. lol I wonder if the FDA, or the FTC would question your statement without clinical data supporting it. I’d be careful, Georgia. You just made a “drug” claim for a dietary supplement, and that is a no-no per the regulators.

          • PixieChix13

            Agree w/ Anonymous about the Fibro statement. If you people are paid to make these statements, you better hope karma doesn’t come around and bite you for it. I’m taking meds for my Fibro that could drop a horse and this will help me? Seriously doubt my Rheumatologist would agree w/ you. What about RA, will it help that too? Why do I wanna bet you’ll say yes?

          • Me

            she did NOT sau it CURED her FM…..just eased the symptoms.

          • Anonymous

            From my pharmaceutical experience, very few products on the market can be classified as a “cure” for a particular disease. Most just control the symptoms. Cure , or controlling symptoms, still making a drug claim which comes under completely different regulatory criteria, than PS which is classified as a dietary supplement. You .are breaking the rules, and I would be careful.

          • Kat

            I am 62. Hypothyroid. Gained weight rapidly because of it and now have type 2 diabetes from that also and high blood pressure as well as high colesterol. Great.. I also donated a kidney 8 years ago when I was healthy. So now I have to be careful what I try as it might be ok for one thing and bad for another. Lately I tried Garcinia Cambosia and after 2 days, found it hard to breathe. I couldn’t walk 20 feet without having to sit down to recover. I stopped for a week and was fine so tried it again and it happened all over again. My heart felt like it was pumping as hard as it could and I couldn’t sleep laying down. So no Garcinia Cambosia for me. I live a sedentary life- sewing. This winter was very cold and couldn’t get out so gained another 20 pounds.
            I will try this and make some changed to my diet and come back her to report what has happened. I see that Garcinia Cambosia is one ingredient but maybe not being 100% full of it will not affect me negatively.

    • Anon

      My aunt died last year of a heart attack. She had just started taking Plexus to help with her fibromyalga. I am 90% convinced that Plexus was the cause of her heart attack. Read the ingredients before you take this, before you take ANYTHING. I have read of many people dying after starting this program, including a 35 year old Mother.

  • Bev Clark

    What astonishes me is how much we research things like plexus that had natural ingredients and how we don’t research the other things we pour into our bodies because we assume what is in it is natural like mcdonalds and taco bell. Research what is in their food products before you eat take them. Yuck. I will never eat another fry or nugget from mcdonalds again. And I surely won’t give it to my children.

    • Anonymous

      Very good point! I would love to see more clinical data on PS. But, that would be very costly to PS, and with the ambassadors out there making “false” claims of not only PS, but also income opportunities, why should they?. It would take too much money out of the pockets of the promoters, and those that got in on the “scheme” early. . I only see testimonials from people selling this stuff, and that like most all testimonials are not credible.

      • Blah blah

        The reason you see ambassadors commenting May be due to the fact that they tried the product, loved what it did for them, had people ask about their changes and they wanting to try it themselves, so they sign up as an ambassador and make money while SHARING plexus and not just trying to sell it!! Just saying don’t make assumptions.

        • Anonymous

          Blah blah
          And, maybe the ambassadors are deviating from the truth. That would be typical MLM.

    • georgia


    • Wide Awake One

      We don’t research things like plexus! lol. You believe that? If so it’s paid for by those with something to gain! Who the hell is going to research this product, the ingredients are all well known and nothing special. It’s all bullshit. Just shit to claim to make the poor ignorant masses up chuck their money.

      • Anonymous

        Wide Awake
        Very valid point. Also, why spend money on research, or advertisement when you have a bunch of distributors out their making false claims about product and income. Does the company know the policies are been broke?. In my opinion, of course they do, and will continue to look the other way until regulators get wind of it. That is MLM at its best.


    i have researched accelerator because i am on several medications and did not want that to interfere with my meds. Accelerator was banned in Australia and now Canada? No way, will I take it. I ll stick to the drink only. it suppresses my appetite. doesnt help me lose weight…but i feel full all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the total number of Ambassadors to Plexus Worldwide?

    • Anonymous

      All you bright-eyed PS ambassadors ought to know at least how many reps are involved in PS. My goodness, they’re your competition. Not surprised.

  • Hollyl

    I’m a plexus ambassador and it’s not illegal in Canada to consume the products(we can order 3 months worth of product at a limit per year) we just can’t sell it or promote the business end of it until they get all the licensing in order because of changes to the Canadian Health Act.

    • Shan417

      Read the link I posted Holly from Health Canada that specifically states one of the ingredients is illegal

      • Deirdre Pfrehm

        It’s on the internet…it has to be true! lol

  • Shan417

    Just posted 3 days on the Health Canada website..therefore, making Plexus illegal here

    • Anonymous

      To my understanding, its not the product that Canada finds illegal, it’s the way PS and most other MLM companies market their products. Promoting “unlimited income”, in what MLMers say is an “unlimted recruitment” of people with no regards to satuation of product, or market. Complete deception, and I applaud the Canadian Government for protecting their citizen from the huge amounts of money that is lost each year from MLM companies that do not play by the rules, and that is putting recruitment of people before the sale of products to people not within the organization. Anybody heard of a “pyramid”. This is the first “red-flag you should pay attention to.

      • Shan417

        Actually, it is one of the ingredients in the product that isn’t approved in Canada..

        • Anonymous

          Hey Shan417

          I understand about the Plexusslim Accelerator not being legal in Canada, but my question would be, why isn’t the PS being sold? I assure you, there are other issues being addressed, and one of those is how the product is marketed. Canada has been very careful in letting MLM companies that appear to operate as a “pyramid” enter their country because of Canadians been duped in the past. Not saying PS is, or isn’t operating as one, but you can bet Canada is taking how MLMers market their products seriously. Ask “Amway”. LOL

          Here is a link to Canada referring to their MLM laws. Shan417, are some of these points recognizable when you were an ambasador.

          • Christina Anthony

            it isn’t Plexus Slim shown there to be banned, it is the combo package which includes the Accelerator (and the Slim)… BUT Plexus Worldwide has just recently made changes to their products, removing the banned ingredients in the ‘Accelerator’ and the Hoodia from Slim as well, being as in some countries worldwide that is listed on the endangered species. The new ‘Accelerator+’ does not include the banned ingredient. Also, Plexus is not a pyramid scheme and they do operate better as a multi level marketing firm than any I have ever been involved in, in the past. they payout super well on product sales and on bonuses and shares of the company. Their main mission is to share the product with as many people as possible, to help those people reach good health. I have only been with Plexus a short while but am so far quite happy for the small amount of energy I have put in compared to the results from the products and sales that I am enjoying. Plexus Slim is an amazing product, it has gotten rid of my arthritis after 40 years of suffering, I’ve lost some weight, I feel better than I have in decades… I don’t care what the negative nannies want to say, the truth is in the experience, not in repeating what they heard or read somewhere on a site designed to be negative. I would keep buying Plexus Slim no matter what just based on the great way it helps me overcome the pain I was so used to living with!

          • Anonymous

            Just one question? What is your proof of that the PS marketing design is not a “pyramid”? I can give you many reasons why I , and many others, feel it is. It is no different than most other MLM companies, where “recruitment” of people is the engine that drives the company, not the products. In most MLM, as of today, the products are just the disguise that covers up the “pyramid” and makes it appear legal.
            Christina, if you like PS, and enjoy paying the ridiculous high price, that is your business. My problem is with those people that conn other people into the so-called “business opportunity”, in which it is proven, 97% or more will fail, and lose money.

          • Christina H

            I thought the very same thing the first time I looked at the way this product is sold, I thought *Pyramid*.

            Then I did my research!

            To sell this product, you do not need to invest $$! The cost (the SERIOUS cost) is $39.95 for a web-hosting fee! (an annual fee) The products are all purchased by the customer!

            I’ve sold Avon in the past, and I HATED having to hold onto the product! In this situation, many people just go to their ambassadors website, place their order, and it is shipped directly to them!

            As I did not want to be caught up in any type of pyramid scheme, I paid special attention to any reoccurring charges! As an ambassador, my charges are limited to what I personally order. I do not HAVE to have any direct debits from my bank account, unless I choose to. I can stop selling at any time, just as a buyer can stop buying at any time. With no penalties.

            I truly love this product, and what it has to offer.

            Just to throw this in there:

            I have been on Plexus Slim and the Accelerator for 1 month.

            Before Plexus:
            Degenerative Disc Disease
            Carpal Tunnel
            Severe Migraines
            Water under my knees
            and I was wearing a size 24-26.

            In ONE MONTH:
            Back didn’t go out ONCE (it was at least weekly before)
            NO migraines ( A BIG DEAL considering I used to get them daily)
            My hands and feet didn’t hurt
            My knees didn’t hurt anymore (I could go to the Gym!!!)
            I also shrank to a size 22! (Doesn’t sound like much, but it IS for one months time!)

            My moods were more level! I didn’t have the cravings to eat–or to eat as much.

            I LOVE this product.

            And, all I can say to anyone who wants to try it—is to try it! There is a money back guarantee that the company DOES honor, so literally there is NOTHING to lose!

      • T ford

        Actually it is a product in ps that Canada is saying is illegal in CA. I just read the article.

    • Plexus Ambassador

      That was for the Plexus Accelerator, now there is an Accelerator Plus that was reformulated to provide the same results without the banned substance. I would love to help you and inform you because I have lost 61 lbs in 8 months using them. You can order here Ambassador #223585

      • Shan417

        Yeah ummm..I used to sell the product and use it myself..the people above you don’t care..all they care about is the $$$$

      • kat

        I started the plexus Thursday and today is Monday I was scared because I take Cymbals for fibro and Ra I’ve lost 4 pounds I had no aide effect till Saturday had terrible headache but its really caffeine withdrawal I was drinking monster and two to three comes and glass of tea so my doc says stick with it

  • Beth Beth

    It sounds like everything in it us natural. What is your opinion on a 14 year old who weighs 360 pounds taking it? She exercises regularly but has these cravings that are out of this world. Beth S.

    • Mandy

      Just because something is natural does not always mean it’s good for you (eg Deadly Nightshade and Hemlock are 100% natural plants and both are very toxic). Cravings can some times be an indication of some sort of imbalance or illnesses, so it is best to get a blood test. If the test is normal then using any weightloss shake to reduce hunger is safe when used as a premeal snack. However using this shake without eating other foods will cause melnutition because it doesn’t have any real nutritional content.

    • MotherGinger

      I’d tell her to read The Diet Cure (Julia Ross) with her mother and get to the bottom of the cravings by a multi-faceted approach especially emphasizing the necessity of amino acids in a fully nourished brain.

  • angie91

    Was considering trying the product until I seen it had Maltodextrin in it….and I remember reading up on it before, but I decided to go ahead and do a little more research on it just to clarify what it truly was….I liked that all the advertisements for Plexus claimed that it was “all natural” and that is pretty much what grabbed my attention about it….but the more I looked into it’s ingredients the more I decided against it…..I found a few sites that explain what exactly maltodextrin is….and it’s not something that a person looking to consume all natural, healthy foods and substances would necessarily want to eat, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:




    • corinf

      Have u ever heard of shakeology?

  • Cat lady

    I have celiac so is the maltodextrine from wheat or corn. I also have mild type 2diabetes mostly hypoglycemia Took plexus for three days but feel like my sugar is off. Any comments out there.

    • Sinthia Rodriguez

      Plexus was actually first intentiones was a diabetic medicine. .. later on the took it off, and it was approved for weight loss, and so on. I am also a diabetic, have pcos (polysystic ovarian syndrom) which makes it very hard to lose weight. Almost impossible… but it does make you gain weight like crazy along other side effects… proud to say this product is awesome. And has helped me gain my life again… if u have any questions, feel free to contact me, im an ambassador for plexus. Please feel free. My email is [email protected] if you have facebook add me there, and I can put u on a plexus testimonials page. So uou can see the wonderful things plesus is doing to regular people just like you and me.


        I have pcos also and 40 years old and obese! :/ I tried the plexus slim alone and it surpressed my appetite well (i felt full all the time) ..but did not lose any weight or inches. i would like to try the accelorator+ but ive seen so many things on it thats not good. australia banning it and now canada. whats in accelerator+ thats causing such a problem? Im terrified to try it now!

        • Christina Anthony

          they’ve changed the formula of the Accelerator and the new packaging is called Accelerator+ …. this does not have the banned ingredients in it. Plexus Worldwide is very quick to make sure their products are safe and accepted worldwide, they also made a small change to the Plexus Slim, removing Hoodia, even though the type used there was not the one on the endangered species list, they felt it would be best for all involved if it was not in there at all. The products still work great and I for one am very happy, no side effects and I am very sensitive to drugs, caffeine etc, I love these products and the benefits I am getting from them!

  • vjk

    Be careful of anything with Stevia. Even though it is touted as a “safe” and “natural” sweetener, it is not recommended for persons with Type 1 Diabetes or other blood sugar issues (like hypoglycemia, which I have) due to it’s delayed reaction on insulin levels. Every time I have consumed anything with Stevia in it, I have gotten a headache shortly after and noticed my blood sugar was out of balance. Be ware!

    • Leta Hawk

      I have also heard that anyone who is allergic to ragweed should also avoid stevia, since they are in the same class of plants. I have horrible reactions to stevia, so this product is out for me.

  • Maureen Caldwell

    I started taking plexis slim around May 2013. Despite following all the instructions this product did not work for me. It was around the end of September I thought I would ask for a refund.Well what a hassle this turned out to be. After many message to my PS distributer she pretty much told me it was up to Plexis slim as to how much would be refunded. Once she had contact with them they said the refund had been deposited around mid December. I have been checking every week still nothing and the distibuter on the Gold Coast has pretty much ignored my messages so beware people that was a few hundred dollars of my hard earned money down the drain!!!

    • Anonymous

      I had the same experience in getting my money refunded from PS. I went online and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and had my money in days.

    • TG

      Isn’t it a 60 day period?? You were well past 60 days……

  • ADHDmom

    I have been looking up comparable pill versions of these suppliments on I still need to look into how much of each of these things is in each packet, but I came up with $70. Some of the pills are 90 day supplies, and some sales are for by one get one free. I want this for my child’s ADHD. She is very picky teen, but I know she will take pills. I’m going to make a list of these things and get her doctor’s approval. I imagine I will have to leave out the Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside or Hoodia. I don’t care about weight loss, I just heard so many encouraging testimonials regarding it’s help for ADHD. Also, I priced it without the 4 taste enhancing ingredients because if I buy all this stuff in pill form, I won’t need to worry about the taste. I wish I could afford this stuff, but we just can’t. They also sell a Probio5 that I’m also going to be looking for a similar yet cheaper version of. There is another theory out there called GAPS that links our guts to our psychological states. The Plexus people recommend it for weight loss too since it rids your body of Candida. I tried the Accelerator and I’m not interested in that, I didn’t lose weight with it. I bet if you find a page like this regarding the “accelerator” ingredients you might be pleasantly surprised on how much it costs to make your own. Then perhaps you will be able to lose weight quickly. Always check with your doctor first of course!

  • Janice Jackson

    I took the Plexus Slim for 3 months and lost 20#. I also had to cut way back on my meds. I felt great! My question is How long can you safely take the Accelerator?

    • stacey

      what meds did you have to cut down on>

      • Sinthia Rodriguez

        She didnt have to, she did it because she no longer needed them. Is that correct janice jackson? And its great to hear that. Good luck on your journey 🙂

  • Elyse

    Hoodia has been removed from all plexus products the only product that was banned from aus was the accelerator and it has now been redesigned to have the same outcome with out the dmaa if it still had these ingredients it would be still banned in aus 🙂

    • Darla Lazzari

      Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside is another name for hoodia gordonii, so there you have it, it is still in the Plexus slim product. While no serious side effects were reported, researchers did note that people who got hoodia had higher blood pressures and heart rates compared to people who got the placebo. Hoodia also seems to cause elevations in bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase. What caused these changes I do not know.

      What Australian government has banned is the DMAA, which is a stimulant that is in the Plexus accelerator and is linked to heart attacks and strokes. It is still under question here in America as a 21 year old military guy died from taking DMAA in a GNC product. Be careful if taking the ACCELERATOR.

      • Megan

        The new Slim with NO Hoodia has not begun shipping yet. They will begin shipping in the next week or so.
        DMAA was not in the old Accelerator. The ingredient that the Australian government thought was DMAA was actually Geranax which is not the same. The Accelerator has been reformulated now so it’s a non-issue. The Australian government now allows all of our products.

  • jan brewer

    I just read about Garcinia cambogia, Hoodia gordonii, and a BANNED SUBSTANCE called DMAA!!!! ALL found IN PLEXUS products!!!! NOT ALL GOOD!!! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! How do you FEEL if you DON’T take it????

  • jan brewer

    I just read about Garcinia cambogia, Hoodia gordonii, and a BANNED SUBSTANCE called DMAA!!!! ALL found IN PLEXUS products!!!! NOT ALL GOOD!!! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! How do you FEEL if you DON’T take it????

    • Brad Darson

      Honestly, I cannot believe that people need to diss another company’s product as SF Reps do….. You don’t see It Works people nor Plexus people doing it and I have to wonder as to why? And please don’t tell me that it’s because you care about people? You are doing it really because you want people buying your product and nobody else’s…. I think people can do their own research and talk to not just a handful of people as you will get more negative feedback than positive feedback for whichever product you discuss if the person who starts the blog is a rep for another company…. I think it just shows how unethical and desperate people are – NO MATTER which company it is! I’ve been doing MLM for quite a while and have been with different companies and the one thing I have learned is that if you are confident in your OWN product – just advertise that and leave other companies alone – that is far more ethical. Half the comments on here are just blah blah blah and everyone thinks they know the truth and the real answers….. We are all in control of our lives and there are many things that you can only get on script that have harmed people, doctors and surgeons have harmed people and so it goes on… Each to their own and if you want to know about a product go find a range of people who either sell it or have had great success with it. No product is 100% guaranteed….. If you read the testimonial pages out there in facebook land you will see for yourself that many products from different companies are changing people’s lives for the better and doctors and fitness professionals are even now realising this and giving their patients/clients the blessing to take some of these products. I wonder if it is against SF Policies and Procedures to do this to another company and their products? I know for sure that it is not in a lot of other companies which make me think that SF is not as ethical in business as they are!

      • Darla Lazzari

        Brad, I do care about people and I do not work for any supplement company!! I just simply wanted to take this product but I am the kind of person that does a lot of research before I take anything. So here is what I’m concerned about and what has been proven.

        The Australian government has banned Plexus Accelerator because of DMAA, which is a stimulant that is in the Plexus accelerator and is linked to heart attacks and strokes. It is still under question here in America as a 21 year old military guy died from taking DMAA in a GNC product. Remember our FDA can’t be trusted because they take a lot of bribes from big companies. Just take a look at some of the things they approve that has been proven to be bad for us! Like chemicals in artificial sugars for one. I would like to warn all people taking this product, Plexus Accelerator, Be careful if taking the ACCELERATOR. PLEXUS SLIM is ok and has no harmful ingredients in it.

        • Anonymous

          Recently, the US also asked the makers of products that contain DMAA to discontinue manufacturing it, and retail stores to remove them from their shelves. So, to my understanding, the DMAA situation in the US is no longer under question.
          And Darla, formerly being in the pharmaceutical industry, I believe your statement concerning the FDA is a bit overstated. Political would be a better statement due to all the lobbying that occurs in the industry. FDA simply controls the industry as does the Direct Selling Asso. does the MLM industry. Many politicians are involved with the DSA, and believe me lobbying is alive and well there also. lol

        • Brad Darson

          Hi Darla,

          I appreciate what you are saying and you did not post about Plexus on your personal blog – Christine did. I am in Australia and we Aussies know that our TGA are amongs the toughest in the world when it comes to supplements. I’ve done research and know Plexus Ambassadors and I don’t believe that DMAA was in Accelerator – if there was then it could not have been sold in the US, Australia and lots of other countries. We Aussies also know what the TGA is like and believe me they can get things wrong. There is a fine line in the testing and it came back positive with their equipment but lots of people were tested and they didn’t have it in their systems so that leads me to believe that there was no DMAA in Accelerator. I believe there is a new Accelerator out now which the TGA is fine with
          so this is all old news anyway, so why does it keep on being rehashed? DMAA is banned in the US also and the FDA had no problem with Accelerator or Plexus. The whole point of my original post above is why do people from certain companies have to be so negative about other company’s products! Why can’t they just talk about their own? It is against many company’s policies to do this but obviously that is not the case with Skinny Fiber and it is evident as I’ve seen so many Skinny Fiber people diss other company’s products and this is what concerns me – not whether there is DMAA in Accelerator or not. I haven’t seen Plexus or any other company’s distributors behave like this on a public forum and I am in a lot of them and have only had to comment on SK posts as they just seem to get a kick out of doing this instead of being confident in being able to sell their own product on their own merits. Because of this I would never join them as it deeply concerns me. Ethics are the number thing we should be concerned about when discussing another company – if one has to. And just for the record I have looked into lots of different companies and their products and seeing that this post is all about ‘Plexus’ I have seen nothing wrong with them or their products overall and have read hundreds of positive testimonies and doctors apparently are prescribing this for their patients and they have medical professionals on board and some professionals even sell it too. No matter what company you belong to you shouldn’t publicly try to scare people away. People should find things out from the horses mouth not just the river it drinks in as things can get contaminated…. Sorry but this really bugs me as I work in MLM and have seen it too many times and would never diss out another company or their products – even if someone asked my opinion on one of them. Good luck to all of you whether you are on skinny fiber, plexus, it works, isagenix, neways, sisel etc….

