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Product Overview

Product name: Phen375
Producing company: Shippitsa ltd.
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Not available

The complex three-way approach of Phen375 to the weight loss can definitely help many people around the world to make their transition to a healthier lifestyle much easier.
Last Update: January 2018

If you are one of those people who have tried different diets and products in the past without seeing the success that you really wanted, you are certainly not alone. For every person who succeeds it seems like there are two who come up a little short, and often that is because of unrealistic expectations and miracle drugs that aren’t as magical as they might at first seem to be.

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Not every diet pill or supplement is created equally, but Phen375 might be one of the best options so far and a very good reason to give it another try.

In this review, I want to approach this pill from every angle to really get a look at what it does, how it pulls that off, and of course what sort of expectations you should have when you use it. We’ll also talk about side effects and pricing so that you can get a complete picture of the product before you decide to give it a shot.

What Is Phen375 & How Does It Work? (2018 UPDATE)


If you are looking for a magic pill that you will eat daily without changing anything about your lifestyle then Phen375 may not be for you. Although it could work that way as the more fat you need to shed the more effective help should these pills provide.

These days, there are hundreds of various pills that each promises excellent weight loss results. However, they usually deal with a single aspect of losing weight. To my surprise, I have found out that Phen375 is much more complex.

As a very stimulating product, it should only be used by those who need help shedding pounds but have not been able to find success with regular diet and exercise.

Do not get me wrong, Phen375 is not a magical pill.

However, it offers a very potent formula that is perfect for those, who need a little help to change their lifestyle. Eating smaller portions of healthier foods, as well as finding energy and motivation to work out more regularly will be much easier thanks to a three-way approach of Phen375.

1. Appetite suppressant for better eating habits

Suppressing your appetite is one of the most crucial aspects of weight loss. Once you get your cravings under control and manage to limit your caloric intake, you have won the battle. Luckily, thanks to Phen375 eating less will be much easier to accomplish.

2. Thermogenic for better metabolism

The Phen375 also includes few thermogenic ingredients (see paragraphs below), it raises your body´s temperature and metabolism so you are not only eating less but your body is doing more with the nutrition you put into it. This way, you will burn more calories even if you do nothing and rest.

3. Stimulant for more motivated workouts (US formula only)

Thanks to some stimulating ingredients that are included in pills shipped to and sold in the USA (not the EU), you should feel that burst of energy and motivation to workout. By doing so, you will boost your metabolism even more, leading to more effective weight loss.

As you can see, these pills offer a complex approach to the weight loss.

According to my research, you are going to get a lot of power for your money here. It seems like one of few very potent weight loss products which are available without a prescription in the United States (This might not be valid for EU countries).

The official company boasts that Phen375 pills are made from high-quality ingredients in an FDA certified facility in the United States. As you will see below, it offers a potent formula.

What Are Phen375 Ingredients?


Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate 36% Grain, Chromium (Pikolinate 12%), L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%, Caffeine Powder Anhydrious (Capsicum frutescens), Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G, Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids)

US Formula includes also: Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) extract (Standardized for 10% synephrine), Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin)

The Phen375 does not include Phentermine (a doctor prescribed, amphetamine-like weight loss medication) as an ingredient, although its name may suggest the opposite.
Information below is valid only to pills sold and shipped within the USA. The EU formula does not include some ingredients.

Although you will have a hard time trying to discover a precise Phen375 product label available on the internet, after some research I have managed to discover which ingredients do these pills include (updated June 26, 2017).

As you can see below, the actual formula includes several potential stimulants, potent thermogenic as well as promising appetite suppressors.

I will use technical names, though, so that you can look into them on your own if you feel so inclined.

Calcium Carbonate

Not only is calcium crucial for the strength of our bones, it is also suggested that it plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal weight as there were made several observations of minimal calcium levels among obese people. Some people (and few preliminary results of research studies) also suggest that calcium supplementation among obese patients may result in a moderate weight loss.

Related study: Effect of Calcium Supplementation on Weight and Fat Loss in Women.

Chromium Pikolinate

Chromium picolinate is a naturally occurring mineral that people consider a great agent for better appetite control. It helps to keep the blood sugar in check and minimize sugar cravings.

Related study: Chromium picolinate for reducing body weight: meta-analysis of randomized trials.


L-Carnitine is a helpful tool for your muscles to burn more fat. It serves as a delivery vehicle as it transports fat molecules to the mitochondria so they can be burned for energy. This way, L-Carnitine should make it easier for your body to take fat cells from your bloodstream and converting them into a very desirable energy source for your muscles.