          • JaniceK

            I have been on Plexus for a week now and have lost 3kgs. I was sceptical about it, but bought a month’s supply. I take the pink drink first thing in the morning, then 1/2 hour later take the Accelerator tablets with breakfast. Lunch is V8 tomatoe juice and a wholegrain salad sandwich, then I have a regular evening meal with my husband but a smaller portion. We cut out all bad fats, processed food, and sugars when my husband had a heart attack 6 months ago(he was not overweight, it was due to genetics and the stress of his job), so I only have fresh fruit and vegies for us to nibble on. I only need to lose 15 kgs, but for me I am amazed that without any real change in my eating habits EXCEPT drinking more water, I have kicked already 3kgs and now only 12 to go.
            So I am happy, feel a lot brighter and happier within myself and will continue with Plexus.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, most MLM companies exaggerate results, make false claims of income, and products, and bash other products and companies. Good way to lose credibility. Don’t know how old you are, but if you are middle age, you probably remember the old TV advertisement of Alka-Selzer. At the end of the ad the man involved with stomach problems says simply, “try it, you’ll like it”. I think because most distributors are not educated in sales, that is all they need to say about PS, or any other product they promote. Ex: “PS is designed to help you lose weight, so try it you will like it ” If the customer is pleased with the product, then they will buy more, and possibly become a member of your downline. If you keep your message simple, it will probably help you sell more PS, and at the same time be within FTC, And FDA regulations and keep the distributors out of potential trouble. Keep it simple.

  • CrossFit Solus

    Supplements are only a temporary fix not a lifestyle change. If you want real lasting health and weight loss go find a crossfit gym and most of them will teach you how to eat Paleo. Guaranteed life changing!

    • Justaguy

      Except for the injuries. Our local Crossfit hired a full time masseuse due to all the muscle injuries and at least 3 of the people I know out there currently have more significant soft tissue injuries. Mind you I only know 5 people out there. The average person is not meant to due Olympic style lifting. Of the 3 facilities I have seen, the instructors are not doing a good job of teaching proper form, and although you will be told by instructors to pay attention to your body and don’t do more than you can handle, the entire culture of the place completely negates that idea as they are constantly trying to push you harder.

    • Erica

      I would absolutely love to do Crossfit. I use to do boot camp every morning at 5am, however following a Motor Vehicle Accident I cannot do much working out without having a massive seizure followed by days of debilitating migraines. One day my doctors may find the source of the issue, however within the past 4 years no such luck. So for you to come on here and advise that we need to stop taking supplements and join a Crossfit gym, that is a bunch of crap and highly insensitive. You know nothing about anyone of us and why we may need them in order to live a more productive life. Since my accident I have gained 50lbs. I cannot lose it the way I use to so what do you suppose I do?

    • Stamper CARN

      I miss Crossfit – it changed my life, but my local affiliate closed and the other one changed completely away from Crossfit. I’m currently looking for another program like it again. Anyway, the only way these supplements can work in regards to weight loss is a lifestyle change in my opinion, however, I was looking into Plexus because of a recent diagnosis of Crohn’s, so I was hoping the Probiotics could help heal my GI tract.

  • Texas Wedge

    This stuff is expensive. I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the price of this product. It’s $80 for a one month supply of the slim drink and another $30 a month if you want the accelerator, which is supposed to help you burn fat faster. I clicked on your link for Lipozene and you complained about their price, but it’s no more than this product, and can be rationed out to cost less.

  • Jan Allen Brewer

    My question is in regard to what happens when individuals stop taking plexus products? Have dietary habits been transformed to healthy maintenance? I ask this because I know several who have stopped drinking plexus when they achieved their weight loss goal and the weight slowly returned. If a product is safe and can be used as a jumpstart to inspire individuals in their weightloss and wellness journey, then that is a useful tool, but becoming reliant on an expensive product seems unnatural. As a wellness professional, I have read multiple sites, and I find that companies only tell what they want people to know. My deep questions are never answered, and the whole truth is seldom told. Real food always seems the most obvious answer to me. AND, when I’m at my best practice, I rely on Daniel’s nutritional plan from his Bible account. How well I know that we are all in this journey together, and I applaud all who are taking steps to improve their health and prioritize the quality of their own lifestyle and that of their family and friends!

    • Tiffany Thomas Plexus Slim

      Most people do not want to stop taking Plexus because it helps them have a better quality of life. I weigh 120 lbs thanks to Plexus and I still drink it due to it making me healthier and have so much energy! I have personally seen people get pregnant due to Plexus and be taken off prescription meds. I am a Plexus lover for LIFE!

      • Tj

        It seems to be working for me no problem

    • jan

      YES and AMEN!!!! DON’T always BELIEVE!!! BE CAREFUL!!!

    • Elyse

      Not sure if anyone has answered your question sorry I they have but in response to your question about stopping plexus is when you stop if you go back to you old habbits of excessive eating and eating high fat foods then yes you will gain weight again plexus is there to help people work out a better eating plan for themselves and most stick to there plan after loosing there weight as they feel better but as the saying goes if you keep doing what you have always done that’s the results you will get

    • Roc Andrew

      Hi. I had a question about your question. Why would someone stop drinking PS. It sounds like it’s really good for us with all the vitamins and antioxidants. Or are you talking about the accelerator? My second question is if they do stop drinking PS then what is a cheaper way of getting all these nutrients because I would really like to know for myself. I am on a fixed budget and need to loose fat and eat healthier. Thank you

      • Anonymous

        Want to save money? You already answered half your question. “eat healthier”. The other half, “exercise” And, if you want to supplement those two elements, go to Wal-Mart, etc. and buy a multi-vitamin pennies on a dollar. But, if you exercise and eat healthier, you probably want even need those. That way, you don’t have deal with what’s really coming and that is the hassle of the ambassadors trying to sign you to their downline. Roc, don’t fall for signing up to get a discount, PS is still extremely overpriced. Good luck.

    • Anonymous

      Jan, in my opinion, after I quit taking PS, these things happen: I realized that there is no quick fix to losing weight, exercise, and diet are the best choices for long-term weight-loss, and maintenance. I saved well over a $100.00/mt, and more importantly, I no longer was hassled by the ambassadors to become a member of their little MLM scheme. (downline)

  • ni

    It is an appetite suppressant I am not as hungry. It does work. I have been taking it with the accelerator. I do one pill with breakfast and one packet before lunch. Tastes good. It is pricey . I will comment in another week.

  • plexusscam

    it says up top that it has been BANNED in other countries for certain chemicals in the ‘pink drink’ and accelerator as well as. It has the polydextrose as well which IS made from genetically modified corn and is in NO WAY ‘all natural’. The ambassadors only tell their customers what they are told to tell them, then take the money run. Plexus is at best a fraud and should not be taken by anyone. NO PILL, SHAKE, or any other substance is going to let you sit on your butt all day and lose weight. Change your diet, change your workout and change your life! If you have plateaued, then you need to change something up in your diet and exercise to get you back on track, don’t cheat yourself by falling for a scam like this!

    • Haley

      They have taken Those certain ingredients out and people ALL over the work have had GREAT results.

  • doutfulsusieq

    I started plexus plus accelerator, plus prob5 with no success the first 4 weeks. No knowing it they have me on auto ship so I will take it for another 4 weeks. I too have gained like 5 pounds and have not lost any inches. When I tried to mention this on their site on Facebook, the have deleted and blocked me. They only let the ambassadors post their so called success stories they don’t come first hand from the actual person. All those are red flags too me. I don’t think this stuff is as they say it is. I still have cravings, it doesn’t make me feel full and I’m still tired By 6 pm. Think twice about throwing your money away.

    • healthyme

      Hi doutfulsusieq,I am an ambassador for Plexus, and I was reading your post about how you were unsuccessful with Plexus. I am so sorry to hear that. However there are certain things that you could maybe think about before you completely give up on this product. Are you taking the Plexus Slim drink as well as the accelerator? If not, then maybe give that a try? The oink drink is what really helps me with my cravings, I take one in the morning and if I feel like i am craving I have another. This definitely world for me. Also another product they offer, which I swear by, is the Bioclense. It really helped me with my water retention and bloating, making me shed my water weight. Before taking this I would have to take my wedding rings off at night otherwise i would wake up with aching fingers from all my swelling, and not be able to remove my rings at all. I would highly recommend trying it. Also try taking your accelerator mid day and see if that helps? If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am a firm believer in this product and would love to help you with your success while using it.

    • Emily

      I’ve read it’s common that some people gain weight at first, but after a month or so, it starts to drop off. I don’t know why it does that to some people, but most that stick with it, eventually have success.

      • lovingthepinkdrink

        It takes awhile for some to start loosing weight/inches due to the toxin that are within their bodies which is where the Probio 5 that has 5 strands of probiotic to cleanse the body then start the Drink and Accelerator to start the weight lost.

    • Haley

      They are not “so called success stories” They are true. You most likely haven’t tried it.

  • Bear

    Will this make some fail a drug test

    • Anonymous

      You seem to have legitimate concerns about drug testing with PS. Probably no problems with the PS, but the old PS Accelerator could show a “positive for amphetamines, and the hordenine in the new PS accelerator, which seems to be dose related, can show a “positive” for “opiates”, possibly morphine. We do not know how much hordenine that is in the new PS accelerator, and that could be a factor.

  • Sara

    I’m interested in trying this but in January of 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. March of the same year I had a Mastectomy. I’m 40 years old but since the Breast Cancer I’m scared to death to take anything. Does this have anything in it which pertains to estrogen ? I was told the main reason I got Breast Cancer was because my body was to much Estrogen.

    • Anonymous

      It is obvious you need to consult you healthcare provider on your issue. That been said, keep in mine there, as far as I know, no short-term, or long-term safety studies performed on PS. In my opinion, cautious would be the key word here.

      • Elizabeth

        I had breast cancer and my dr. told me to stay away from any product that contains soy since that is a natural form of estrogen..I don’t know if Plexus Slim contains any soy at all but be very careful

    • Sherry

      Sara, I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and I would love to talk to you about your health before you try this product. Please contact me at [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Julie

    I am wondering if the formula for Plexus Slim has changed since you wrote this? You did not mention polydextrose. I was saddened to find this ingredient in the Plexus Slim as it is synthetic and likely sourced from GM maize. Unfortunately this product should not call itself “all-natural”.

  • Kerri C.

    I’m interested in taking this product because for the last 4
    months I’ve plateaued during my weight loss journey. I used to weigh 175 and
    lost the weight with eating healthy and exercise (Insanity/Cycling/Kickboxing).
    Currently I’m at 143 lbs and would like to be 130 lbs which is ok for me being
    5’4” (27 yrs old). I do strength training 2-3 times a week and cardio but
    these last 13 pounds have been a struggle to come off. I have muscles but at
    the same time that stubborn layer of fat won’t go away. It’s discouraging to know that all my hard work is going nowhere. My weakness is sweets anything ice-cream, cakes, brownies etc. but not enough to be the factor in keeping me from losing the weight. I try to eat as organic/non GMO certified as possible. Would this product work as that extra “boost” to HELP losing those final pounds. I genuinely enjoy working out and I’ve gotten used to eating healthy so I’m NOT looking for some miracle worker, I just need something to help me overcome this plateau.

    • Carin

      Kerri contact me on Facebook I can help you out with your plateau. I have a FREE 5 day kick start plan of clean eating and exercise that can help you.

    • amy

      i have a question. i am 5’7″. 44 yrs. old. what is the average weight for someone my height??? i have never been overweight but id really love to be at 120lbs.

      • Elder Berry

        My doctor once said that as a rule of thumb, for most women 5 feet tall should be about 100 pounds, and add 5 pounds for every inch above that, so at your height it would be around 130-135. That presumes a decent muscle-fat ratio. At 120 you would be OK I’m sure but you might not want to push that hard unless you think you have a modeling career, or some other underlying health issues.

      • Leigh

        120lbs is incredibly unrealistic for someone at 5’7 unless you are just genetically geared to be that slinder. I am 5’6 and 125-145 keeps you at a healthy BMI…but of course everyone is different. I have friends with smaller measurements at my same height that weigh more than me. The scale means very little.

  • Jen

    This stuff makes me sick as a dog. Heartburn, Jittery, nautious, headache, dizzy, chest pain, and the feeling Ive been run over by a train

    • Love my pink drink

      Jen, it sounds like you are taking the old Accelerator it has natural caffeine in it (green tea, dark chocolate.) They changed to the Accelerator Plus for this reason.I suggest taking a lower dosage of it or, talk to your ambassador about getting the accelerator plus.

      • Anon

        Chemically, what is “natural caffeine?”

        Seems to me the chemical structure of caffeine is exactly the same, no matter if a chemist synthesizes it or if you extract it from a plant.

    • Jessie L Bennett

      Jen, I wish I would have seen all these reviews before I ordered my 7 day trial, I was just in the hospital last night, with all of those symptoms, including a heart BPM of 143, x-ray, EKG, and several blood tests later it turns out that the amount of caffeine in my body was too much. and get this, they offer a money back guarantee, but told me I can’t get my money back!

      • Haley

        Jessie, That is not right. They have to give your money back. Call the corp. That should get things straight.

    • Mandy

      Heartburn, jittery and chest pain are all signs of too much caffeine. Being nautious and dizzy can be symptoms of heartburn but they are also signs of dehydration and melnutrition. Keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant and it effects most major organs including your digestive system. I suggest seeing a doctor and returning to your normal diet.

  • Anonymous

    Some interesting information on the new PS Accelerator Plus. We all remember the old PS Accelerator possibly causing a “false positive” for amphetamines in drug testing. Here is information concerning Hordenine, which is an ingredient in the new PS Accelerator Plus, at high dosages possibly causing a “false positive” for “opiates”, in particular, MORPHINE, in drug testing. The company does not tell us how much Hordenine is in he new Accelerator.

  • Donna

    I gained 3 pounds the first week I was on it. I was so discouraged, and I had headaches too.

    • Shaynie

      Did you contact your ambassador about this? We can’t help you unless you tell us 🙂

    • Emily

      They have a money-back guarantee. Did you get your money back?

  • Ireson

    I started taking Plexus Slim plus accelerator Monday. It’s Saturday and I’ve actually gained about 5 pounds. Is that normal???? I’m super discouraged!

    • Rebecca

      Are you drinking all the water you are suppose to and taking it 30 minutes before you eat in the morning?

      • Mel

        Rebecca could you give me some tips on how to boost my PS for me? I’ve been on it for quite awhile and really have NO results.. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong

      • Judith Robin

        You need to be drinking half your weight in water for these products to work.. Along with eating clean and healthy meals.

    • Haley

      I Don’t know what you weigh but perhaps its was regulating ur weight and then it would start helping you with what you want.

  • Anonymous

    Hats off to Christine, who allows me, and others to voice their opinions of PS. Thank you.

  • Nicole

    Are there any stimulants in this product like caffeine or Green Tea,etc.???

    • Dave

      There is caffein in the accelerator

  • Deborah

    Thanks for your fine article! I began Plexus Slim to lose weight almost 2 years ago! Little did I know what was in store for me as I continued my awesome journey! Since then, I have been taken off all meds and have become an active member in society now, thanks to Plexus helping my body to work the way that it was meant to work! I’m a new person thanks to the Pink Drink!
    With all the ingredients in our foods these days, our bodies do not recognize a lot of them so they get stored in our organs, bones, joints, brains, etc.,, causing so many unexplained symptoms. And we all know that eating properly is very expensive, so going to all organic and unprocessed foods is a great idea, but it’s difficult to be able to do that and survive in today’s society. Plexus actually helps to eliminate all the bad things our bodies store, I’ve seen so many people get well after being sick for years, just because they tried Plexus. Once you start feeling better, thinking clearer, and gaining more energy, you can very easily begin to do things that you weren’t able to before, so now, exercise, proper nutrition, and just making better decisions about your health are literally a piece of cake! Where as before, I was on disability and was continuing to stay ill from all the meds I was on, and losing all interest in life. I wouldn’t stand behind something I didn’t believe in. And yes, I also am a proud ambassador for Plexus, I joined to save money. I now have over 400 people singed under me who are getting healthier along the way as well, and 17 family members who have lost over 500 pounds total so far.
    If you know anyone who is struggling with weight or with their health, ask them to at least try it for a month, if you don’t have excess fat on your body, you won’t lose weight! Also, you do not have to use the accelerator. Plexus takes the bad things out of your body that makes you stay sick, hang on to unwanted pounds, and cause many illnesses later on in life. The accelerator was introduced to help speed up weight loss for those wanting to lose it faster. The Plexus Pink Drink was actually created to level blood sugars for diabetics, and as they were using the product, weight loss was being noted. Then, when it went on the market for weight loss, some wanted to lose it quicker. There’s also other products, as well as an incredible multi vitamin that contains whole leaf aloe and New Zealand BlackCurrant. The aloe helps your body to absorb over 300% more nutrition than ever expected! That supplement also helps to aid in weight loss as well, if you need it. I’m not saying all this to make a sale, get with anyone you know that’s doing this to give it a try. I only care about the health of others, that is my passion! Best wishes, and believe me, I have seen many miracles because of this product! I do believe my life is worth it, and to me, yours is too! <3

    • anne

      Can you contact me please, I have questions on how to start and what product to get. Anne.

      • Heather Dykes

        Ann you can contact me for more information if you have not received any yet. [email protected]

        • Tami

          Every time I drink the pink I get nauseated an severe diarrhea is that normal, an I’m eatingfirst an waiting 20 minutes. Tami thank you [email protected]

          • sheila

            supposed to drink then eat 30 minutes later

    • Anonymous

      What you just stated about PS allowing you to come off your meds is short of a miracle, and should be printed in a “medical journal’. Question is, WHY isn’t it? You would think it would at least be on the 6 o’clock news. lol I can almost assure you, if what you say is true, sooner or later, in one form, or another,r you will be back on your meds. Not a doctor, just experience in talking to people that were in your respective situation. But, I wish you the best.
      You really lost me, and your credibility, when you stated you sold PS. Do us a favor and let us know, when, and if you do go back on the meds. We pretty much know the latter is not going to happen.
      Can’t deny, a great sales pitch.

      • Theresa

        Anonymous, People all over this world have lost weight and stop taking medication for illness that are related to being over weight. So Deborah story is credibility…She happen to use PS other have used different methods.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you, there are people who lose weight and are able to come off their medications, or lower the amount taken, depending on each individual case. If Deborah maintains her weight by changing her lifestyle, she may continue her success with the meds. And based on her post, she seems to be doing that at present. Is PS responsible for her coming off her meds, who knows, not enough clinical data to support this claim. The fact is, she loss weight, and that probably is the reason for her feeling better.
          Here is my point from my last post, most people end up putting the weight back on over a period of time. As a matter of fact, and based on research, this unfortunately happens 95% of the time. In my opinion, and not a healthcare provider, if Deborah is able to continue her success with PS, I applaud her, and she will probably do well with the medication situation. But, as stated above, the odds are not in her favor and will probably be back on them in time.. Let’s hope not.
          In my opinion. Deborah needs to save herself, and her family the expense of PS, and get on the band wagon of diet, and exercise.
          Not saying Deborah’s post is not all together true, but I have read a lot of sales presentations in my day, and, in my opinion, that all it is.
          I wish her well.

          • Keepin it real

            Someone sounds a bit bitter! Anyone who goes on websites and calls themselves Anonymous does not have any credibility in my book. Why, if something is working for others would you put them down for it? Shame on you! All products are not for everyone and each person will learn what’s for them. Stop being such a negative nelly, let us see who you really are and stop quoting research that you’ve looked up online. If something is working for someone and making them feel better, giving them their life back; who are you or anyone else to stand in judgement?!

          • Anonymous

            Keeping it real
            You need to know the difference between being negative and presenting the facts. If you are in MLM, either an ambassador or not,, I rest my case. Most don’t know the difference. The research, whether from online, or not, is simply proof for what I am saying. There again, most MLM companies, Plexusslim, or not, offer very little proof, if any, in what they say, or do, and are not held accountable. This is what gives MLM such a bad rap, not the company, but simply the uninformed people that represent it.

          • Beth Ann

            I have to tell you from personal experience: I use Plexus, My husband saw the results I was getting and he started it too…While I have no problem buying two monthly supplies of the Plexus and the accelerator for us, because the results have been great….it IS pricey. By simply signing up as a consultant/ambassador etc for the product I save a considerable amount each month. (when someone asks if I’ve lost weight, I tell them YES, and ONLY if they ask what I did, will I share the Plexus story) Right now I simply use the product for maintenance 4 days a week. I have MS and while there is no MIRACLE cure for that, Plexus has helped me balance other issues caused by the medication I AM on for this disease. I suffer from low blood sodium, low vitamin B and D and fluctuating glucose levels, as well as very low energy levels (I tire very easily). I can tell you, I seriously have not purposely changed ANYTHING in my lifestyle, just to test the product’s claims. After a month, I found that i was not craving sweets–especially Chocolate–YES, ladies EVEN that time of the month! Then a few months later, I discovered that my clothes were fitting looser…hmmm, so I jumped on the scale and while there was no dramatic WEIGHT lost, I could tell that I was starting to loose those lovely fat pockets that come with having 3 kids, being somewhat inactive and over 40. I also realized that I wasn’t eating late at night (we are 2nd shifters) and I tended to eat when my family got home. But WHAT surprised me the MOST was I had more ENERGY…..YES ENERGY!!! Which, as you all know, it key for loosing weight and inches. Without even trying, I became more active, was more willing to get out of my room or the chair and do something…even if it was as simple as cooking a meal or cleaning house. I have been on it for a year now, and even going through some mega stressful situations, such as my mother having triple by pass surgery and sharing hospital duty with my father, I continued to see results. I have now lost 25 pounds, which is nice, but the thing I am the most excited about is the INCHES I’ve lost. …..I think those excite me more than the number on the scale. I had gotten to the point where I wouldn’t even LOOK at my jeans in the drawer, I opted for stretch pants or sweats…OR since we don’t go out tons, I stay in lounging pants or my PJ’s. Not only was I able to put on my jeans the other day, but I was able to put on my 14’s instead of my 16’s.

            I recommend this product, and if you decide it IS for you, consider signing up to simply save yourself some money!

          • Lisa

            I have never seen or used Plexus. I was just looking into because a friend said she is using it. I looked at the ingredients and found that I was familiar with some of them as super antioxidants, natural chelators, etc. – all of which are ingredients the body needs for function. We (as a people) are sick because we are not getting the fuel and ingredients needed to keep our bodies working correctly! By putting the key ingredients our body was created to need into it – we aren’t “healing” ourselves and getting off meds… We are giving our bodies what they need so they can function correctly and don’t need meds to cover symptoms! We can’t buy a car and put vegetable oil in the engine and expect good results – we’d expect it to break down! We do that exact thing with our bodies – eating all the wrong non nutritive food we want – but expecting it to function as if it’s on a stellar diet. There is no reason to believe that taking something like Plexus, with needed vital nutrients, wouldn’t get our bodies running correctly and without any further need for medication! IT’S TOO BAD DOCTORS DON’T LOOK FURTHER INTO KEEPING US HEALTHy through diet and supplement SO WE DON’T NEED MEDS – RATHER THAN STUFFING US WITH MEDS AND TELLING US WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM OR SUFFER.

      • Bernadette Forgouds

        I’m just going to add here to Deborah’s statement that I know of an individual who has been taking the Plexus who also is just about off all her meds. Those meds being the typical anti-anxiety and anti-depressents that the pharm. industry would love every individual to be on….So, I do belive in what she is saying here.

        • Tiffany Thomas Plexus Slim

          I do too! There are several people that they could speak to and prove it. Way too many people are skeptical. You either want a better quality of life or don’t. I wasted too long being skeptical. I wish I had started sooner.

        • Anonymous

          You have a right to believe anything you want about PS. But, it’s a shame you possibly will be forking out over $100.00/mt. plus (PS, PS Accelerator, etc) jus tot find out, when simple diet and exercise have been proven to be the best choice. Buy the products, and help support lifestyles other than yourself., You will be their best friend. lol

          • Haley

            You have obviously haven’t take plexus.

      • Angy

        How do you know what meds she was on?? Perhaps losing weight and being able to stop taking meds for high cholesterol…you think that should be printed in a medical journal? Or how about self self esteem being changed to a positive outlook and being able to stop taking anti depressants or such. Most people sell this product because they have had a positive result and want to share.

        • Anonymous

          Use common sense . If PS in itself is allowing people to lose weight, then in my opinion , some may be able to come off, or lower the amounts of meds they are taking. That is, if the weight stays off, and based on data, 95% of people put their weight back on after a while.
          You have to understand that the people making these statements are selling the stuff, and will say just about anything to sell a package of it. Come on Angry, after all this is MLM tactics at its best.
          Just give it a while, and you will see that most people making these claims, and by the way are illegal,l (no data supporting claims)will be back on their meds in one way or another. But, problem is, they surely will not come back on the site and admit that they are wrong.

  • michele

    Wow, I was simply interested in PS and more info. Instead my only take away has been medical/nutrition (?) and annoying comments from Sylvia, that I have no use for. Talk about taking up space. Now I have to drain
    My brain and move onto something that actually stays on topic.
    I would gladly send her dr. a sympathy card if I knew what asylum he was in!

    • Plexus SUPPORTER

      What is wrong with you? Plexus cannot help the fact that you are simply rude! So just move on if you have an issue. 🙂 But please…by all means…have a BLESSED day. Even you deserve it! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Plexus Supporter
        Michelle, as myself, are simply on the other side of the fence concerning PS. You, and the other Ambassadors, cannot stand that. fact. In my opinion, that’s what makes an interesting blog as Christine’s, both sides of the issues are presented. Other than that, the site would be nothing more than an avenue to promote PS, and that would be completely biased, and boring.

  • chandra

    I tried plexus slim the 7 day trial juat to see if I liked it. I was impressed. The pink drink was good.. not bitter and nasty. The pills did not make me feel like my heart was racing nor did it make me feel shaky like most other things.. I do not work for or sell plexus. Real person just looking to lose weight. It did stop my over eating and I lost 4 pounds that week.. now just to get bills paid off so I can get it lol

  • heidi

    First of all i had a long list of health problems(migraines, nausea, fatigue, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, problems with sun and heat, severe pain) was very sick and couldn’t walk, cut my food, dress myself… for 6 years… i cant eat processed foods or take medicines from a doctor…. my body has a hard time with both… so i to got on Herbalife there i at least had food, something to get in my system… love our supplements, cold processed and really getting into the body… and i lost 40 pounds 32 inches…. do not have all the health issues, i have my psoriatic arthritis, but i have control of it, instead of it controlling me…. psoriasis, i still get, its amazing… i know what i can and cant have, you get the rash, cause your body is telling you whats wrong… started with eggs, then i cant eat noodles, starches, no GMO’s, no wheat’s at all— turns to sugars, and no gluten free cause its just as bad… now last is dairy… So i eat salad, veggies, fruits, 2 shakes, salmon, chicken… i do yoga, kick boxing, and weights…. you have to do it for yourself.. be cautious of everything that you do put in the mouth… i did this for me and out company has been around for 32 years… so i am posting for the people… take care of health… oh another number one thing, i love our supplements.. cause they get into your body in 20 minutes, cold processed, your getting everything… when you buy supplements from the store, put it into vinegar, if it doesn’t break down, its held together with a chemicals… Just be careful, cause your health is your biggest wealth…

  • Trish

    Wow! I’m amazed at the rudeness and hate-mongering. I typically wouldn’t respond but I am wondering why a few of you are spending your time bashing the person and not intelligently arguing your points about the product. In debate when a person is out of logical argument they generally fall into the trap of attacking their opponent’s character. Could that be what is happening here? I certainly haven’t seen the author exhibiting any of the terrible behavior that she’s being accused of (although all caps generally offends me as if I am being yelled at). BTW-I neither sell, nor promote PS. I also chose not to take PSA as I investigated the ingredients and decided it might pose a risk to me as a person with A-fib and a stimulant-sensitive system. Now that I have expressed myself I suppose I will be derided for being stupid, ignorant, hateful, smelly or whatever else someone wishes to label me with.
    God bless you and bring His peace into your hearts and minds.

  • NoBodo Attal

    Your full of bullshit, It’s full of toxic chemicals that have been proven dangerous, you’ve set this deceiving page to get people away from the Government warnings about this product, your nothing but a low life scumbag that think’s people are fooled easily.WRONG

    • Shaynie

      Last i checked mangoes grape skin and cherry stem were healthy? Lol oh my!

  • lisa

    I am doing a ketosis diet which is made from clean foods, low starchy carbs and plenty of protein. I am never hungry and I don’t have to fill my body with nasty chemicals.

  • Marylin Davies

    Before taking any nutritional supplements products, everyone should be checking out the company, it’s co-founders, formulators, AND their clinical trials. If NO Clinical trials available, don’t take it…

  • jessi

    Is this Sylvia Nieuwenhuis lady for real?? Is she the one selling this stuff? Is she part of the company? Even another person said “After reading the comments below from the pretentious, degrading, and undignified Sylvia Nieuwenhuis, I think I will pass.”
    Who is she and how do we get her to keep her opinions to herself??
    I just heard about this product today and was very excited to read about it… until Sylvia opened her mouth. Geez.

  • Kayla C.

    Why don’t people try the “old fashioned diet & exercise” concept rather than look for an easy way to drop weight by simply drinking something you are unsure might inflict adverse reactions to your body? This is why obesity is such an epidemic in this country. Many folks are simply too lazy to attempt losing weight the natural way. I am not knocking plexus, but I am annoyed by the number of folks out there jumping from one weight loss supplement to the next….taking the “easy” road to losing weight. Get off your tails, folks! Eat healthy, do cardio, strength train. Stop being lazy.

    • Tiffany Thomas Plexus Slim

      Most people don’t have time to diet and exercise. Plus, Plexus is about getting healthy from the inside out. It was designed for Type 2 Diabetics. Weight loss is merely a side effect!

  • phillygirld

    I just started taking the plexus and the accelerator, and my heart is racing so fast, I feel horrible after taking the accelerators-not sure why-but they speed up my heart rate so much I’m nauseated..I’m not on any medication, have no health issues, and even walk every night..I have no idea why-but it’s pretty scary!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      The plexus slim isn’t doing that it’s the accelerator. If you’re not sure why, then no one has given you the materials which would show you the ingredients that are doing that for you to take to your doctor to get approved. Stop the accelerator for now and if you would like the materials to take to your doc, get in touch with me on FB under this name. Question: did your Ambassador warn you or give a hand out on it? Even though you’ve already bought it, I will gladly give you the materials to print out. They include a write up on each ingredient.

      • Anonymous

        In my opinion, here is what Sylvia is missing in her post in regards to your racing heart, and I hope you are better. “The PS isn’t doing that it’s the Accelerator.” She insinuates that you stop the Accelerator and continue the PS. Without clinical data supporting it, how does know that your racing heart was not caused by the PS, the Accelerator, or a combination of the two. This is ill advice coming from a person not qualified to make this decision.
        Phillygilrd, my advice, and not a healthcare provider is to stop BOTH immediately, then go see your healthcare provider. Your heart racing may be caused from some underlying condition not even related to PS.

      • Anonymous

        As a healthcare provider let me weigh in. When you print these ingredients and bring them in with your symptoms for these products that have not been FDA approved don’t expect much. We probably are not going to know what ingredient caused your problem or IF it caused your problem. So we are going to tell you to stop the product and if your complaint is something that can lead to a significant medical problem, we will recommend tests. FDA approved products have gone through clinical trials that provide us with data to access when you present with a complaint.

    • Christina Anthony

      I just started taking Plexus Slim too, along with one accelerator and listen to my body so when I begin to feel a bit of that racing feeling you are talking about, I drink water… which is what is recommended and i think that feeling comes on as my body is depleted and toxins need flushing I need more water. As soon as I have a large glass of water, that feeling is gone. Also I only take one accelerator with the drink. Perhaps taking more than one is not the right dose for you. I agree with Sylvia, stop taking the accelerator. The Plexus Slim alone can help you lose weight but shouldn’t make you feel racing. You should be drinking have your body weight in ounces of water daily. For instance 100 pounds would be 50 ounces of water.

      • Tania

        When you are feeling like your heart is racing it would be because either ..1. You are a coffee drinker. 2. You need to eat after you take the Accelerator and drink water. The Accelerator has been changed, so if it shows Accelerator + on the bottle that is the new formula. Plexus slim IS an amazing product. I researched this company for months before I started the products. My mother is 74yrs old and diabetic and she is taking the products with amazing results. Everybody is different!! Some people think they are going to lose miraculous amounts of weight in a few weeks or a month! The products are backed up with a 60 day guarantee!! I would also like to add to the lady that posted that she had an auto ship sent, her ambassador should have told her that the autoship can be cancelled at anytime. We also have a regular customer option where you are not obligated to have a monthly autoship. Plexus Worldwide is an amazing company. No one forces anyone to buy It or even to like it, and it doesn’t work for everyone, but as an ambassador myself I am here to educate my customers and my other ambassadors. 🙂

    • jenpen80

      Are you taking two a day or just one ? My sister suggested that I start off taking just one if my body is not used to caffeine.

  • Jcndallas

    Just exercise and stop putting so much stuff in your mouth.

  • KRG

    Whats the diff between this and
    Garcinia Cambogia Extract? what happened to my font?!?!

  • anonymous

    Here is a link from Joe Cannon’s, “Geek Supplements”, referring to the new formulation of Plexusslim. As Joe points out, nothing has really changed.

  • Kayla

    I had twins 4
    Years ago and I’ve tried so hard to lose weight and never lost more than a couple pounds. I started plexus 6 weeks ago and I’m down from 195 to 175 and I have also been able to stop taking an anticonvulsant which suppressed my migraines. I’m a nurse and took this to several Drs at my work and they said there was nothing in plexus that would harm me and the negative affects being so overweight on my health far overcome any risks if an all natural supplement

    • kerry

      good girl what food did you consume with the plexus i dont know what to eat to loose the weight

  • Anonymous

    Can you please provide the site with the studies on PS you speak of, with the exception of the one with only 8 subjects?. I have read that others have ask for proof documentation in which you did not, or forgot to post.

  • Guest

    Glad it works on MICE! How about testing in human blood serum OREC? The only product with excellent positive results in HUMAN BLOOD SERUM OREC, is the one I’m using. It is made from REAL, natural food, and ONLY FOOD. No GMO’s, no chemicals, no synthetics, nothing in it that raises blood pressure, nothing in it that is harmful to diabetics. And it works! It also helps you keep 3 times more muscle while losing fat. If you want to lose the FAT & KEEP YOUR MUSCLE, email me. [email protected]

  • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

    “Be the first to say you heard it here. Pay A LOT of attention to the new formulation of PSA. Especially, the two ingredients, HIGENAMINE, AND HORDENINE. These ingredients have an action similar to products that “speeds” up the body, and can have “negative” effect on blood pressure, heart rate, etc. (PS, Ephedra) My question is, “if PS is so great, then why even the need for PSA”. Please folks, check with your real doctors before using this product, especially if you have health issues.”

    I got the letter from the company on this same subject weeks ago and am happy I didn’t have to hear it here first. And Happy to say that the Plexus Slim PS and Plexus Accelerator PA do not have to be taken together and that there is no such thing as Plexus Slim Accelerator PSA. I won’t touch the Accelerator and warn people with blood pressure and other heart issues not to as well…not because I’m a doctor like someone wants to refer to me as.

    • Anonymous

      There you have it folks, from Doctor Sylvia, herself. I hope she and others understand the doctor title has nothing to do with respect, but everything to do with “sarc”. She admits that that old PSA was dangerous, and the new may also be. And, for your information, and further reference, the PSA stands for Plexusslim Accelerator. But, I am pleased that we finally agree on a subject. lol
      And, if both the PS, and the PSA are not needed together, then why does the company promote that way? Could it have something to do with money? lol

  • Lori Ross

    Yikes… I came here to get some information on Plexus Slim, as I was given a 3 day sample pack to try. After reading the comments below from the pretentious, degrading, and undignified Sylvia Nieuwenhuis, I think I will pass.

  • Goingcrazy

    Need answers! I have been on Slim since June 2013. I have only lost only 7 pounds and 0 inches. When I talked with my consultant she was a little baffled. I asked her if being on Depo had anything to do with it. Yes, it did. So because I was on it for no medical reason, I went off and back on the pill. I then, after being on the pill for a month, started the Detox and Pro5. I have been on that for a week and have gained 4 pounds in one week and am now heavier then before I started Slim. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I’m wondering if I am one of those people it will just not work for and would love to get all my money back if that is the case.

    • Pam

      Did your consultant tell you about Bio-5 its to help with the bad yeast you may have that can hinder your weight loss?

    • Marylin Davies

      Hi Goingcrazy, Detoxing is not enough you need to Cleanse and replenish with a perfectly balanced nutritional supplements. I know a lot of people will say you can get your nutrition by simply eating healthy, ideally that would be great, but unfortunately our so called healthy foods ie fresh fruits and veges etc are so loaded with pesticides that this is now nutritionally deficient. private email me if you’d like to know more! We have the clinical trials! [email protected]

  • Anita Tippets

    Chlorogenic acid is known to dramatically increase homocysteine levels in the blood. High homocysteine levels have been linked to an increased risk of heart, blood vessel, and renal disease as well as atherosclerosis, blood clots, and hindering the body’s ability to absorb B6, B12, and folate. Beet root JUICE has some amazing potential as a cleansing and otherwise medically beneficial dietary choice when consumed regularly and when properly diluted, but beet root extract, also known as betaine, can aggravate conditions involving the processing of iron or copper in the blood. It is ill-advised to persons with Wilson’s disease or Hemochromatosis to consume it for this reason. It is also ill-advised for obese people to consume it due to its tendency to increase cholesterol levels. It is definitely not something that should be included in a weight loss supplement. National Institutes of Health has this to say about Chromium:
    Chromium also appears to be directly involved in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism [1-2,6-11], but more research is needed to determine the full range of its roles in the body.
    The effects of chromium supplementation on blood lipid levels in humans are also inconclusive.
    Body weight and composition

    Chromium supplements are sometimes claimed to reduce body fat and
    increase lean (muscle) mass. Yet a recent review of 24 studies that
    examined the effects of 200 to 1,000 mcg/day of chromium (in the form of
    chromium picolinate) on body mass or composition found no significant
    benefits [11].
    Over consumption of citric acid can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain.
    The claims you make on the benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia extract are based only on results observed in lab rats and has not been scientifically tested in humans. Traditionally, it is used as for constipation because of its powerful laxative effects. Overdose can cause death. I could list all the ill-effects of the other supplements as well, but I think you can probably ascertain that what I’m trying to say, in a nutshell, is that your statement “There is not a lot here to report in terms of side effects…” is entirely false and potentially fatally misleading. All of you who are raving about how great the supplement is may want to pay your primary healthcare PROFESSIONAL a visit for a comprehensive blood panel to test rule out the possibility that you are basically rotting your insides out and poisoning yourselves. Have a fantastic day!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      There is not alot “here” to report is already taken by many that I have asked to read this as, in “here” on THIS website. Independently, anyone can find the information you found and take it to their doctors. Since I have already found this OH AND MORE with my conditions, doc and I have already done the testing to make sure Im not poisoning myself. You’re talking overdose, over consumption. Im not drinking a whole bag of 30 packets a day. There really isn’t a lot here but appreciate you bringing these things out. I have new blood work coming in three months, including tox screenings for the things that can kill me or how did you put it, rot my insides out. OH and by the way, have you seen what the Lyrica can do to people that I’m supposed to take for my Neuropathy? Thank God my feet and legs symptom wise have cut down their pins and needles and the burning since I started this. So glad I stopped taking my Lyrica (cuz doc told me to) way before seeing these results or I would not have known what to attribute it to. Oh and my Metoprolol…decreased in dosage, and how about the glucophage, decreased in dosage and cholesterol, down 50 points, and my eating habits have not changed a whole lot. I should say before someone assumes that I did not cut my bp nor my glucose tablet on my own, all were with blessings from my TWO PROFESSIONALS. I know you talked about none of this but I wanted to make a point. Oh and btw, I encourage everyone to do as I have done. Oh and I Went from having steak twice a month to once a month. And the chicken, we have a farm down the road that sells cow and chicken…these people are big into 4H, all are organic fed with no GMO grain. How did you know I didn’t go to my PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR and my PROFESSIONAL CARDIOLOGIST for that blood panel which I actually did but you probably could have asked.

      You have some great info here, thank you for posting.

      • Anita Tippets

        For anyone wishing to attempt an alternative treatment program, I would suggest, other than consulting with your physician, that you pick up a copy of Mosby’s Handbook of Herbs & Natural Supplements. It’s a handy reference.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Thank you, that would be a great addition to the others I have.

      • louise

        Please tell more of the Lyrica side effects. I have to take it for neuropathy just to get out of bed or walk.

  • Sonja

    Christine your warning on the banned Plexus is accelerator is a mute point they completely changed the formula and no longer contain any substances that are banned anywhere in the world so I am sorry you miss your window or Opportunity to bash our product and Plexus slipped a quick one on you and passed you by.. The company and product is the real deal you should join us..

    • Anonymous

      Be the first to say you heard it here. Pay A LOT of attention to the new formulation of PSA. Especially, the two ingredients, HIGENAMINE, AND HORDENINE. These ingredients have an action similar to products that “speeds” up the body, and can have “negative” effect on blood pressure, heart rate, etc. (PS, Ephedra) My question is, “if PS is so great, then why even the need for PSA”. Please folks, check with your real doctors before using this product, especially if you have health issues.

    • Anonymous


      This information is on one of the active ingredients, Higenamine, which is in the new PS Accelerator. It is from the safety profile. And, I quote:


      Other Names:

      1-[(4-Hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-6,7-diol; 1-(p-hydroxybenzyl)-6,7-Dihydroxy-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinolin; 1(S)-Norcoclaurine; dl-Demethylcoclaurine; DMC; Higénamine; Higenamine Hydrobromide; Higenamine Hydrochloride; …
      See All Names1-[(4-Hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-6,7-diol; 1-(p-hydroxybenzyl)-6,7-Dihydroxy-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinolin; 1(S)-Norcoclaurine; dl-Demethylcoclaurine; DMC; Higénamine; Higenamine Hydrobromide; Higenamine Hydrochloride; Higenamine Oxalate; Higenamine Tartrate; Norcoclaurine; O-Demethylcoclaurine.

      Hide Names

      Review this TreatmentSee Brand Products

      HIGENAMINE Overview Information

      Higenamine is a chemical found in several plants including aconite, Annona squamosa, Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo), and others.

      In supplements, higenamine is now showing up in products promoted as a pre-workout supplement for improving athletic performance. There is also interest in using higenamine for weight loss, cough, asthma, heart failure, and erectile dysfunction.

      How does it work?