Related study: The effect of (L-)carnitine on weight loss in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrious

Caffeine (1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine) is an excellent addition to weight loss pills as it serves as a thermogenic. This means that it will increase your body temperature and metabolism, hence will help your body use fat as an energy source. This way, you are not only shedding pounds but feeling more energized while you do it.

Related study: Body weight loss and weight maintenance in relation to habitual caffeine intake and green tea supplementation.

Cayenne (Capsicum)

Capsaicin is an interesting addition to the Phen375 formula. I love it because it is thermogenic, meaning it its primary role is raising your internal body temperature. This way your body will burn much more calories at a higher rate than normal – no matter what you are doing.

Related study: Acute Effects of Capsaicin on Energy Expenditure and Fat Oxidation in Negative Energy Balance

Dendrobium Nobile Extract

This extract is made out of a flower of specific species of an orchid. It is widely used as a replacement for “DMAA” (cause of some serious side effects and even deaths) in many weight loss pills. However, it was problematic for me to find a legitimate research study proving its weight loss power.

Related study: Effects of a pre-workout supplement on lean mass, muscular performance, subjective workout experience and biomarkers of safety.

Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) Extract

This substance has many names (bitter orange, synephrine, seville orange, and more). It is an extract of an orange peel and its main weight loss power is hidden in several stimulant-like substances, including synephrine.

Synephrine reminds people of a potent stimulant Ephedra (because of its weight loss power) that has been banned around the world because of serious side effects.

Related study: A Review of the Human Clinical Studies Involving Citrus aurantium (Bitter Orange) Extract and its Primary Protoalkaloid p-Synephrine.

Coleus Forskolii Root Extract

The relationship between extract from plant Coleus Forskolii (also called Forskolin) and weight loss is rather uncertain. There are some studies that show a small portion of weight loss (it may be a result of promotion of thyroid hormone). However, some studies show that it may prevent women from gaining weight.

Related study: Effects of coleus forskohlii supplementation on body composition and hematological profiles in mildly overweight women.

As you can see in the paragraphs above, the Phen375 formula includes several very potent ingredients that offer complex help for those trying to lose some body fat. The synergy of these ingredients can lead to a significantly improved success rate of losing weight.

There is no doubt that individual people will see a wide range of results. However, if you will combine these pills with limited caloric intake and mild exercising, I highly doubt that there would be someone who will not lose weight.

Does Phen375 Have Any Side Effects?


Never let anybody tell you that a complex weight loss pill comes without side effects because there are no perfect solutions out there. Our bodies are unique and can individually react to specific ingredients used.

Because we are no scientists, not even medical professionals, we rely on reputable sources such as WebMD to learn more about potential side-effects for individual ingredients used in Phen375:

  • Calcium Carbonate can cause some minor side effects such as belching or gas if taken in normal doses (see more here)
  • Chromium is usually safe to take daily but some people may experience side effects such as skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood changes and impaired thinking, judgment, and coordination (read more here)
  • L-Carnitine can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhea, and seizures (see more here)
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate and respiration, and other side effects (see more here)
  • Cayenne (Capsicum) can include stomach irritation and upset, sweating, flushing, and runny nose (see more here)
  • Dendrobium could potentially increase the chance of seizure in some people (see more here)
  • Citrus Aurantium can cause some serious side-effects particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs as it increases the risk of high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects (see more here)
  • Coleus Forskolii might lower blood pressure, might increase the risk of bleeding in some people, and might increase bleeding during and after surgery (see more here)

The negative side effects reported are very typical of diet pills, and they are actually quite a bit milder than what you can expect from many other products. The carefully balanced approach taken here pays off.

On the positive side, the energy gained while taking this pill is pretty remarkable and you even might find you don’t need that cup of coffee in the morning any longer. Just see testimonials below.

Before & After Pictures with Customer Reviews

Phen375 before and after images 1

Phen375 before and after images 2

Phen375 before and after images 3

Phen375 before and after images 4

Click on The Image ABOVE to Discover Testimonials from Satisfied Users! Some Stories Are Really Inspiring…

We have discovered some user testimonials all around the internet (both positive and negative). Here are some we consider interesting with links to the source pages:

“I tried and failed with many other products. I lost 93 lbs with Phen375. My starting weight was 293 lbs and my goal was to get to 200 lbs. I reached my goal in 6 months and have been able to maintain my desired weight through a healthier lifestyle and exercise. Thank you Phen375!”