      Higenamine works like a stimulant. In some parts of the body it causes tissues to relax. In other parts of the body, such as the heart, it causes tissue to contract. It seems to increase heart contractions and speed up the heart rate.

      HIGENAMINE Uses & Effectiveness

      Insufficient Evidence for:

      Weight loss.

      Athletic performance.



      Breathing disorders.

      Heart failure.

      Erectile dysfunction.

      Other conditions.More evidence is needed to rate higenamine for these uses.

      HIGENAMINE Side Effects & Safety

      Higenamine is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. The purified or extracted chemical higenamine has not been studied in people. Therefore, its safety is not clear. However, higenamine is one of the main chemicals in a plant called aconite. Aconite has been shown to cause serious heart-related side effects including arrhythmias and even death. These side effects from aconite ingestions may, in part, be caused by the higenamine chemical.

      Special Precautions & Warnings:Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough information to know if higenamine is safe during pregnancy and breast feeding. It should be avoided.

      Irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia): Higenamine might cause a rapid heartbeat. Therefore it could potentially worsen an irregular heartbeat. If you have an irregular heartbeat, do not take higenamine.

      Surgery: Higenamine acts like a stimulant, so it might interfere with surgery by increasing heart rate. Stop taking higenamine at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

      • Tracey

        I was going to ask why the Australian govt still issues warnings associated with Plexus products, if it’s allegedly new & improved, & all natural. Anonymous has answered that here. How on earth do people live with themselves, selling products that could be potentially harmful by not disclosing all of the ingredients & known side effects. Better off buying meth, at least you KNOW thats what you’re buying…& you’ll lose weight, & get all the jittery side effects!

    • Srmd

      Moot not mute


    You also need to report the side effects, that is top priority getting a refund can wait.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis


      NO LONGER RESPONDING TO BASHERS AFTER THIS POST…AFTER TODAY. People reading this can find links to me below, do their own thing with their own doctors and get in touch with me. Thank you for your time and patience.

      • Anonymous

        To all;
        “Doctor” Sylvia seems to think people that are open-minded and disagree with her are “Bashers” in reference to PS. That’s ok with me, because that is your “typical” MLMer.. Disagree, and you are an outcast, open mindedness is a no-no, and is taken as a threat.. Be open-minded at a PS meeting, and get kicked out or ignored. Actually happened to me. Since we are on name-calling “Doctor” (sarc.) Sylvia is what most would call an “internet bully”. Don’t be afraid to confront her, with credible information.
        “Doctor” Sylvia states she doesn’t care about selling PS. Yet, almost all her posts end with, “contact me for information concerning PS. Yeah, Sylvia, bet you’ve heard the one about the ocean front property in Arizona. Contact her folks, and see where the conversation ends up. The only reason she’s on this site is to use it as an avenue to sell PS.
        She talks about PS returns. Have you ever tried to get your money back from PS, or most other MLM companies? I have, and had to end up contacting the BBB to get any results. Truth about returns, most MLM use this as jus ant avenue to take your money. They know that most customers don’t want the hassle and therefore will not ask for their money back, and if they do, it’s usually severely delayed.
        “Doctor” Sylvia, these are not assumptions, these are facts with years experience, not only in marketing health products, studying the MLM marketing design, and dealing with personalities as yours.
        Folks, “Doctor” Sylvia may have run out of BS to write, but I can almost assure you she is reading.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Again Mr or Mrs Anonymous, I’ve had several conversations from these threads alone and most ALL were already on the Slim, I sold nothing to no one. The rest were not on it yet ad the conversations did not end with, Will you order or If you order, or do you want to order or any of the other ways I can think of to ask the same thing. I do not ask that of friends and family and will not do that with strangers. If they offer fine. Again you assume way too much. How come I’m so attached to you when I said I wanted to break up?

      • DCADIO

        I was only telling Tiffany to make sure to report the adverse side effects she was having with the “pink drink” and you took it upon yourself to get in a tizzy. Cap lock letters really do not do anything for me, sorry.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently, Sylvia does not understand that dietary supplements like PS are not under the same scrutiny as a pharmaceutical drug. If a side effect is reported to the FDA, if has to be listed in the product information sheet when dispensed at the pharmacy. Not the case with dietary supplements. So, we really don’t know what the true nature of the PS side effect profile is. Report to the company all you want, nothing will be listed, or done about it until the FTC, or the FDA becomes more involved. The old PS Accelerator would be a good example.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          NO tizzy, no yelling. I just didn’t know if you needed glasses and sarcastically went into the rest of it as its what people want. You know for me to say more instead of keeping things short and sweet . Now lets see what have I left out…..

      • brohdaw

        Wow, with the attitude I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure why anyone buys anything from you…even if it was GOLD…now that you seem to know everything about Plexus, I suggest you start your research on how to be professional and not take everything so personal…not everyone is going to agree with you…what Utopian world did you grow up in??? I guess in that world you were the only uptight one – Good Lord!!!

        • Anonymous

          I hope I don’t come across like Sylvia, but I felt someone needed to confront her on issues she is not qualified to tackle, concerning PS, and other medical issues. People can get hurt by taking her advice, even though, on some issues she recommends talking to your healthcare provider. I attack her, not the other good people on this site. In my opinion, she is on here to sell PS, and that is fine, but you don’t do it with an intimidating attitude. Just my take.

  • Anonymous

    Personally attacking? Maybe that was wrong, what I meant to attack is how you, and others can come on these sites and deviate from the truth just sell a bag or two of PS. Has it ever occurred to you, that your uneducated information may actually harm people, not only physically, but also financially just to support your lifestyle. Do you realize that for the FEW that make a significant income in PS, or any other MLM company, MANY have to lose money. Sorry, but that is the way ‘pyramid schemes” are structured, and if you feel good about that, so be it. Stick to the weight-loss theme, at least it MAY have some merit to it.
    In my opinion, stick around, sooner or later the authorities will get wind of all the ridiculous claims you and others are making about this product without proper clinical data to back it. If you deny this, you are not being honest. You better hope the company continues to fly under the radar, because the bigger PS gets the more attention given by the authorities. You answered your own question as to why in five years, the FTC, nor the FDA has not given PS focus. MLM companies that have been in business ONLY five-years, or less, don’t even register on the radar. The focus is on the big companies that have been around for a while because. Less than 1% of MLM business last more than 10 years.
    Your uneducated remarks concerning the FDA are dumbfounded, and as expected uneducated. If it weren’t for the FDA and the work they do to bring and regulate new meds brought to the market you nor your love ones may not be alive. I have quite a few years dealing with the FDA, so don’t go there! Do away with your necessary meds like some have stated, and just take PS, and see how long you stay on this earth.
    Sylvia, the easy part for you, and being over weight was going from 340 lbs. to 270 lbs. and I commend you for that. But, I also bet it wasn’t all due to PS. All have heard this before, but so true, what you lost initially was water. Now, the hard part starts, and that is losing FAT.
    I wish you and everyone good health, but just be truthful, and admit, there nothing better for weight-loss than proper exercise and diet.

  • Karen Brook

    I am sending you a friend request on FB. I hope you don’t mind. You seem very knowledgeable about the product. I just started it today.

  • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

    Thank you, I missed that about the income claims, yes I’ve been focusing more on the medical aspect. I’m glad you told me, thank you again, I will definitely remember this one. I study every day and Im sure I will come across that but it is very helpful to see it now.

    That’s ok on the less than one percent, good enough for me, don’t need to get rich to be happy. And I don’t think she hit the lottery though on this one although it may seem like it. I know she worked hard to get to that. 65 is a lot as compared to 25 thousand and working hard, this isn’t even considered hard by me. You will eventually see a paraphrase by Donald Trump about MLMS. It just states that there is only one person at the top of any company. When you look at an organizational chart, they all look like pryamids, uneven or not, MLM or not. I’m not misleading people what I said, I didn’t make any claims to what percent made it or not. Amway is too and I know people who sell it that are very successful. The homes I’ve seen of people who sell it that are not company execs. prove it. I know workers that have nice homes and they have great benefits as well. They are also MLM.

    • Anonymous

      Doctor Sylvia
      If you do not know your own company’s policies and procedures, how can anything you say have merit? I don’t mean to beat this to death, but you want credibility, have proof for everything you say.
      Donald Trump did not make his fortune in MLM, and you should know this. He was paid a significant amount of money, which I agree, does not need, to say he supported MLM. His money was made in Real Estate.
      Do organizational charts look like pyramids? Yes, but here is the difference. The person or persons at the top of a real organization, was either APPOINTED, or, ASSIGNED that position. In the MLM pyramidal chart, those persons are simply there due to RECRUITMENT. You research the difference. In a REAL business organization everyone from top to bottom gets paid, maybe minimum wage, but they get paid. Not the case in MLM (PS), as it is performed today. As a matter of fact, and based on research, 83% of those participating in MLM, get NO CHECK at all.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        I didn’t say he did. Where is the documents supporting what you say? IM breaking up with you too. 🙁

    • DCADIO

      “Doctor SylviaIf you do not know your own company’s policies and procedures, how can anything you say have merit? I don’t mean to beat this to death, but you want credibility, have proof for everything you say. ”

      Agreed. I have asked for her analysis of her claims stating it works for 98% of the users in 3 different threads and still no response. No proof = no credibility.

  • Julie Malone Sanders

    Christine , I have been taking plexus slim for about 3 wks now, I have only lost about 4 pounds, but my clothes are more loose!! I love the way it makes me feel and it does take away my sweet cravings! My main concern is that I have Hepetitis C!! I read where this stuff filters through your liver, that’s not good for me!! What do you know about this! I’m now worried!!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Many things filter through your liver Julie. I would encourage you please to take the ingredients of all the products you are taking and what they are/do with Plexus to your Nephrologist if you have one. If you do not, please take it to your doctor and have him/her refer you to one who can work with that person and you.

      If you need help with gathering information on the ingredients, I’d be more than happy to help.

      • Gerlinde

        Sylvia I nephrologist are kidney doctors. They don’t treat livers.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Sorry haven’t been online, working too many hours at my regular job. You are correct, I was just reading a post elsewhere in a Dialysis group I am in and had Nephrology on the brain…too lost in thought losing a friend out of the group. My apologies.

    • Lynn

      My mother had hepatitis C from blood transfusion in the 70’s . . . her liver was getting bad before Plexus, now it’s in better shape than before she started Plexus a year ago! Both my parents have lost weight and their health continues to get better as time goes by. They were both very sick and bedridden at times. Now, you’d think they are in their 30’s!

  • Tiffany

    I tried the Plexus Pink Drink yesterday at noon, by 3 am I was itching all over. When I woke up this morning my eyes were swollen shut, I had hives on my ears, chest elbows hands fingers and legs. Thankfully I was able to get into the DR right away, I was having a horrible reaction to it!!! Now going on 24 hours since I took it my chest is so incredibly tight and sore, and it is incredibly hard to breathe… It looks like this isn’t for me!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      No Ma’am you are definitely allergic to a plant extract within it, I do the same thing with certain extracts. It is not for everyone, just like any drug is not for everyone. We don’t ever know what we are allergic to until we try it. Once you are better too, if you wanted to know exactly what you were allergic to, I would take the ingredients list to an Allergist and have them do a skin allergy test as you never know what is hidden in things you drink or eat. If you are having chest and breathing issues, you need to be admitted. Please take the bag with the ingredients with you to the ER. Once you are better, get ahold of Customer service for your refund. If you need further assistance, please contact me. There are still good products that may not contain what it is that you are allergic to, probiotics and BioCleanse, the 96, X Factor vitamins. I can help cross check the ingredients to make sure none of the other ones listed have the same as the Slim. I am very sorry this happened to you.

  • Jeff Gedgaud

    Yes, you can go wrong with it, the reason the company reaches out to customers is that it is a pyramid type scheme and each level needs to work with others in order to increase profits. The actual use and benefits of the product is a joke, your first ingredient is a good example, how much is there in PLexus SLim of Alpha Lipoic Acid because you can this stuff form food as well, does the supplement give you more than just sensible good healthy eating because you can get Lipoic acid from kidney, heart, liver, spinach, broccoli, and yeast extract. Just eat sensibly and excercise.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      You know how much of kidney, heart and liver you have to eat every day just to get the benefits of what’s in it? LIVER? Love it, can’t get enough, but its very fatty, triglycerides would hate me, already have problems with fats sticking to me. I would have to eat Liver every day to get the amount I needed in my diet. I would love to eat all the spinach, brocoli and anything dark green that there is I am a veggeholic, but my INR levels would go nuts. I really don’t want to die from my blood clotting and throwing me a few PE’s and I dont want to up my coumadin—rat poison just to be able to eat all I want of dark green veggies although I would fill up on those if I could and eat very little meat. Ever heard of factor 5 Lyden…yep its in me and my dad and my mom and most of my european dutch ancestors.

      Yeast….already a problem there, have yeast overgrowth. Taking probiotics and BioCleanse to gently rid my body of that crap even though just the smallest amounts of sugars and starches that turn into sugars will feed Candida and cause more overgrowthand other harmful items. I was taking a cleanse and probiotics before Plexus but I switched to theirs due to higher quality. Oh and yes, I took those to my doctor too. Exercise,,now that I am getting more of, now that I am losing….which I am only doing what my Cardiologist will let me do as I lose.

      Donald Trump says when approached with hazards of MLM in effect that every company has only one person at the top….kind of funny when you think about it, there would be two below that person, four or five below that and then it fans out. You have to look at what they are doing, why they are doing, if they are profit sharing, how much they are giving…all sorts of other items to look at.

  • alyssa

    im going to try protein shakes and eat chicken quesadillas (small ones, a serving of cheese, and 4 oz of chicken. this will help control my carbs and keep them good range, fruits and vegetables. im gonna keep exercising and do this challenge. and also have whey shakes twice a day.

    • Rebecca

      Hi Alyssa. I like protein shakes too! What kind of protein shakes do you like especially?

    • ERutherford

      Plexus also offers a 96 calorie vanilla protein shake. You can drink that if you feel an urge to snack. I usually drink one for breakfast, and I am good for the rest of the day until dinner. Again, Plexus contains all natural ingredients. You can check it out at my website

  • LI

    basically, another bottle of chemicals your body doesn’t need……to mess up your natural chemistry and metabolism. yes, it has sold millions, like the rest. then what happens after you finish a bag of this? learn ……nutritious diet and exercise is enough.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Slim isn’t a bottle of chemicals, it’s a package of plant nutrients that my body is using to lower my blood sugars and helps me lose weight where my diet and exercise wasn’t before. I don’t eat junk food, eat nutritious diets and due to NEUROPATHY from diabetes in my feet and legs, my activity is limited to slow walks but I’m working on it and losing. As I lose my activity will increase and my diet will start working better. My natural chemistry and metabolism is finally changing for the better and my lab results are proving this.

      • DCADIO

        Any type of inflammatory food, mostly grains, dairy, grain feed meat (chicken and beef), farm raised fish and certain seeds will con’t to inflame the body and chronic illnesses will present. Just bc you do not eat “junk food” does not mean you are eating a nutritious diet specific for your illnesses. Again these “plant nutrients” which is a term I will use loosely is not lower your blood sugar. Please stop spreading false information.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          You know you can stop too. when I do have grains they are whole. Have dairy and casein intolerance. What else are you gonna feed cows and chickens besides grains, people lived to be over a hundred with grain fed animals. Now with all the additives, steroids and GMO grains, we’re lucky to live to 80. Dont do alot of seeds and my body is lucky to see fish once a month. With no change in my diet the first two months, i wanted to see if my blood tests for sugar, cholesterol and others had lowered without any changes…Side by side readings, DOC and I, showed improved numbers in many MANY things that brought a smile to his face. I do understand about inflammation and eat things specifically designed to take inflammation down and am learning more and more every day. Since I cannot remember everything at once, I keep a three ring binder to look things up that I received from my doc. I know you will find something to bash this and people out there will continue to see how you roll. And yes myself but I’m not hiding behind a computer. I still cannot figure out how you know that the dietitian and I have not gone over all the restrictions and additions due to various things I have that actually with all the different ones that I’d have to go to IV feeding in order to get nothing bad for me at all! Too much green, messes with INR levels and blood thinners. Factor 5 lyden—heard of it? Clotting disorder..did you know I was Dutch too? Too many carrots, good for some things, full of starch… bad on diabetes. Everything in measure. Are you in my home hiding somewhere? Get out will ya? Oh wait, a placebo for the Doc that can’t be in my home everyday. This might be advantageous. Oh and so I dont have to write on the other thread…the lab rat thing..just to clarify I was involved…meaning to take part in….meaning I was lab rat, yes I’m not waiting to give my body to science. You’ll probably find something wrong with that too and decide to attack. Yes I know the pitfalls, I read them but don’t remember it all just like policies and procedures and have to re-read often when there is something I have not actually WORKED with in a while. Oh wait, that wasn’t you was it. I should go find that post. Thank you for being a doll.

          I’m sure you will be happy that I will no longer be gracing your posts

          • DCADIO

            Actually you feed cows grass, not grains and free range chickens. If you knew anything about an anti inflammatory diet you would know this. Certain nuts/seeds can be wonderful to lower inflammation, you made the assumption all seeds/nuts were which again shows your lack of knowledge about inflammation. Fresh caught fish (not farm raised), especially salmon again is great antagonist for inflammation. I would recommend you increase your fish intake bc you are obviously not taking in enough by your statements.

            Can you give you definition of a placebo effect bc your responses are lacking the substances to sway me to believe you have a full understanding of this term.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Mr or Mrs Guest. Your first sentence was comical, “Actually you feed cows grass, not grains and free range chickens” Of course cows don’t eat chickens. Did you tie two two thoughts together? Of course I know they eat grass, the question I had was again sarcasm because I wanted you to see how easily I can get you going.

            The farmer up the road where we get our meat from, feeds his cows both grass and grains, oh and of course water. I shan’t leave that out. They are wonderful to lower inflammation and do a host of other things, ie, control sugars, help heart problems, promote healthy hair and skin and a whole list of other things. But let me tell the readers that if one is trying to lose weight they need to limit themselves to a handful a day as the calories can add up. Actually I do get my daily allowance of many different nuts in essential oils that are pressed from nuts. You can get the oils from most health food stores and markets. Or you can take other supplements like niacin, B Vitamins, magnezium, zinc and others but in the right dosages. This is where again, I must point to the doctor to let you know what to take because I have to include this because people want me to, or they think I am giving medical advice without having a degree. I would imagine that a doctor would first order tests to make sure that one is in the right range for these nutrients so one doesn’t go overboard in what they take even though they read somewhere the right dosage.

            Now, the reason I don’t eat nuts is because I like them too much and would rather not go over my caloric intake for these items. Instead like my doctor suggested, take the daily recommended allowance in the supplements which are cheaper in the long run for me to buy and of course keep an eye on that good old testing provided by my doc every six months. I did not lack the knowledge as you so assumed, I just didn’t share what I did do. The bashers jump on no matter what I say. And they will do this here. Not a one will commend me (nor do I want it…that was just an add in for others benefit) for finding this information out an utilizing it for my own good. Nor would they think that I actually will share this information with people and acknowledge that they do the same. I do not eat salmon as I am allergic, now WHY would I want to break out in hives from enjoying a meal or just to get the benefits of Omega three fatty acids when I can get it from Flax seed oil? Or would you recommend it so I can break out and then slowly have my throat close, would you enjoy it if I wrote you while this was happening? lol You assume way too much by my statements.

            My responses containing the word placebo again are for sarcastic purposes. I’ve always been the type of kid that tired of my toys quickly and it followed me into adulthood and this is what I do now when I tire. Just to show you that I know what a placebo is I’ll give you this first. I learned these in the lab rat studies I’ve been a part of since 1982. Hear it enough you can recite them by heart or is that by rote? A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. A placebo effect is a phenomenon derived from a patient being given a placebo in place of another drug and they miraculously (<—that was my word) feel better due to a perceived improvement. Now let me give you this. I used the word miraculously kinda sarcastically because there are doctors who will give their hypochondriac patients placebos and watch them miraculously get better. But I'm not assuming you don't know this. Like you do me.

            I don't know if you read this from one of my other statements but every time I go in to be a lab rat, they tell us what these two items are. The also tell us that some of us will get them and some of us will not. We watch a video on how placebos have helped science and the importance of reporting any changes you feel accurately and even more importantly if you're not feeling any changes. These can range from allergic reaction changes to changes in mentality. Of course we cannot report physiological changes as we do not do lab tests on ourselves…that would be their job. But I thought I would report this as I wouldn't want you to think that I went into this lightly nor blindly. At the end, we do get to know by letter if we were given the actual drug or a placebo.

          • Anonymous

            Guest is not the comedian, you are. You stated you go to get checked, and played a “LAB RAT”. In my experience in the medical field, doctors don’t treat rats, they treat human patients. Rats have a completely different metabolism, and physiology than humans, and in most cases cannot be compared. You are being had! I know what you mean, but still funny, but as always deceiving.

          • Lylasnanna

            There are a lot of people that just like to argue. I am afraid that Ms Sylvia is being punked by a few skinny loving bored folks that have nothing better to do with their time. The truth is we obese folk will try what ever want to no matter what you skinny just get off your lazy butt people say or want.

  • Rose2515

    I was very interested in Plexus until I came across this information listed below. Apparently, the accelerator contains DMAA (plexus name is Geranamine) which can cause heart attacks.

    • DCADIO

      Scary what you find when you actually research the product :/

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      The Accelerator is Geranium extract ALONE. The one they use is not made in China which are the ones that contain the DMAA. There is a study out in Pub Med by the US army that has tested and it says that naturally, Geranium contains now DMAA, it is an additive and The accelerator does not contain those chemical additives…period. Just the natural Geranium. IF it did, the fda wouldn’t have allowed it to be sold …period.

      Its good what you find out against the scary things when you do more research.

      • Rose2515

        Hi Sylvia,
        If the Plexus Accelerator does not contain DMAA then why does the website say the following?

        Are there any warnings with Plexus Slim Accelerator?
        Plexus Slim Accelerator is not intended for expectant or nursing mothers. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition, please consult with a physician before taking this product. Not intended for children under…

        • Stephanie Koukari

          Because all natural caffeine can get your heart racing also. We now have a new accelerator that is safe for EVERYONE to take. If you have serious health risks you always want to check with a doctor.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Stephanie please Im not liking that you are stating this. ANy plant or chemical that accelerates your body’s natural electrical system puts it at risk. But then again so does a fast walk and lifting weights if there are underlying heart conditions.

            The very first ingredient I checked into has warnings just like the Geranium did when it actually contains DMAA. Natural Caffeins still stimulate the heart and can add to the hearts conductivity. I still as a heart patient would not take anything that is natural caffeine or has caffeine like symptoms with the problems my heart has. Heck even chocolate stimulates my heart and makes it beat faster and even makes it more irregular with the A-Fib. The SLIM does not do any of this. Im glad you added the disclaimer but I would not state the first part as you did.

            I just wish I could get someone in here to understand that I am totally with the medical aspects even though I do not have the type of training she does. I still promote proper language when I help people that I have received from a doctor that does approve it and does have a Doctorate.

        • Anonymous

          If you pay attention to DOCTOR Sylvia you would probably be dead by now. If she could sell a package of this “junk”, if wouldn’t matter. The statement she made in one of her post, “try PS, and then determine if you are allergic to a particular ingredients in it.” WHAT?? Being allergic to an ingredient can kill you. What an ignorant statement. DOCTOR Sylvia need to think before speaking lol

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            I never said it couldn’t kill you. I know what Anaphylaxis is and shock of. Symptoms include hives, itchiness, flushing, or swelling of the the area afflicted, if you cannot see it, it can very well restrict your airway, like when you’re allergic to foods, they have to pass through your throat and your throat may start to close before any blue tinge or swelling appears. This happens in people who open their mouths and toss food in and it doesn’t touch the lips so you can see signs there first. Those with angioedema-swelling may have a burning sensation of the skin instead of itchiness. Other features may include a runny nose and swelling of the conjunctiva. One can look that term up, infact it would be good to learn how to research. I might add that skin can turn blue due to lake of oxygen – also known as hypoxia as the airway shuts down

            Respiratory symptoms may include, shortness of breath, wheezes, or stridor. The wheezing usually y caused by spasms of the bronchial muscles while stridor is usually related to UAO -upper airway obstruction in the medical field and usually seen secondary to swelling. Hoarseness, pain with swallowing, or a cough may present.

            Cardiac and Gastrointestinal signs and symptoms can occur too, do I need to go into these right now/ I can pass them on to people as I usually do when I talk about allergies which is why I recommend blood tests before taking.

            Yes I did say TRY PS first. I had stated it a different way and went to edit, it was two sentences and I really shouldn’t do things when I have to rush to get dad somewhere. No excuse really, it should have waited but I did get into a hurry. Which is something I don’t do in person or when talking to people about the product. I meant to say Try getting the ingredients list then determine if you are allergic…..etc. See I can go deeper into things….Yes this means by going to your doc or better yet an allergist. You may have to get a referral from your PCP.

            You see people, a blog is something we cant bring EVERY little thing out about when it is not ours. Answer to things then tell you the rest…YES before you buy. I don’t agree with anyone that has different tactics. I tell people I’m not a doctor when they write me but give enough ammo about the ingredients, an explanation on them, where they come from, where they are natively found or were first discovered and so on. I would need to know more of what med they take to see if it crosses with anything else which anyone can do. THEN I say OK take this all to the doc. I ask if they have a printer, I even find out if they have a computer or are they working off a phone or a tablet? I even offer to print things out that I send them to…this is so they can see that I copy pasted the info and didn’t make it up. Then I get a stamp and an envelope and mail it. How is this process Anonymous…did I cover it better, more in depth, would you like me to go into the cardiac and digestive things too….DId I need to say all this…no but I didn’t want anyone jumping on me for leaving things out when on time constraints. Did you know that even if you offer, many do not want to even hear it? They say just let me order or I’ll go to someone that will. My answer, Bless you then and I terminate the phone call.

            Some don’t do any of the above, they just say heres your order.

            I think people can see that even though Im not a preofessional DOCTOR that I have and will continue to do the right things before buying from me. Or they can get the info, get the go ahead from the doc and buy from someone else. That person can sell to them and never speak to them again.

          • DCADIO

            That is some nice googling of symptoms you used above.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Surely you assume once again. I learned them in EMT schooling where I got a 98 on my final exam and nothing below a 96 on any other test. I used to love the challenge of those tests that were all over 200 to 400 questions long. You do know that EMT’s and Paramedics have to know this stuff and a whole host of all the different systems of the body and also signs and symptoms of many different things? I wouldn’t assume that you did or didn’t this is why I asked instead of just stated it.

          • Laura McKnight

            Don’t you DARE attach my profession to your product & down right ignorance!! As a state & nationally registered Tactical medic & EMS instructor I find you not only to be ignorant, but simple minded & just plain distasteful!! How dare you attach the EMS name to a product YOU are selling to make money that has NO medical backing what so ever! Your lack of medical professionalism is beyond astounding! Attempting to attach a medical profession, such as EMS, to this product is not only against MULTIPLE rules & regulations in the medical field, it is an undeniable example of lack of respect for true medics & other medical professionals!! As an EMT we follow protocols & procedures set forth by a medical director….and I can assure you there isn’t a single medical director anywhere that would allow a medic to advise a patient to take this product or allow a medic to advise a pt to stop taking a medication prescribed by a physician because of some “magical pink drink”!! (which is taught in the 1st chapter of ANY EMS textbook…..which you claim to have Mastered with great success) SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

      • Rose2515

        Also, why does the website state the following?

        What ingredient in Plexus Slim Accelerator might cause a false positive in a dru…
        In the accelerator, the GeranaX (Geranium Flower Extract) can show up in some urine tests as an amphetamine. It is not an amphetamine and a blood test will show that it isn’t in the amphetamine family. If you are subject to drug testing please indicate on…

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Hi Rose, I wish you’d contact me on FB, I love this article but since its moderated we don’t get a response right away. I also was gone from 5 pm til late last night then went to bed. SO please know I am not ignoring you, I am just now seeing this at ten am and responding now. If you don’t mind Im sandwiching these two comments from you since they are pretty much the same.

          In the accelerator, the GeranaX (Geranium Flower Extract) can show up in some urine tests as an amphetamine. It is not an amphetamine and a blood test will show that it isn’t in the amphetamine family. If you are subject to drug testing please indicate on your pre-screening questionnaire or notify your examiner that you are taking a dietary supplement containing geranium.

          That was the whole statement. Someone below said everything carries side effects. And this is one of the disclaimers for the Accelerators. The FDA states that the disclaimer must be on there. It’s not the DMAA that others put in the Pure Geranium extract that causes that. It shows up as an amphetamine just as Poppyseeds can show up positive for opiates. The extract itself causes that. DMAA causes much more crap than this due to being a man made chemical that comes with way more warnings…which is why the FDA banned it even though at one time… “Oh its safe to have in things”, but they didn’t ban our supplier of GeranX. The company is now making a change and we think that component will be taken out. This will satisfy other governments that have not done their own testing on the ten products that are made from Geranium extract and the sources they come from. Our source did not put DMAA in the extract so it remained pure.

          Many people have shown up to drug testing sites with that product in hand, I myself took my list of ingredients to the examiner for DOT. He wrote down the component on the screening slip. It wasn’t even enough to show up on the test. We have ambassadors that work in labs and say it most of the time doesn’t even show but can. Even the armed forces, if they know you are taking it ahead of time and you get tested before you start by them and about three months after you start it, they are ok with it. Its when you don’t tell them and if it does pop up all of a sudden you’re some kinda druggie.

          Now onto the next one below…The Accelerator is not intended for expectant or nursing mothers, people with heart conditions and note that certain heart conditions are worse than others, nor children under a certain age. Again, the product has to have the disclaimer even though the FDA doesn’t approve an item for sale. This is why these things remain dietary supplements. Anything that has stimulant like effects, natural or manmade, must have a warning. THe FDA does not test for things, independent labs do. The FDA even though it says you must pur disclaimers and warnings, will not regulate things that are made from herbs. You NEVER know when you will be allergic to something. I have a horror story thats recent with my dad and it was for two drugs that were not contraindicated for use but came with a warning against use for eachother. This caused him almost a week in the hospital. We did our jobs by telling his Coumadin clinic, the doctor who prescribed and the clinic fell off their jobs. So even with the small one line warning, things were not followed.

          We dont have anyone expectant or nursing taking the Accelerator that we know of, the moms that write in are adhering. We have peopel with High blood pressure taking them but with caution with their doctors “OK if you insist but I dont like it, at least monitor four times a day with a cuff.” Those are our harder ones, and we can talk til we are blue in the face ad if they want to they will, at least they know what can happen and the signs and they know about the warning.

          A physician should always be consulted, I did my regular doc, and my cardiologist and finished off with my Pharmacist. Take this case in point. MOm is on heart meds, she had a bad cold but nothing she needed antibiotics for at that point. There are some great herbal teas. I talked to her doc who is not up on all his herbs and they don’t have to be. Some have taken it up on themselves to study herbs and take courses. They don’t have to intern at a pharmacy like a pharmacist has to intern at a hospital. He said sure the ingredients sound ok but please check with the pharmacist. This prompted me to take the ingredients and cross check each of them with each of her meds and I printed out what I found and took them to the Pharmacist. I found two that would have had warnings but were not contraindicated for use. He said, I wouldn’t have her drink the tea if I were you. I said OK and we didn’t.

          THe big thing is the FDA is a tool, it’s also been wrong on BIG PHARMA drugs, monies in pac get exchanged for things getting pushed through, the whole system is corrupt. Even with the Candida cover up that’s going on now. You have to take these warnings and know that if the company is putting them out, it’s not just because they have to, it’s because the research has been done to prove that these things may occur.

          The Slim pink drink, does not contain GeranX, it is also vegan. This alone is good for weight loss as It’s what I am doing and will be adding the Probiotics and BIocleanse to help with my Candida overgrowth.

          Please if you have any more questions, find me on FB, posting under this name with this same pic. I would love to help you.

      • DCADIO

        Here is a newer pub med article.

        • Christine Derrel

          Thanks for sharing this link!!

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Yes it’s a great article, but Plexus did not buy the Pure Geranium extract from a distributor THAT ADDED THE DMAA. It does not come naturally in the Geranium plant. DMAA is not a natural chemical. SO when they state that they are natural, this means that the Slim did not contain unnatural Chemicals in it, meaning no DMAA. Most of the Geranium Extracts that contain DMAA are sold out of China. But even now its a moot point. It no longer contains even the Geranium extract to make everyone happy and secure so there are no doubts. This just goes to show, not all comments are being read as I have posted this information before.

    • Stephanie Koukari

      This does NOT contain DMAA I have the info to back it up. Also we just changed our formulation now to accelerator plus which doesn’t have Geranium X in it anymore. Burns fat twice as fast also 🙂

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      No it doesn’t now and hasn’t. There are 12 manufacturers of Geranium pure extract and some are based in countries that ADD THE DMAA. Plexus did not buy from them and has proof. Now the formula has changed and just to make everyone happy, doesn’t even contain Pure Geranium Extract so there is no doubt any longer.

      • Anonymous


        Contrary to what “DOCTOR” Sylvia says, the FDA does not just wake up one day and decides to recall a product. Extensive research, and analysis play into the decision. We can get into all the biological factors, but the truth being DMAA (PSA) was found to be “DANGEROUS’. Here is what the FDA Safety Blog states, ” DMAA is commonly used as a stimulant, pre-workout, and weight loss ingredient in dietary supplement products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that DMAA is potentially dangerous to health. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems. A number of adverse effects associated with DMAA containing dietary supplements have been reported to the FDA. The FDA has also warned that DMAA is not a dietary ingredient and thus, is not Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) compliant.”

  • Chris Hood

    I have been on plexus for 6 weeks and exercise daily. Only lost 3 pounds and need to loose 20. Have lost a few inches. Am in my 60s. Any suggestions?

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Chris, you have to remember that when you exercise you build lean muscle, that alone will not show that you are losing pounds but as you build, it burns the fat so you should be noticing more and more inches. How is your water consumption?
      How many calories are you eating per day?
      Have you taken the spit test and if so, how did it turn out?
      What products re you currently on?

      I might be able to find solutions once you respond. You can contact me On FB with the name I post under as long as its my picture you see and it says Im in Battle Creek.

      • Christine Derrel

        Sylvia, I love your comments in here!!!

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          Thank you Christine. I think that you put out an awesome article even though it needs just a wee bit of a tweak here and there. I try to be positive and upbeat, report from what Plexus users are saying about the product and their changes. Dispelling myths that people gather off the internet. There are things written by people who have not tried it and have not done all the research by looking into medical journals and not just what they read on others blogs. You apparently have done your research and a couple things have changed since you wrote this and are due to change again.

          I think I know why you moderate comments before letting them loose but boy is it ever hard to wait to see them once I post LOL.


    “Stevia Extract is the fourth and final flavor component, primarily used here as a sweetener, but it has also been approved by FDA as a dietary supplement.” Statement made above is completely FALSE!

    • Matthew Fleisher

      That’s because anybody can grow it and they can’t regulate it. I don’t believe anything the FDA says. Do your own research.

      • DCADIO

        My point is to prove that Plexus makes false claims to lure in people.

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          I thought there was nothing to talk about unless someone was a nutritionist or someone with a degree? I totally agree that there can be ill effects and dont like some of their claims. There are also side effects NOT KNOWN UNTIL REPORTED BY USERS. ALL chemicals and plants have them and some ARENT KNOWN FOR AGES. A company can legally make the claim if 100 out of 100 people report no side effects during testing according to US Law. Its not a lure, then a switch. If you have none, you can report none until such time as there are a certain percentage of complaints then it must be retested. Even the FDA does that with manufactured drugs that are not natural and they carry more bad side effects than natural plants do and even more chance of side effects not known to man until they happen. Look at artificial sweeteners, how long did the effects take to come to light. How much money are they spending to sweep it under the carpet.

          One shouldn’t knock the whole system without taking it or doing ALL THE research and then finding out for themselves. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not working for thousands of people who do not feel lured but feel fantastic for the first time in years. Like me, already reducing my blood pressure and glucose meds because of the Slim working with my hormones to drop and level out my sugars. The more I lose, the more I will lose the amount of meds I take and YES that could happen with working out in the gym. This is yet another tool in a total picture.

          Bottom line people with hope, get with someone willing to work with you and stick by you, do your own research, talk with your docs, find out if it works for you, the words of the few do not outnumber the words of the many. I can be found on FB under the same name I post with here, just make sure you see the same picture.

          • DCADIO

            Again false claims here. The product is NOT reducing your blood pressure, glucose levels and altering your hormone levels. Losing weight is and that can be achieved through an anti inflammatory diet and mild-moderate exercise. No need to spend money on a product, ever heard of the placebo effect?

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Boy this placebo effect sure is lasting a long time when my blood pressure which is taken three times a day and during workout and is charted, has gone down considerably along with my A1C and my standard sugar testing which is also charted and turned in to my doctor and my cardiologist.

            Three…going on four months of the placebo effect…WOW. I hope this placebo effect lasts forever. Along with my lab results that are printed on placebo paper.

            Since my diet and exercise is also getting better, someday I won’t have to have the slim. We have people that have been off it for over a year and are maintaining their weight. Many of them didn’t exercise before the Slim but have learned to do so during taking it because they felt better as a result of their lowered placebo blood pressures to be able to incorporte it. I wonder if the exercise is a placebo too.

          • DCADIO

            It is obvious you have no comprehension of what a placebo effect is. You never had to have the “slim”. Diet and exercise is all you need.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Actually, I do. I’ve been involved in Lab rat studies where they explain in detail what a placebo effect is everytime you go in for a new study, no one gets to know who has or doesn’t have the actual drug they are testing. Obviously you couldn’t “read” when someone wasn’t taking you seriously any longer and just sticking the word in there. I’ll stick with my Doctors thanks.

          • DCADIO

            Lab rats are explained the placebo effect? Or were you involved with clinical research studies? Seems to me you are just fabricating stories now.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            See one of the posts above for an answer. No fabrication, got actual pay for these. Dad is a lab rat now for a med. He knows what a placebo is too. MY mom? No she doesn’t you could tell her til you were blue in the face. But she wouldn’t remember. She has Alzheimers, do I go into what I know and live with on that? Do I go into the classes that I have taken? Never mind, you’d find something to bash me on that too. I could tell someone to take their mom to the doctor that was starting to get delusional and saying off the wall things because it may be an infection, usually a UTI but in her case pnemonia (you know the walking type) but you’d tell me to stop giving medical advice there too. You’ve been wonderful really, kinda comical too, with your personal attacks, But Im sorry, I have to break up with you now.

          • DCADIO

            Tell me then what a placebo effect is, bc your explanation is lacking the understanding of this term.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            See above. The explanation wasn’t really an explanation. You’re so smart you missed the sarcasm (see tiring of toys in an earlier explanation). I understood it perfectly as you will see when you read it. I just did not want to go there. But you twisted my arm, can you fix it now and make it all better please?

          • Anonymous

            “Doctor” Sylvia would’nt know a legitimate clinical study if the wind blew it in her face. She probably still considers that “mickey mouse” 8 person study done by PS, credible. In my experience, I have analyzed thousands before sending to corporate lawers, and the the FDA for approval, in order for them to be LEGALLY utilized in the field by REAL sales people. That study, if you want to call it one, is a joke, and is actually an embarrassment to those whose know what a real one entails.
            Yes, Dcadio, fabricated stories are all to familiar in MLM as it is performed today. But, don’t blame MLM in general. it’s simply the people involved in it that are to blame.
            My heart goes out to anyone that is ill, especially those that have Alzheimrers. I mean no disrespect. It is a shame family members have to be brought into this conversation.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Oh wow, no these were done with more than 8 people in real research facilities and hospitals and not for Plexus.

            Alzheim rers? Is this new? I put the space in their to draw attention to it. I brought it in because ya’ll seem to want to know every little detail or have me explain everything, I thought I’d do this too. Want my daily schedule next? Color of underwear? How about how I know how to make hospital corners from my military years and can still bounce a quarter of a bed? Yes, my goodness my DD214 is an Honorable Discharge after my 6 years was up. Do you know what that is or do I assume you don’t? I still have no need to hide behind my computer.

          • Anonymous

            Sylvia, Why don’t you share the studies you refer to on PS? Could it be they don’t exist. lol I speak of NOT THE STUDIES on the individual components, but studies on PS when these ingredients are combined to form PS. You should know that when this happens, the ingredients put together to form PS becomes a whole new animal. To my knowledge there are NO studies on PS as a product in itself. If there are, let’s see them, and I will admit I am wrong. (not the 8 subject one)
            What difference does it make if I am MR. or MS. It’s the information that is important to me, and should be to you.
            You mentioned you had EMT training. If only takes about 81 hours to complete the course. Not saying EM’T’s are not an asset to the medical community, but they are not doctors, so quit trying to be one.
            And, I for one, and I bet others, do not care about your personal life, or stats. The one I respect is you serving our country. Thank you very much, but there are others that fit this description, and I am one of those.
            When you say you are not on this site to sell PS. Search your soul, and I bet you will find that is not true.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            I hope this was the last one on the page for my musings today. I do have comprehension. They go through all that stuff when you’re a lab rat, you just do not get to know if you’re getting a placebo or not. I put all those words in there to make a point. It’s apparently not obvious to you that I was being a jerk to you since you decided to attack me making a crack about how I looked. But I explained that in another post since I didn’t know if I had enough time before I took my father to his recheck from his last know the one where he was admitted for rectal bleeding. I had asked him where his INR reading was for that morning and he said 4.9. IM like GREEEEEEEEAT, lets go. Yeah that one. The one that the new drug that a DOCTOR put him on that didn’t reduce him by 20 percent on his COumadin out the gate like the reports said to. The one where the Pharmacist told him to tell his clinic and he did and they continued to only test once a month instead of twice a week as recommended…We trusted the clinic and the Doc. Why did I say this, if it wasn’t for intervention and finding it, they would have done an invasive surgery. As it was another invasive procedure called a colonoscopy found nothing. When I brought my research in, he scratched his head and said, oops. I really wanted to see if you wanted to attack me more. Diet and exercise, yes when you can, right now the DOCTOR and Cardiologist ONE MORE TIME….will not allow me to go further and this is helping til I do. I will use them both. Now if you are done raking me over the coals, I’ll bid you a blessed day. I wonder if I’m forgetting anything to say, did I explain in detail…is it needed or do I go into the story of the rest of my life.


    Great website that goes over the herbs in the drink. Also the Plexus website states that there are no ill effects from the products which is 100% false. There always are known side effects with any kind of herb or supplement.