Paul, USA (testimonial was taken on June 20, 2017 from official product website)

“I know a lot of people are raving about this product, but it’s just not done anything for me. I’ve now been taking it for 22 days and while I haven’t put any more weight on, I’m hardly seeing hugely inspiring results either.”

“Not having the time to exercise at all through the course of a day, I was hoping that Phen375 would finally help me to stop ballooning in size. At the moment it hasn’t managed to do this – hopefully, it will change over the next few weeks but I’m not noticing any change in my cravings or general appetite, which should have kicked in right away.”

Paul (testimonial was taken on June 20, 2017 from

“Been taking for over a month now (I even had my mom taking them since I bought 3 bottles!) Neither of us have lost any weight, in fact, we both gained a pound or two. It has done nothing to suppress my appetite. The money back guarantee is total crap because you’ll only get a refund if you follow their strict recommended diet and have a doctor sign off that you didn’t lose weight. Of course, you’ll lose weight if you follow a strict diet! That has nothing to do with the pill.”

Becs (testimonial was taken on June 20, 2017 from

“I used phen for 6 moths (not continuously) and I saw some results. But the results I saw were because I cleaned up my diet. Phen doesn’t magically reduce weight while keeping the same diet you had before. So if that’s what you’re looking sorry, it doesn’t exist. Phen helps with reducing appetite, and that it does really well. I completely lost my appetite and was taking about 1200 calories a day. So yea it does work, but not as advertised.”

Bruh lwe (testimonial was taken on June 20, 2017 from

Just keep in mind that these testimonials were taken from other websites and we can not provide any proof that they are valid.

Melissa Sharing Her Experience

The Best Place to Buy Phen375 Pills

screenshot of official website

This is how official website of Phen375 looks like – (screenshot was taken on June 20, 2017)

If you have read at least several our product reviews, you already know that we only recommend purchasing products from the official websites. This is our recommendation even for Phen375 pills.


Simply because the official manufacturer or seller is trustworthy (at least more trustworthy than unknown 3rd parties) and can guarantee you that you will get the original formula and not some “fake sugar pill“. You might be able to find the product in other places online, but it would be very difficult to verify the legitimacy of those sources.

According to my research, this product is available only from the official website, so you won’t be able to buy it via Amazon, GNC or even Walmart.

There are three different packages you can choose from when making your purchase on the official Phen375 website.

1 Bottle = 30 pills for $69.95 (Check out this deal here)

This smallest package can be a good way to test things out as our bodies are unique and can react to these pills individually. I recommend this smaller package if you are not sure about this product. Rather start small and invest less before you are sure this product is good for you.

2 Bottles + 1 free = 90 pills for $131.90 (Check out this deal here)

You will save $8.00 here if you decide to get two bottles instead of just one. What is more, you will get one bottle for free. Although it is a great deal, if you are not sure whether this product will work for you or not, I would rather choose the first package just to be sure.

4 Bottles + 2 free = 180 pills for $263.80 (Check out this deal here)

You will save $16.00 with this package. When you take this last option you get two bottles of 30 tablets for free plus bonus booklet. Again, this deal is great if you know that these pills are working for you and want to stick with these for a longer period of time.

However, I always advise starting off small if you are skeptical and perhaps return to buy a bigger bottle later on when you start to see the results you want.

Shipping & Money Back Guarantee


When you decide to make a purchase through the official product website, you need to count with additional shipping and handling charges to your order. There are two shipping methods for you to choose from:

  1. Standard S&H ($15.95)
  2. Insured S&H ($19.95)

With regards to shipping policies, this company ships worldwide (with some exceptions – last checked June 20, 2017):

“Because we ship from Dallas, Texas, U.S., and use the United States Postal Service, we cannot ship to any country that is currently on an embargoed countries list or where our product is prohibited.”

“Embargoed countries: Burma (Myanmar), the Balkans, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Liberia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Zaire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Palestinian territories.”

“Countries where Phen375 is not allowed. Only know country where phen375 is considered a party drug or a prescription is required. New Zealand.”

The other benefit of purchasing through official product website is its money back guarantee. However, instead of some other products in the weight loss industry, Phen375 provides this guarantee under strict conditions.