  • Sciptic

    Is it true that this Plexus is a pyramid scam. Right up there with Team National and body by V.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Its like one but so much better. And not a scam, with 22 million dollars in sales just in one year of a three year company, it better produce what it says it can. Besides the percentile of people it does not work for is like 2 percent. You can have your over the counter drugs and all of their side effects, Ill take my slim anyday. I didnt have any results with body by V and it was more expensive to get into and harder to distribute. Anyone want to jump in with me and give this product 60 days with a money back *not shipping, guarantee? Get with me.

      • DCADIO

        Plexus slim comes with side effects as well, no supplement/herb regime goes without caution. The OTC drugs have the same ingredients as plexus slim, there is not much of a difference.

      • Mark

        DMAA is in the accelerator. Also it is on the FDA’s website for being dangerous. So is smoking and alcohol. The supplement industry is a multi billion dollar industry and most of the products don’t work or do what they claim. Sorry but eat the right foods and exersise. There’s no secret to being healthy and losing weight. People just don’t want to do that.

      • DCADIO

        Where is your source analyzing the stats that only 2 % of users were not successful with the product?

      • ERutherford

        I’m a Plexus Ambassador and I agree with you 100%.I’ve been on Plexus for over 60 days, and I’ve never had any side effects. I’ve had great results. I’ve lots tons of inches and 15 pounds. It’s leveled out my blood sugar and has given me an insane amount of energy. It DOES curb your appetite and helps with sugar cravings. I’ll take Slim over any over the counter drugs any day.

        • DCADIO

          Plexus Slim has NOT leveled out your blood sugar levels. A decrease in caloric intake and consuming foods that are anti inflammatory did, that can be done without drinking a “magical pink drink”.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            DId I not say earlier that it has helped me to do the things I could NOT do before? I realize it cannot do it by itself. I had a decrease in caloric intake and consuming foods YEARS before Slim. But then again just because I didn’t state my meaning quite right, it allows you to assume that I didn’t. I bow to you my lord. Funny my blood sugar levels were all over the map even though my daily walks and eating healthy were still not doing their jobs.

            This is almost comical, I do take this seriously and I was more obese than I am. I am thankful for this product which has natural herbs which helped me to eat less, have less cravings which has helped me to lose weight. There it is in laymans terms which most people are that do not have doctorates which we don’t and we are in league with many people that do not all over the world. I am thankful that it has helped me to do it in less time than the first 60 pounds that took me three years to lose and I wish I would have had the product then.

            I apologize ladies and gentleman, I will no longer be posting on this persons posts. Get ahold of me if you want help in helping our foods and exercise work for you.

          • DCADIO

            Sylvia, Why have you blatantly dodged all my requests of your sources for the claims you have been making?
            “Where is your source analyzing the stats that only 2 % of users were not successful with the product?”

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Yes, but at least you’re not stuffing envelopes telling other people about it. You’ll never make millions selling it but it can’t hurt to try.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        There is no scam, thousands of users are losing. Very few are gaining, not everyones body is the same. Same with the income. My Emerald level ambassador was a dental hygenist who made 35 thousand last year and has now made over 65 thousand and its not even the end of the year yet. You wont make millions true but what other company offers eleven ways to make money and splits half their profits among the qualified ambassadors.

        Contact me under the same name I post with and make sure you see my pic and I will take my time into showing you how.

        • DCADIO

          Where are your analyzed stats making the claim “thousands are losing”?

        • DCADIO

          Also looking for your analyzed stats for this claim, “Besides the percentile of people it does not work for is like 2 percent.”

          • Anonymous

            Sylvia sells this PS, and just like most that sell it make ridiculous “false” claims about the product, and they will continue until the FDA, or the FTC comes down on them. With my experience, there is “NO” product ever put on this planet that works on 98% of people. There is no proof, just like there is no proof that PS is effective, and safe for long-term use. Most people I know that initially tried the product are now regaining there weight.
            Look at Sylvia’s picture, does it look like PS is working for her?

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Now you are personally attacking me. Im down to 270 from 340. 70 lb loss that I was not accomplishing before this. Thats a considerable loss and you know what…I was off it for 5 months and due to eating habit changes and exercise AS I LOSE, I never gained one pound back in all that time. I decided to get back on it to help me get off this plateau, since my Cardiologist is taking it slow with the exercise routines. People that gain the weight back are not adjusting their habits as I am as I lose. They want to keep eating crap? I eat no junk food, no pizza, no fried foods, not even ones fried in so called good fats. Funny the FDA and the FTC hasnt come down on the company in five years because they are following the guidelines to the letter.

            Folks your FDA lets drugs go through that are harmful all the time. Many drugs should not even get to us in the open market. They hide and sweep results under the carpet. History is chock full of “MISTAKES” from FDA approved drugs.

            I believe people can try it for themselves after they do their own research and make their own decisions. That slam was the most ridiculous one Ive ever seen, how are you gonna go by a picture to know if it LOOKS like Im losing if it LOOKS like it’s working for me, you should see the pair of 54 jeans I used to wear as compared to the 40’s now. 6x tops down to 2’s and 3’s. Laugh at me now if you wish but I feel great with my loss. Besides that picture is just after my first go around with Plexus, hmm roughly 5 months ago. When I lose another 20, I will take a new picture.

        • Anonymous

          I am a former ambassador and am very familiar with the products and the policies and procedures, which you are apparently not. IF you make income claims of any sort, you have got to have documentation proving those claims. Check the P&P of PS, and regulations set forth by the FTC, and the FDA. You are misleading people, when research shows that less than 1% ever make a profit in MLM companies such as PS, after expenses, etc. As far as your friend, we all get lucky, and in my opinion, she hit the lottery, if you want to consider $65K a lot of money.
          Be careful, Sylvia, you never know when “big brother” may be watching. lol

  • Jen

    Hi can I use Plexus while breastfeeding??

    • Lori


      Yes!! You can absolutely use the Slim while pregnant or breast feeding. It is recommended to wait until you are done breast feeding to use our Accelerator though. Please let me know if I can answer anymore questions for you. Find me at

    • DCADIO

      Absolutely NOT! Some of the herbs in the drink are not recommended for breastfeeding moms. I am a lactating mother currently and would never take this.

    • Cassie

      Yes!!!!!!!!!! I am an ambassador and several breastfeeding mothers drink plexus slim!

      • DCADIO

        You should never take the advice from a lay person about taking herbs while breastfeeding. Always consult a doctor. Can you provide research articles that show the safety of consuming these herbs while breastfeeding?

      • DCADIO

        Also just because you are an “ambassador” does not give you the right to give sound medical advice. Remember you are dealing with lives here and little ones as well. Your “opinion” could have serious health implications on mother and child.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Please use a disclaimer when you speak. Something like this, ” We have customers that have checked with their doctors on whether they should use it while breastfeeding and many customers have been given the green light. You should also take the ingredient list to yours and have him or her clear you for use. So far,none of our breast feeding mothers have reported ill effects. Allergies can happen to anyone, so you still need to keep your eyes open and learn to recognize signs of reactions..”

        DCADIO, she did not give an opinion, she gave a fact that they do, and YES it can be used, she doesnt imply that they should be used without checking with a doc. Her crime is she did NOT however tell the rest of what should have been spoken on. The above is only an example of what should have been stated. It can be stated in different ways but should contain those components. Have I adequately covered all bases here?

        Also on top of speaking with a doctor, a Pharmacist has to be familiar and trained in herbals vs chemicals that are manufactured. Sometimes docs will say please check with the Pharm also! I did this with my heart and diabetes meds and the rest I was on before taking these products. And I still would not advise anyone to do anything without speaking to both of them, so you can throw a Pharm, into the statement too!

        Also the research articles are not out as of yet. The FDA is not allowing them to make claims of that nature, yet they let DRUG companies provide research and make claims and we find out 5 years later people are dying of something. This is why a well trained Ambassador will give an explanation such as the above. Cassie, please do not take this personally, its easy to write short answers and not go into details at first, this is why we learn.

        If anyone wants to try this product or anything else we have besides the slim, I would be more than glad to be with you on the journey and also to assist in complete training and usage.

        • DCADIO

          ” I recently called The Plexus Slim Company after being asked by a breastfeeding mom if it is safe to use this diet supplement while breastfeeding. The company told me that the accelerator drink is not recommended however, the regular drink is all right for breastfeeding moms. I personally feel that both are not good while breastfeeding, and you should eat natural food because what ever you put into your body, your baby will get as well. “”

          “Herbal weight loss products and breastfeeding”

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            The slim is natural and even natural foods should come with warnings. How about sugars in natural fruit, yes they are natural but they cause raise in heart rate because after all sugar is sugar. IT feeds Candida that lives in your system and over time contributes to many known illnesses, syndromes and diseases. Your baby gets those. You eat starches that turn intosugars, your
            baby gets those. Love mushroom on pizza? Guess what those are fungus and CANDIDA LOVES fungus, your baby gets that too. I could go on and on. You think I may be going overboard with labeling natural foods? Cows are natural but until they come out with labels that state if the meat from those cows get growth hormones…yep you guessed it, Your baby is getting those from you unless you are growing and butchering your own cow and you are 100 percent sure you didn’t feed it any corn that has what?…..growth hormones in it. Chickens are natural and when sold in delis fresh from being roasted have you never compared the size of the legs to the legs we get in the packaging of parts? The cheaper the company price the more the steroids making them huge! The ones off the rotisserie are not huge, they are normal chicken size. The others are fed with steriods and other growth hormones and your baby gets those. Prepackaged foods like helpers that help hamburger or chicken…preservatives like MSG and others that go into your baby that feed growth of bad flora in your system. Diet ANYTHING…nutrasweet and sucralose…bad bad bad and going into babies because moms drink them (not saying you do) because they say diet and their not getting as much Natural sugars.

            Are you seeing yet that you are knocking something that is natural even though the of the biggest scams in the country says that they won’t support it? It doesn’t take a genius to look back into history to find the thousands of drugs that have hurt and killed people that started out safe because they were made from natural things and have additives that are not.

        • DCADIO

          “Also the research articles are not out as of yet. The FDA is not allowing them to make claims of that nature, yet they let DRUG companies provide research and make claims and we find out 5 years later people are dying of something. This is why a well trained Ambassador will give an explanation such as the above. ”

          What type of medical degree does a “well trained ambassador” or even a slight understanding of how to perform or analyze peer reviewed articles? Also since there are no published articles who is to say we find out 5 years later people are dying of something from the drink?

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            The FDA is allowing certain claims that ARE made on the website or else they would be already SHUT DOWN. They can’t make other claims that the users do since they are unfounded by the company and not yet approved by the FDA even though even after that the FDA will still not approve it as any more than a dietary supplement. I am comparing our natural stuff to chemically made stuff and apparently you have missed the parts where I’ve stated that YES everything has risks but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. What type of medical degree does a peer that tries a BIG PHARMA drug have to have to say GEE IM feeling so much better on Victoza? PLease compare apples to apples. It could happen 5 years later with either. The point I am trying to make is the FDA approves things and gives millions in pac monies to politicians in order for the FEDERALLY regulated FDA to get drugs passed that they know DARN well are hurting test subjects but do it anyways. Then 5 years later they say oh it may cause, then ten years later say dang we need to take this off the market, shame on us, heres a class action suit, sorry we’ll pay millions.

            The complaints must come first before any company can change anything. I would STILL rather take something natural than chemical any day. If Im gonna die, I want it from something growing on this earth that is at this point safe for me instead of something that can kill me right off the bat. And since the Accelerator comes with a warning, I did try it but do NOT take it because of the change in rhythm in my heart. Yes workign out does that too but Id rather work out and slow down if I feel it than have to wait for something to come out of my system. Too many people are confusing the Slim with the Accelerator too. We really need to be better informed and Christine has done a great job with this end.

      • Kat

        I came on here to get real opinions good and bad from people using plexus to decide if I want to spend my money or not. I have been reading all the threads and wow plexus sellers sound like broken records blah blah blah I feel great my blood sugar blah blah sounds like you read from the same card. IF YOUR BREAST FEEDING never chance anything when it comes to your baby’s health you will loose weight from just nursing Remember they make money by selling just like a used car dealer does. Wish the sellers would shut up and let real people post good and bad let us come up with our own decisions thank you to the people posting the dangers of some of the ingredients. Came here excited wanting to loose 50 pounds leaving frustrated and annoyed with plexus brain washed sales people.

    • Melissa

      It states on the side of the bottle not to take while breastfeeding!! Please do not take this until talking to your doctor. I am pro-Plexus but breastfeeding questions should be left to the professionals no offense to anyone!

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        The question that should be asked is Plexus what…Slim, Accelerator, X Factor, 96 protein shakes, Probiotics, BioCleanse? We need to know Plexus what. We cannot assume that one is talking about something that comes in a bottle, some of this stuff comes in bags and packets. The X factor comes in a bottle but is a multivitamin. We really must try wholeheartedly to show the big picture.

        The answer without a doctor is emphatically NO on the Accelerator, absolutely not. The Slim and other products are being used with doctors and ped’s approval and should be taken to both doctors that care for a lactating mother and the baby. If one wishes to know more about the WHOLE picture, I would be more than willing to arm one with information they can take to both docs by contacting me on FB under the same name you see here, just make sure you see the same picture.

        • Melissa

          Agreed, just because an adult can take something and experiences no side effects does not mean that a baby could not or that long term effects could not occur. I think that all of us that ingest (including myself) anything is taking a risk. There are plenty of medications out there that pass FDA approval and then later on is recalled. I choose to take the risk, however are you going to allow your doctors, and people that you do not know make the choice of if they THINK it is safe? I dont think any of us really know for sure. I would honestly wait till your done just to be sure, its hard…been there more than once and enjoy the time breastfeeding and worry about the weight later! 🙂 Good Luck

  • Robyn

    Hi. I am in a wheelchair will this product help me….sounds good

    • Lori

      Hi Robyn,

      Yes! I have seen testimonies from people that thought they would never be able to lose weight because they are in a wheelchair and they are doing fantastic! Weight loss might be a bit slower, but it is happening for them. Your diet is also going to play an important roll as well. I’d love to talk with you more. Find me here:


  • Mary S

    This sounds very interesting. I have been looking at videos and reading reviews for almost 2 hours? Are there any Ambassadors doing extremely well who would be willing to send me a free sample? So tired of spending $ for pills and shakes that taste gross or give me heartburn or other side effects.

    • Lori

      Hi Mary!

      We have ambassadors that are doing fantastic! All of our products have a 60 day money back guarantee. We also have 3 day sample packs and 7 day challenges to give you an idea of what to expect with our products. I’d love to talk with you more, find me at or
      Have a great day!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Mary, I would. You can find me by the name I posted with here on FB, just make sure you don’t message the one in the Netherlands, I am in Battle Creek MI. You’ll recognize this same picture on the page that I use here for this profile.

      • Marnita

        Sylvia, I am also interested any chance I could get a free sample….you can contact me at [email protected] thanks

  • Darlene Ballard Dixon

    Hello!! I am an Ambassador and I love these products!!!! I ave lost 41″ in six short weeks. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12!!’ I would love to have you on my team!! I’ve been in sales & marketing for 25 years, and I can tell you this is the right company to jump on board with! Shoot me an email: [email protected] and I will help you no matter where you are from. Thank you for reading my post!

  • Abbie

    I need an ambassador

    • Nikkie Brumley

      I would love to be your ambassador 🙂 I love PLEXUS and all the products!!

    • Scott

      I am a Plexus ambassador & would be interested in speaking to you about these products.

  • NotStupid

    Can you explain to me why one would use this product in place of proper diet management and exercise?

    • Natalie

      Plexus actually promotes proper diet management and exercise because it is a health and wellness company. For me personally, Plexus has help me achieved more than any diet plan, exercise plan, or personal trainer ever has. Because Plexus helps to maintain blood sugar levels, cholesterol and lipids your body is functikninf the way it should and the weight loss is a result of that. Best decision I ever made!

    • Lori

      Hi NotStupid!
      Some people can change their diet and exercise all day long and not see results. Our product is meant to supplement proper diet and exercise, not replace it. There are some people that chose not to change the way they eat or move and that is their choice, but we can’t promise that the weight will stay off once they stop using the products and keep eating the same way they always have. Our goal is for people to get healthy, skinny just happens to be a fantastic side effect!
      Have a great day!

      • DCADIO

        I have seen claims by those who sell this product, no diet or exercise necessary to loose the weight. No a healthy approach at all! This is just another hyped up fade “drink” with serious implications.

        • Lori


          I have seen those claims as well and I do NOT agree with them but each person is allowed to market the way the choose. I completely support and encourage all of my customers to change their lifestyle as well. Plexus products are meant to supplement weight loss. Should someone decide not to excercise or change their diet, that is up to them. Their loss will be slower and once they stop the products it all may return; only time will tell. If you’d like to discuss things further, Find me here:

          • DCADIO

            Honestly there is nothing to discuss unless you have a medical degree or a doctorate/masters in nutrition/herbs. Ambassador does not equate to sound medical advice.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            People with Masters and Doctorates help get drugs approved by BIG Pharma every day that cause all sorts of health issues. Yes they are listed but they hurt and kill us. But still they promote them and don’t do ANYTHING to help us to take good Probiotics when we are on Antibiotics that they promote. We just keep getting more immune and more sick. Besides its not sound medical advice..we get that from our doctors thank you.

            All we do is take it to them and listen to what they say and pass on to us about how they are working in our bodies so we can pass it on. SO if something sounds like sound advice, you wouldn’t know if I got it passed on from a DOCTOR or not unless you actually took the time to ask before sounding off. You just assume which is also not sound.

          • DCADIO

            So a medical doctor is explaining how these products are metabolized in your body, is that your “training”? Also you CAN NOT give medical advice through hear say. So and so doctors said it is fine. What happens when someone has a severe reaction, are you not liable for giving them this product? Or does a piece of paper “protect”” you?

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Man you don’t get it yet. Yes my medical doctor is explaining to me and yes I can pass that on
            legally. NO IT IS NOT TRAINING BUT WE DON’T NEED TO HAVE IT IN ORDER TO MARKET IT, IT”S NOT IN ANY LAWS FOR US TO HAVE IT AND FURTHERMORE I SEND PEOPLE INFORMATION THAT HELPS THEM TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS FOR AND AGAINST and will link them to PUB med distributions for further reading and ONCE AGAIN, tell them to GO TO THEIR DOCTORS FOR baseline lab tests including but not limited to Cholesterol, hormone, vitamin, enzyme AIC and standard poke for sugar, and various other things along with BP Pulse and respiration and whatever else they deem necessary once they look at the packaging for that person? And if they are sensitive to other herbs I urge a skin sensitivity scratch
            test for the ingredients along with checking their meds against those?


            DID you read that, I tell people to do the same things
            or did you assume wrongly that I did not? Did you know that I tell anyone willing to listen what side effects are known or may cause from herbs contained? I am not liable for giving them this product. I don’t give them, I sell them. And I give them the where with all to research. Did you know that many say thanks for telling me but Id really rather just order my product and take my chances. These assumptions are killing me…it’s actually quite comical. I love your concern but what you don’t realize is I am just as concerned but I don’t go around assuming things about people and judging them when I do not know them. Thank you for showing us that you do.

            I know this is all over the map but it gets a bit frustrating to realize that someone is trying to discredit you when they do not know you.

          • DCADIO

            It is easy to discredit someone and their product when the main goal is to make money. You are selling a product that you have had no training in. Do you take a medical history before selling it? You are no different than a drug dealer. You are selling a product that can have ill effects on people to make money. A product that is not regulated. Only qualified healthcare providers and physicians should by selling these types of products.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Actually, I have made less than 50 bucks and don’t ever care if I make another dime. Not the reason I spent money to go into it and not the reason I will stay helping healthcare providers and physicians get this in their offices.

          • DCADIO

            Any healthcare provider or physician who puts this in their office is after only one thing, $$$$. A genuine physician will take the time to educate their patients on PROPER life style change (which Plexus Slim is not) to help control their chronic illnesses, not throwing a “pink drink” in their face.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            OH and yes, when I talk with someone about these products, I tell them that I would like to have their medical history as there are plants, just like FDA approved chemicals that can mess with meds and and conditions they are on. Once we do that, they still cant order from me. We get a list going of all the potential problems that I can reference with the meds they take now and their conditions along with a second list of ones that I cannot find anything on but they still need to be looked at. They must take those two lists of every product they want to be on and the crosschecked information to their Doctors if they want to buy from me THANK YOU. They can buy from someone else but so far people have thanked me for being thorough even though I am not a Degreed professional. OH and did you know that even with what limited medical training I do have, that I saved my dads life four times by recognizing signs and symptoms and the last one was a medication error with a new drug and his Coumadin that were not contraindicated for use but came with a big warning that the hospitalist that prescribed him the new med and his Coumadin clinic ignored when we told them he was on a new drug and what it was? THey ignored it for 2 months and we faithfully beleived that everything was fine until his INR shot up to a 4.9 and he was bleeding rectally. Lawsuit for that drug pusher pending.

            I saved my moms life twice by recognizing signs and symptoms and also saved another life that was having a Stroke by calling my company and having them send a unit to meet my gf that was waiting for them to arrive? *she was seeing this gentleman. The neurologist that received him upon admittance to the Stroke unit thanked me and my gf for the intervention. Once he understood enough after therapy and months of rehab to drive again, he did too. Tell me I’m no different from a drug dealer. I am way different. The FDA is the biggest drug dealers along with BIG PHARMA and anyone that receives PAC monies from letting this crap go through so it can kill off parts of the populace and then say OOOOPS, sorry we didnt know it would cause this but we did have warnings that it may.

          • DCADIO

            Consuming natural products can have deadly effects, just bc they are natural plants does not mean they are safe to consume. It is really alarming that with absolutely no medical training you are stating you can get a “list” to cross reference with clients meds. I think that is the scariest thing of all. Your statement, ” We get a list going of all the potential problems that I can reference with the meds they take now and their conditions along with a second list of ones that I cannot find anything on but they still need to be looked at.” YOU HAVE NO TRAINING PLEASE STOP GIVING MEDICAL ADVICE!

          • Anonymous

            You have NO idea what you are talking about concerning making medical claims about PS. You should know that PS
            it is a dietary supplement, and because of that it does have to go under the scrutiny of a product considered a “DRUG”. The very moment you refer, or make a claim that PS cures, or relieves any “disease state” such as BP, Fibromyalgia, ETC. it becomes a drug, and by FTC, and FDA regulations has to have gone under extensive clinical trials for EACH clais made. This process is very expensive, and time consuming, and PS does not have the resources to provide the information needed. Why should they spend the money when they have uninformed people like you breaking the rules? Not only, that, but do us all a favor and check your own (PS) policies and procedures, and that will solve a lot of the issues you THINK you know about. IF you want this information and proof, I can provide links, if the site will approve.
            The more of your posts I read, the more amused I become, and I an’t believe people on this site would find you credible.
            How can you attempt to provide information to any site without doing the proper research? If nothing else check your own company’s P&P and get back at us. We all know you won’t!
            How in the world can you

        • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

          You know when it comes down to it, no diet or exercise really IS necessary. That IS a true statement. HOWEVER, as an Ambassador that is starting out with the extreme difficulty of Diabetic neuropathy and weight with heart issues, I have to only walk right now. My walk cannot be fast, and its not long enough to make me lose weight.

          My goal is to add other things into my routine as the doc allows me and this will be hedging on the weight I lose with the Plexus. I could if I wanted to lose all this weight solely on Plexus and be a while doing this but this is not what I desire, I desire to use them TOGETHER to achieve my goals and learn a new lifestyle. I’ve combined your concerns with a sensible approach. Making a claim of “just another hyped up fade”—lol “drink with serious implications” is as bad as someone saying someone can breast feed without disclaiming that they should see a physician. Both of them bring negative connotations. Not everything works for everyone and I can watch any ad on tv for BIG PHARMA drugs and see how much CRAP comes with their drugs and serious implications. I will take my chances with herbs any day.

          Yes they can market the way they desire, whether I think it’s right or wrong is not an issue. The statement really does stand true. But who would NOT want to eventually work out, I love the feeling that I know it can give as I used to long ago before these issues.

          “Fades”- die out this one has not.

          I will be glad to help anyone and be this thorough.

          • DCADIO

            Do you really think that no diet change or exercise is really going to deflame your body and relieve your chronically diet induced inflamed conditions? You obviously know nothing about syndrome X and the chronic inflammation imposed on the body by diet.

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Yep read up on that too, thanks to my DOCTOR.

          • DCADIO

            Then why continue to make false claims about no diet change necessary? And you are welcome, coming from a fellow physician.

          • DCADIO

            It sounds as if you did not know that some of these herbs are contraindicated for your conditions,

            “Chlorogenic acid. This compound might raise homocysteine levels in humans. Homocysteine is a somewhat controversial molecule because some feel it might be linked to heart disease.”

            “Hoodia. As I reported in my book on supplements hoodia gordonii seems to share some chemical similarity to a class of heart drugs called cardiac glycosides. In fact, if you Google “Hoodia and cardiac glycosides.” I don’t know the clinical significance of this. That said, if you have heart or blood pressure issues please see your cardiologist before using any hoodia supplement, just to be safe.”

            “As a general blanket statement, I would be cautious if you have any problems with your heart, blood pressure, kidneys, liver, mental disorders, diabetes or digestive problems.”

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            Really? How did you know I did not, did you write and ask me before doing this, did you report which product contains these things? How come my blood pressure continues to go down as my hormones change. How do you know which product I even take. Did you know I researched ALL THE HERBS and not only read about them but cross checked them with the meds I take to see if there are any Contraindications for use or have cautions but are not Contraindicated?

            Seems to me I’m pretty thorough and want my customers to be too, and the ones that have wrote me from here are finding out that I am trying to get them all their information and not just jumping in to try something. If that loses me a sale from them finding out about possible things that you just wrote about than fine, I’d rather them safe than sorry. But then again you did not know that about me.

            Did you know that my cardiologist said I could try something but please monitor your bp and pulse and chart it and bring me the results? Did you know that I followed his word to the tee?

            Im not upset here but I am trying to get you to understand that you cant make assumptions because you know all these things and have wrote a book and may have a degree and are a lactating mother. You’ve brought out some great points and many Im right on with. But still everyone is different and must choose for themselves and I am one Ambassador that will help someone make an informed decision that will include research and going to their doctor(s). Yes even without a degree.

            I just don’t appreciate sounding alarms and knocking a product that is natural. As a company they expect people to research ingredients. Even if they put out the literature, most would throw it away without even a cursory nod. They are in compliance with the FDA. They have to approve every ad we write, every banner or easel board we design. Every Graphic, every FB cover shot.

            Do you know how many graphics I see from other companies that are dietary supplement companies that are not in Compliance with the FDA? We get our websites shut off until we come into compliance for any graphic used that is not in compliance with the FDA and we have two sites that we submit them to for approval to people who know the FDA rules inside and out and let us know when the FDA changes things. Betcha didn’t know this stuff either.

          • DCADIO

            There are 2 statements you made that are correct. 1) I have a doctorate degree as a healthcare provider and would never recommend this product to my patients. Instead I have to spend more time righting all the false claims out there by ambassadors (who have no training what so ever except how to lure people in) to my patients. 2) I am a lactating mother, again with a degree so I completely understand the breakdown and metabolism of herbs/supplements in regards to lactation.

  • Jessica Bell

    Does this really make you feel more energized? I’m often lacking in energy and it negatively affects my workout routine. I’m just so tired. I have a hard time mustering up enough energy to go to the gym regularly.

    Can anyone report on this? I’m convinced that this product promotes weight loss but does it really help maintain energy levels?

    • Danielle

      The Accelerator has caffeine in it. Its been reported by thousands of people that it does not give a “crash” or “jittery” feeling. Yet, they have energy all day long and together with the Plexus Slim it is reported that people are getting better quality sleep during the night. Which, of course, helps make them more energized during the following day. The month supply of Accelerator includes 60 pills. Many people only take one pill a day as they may not need the extra boost. However, there is enough provided in the month supply for 2 pills to be taken in a day for those that need it. Plexus provides a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with the product you can always return it. If you are looking for an ambassador still or need additional help, please let me know.

    • Natalie

      Jessica it absolutely does! I decided to start Plexus when I weaned my 8 month old and as a stay at home mom I often found myself struggling to get through the day. Plexus Slim and accelerator now get me through 16hour ddays with a 10 month old and when I lay down at night I don’t feel exhausted – just pleased from a good day(normally) and ready for a good nights rest.

  • Maria K.

    I’ve been looking into purchasing this. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this product has a 60 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work you can simply return it. You literally have nothing to lose except for the weight!

    • Danielle


      You are right. You have NOTHING to lose with their money back guarantee. If you are still looking for an ambassador let me know and I would love to help you.

  • Susan Wilde

    My sister uses it with the additional Accelerator. She’s seen real results and she’s only been using it for two months. It’s a very impressive product!

    I asked her about the side effects and she told me she hasn’t experienced any. She said it doesn’t leave her feeling gassy or nauseous at all.

    • Lori

      Congrats to your sister! I love hearing Plexus success stories!!!

  • Linda

    This product features a very interesting list of ingredients. I am familiar with the benefits of many and have used some in the past to maintain my weight. Plexus Slim seems well researched and quite effective. I don’t need a weight loss aid this powerful but I would definitely consider it if I did.

    • Michelle Duray

      Let me know if you need help. I am now an Ambassador and I use Plexus.

  • Jess MN

    I’m interested in trying Plexus Slim and Accelerator. I’ve been reading reviews and testimonials for this product and it seems to work very well. I have hit a serious plateau with my weight loss and this supplement may be just what I need to get back on track. I’ll be looking for an Ambassador in my area.

    • Michelle Duray

      Let me know if you need any assistance.

    • Shelley Moorman

      im here to help, let me know if you need anything
      [email protected]

  • spiritholistics

    So true, when looking for a weight loss supplement the choices can be overwhelming and most of the information is a buying pitch. You never really get the right information to make a good decision. This post gives you enough real information to make the right decision.

    I really like the fact that this is a natural supplement instead of a bunch of chemicals. I wont take anything unless its all natural.

    Again in a recent post I read you tell us about the ingredients here too. I love this. When I read the ingredients list on lables I have no idea what they are. This gives me a starting point.

  • Melissa bailey

    What I would like to know is if anyone who takes hydrocodone and muscle relaxers has tried this product? I need to know if it interacts??

    • Natalie

      Melissa, Plexus has pain management products that have helped people come off prescription pain medicine completely. I would be happy to share more information with you if you’d like. You can email me at [email protected]

    • Ckezar

      Melissa your best bet for this would be to talk with your doctor before starting to take this My husband is a new Ambassador as I did 2 3 day trails as the people I met didn’t have the 7 day trails on hand I took it to my doctor and she said it was find to take with the meds I was on.

  • Anne Monks Reilly

    I am an ambassador of this wonderful product, I love it! I have lost 35lbs in 5 months, I have tons of energy, I have found myself eating less of my meals and I’m not craving sugary foods anymore. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I have tried all the fad diets out there, this is the only product I have tried that actually works! If I can help anyone who is on the fence about trying it please let me know.

    • Ckezar

      Anne did you take 1 or 2 accelerator pills a day

  • Anne Monks Reilly

    I am an ambassador of this wonderful product, I love it! I have lost 35lbs in 5 months, I have tons of energy, I have found myself eating less of my meals and I’m not craving sugary foods anymore. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I have tried all the fad diets out there, this is the only product I have tried that actually works! If I can help anyone who is on the fence about trying it please let me know.

  • Danny Avi

    I’ve always been a big man, always had struggles when it came to losing weight. I tried Plexus, but never tried out Accelerator. I might have to give that a shot and combine the two soon here. It sounds very promising.

    • Natalie

      Danny if you can get with your Ambassador that first got you the product they can talk you through a regimen to aid in your weight loss. There are many obstacles but thankfully Plexus works it is just a matter of figuring out how your body best responds to it! If you need any help please feel free to send me an email [email protected]

  • Hanna B.

    Hello everyone. I’m new to the world of dieting and healthy eating and I am thinking about trying Plexus, but I always worry about these protein shakes, and anything like it. I read through the article and I’m interested for sure. Hopefully It will help me lose weight, because I could use it. 🙂

    • Natalie

      Hi Hannah. One of the things about Plexus that helped me decide to try it is that it isn’t a shake. Plexus keeps it simple! I would love to help you get started on your weight loss goals. I am currently 20+ lbs down and almost 3 pant sizes – Plexus was by far the best decision I ever made. Ifyou would like to get started you can Emil me at [email protected]

  • Plexus Fan

    This stuff works wonders and I’m very thankful for it. I’m glad you guys are sharing it with the world because this stuff is a life saver. I’ve lost around 20 pounds since using it, and I’m so thankful. Here’s hoping my weight continues to drop. 😉

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Great job!

  • Megan R.

    I’ve been using Plexus for some time now and I really am having a lot of happy results from it. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight since starting and I feel more healthy than ever. I haven’t had many of the side effects, I was gassy maybe once and everything seemed to settle down for me.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      See and some people do not have the gas, some of those small effects disappear. Keep up the good work to both you and the Plexus Fan above.

  • Daryl

    I might have to check this stuff out, the side effects aren’t a big deal for me, I like being more gassy, it angers my girlfriend and family when I constantly pass gas haha! But seriously, I will take caution when using this stuff though.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      I would love to help you with this Daryl, you can friend me on FB on the name I have listed, just make sure you see the same picture. Im in Battle Creek MI but it doesn’t matter where a person is from. I assist in every way I can.

  • Laila

    Hi Christine… I came here about a month ago and read about Plexus Slim. I really liked the fact that you gave the good, the bad and the ugly, which allows your readers to form their own opinion. Kudos to you for your transparency!

    I decided to try Plexus Slim and got in touch with one of the ambassadors. I’m now almost two weeks in and I love it. It doesn’t make me jittery at all, which is what one of the previous commentors said. I actually feel a lot more focused, which just goes to show you that it’s different strokes for different folks. Plus, I already lost 7 pounds. I’m not measuring around, but I noticed that my love handles are looking smaller.

    Thank you for your recommendation. Now I just need to get in the gym so I can tone up while I’m losing this weight. So excited!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Oh Laila, not just tone up, cardio and light weights so you can do more lifts is great for toning. But how about increasing the weight to build more muscle to burn more fat? Now IM not talking about looking like a body builder. That to me for either gender is gross and way overboard when its more than getting a 6 pack. Measurements are great for when the scale isn’t moving. That non scale benefit can show you if you take time to write your measurements down, where you are losing inches at as you go, when the scale is quiet. Keep up the great work. If you would like to contact me do so at

  • Danielle P

    My sister had lapband surgery around 3 years ago and lost over 100 pounds. She and her husband recently decided they wanted another child and she had the band loosened in anticipation of getting pregnant. Six months later and she still hasn’t gotten pregnant, but she ended up gaining back almost 40 pounds.

    Instead of getting the band tightened again (to lose the weight) she decided to try it. She used both the supplement and the Accelerator because she wanted to take the weight off fast.

    She’s now 7 weeks into it and she lost a little over 16 pounds. The good thing is she’s able to eat nutritious food to keep her body healthy for pregnancy. When the lapband is tight, it’s harder for her to keep down a lot of food. Plexus Slim is definitely working magic for her during this period of limbo.

    • jennifer

      OMG Danielle this is my story exactly- except I loosened my band while I was pregnant with 1st son and gained 50lbs!! The 2nd time around, I loosened a little less and only gained 20lbs (and lost it!) Now I am still up 40lbs and want to loose it before trying for baby #3. I am thinking of trying this

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Jennifer, I would love to help you, you can reach me on FB under the same name, there is two of us so make sure you see my picture thats here!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Lovin this story.

  • april

    Does anyone know why the taste of Plex Slim has gone from pink lemonade to chocolate? The last order I got made me very sick. I was nauseous and through up for 8 hours after taking the drink and 1 pill. I’m trying it again after being told that the flavor was pink lemonade again, but I got the new batch today and it is still the chocolate flavor.

    • Valerie Bounds

      I’ve been trying to figure out what I think it tastes like. I can’t detect pink lemonade or chocolate, however the accelerator does have chocolate in it.

    • Lori

      Hi April!
      I tell all my customers that is tastes like a Cherry Tootsie Pop to me. The majority of them agree with me after they taste it. There really hasn’t been any shift if “flavor” since May/June when the seasons changed. I know that the shift in growing seasons had something to do with it and that they were working on getting this “kink” ironed out for the future.

  • Chantelle Clark

    Throughout the past few years I have been keeping an eye on the weight loss industry and the supplements that are supposedly weight loss enhancing, because I would love to be able to take on a supplement that would actually work. Now I do know that fiber makes you feel more full, and I have read all about appetite suppressants, and to be honest, they can work. What has made me interested in this product, and more-so now after reading your review Christine, is that from the ingredients listed, I recognize all of them as I’ve come across them before when researching what it takes to actually lose weight in a healthy manner.

    I don’t think I would necessarily use the accelerator alongside the product because I tend to walk for 40-80 minutes a day (not at a great pace or anything), and I’ve alone lost almost 10lbs by just walking and watching my sugar, and bread intake.

    So, with all of this said, I think I might just take another look at this product. I’d love to lose another 20-30lbs and from the remarks that I’ve seen, it looks like the company is really interactive with their customers, which to me is a huge positive aspect. It’s always nice to have a company that will genuinely talk to you about their products.

    I think I would want to try a “free sample” if possible first though. Regardless, thank you for the review!

    • Joanie Canada Smoot

      the company does not have free samples, but I can set you up with a 7 day trial pack. the company also offers 60 day money back return , guaranteed… have nothing to lose….except the weight.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      I can send you packets out of my own stock, just to see if you’d like the flavor and to see about the energy factor. You’ll be able to see if you could adjust to drinking all that water too. Just add me as a friend on FB on the name you see that I post with and make sure you see my pic that I have here!

  • M Jorgenson

    Hello Christine Derrel, This is Dr. Miranda Jorgenson, and I carry Plexus Slim in my practice. I’ve had nothing but fabulous results with it for my patients thus far. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the products or why I chose them after 10 months of research for my office. I even have a somewhat popular video on youtube detailing my criteria (search: doctor & Plexus, and I will be in the first three results). Feel free to contact me through my facebook page — I’d love to chat!

    • candace

      Is It Safe To Take If You Are An Epileptic On Medication?

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Candace, I can send you a list of the ingredients in the slim for you to take to your doctor. Look for me on FB.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Thank you for stepping out. There’s a person with a Doctorate that is not as happy here.

  • Angus Murphy

    Is there a ambassador in Redcar or surrounding area please,

    • Cheryl Higgerson

      Angus, I am unsure where Redcar is but I am an ambassador for Plexus and I will try to help you or find someone who can. please contact me.on Facebook.

  • Dave Johnson

    Well i can say I’ve been taking these supplements for a while now and have only had positive results, i didn’t believe they would actually work quite so well but i have managed to break all the targets i have set for myself.

    • Lori

      Congratulations Dave!!!

  • Tracy Howardson

    You say its best to buy from the worldwide site but i much prefer buying in store. Do any store’s stock this or would i have to find a ambassador?

    • Natalie Blanks

      Hi Tracy. I am a Plexus ambassador and I would love to help answer any questions you may have about the products! You can email me at [email protected] or go to my website to order My ambassador number is #125780.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      Natalie 🙂

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      No Im sorry, stores do not stock this.

  • Laura Schooles

    Ive heard great things about this product but i was still feeling apprehensive, you have shed a lot of light on this for me. Thanks for the well written article.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Hi Laura, if you’d like to know more and want someone to work with, get in touch with me on FB, just make sure you see my pic under the name I post with here, as there are two of us.

  • Gemma H

    Could i start this straight away with the accelerator for quicker weight loss instead of trying it first then adding the accelerator at a later date as i need to loose some weight fairly quickly to fit into my wedding dress.

    • Natalie Blanks

      Yes! You can start with the Accelerator right away. Although, I would suggest trying it for at least one day without just so that know the difference.

      I am a Plexus Ambassador and customer and I love all of their products!!! I take them daily! I’ve lost 10 lbs and several inches with no exercise and no special diet! You can contact me at [email protected] or go to my website if you would like to place an order!

      Looking forward to hearing from you!
      Natalie 🙂

  • Sarah

    I think its great how this is a natural product that suppresses the appetite as i have heard many horror stories about other appetite suppressants and would not like to go along that route.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      If you would like someone to work with, get in touch with me under the name I post with here, just make sure you see my pic as there are two of us.

  • Caroline

    Sounds great how there is a real community feel about this product. Im sure this will help boost my ability to loose weight.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      That community will be with you from day one. You will be given a couple of sites to join, ask questions and such. We usually ask that whoever adds you is the person you come back to to help you on your journey. If you need to know more, contact me under this name on FB, just make sure you see my pic as there are two of us.

  • Jenny Shaw

    Looks like there are some great side effects to this, I often feel tired and down. Im hoping this makes me feel more energised and an elevated move. Only one way to find out though i suppose, Wish me luck.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Good luck. If you need to know more, contact me under this name on FB, just make sure you see my pic as there are two of us. If youve already started, come back and let us know how you are doing.

  • Shelly S

    I was thinking about trying these slimming supplements but i am a little concerned with the australian warning about the potential side effects although if its like side effects written on most tablet boxes they only effect the minority usually.

    • Louie

      Me too Shelly. One must weigh up the risks. To me, the accelerator would probably be attempting to do the work of an exercise program. I think not use the accelerator & starting walking for 1 hour 3 times per week! (Gosh even 20 mins is all your need at a good pace – no need to do a kill yrself pace) Get a pace up where you are puffing a bit & maintain it. Same effect as caffeine – just getting your heart rate up. Want good benefits from walking instead? – the feel good hormones & extra air you get into your lungs!! But overall the supplement powder sounds healthy!

    • Louie

      Just found out they dont sell the Accelerator here in Australia anyway cos of the banned chemical in it.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Louie, the Chemical DMAA has been known to be manufactured into the Geranium pure extract by places like China. Australian government has not tested the one pure extract that we used in the product so they Banned it before testing to stay safe. The one our company used to use was not made in CHina and only a handful 10-12 companies were making the extract in the first place.

        Now we have dropped the Geranium extract for different things that have the same effect. Hopefully these are things Austrailia will test.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      To both you and Louie below, the Australian gvt was concerned that there is DMAA in the Geranium. Plexus does NOT use Geranium extract that is laced with DMAA. The Army did a study that I have posted in another article the link to and their bottom line is that DMAA is not naturally in Geranium. I think that they were still scared of it and opted to not use it.

      HOWEVER….the company is rolling out a new Accelerator soon with revised ingredients as it contains so much more that can help you. SO if you would like to write to me, I can keep you posted and help you on your journey. Add me on FB If you need to know more, contact me under this name, just make sure you see my pic as there are two of us.

  • Josh a

    Have you tried this yourself christine and if so what were the results?

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Have you tried this yet Josh…would you like to know more? Just contact me on FB under this name and look for the same picture.

  • Mark tunston

    Great article christine, Very informative thank you. Hopefully i can shed a few pounds with this diet.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Mark, this is not a diet. This is a supplement that can help you with your diet and exercise, or even lack of either. I can give you all the ins and outs, the links to ingredients and studies to arm yourself with when you go to your doctor and I can help you make a plan for success whether it be slow or fast.

      Just Contact me on FB, I am now adding my ambassador number of 149975.

  • Michelle Duray

    This is the one Lynn and the drink is delicious!

  • Michelle Duray

    Take the journey with me Mina! I am starting again coz I ran out of supplies.

  • Amber C

    I love this product!!! It has done great things for my health and helped me shed some much needed pounds!! I appreciate that the product arrived in a timely manner even with the holiday!! AWESOME!!! Thank you very much!!

    • Lori

      Way to go Amber!!!

  • Valerie Bounds

    Tanner, you are absolutely right. However, some people aren’t able to perform strenuous exercise necessary to aid in weight loss. Also, I am guilty of over eating. I feel like Plexus is helping me to eat smaller portions, and thus I will be able to re-assess how I fill my plate/body. When one feels full while eating less, overtime the volume of food that it takes to fill your stomach becomes less- reversing the stretching of your stomach that over eating causes. It’s not a miracle, but it’s a good shove in the right direction.

  • Valerie Bounds

    I did the same thing before I decided to commit. I stumbled accross an ambassador who was willing to send me a free sample without any strings attached. I’d be willing to pass on the favor to you. If you’re interested, find me on facebook at

  • Ruth Martin

    I feel that one of my biggest problems with weight is that I am constantly hungry. It seems that my body does not use up the food properly, or does not balance my blood sugar properly, etc. Whatever it is, I need something to help me feel full – the fiber in this could maybe help with that?

    • Natalie

      Ruth Plexus is guaranteed to change your life! I’d love to talk to you more about Plexus. You can email me at [email protected]

    • Lori

      Hi Ruth!

      Absolutely!! The Slim was originally developed to help Type II diabetics control their blood sugar and those cravings. What they found during the trials was that EVERYONE was losing weight, that the cravings were becoming controllable, they had more energy, etc.

      Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Find me: or

      Have a great day!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Hi Ruth, I am the same way. Candida is much of the reason we don’t use the food nutrients up properly. I am a diabetic and the Slim is helping me with that. It’s not just the fiber that does it, you will be surprised by what helps you with those cravings and I would love to have you call me so we can talk. Just Look for me on FB under the name I post with here and make sure you see the same picture of me.

  • Ruth Martin

    I’d say that Lynn Ross said it perfectly for me: Exercise and dieting are just not enough – I really need something that will help my body maintain a healthy weight on its own.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Ruth, I think we can help you with that and would discuss any concerns with you along with making sure that you get all the information you want or need about the ingredients to take to your doctor and this goes for anyone I help. Ambassador number 149975

  • Ruth Martin

    Going all-natural is definitely the way to do it. You will have less side effects with all natural ingredients. I like the ingredients in this product, looks effective. I only need to lose about 8 lbs. Would this be the best product for that?

  • Kelly

    I like natural supplements, it goes well with my vegetarian lifestyle. Not that I have to lose a lot of weight, but I really more like to maintain the weight I have.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      It can help you lose Kelly, and the great thing with the Slim is it will not let you lose any more fat than what is necessary due to working with your hormones and then it will help you maintain. Read some of my other comments then come join me if you wish. Ambassador number 149975

  • Jeff

    This article is so thorough and for me, I personally like the fact that you added links to other information that I found to be very relevant. Thanks.

  • Jenny

    This is a great article! All of the information is well written and I feel that any time you read information about things like this, it is very GOOD to see the side effects posted in plain writing.

  • Marc

    Great article! I especially like the way you were honest about disclosing full information about the warnings, but I’m not really too scared of it. The main ingredients of the shake are actually really good for you though, so I’m curious if you know of any shakes that have all of these benefits without that tiny little amount of risk. I’m pretty much sold, but I’d be stupid if I didn’t at the same time keep my eyes open for something better 🙂

    • Lori

      Hi Marc,

      Plexus Slim is not a shake or meal replacement. It’s a packet that you add to your water. So far I haven’t found anything safer on the market.

      I’d love to answer any questions you have. Find me here: or

      Have a great day!


    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Marc there is nothing without a bit of risk and there is monitoring and keeping your eyes open but at the same time doing something about your needs until then. The protein drink is different from the Slim and does different things for you. Come talk to me if you wish. Ambassador number 149975

  • Lisa

    I had no idea DMAA is illegal in Australia. Is this a new thing? I believe it’s in many products in the US like cold medicines and stuff, but I could be outdated by a couple of years, Anyway, I read that the risk of side effects are pretty low unless you’re taking excessive amounts. Does anyone know about how much is in each shake?

    • Deena

      Recent studies have shown that there is NO DMAA in the geranium flower. Plexus uses only pure products. They use pure GenanaX and only a trace amount to activate the other products in the drink. Australia has been found to band most products going into the country until they do all their own research. They have been known to even band a multi vitamin…..

      • Louie

        Its the Accelerator pill that has the DMAA in it & isnt for sale in Australia now.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Deena, you also have to realize there is more than just the Shake which is not the primary drink. The shake is a supplement meal replacement for active people on the go or for when you really don’t feel like eating so you can get your required amounts of protein. The slim is the weight loss supplement and does not contain it.

        Please get with me if you wish Ambassador number 149975

  • Phil

    The warnings that you have posted don’t really sound much like warnings… unless I’m missing something? Both links go to message board posts, right?

    • Ralph

      I have to agree a point, but it is still nice to make people aware that there are warnings included with things like this.

    • Louie

      Click on red writing ‘warning by Aust Government’ to see warning

  • Xavier

    I’ve tried a lot of shakes before, but I always felt that I was just filling myself up with empty calories, and not really doing a whole lot for my health. This shake mix looks completely different, in a really good way!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Xavier, the shake is a meal replacement for active people who do not have time to eat lets say a lunch or breakfast but still want to get their protein. The Slim is the weight loss, blood sugar modifier that is helping many people. If you wish get with me and I can find out what your needs are and how to help you. Ambassador number 149975

  • Jessica K. Parker

    If Plexus Slim is really as safe and as powerful as the reviews suggest it is then it’s the perfect supplement! It sounds like the company is very responsible so I trust that they’re offering a well tested product. All the same, I’m going to do some additional research before I seriously consider trying this supplement but it seems very promising.

    • Michelle Duray

      I am using Plexus and I love it!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Jessica, everything carries risks even plants. I can help you with research, ingredients, crosschecking with any meds you have, and so much more. Get with me if you wish after reading some of my other comments. Ambassador number 149975

  • Mina Mathews

    I’m excited to hear such positive reviews for an all-natural dietary supplement.

    I’ve been looking for a safe, all-natural supplement to help me shed some of the weight I put on while in college. Diet and exercise has helped me but I feel like my metabolism needs a serious overhaul. I think it is exactly what I need!

  • Mark

    This product has an interesting, and very intriguing, list of ingredients. I’m familiar with the benefits of Beet Root Extract and Grape Skin Extract but some of the others are new to me. For example, I never knew that Chromium reduced simple carbohydrate cravings. Citrin K also sounds very powerful and beneficial.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Mark I would be more than glad to help you. The grape skin extract is no longer in the Slim. After reading some of my other comments please get with me if you wish. Ambassador number 149975

  • Holly

    Hey, It sounds like a great product. I admit that I want fast results but I’m not willing to risk my health in order to obtain the perfect body. There’s been recent scares involving weight loss aids and it’s really difficult to know what companies to trust and what supplements are safe.

    I like that the makers stand behind their product 100%. It really puts my mind at ease knowing that they’re committed to what they do.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Holly, every product comes with risks even if it is plant based. It’s hard to find the medical publications as there are many more blogs that imitate eachother. No supplement is completely safe. Most of our food is not completely safe, yet they sell it. I can help you find the medical journals, articles, ingredients and much more. I can be with you everystep of the way to make sure you are well informed and in with your doctor an pharmacist. Ambassador number 149975

  • L. Slattery

    I have a friend who swears by it. She’s seen such amazing results while using it so I decided to do some research to see if it could work for me. So far I am very impressed and I’m hopeful that it will help me to met my weight loss goals!

  • Allen Rogers

    It is a bit unusual to see such an active and responsible company in this industry. I think their willingness to interact with customers speaks volumes to their credibility. Plexus Slim seems like a good solid choice for those looking for an all-natural weight loss supplement, and I like that it can be used with Accelerator for even stronger results.

    • Michelle Duray

      Yes Allen

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Allen it is unusual and that is what really sold me. I cant use the Accelerator and it is not intended for long term use. If you wish, look at some of the other comments I have made and get with me. I can help you or anyone you send. Ambassador number 149975

  • Lynn Ross

    I’ve been searching for a good natural weight loss aid and Plexus Slim seems to be exactly what I’m looking for! Diet and exercise don’t seem to be enough for me. No matter how often I workout and how carefully I eat I feel my body is resisting change. I need an extra boost.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Lynn, Im glad I found Plexus Slim and will be starting an exercise program shortly to add to it. I have enough foods due to illnesses I have had to knock out so I am not dieting so to speak. The reason many work out and eat right that find they don’t lose is in part due to Candida Albicans. If you would like to know more of the ins and outs, ingredients and other things, please contact me. Ambassador number 149975

  • Becky


    I have been taking Plexus for a little over 90 days. I have lost 21.25 inches all over my body and about 21 pounds. The product works. I had a gastric bypass in 1995 and had issues and lost and then gained all the weight back due to a open staple line. My metabolism was awful; I tried weight watchers and after following their program for 3 months lost a total of 5 pounds. Plexus has been an amazing help. The weight loss for me has been slow and I am happy with that, Slow and steady. I have gone down two clothes sizes since starting and I am thrilled. The weight loss has been inspiring to make better food choices and actually get up and move!

    • Valerie Bounds

      That’s awesome Becky! Congratulations for your accomplishments!

    • Lori

      Hi Becky!
      Keep up the fantastic work!!

  • Christine Derrel

    Brittany, thanks or sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Christine Derrel

    Jamie, thanks for stopping by!!!

  • Christine Derrel

    Fred, thanks for sharing your tips. Please report back on your findings!!!

  • Christine Derrel

    OMG, 20 in a week??? No way!!!

    • BD

      Haha, I was over exaggerating. =P

      • Valerie Bounds

        20lbs a week? Where do I sign?! 😀

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        That was my last thought as I hit the post button. Nice work.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Yes, way too dangerous.

  • Kira

    I was looking for a diet supplement. I have looked at several but nothing has caught my attention until I read this. Many of the ingredients listed are ones that I take separately right now. I also like that you said the company interacts with users. That has always alerted me that this is a better than average product. The gas could be very embarrassing but I think with some antacids or other gas eliminating medicine could managed this with no problem.

    • Christine Derrel

      Kira, thanks a lot for stopping by!!!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Kira, I’m glad you are interested and this companies interraction with it’s Ambassadors and myself has just been amazing. You are very right about the gas. Please read some of my other posts to people and get with me if you wish. I know I can help you. Ambassador number 149975

  • BD

    We need in betweeners. =P I like watching changes but I don’t want to see things happen over night or take years to see anything. Like for example, losing 3-5 pounds weekly I think is good. Getting rid of 20 in a week is too fast and losing half a pound is too slow.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      BD, I have been on it but missed my middle month of slim out of three months. I am now almost to my fourth month of taking it and have lost 16 lbs, 4 jean sizes, 1 shirt size and 14 inches off my body. This is only with the Slim and no accelerator but including the Probio5 and Biocleanse as I was full of Candida. I am an inbetweener and on other meds for Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

      I would love to help you. Please read some of my other comments and write me if you wish Ambassador number 149975

  • tanner

    This seems to be a really good but if you don’t meet your dietary efforts with proper nutrition and exercise efforts, then it is going to be a waste of time. I find it very sad that some people will not put the most effort into keeping slim. Dietary supplements like this can help you get to your goals but it will never help you keep them. You have to exercise and watch what you eat to see permanent changes.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      I agree with you to the point of the effort into keeping slim. The next sentence part of it will never help you keep them….pardon me but yes it can. There are people willing to show you how to change your lifestyle along with this if one is willing to work and ask the hard questions. Slim in and of it self helps you to lose sugar cravings by balancing your hormones, once you don’t want them, they don’t come back easily. Then it is up to you to not change your body once again to wanting those things, then your brain thinking you need them all over again. The Slim is helping me get to the point where I can add more to my routine in exercise. Its helping my hormones to reverse as well and not want carbs.

  • Jane

    I had a similar question to Nino’s below. How long do people generally take it?

    I’m intrigued because I hadn’t heard of any natural appetite suppressants before. But I am looking to find something that would give me a bit of a boost or kick start for a month or two, and then I hope to have adapted my eating habits enough to a point where I am no longer craving for my favorite high-calorie foods.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      You can’t generalize it Jane, everyone is so different, there are so many factors in the rate they lose which governs how long they take it. The eating habit changes are up to you but I can show you how this will help and arm you with information and how to look things up to take to your doctor. Please read some of my other comments then look me up if you wish. Ambassador number 149975

  • Jamie

    Thanks for taking the time to give its detailed composition! That’s always the most important thing for me to know when it comes to choosing any dietary stuff. I appreciate that this one includes natural substances like beet root.

    I also like Diana’s point in the comments about drinking lots of water. I think this helps flush a lot of toxins out of our system. And when you are getting skinnier, your body is releasing a lot of dangerous stuff that has been stored in your lipid cells, and the water helps move it along, out of your organism!

  • FredFabulous

    I have experimented with adding fiber-based supplements since I have read about the idea of this substance being filling in the original “The South Beach Diet” book. What I like is that you get other crucial nutritional elements as well. I am going to give it a try and will see what happens.

  • Brittany

    I have tried its sample that was once offered to me for free and I loved it. One of the main things I liked was that it had an Chromium that stops hunger by helping control blood sugar levels. I lost 12 pounds after my third week on it too once I brought the powder packages. The only thing that scares me is the Citrin K, which can be associated with liver damage.

    • Lori

      Hi Brittany!
      Congratulations on your achievement! That’s fantastic!! Please know that the amount of Citrin K in the Slim is slight, just enough to activate the other ingredients. Actually, according to the labeling guidelines it isn’t even require to be listed as an ingredient because there is so little of it.
      Keep up the good work!

  • Bonnie

    I have autoimmune Addison’s disease and I am not sure if this will effect the medications I take which are steroids an thyroid meds. Any ideas on taking it with other medications?

    • Kayla

      I would recommend printing a list of the ingredients and taking it to your pharmacist. They can usually run a report that checks for contraindications with your prescription meds.

    • Lori

      Hi Bonnie,

      I agree with Kayla, except I would take it to your doctor. They would need to know about all the supplements you are taking as well for any future medications changes that might happen. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Find me here: or

      Have a great day!

  • Harvey

    My wife and I have used this and it does work. I do have one thing to say about the excelerator. If you are a light weight when it comes to pills the excelerator will make you chatty and not be able to sit still. One is too much for me. I quit smoking years ago and it makes me want a ciggarette. Just a warning. But it DOES help with weight loss.

  • Nino Apuzzo

    So.. do you keep taking it after you lose weight??

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Nino, You do NOT HAVE to keep taking it. IF you learn along the way to midify your intake and the choices you make in the foods you eat and get a good fitness plan, you will not have to keep taking it. Some people do have the Slim around if they notice a couple lbs creeping on and maybe they’ve been too busy to exercise. Of course you could exercise and up your rituals or take the Slim or do both, it’s really up to you if you want to use it for a maintenance program.

      People that gain weight back off any weight loss method even without drinks or pills will eventually put it back on if they do not do things to modify diet or exercise. This will help you get help with all of that. And you can also take the products that help with Candida, Probiotic 5 and BioCleanse. Or have the 96 shakes on hand incase you need a meal replacement and are too busy to stop and eat or a boost before the gym. I love a slim before gym!

      You can contact me on Ambassador number 149975

  • Keri Morris

    I want to try this…but Im sooo scared/ nervous to take it. :/ I’ve spent so much money already….I need to lose 30-40 pounds by May for a surgery I’m having….I wish there were more info about this stuff. Do u still use it?

    • Maude

      It works, I was the same as you! Actually I had tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked…then I tried it and in one week I went from being tired and depressed because I didn’t have the energy to get up and do anything (much less exercise). In a week I had lost 8 pounds and I was running again. I highly reccommend it. I’m 61 years old and I was always a size 8 and weighed 130, then I went through menopause. I gained 55 pounds and was miserable. I started taking it and now I am back to running again, lifting weights, feeling good and HAPPY. For the first time in years I am really HAPPY.

      I won’t stop taking it, even when I reach my goal I want to keep it off and it helps you do that too. I’m a firm believer in it!

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Maude that is great news!

    • Robbie Mangum

      I started it a litlle over a week ago and I have lost 5 pounds and 6 inches already, not to mention that I am bipolar and adhd and I feel like a new person. I have also had to take ambien for years every night and since I started I don’t need my ambien! This stuff is simply amazing! it is also doing wonders for my adhd son! We are a plexus family from here on out! I haven’t felt this happy and hopeful in YEARS!! Try it you won’t regret it!

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        That is awesome. Let the naysayers nay LOL!

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Keri I can help you from beginning to end. I cannot guarantee 30-40 but it could be done and there is more info, contact me at Ambassador #149975

  • Christie

    Hi Christine, I’d like to shed a little light on the Accelerator and Australia if I may. Being an Ambassador myself, people run across the Australian article and immediately start asking me questions. Here are a few answers: The Accelerator contains Geranium Extract (plant extract). Geranium Extract itself is not harmful to users, however, when it is “cooked” with unknown chemicals it becomes DMAA. The FDA researched and found other dietary supplements which used this method, banned DMAA in products, and raided those warehouses (Plexus is not one of them, nor did they receive the notification like the other companies did). When the Australian TGA was given a 3-day Trial pack by a consumer (not the company), and tested it, the GeranaX (Geranium Extract) in the Accelerator gave a positive and therefore the TGA banned the Accelerator and stated it contained DMAA. The best analogy to use is this: Potato, Baked Potato or boiled Potato, and Fried Potato in a sense. You have the original, then you have the one that is still good for you but in a different form, and then you have the one that has added chemicals or etc to it and becomes unhealthy to your body. In an effort to help our Australian counterparts, Plexus has been working with the TGA (which is the counterpart to the American FDA) to provide the Accelerator in a form that is acceptable to them. Interesting note, the FDA DID review all of the ingredients in the Slim and Accelerator to make sure there wasn’t anything harmful in the products. The FDA neither approves nor disapproves Vitamin/Dietary Supplements. Their role is to make sure the products doesn’t contain banned items aka the DMAA which is not present in Plexus products. Also, None of the products contain MSG and yes the Slim drink is gluten-free. I hope this helps everyone.

    • Christine Derrel

      Christie, thanks for sharing this info with us!!!

  • cathy

    Have. to take. regular U.A.s does any ingredient in the Plexus affect it? Please someone email me & let me know. Thanks..

    • robbie

      the accelerator causes a false negative but you can tell them that you are taking a supplement that contains guaranax and it will pass.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        NOT anymore. It doesn’t contain Guaranax.

  • Esther Zianne

    Diet books, programs, buddies, gyms, weight loss supplements etc. So why is America so obese and getting more so? Well, it’s just plain hard work to lose weight.

    If I can give you some tips, then keep up with this slimming product regularly (it worked for me), weigh yourself no more than once a week or less as you’ll notice the reduction in your size by your clothes fitting better and eventually, looser.

    • Hi Esther!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to share your tips and experience!

  • Diana Duncan

    Drink lots of water and stay away from salty foods, soda and coffee. These make you retain water which will make cellulite worst and fat more visible. But surely this slimming thing also works quickly. Maybe you could combine it with my advice above to achieve better results.

    • Diana you have great point. Except using this product it is worth changing what you eat in order to maximize effects.

    • Yes I had such good results with Pluxus so far…and now they have protein shakes as meal replacements…i like the protein so far keeps you full

  • Christie Drummond

    When fat cells shrink it could either be that you’re dieting or under-eating or any other symptom. But those first two are very common. So your body uses fat as fuel, because there is no food or very little food. Have a nice day! BTW, you should check out the package as it works!

  • Bessy Gillian

    I got these results from a slimming product I already tried. Surely this one needs to be checked out as well!

    1. Safe and nonpoisonous weight reduction
    2. Inhibit the appetite without diet
    3. Rapid result with effect in the same day
    4. Toxin expelling and facial beautification with fruit formula
    6. Directional fat loss, no rebounding

    • Christine Derrel

      Bessy, please share your experience with us!!!

  • Andy Baxter

    The main thing is to adjust your diet. Research what you should be eating, then compare it to what you are really eating. Then, make adjustments. You should start exercising often too, but this comes secondly after change in regimen. However the slim product accelerates this whole procedure a lot.

    • Lori

      Absolutely Andy!
      Some people can do that and still not experience results though. I was one of them. It helps “reset the system” if you will to increase the efficiency of changing your diet and adding exercise. Then there are the people who can’t exercise for whatever reason, it has been shown to help them too!
      Have a great day!

  • Gina Mohr

    Many of my friends have lost anywhere from 4-10 pounds in a one week trial of this. If one does NOT lose, this is because of an underlying problem, not eating enough, eating too much, candida, PCOS or other issue where, yes, this stuff may need to be taken for a longer period of time to DETOX your body of any potential reason, but one should always calculate their BMI and know where they stand!

    • Christine Derrel

      Gina, thanks for sharing your experience with us!!!