This guarantee policy was taken from the official website (last checked on June 20, 2017):

“In order to make Phen375’s money-back guarantee effective you must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Download the diet plan that is pertinent to you from our website. You can find the diet plans following this link: Bonus.
  2. Log your initial weight before taking Phen375.
  3. Follow the diet plan and keep track of your progress.
  4. Log your end-weight upon completing the 30-day period of time.
  5. If you have not experienced any weight-loss after taking Phen375 and following our diet plan in 30 days, visit a certified doctor present him or her with supporting documentation and request a reliable statement proving there hasn’t been any weight loss.
  6. Phen375 reserves the right to upgrade your order to the newest version.

At the end of the 30-day period, you have up to 30 days to claim the money back guarantee alongside supporting documentation and reliable certified statement.”

“The 60-day time frame starts from the date the product was ordered. Shipping and handling, postal and inspection charges are non-refundable in accordance to our Return Policy.”

I have to say that there are products with better guarantees that are not conditional. Such as PhenQ.

Final Verdict: Promising Product for Weight Loss

Product Overview

Product name: Phen375
Producing company: Shippitsa ltd.
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Not available

If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, or if you are looking for something that can help you to change your lifestyle and eating habits, then I recommend you to try Phen375. It has nothing to do with Phentermine (although its name may suggest the opposite).

Obviously, these pills are not perfect.

However, thanks to the complex three-way approach to the weight loss the Phen375 can definitely help many people around the world to make their transition to a healthier lifestyle much easier.

However, if you decide to buy Phen375, rather go for the smallest package first to measure how well it works for your body. Just make your purchase on the official product website – – as there are many counterfeit products on the market these days.

Please, do not forget to download the diet plan and track your progress as well if you ever want to get a refund in the future.

Phen375 in stores

Can I Buy Phen375 In Stores Like GNC, Walmart or Amazon?

Product name: Phen375 Producing company: Shippitsa ltd. Official website: GNC offer: Not available Amazon offer: Not availableI get many comments and emails where people ask me various questions about...

Phen375 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQ #1: Does Phen375 work for both men & women?

Yes, this product works well for both men and women. However, the results will vary from one person to another.

The general rule is as follows – the more body fat you have, the faster your initial results will be.

Thanks to its formula composed of powerful ingredients, this product will suppress your appetite, increase your energy levels, and improve fat-burning processes – no matter if you are a man or woman.

FAQ #2: How many pounds can I lose?

It is very hard to tell how much weight you will lose because results are very individual and will depend on many factors, including:

• Right changes in your eating habits
• The amount of regular exercise
• The regularity of taking these pills

You should see weight loss even without any exercise or dietary changes. However, if you add physical activities and healthy lifestyle to these pills, your results should be even better.

FAQ #3: Should I change my diet when taking these pills?

The answer to this question is rather complicated. If you have maintained a healthy lifestyle before you are starting with Phen375, then there is no need to change anything.

However, if your daily diet is composed mostly of sweetened drinks and potato chips, then there is a lot of place for improvement.

Keep in mind: By following a healthier and balanced diet you will not only multiply your results, but you will feel more energized and healthy as well.

FAQ #4: How about Phen375 and exercise? Do I have to work out?

There is no need to start with any physical activities if you have not worked out before taking this supplement. You should still see some very satisfactory results (around 15-20 pounds per month).

However, if you will start with some mild exercise regime, you will see faster and much better results (some people claim losing even 20-35 pounds per month).

FAQ #5: How should I take these pills?

Taking Phen375 pills is very simple. You need to eat it twice a day. Take just one pill with your breakfast and one with your lunch.

You should not eat it after 3 PM as it includes caffeine together with other powerful ingredients formulated to boost your energy levels. Therefore, your sleeping regime could be interrupted.

Pay attention: If you have troubles with caffeine, then limit your intake of coffee and other caffeinated beverages when taking these pills.

FAQ #6: Are there any categories of people who should not take these pills?

There are several categories of people who should stay away from Phen375, including:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Everyone under 18 years old

Keep in mind: If you are taking any prescription medication or have any pre-existing medical condition, you should consult your medical professional first!

FAQ #7: Is Phen375 shipped worldwide? What are the shipping costs?

Luckily, the official company delivers these pills worldwide in a discreet packaging. All orders should be dispatched within 24 to 48.

The only known country that does not accept Phen375 without prescription is New Zealand.

Obviously, they do not ship to embargoed countries, including Burma (Myanmar), the Balkans, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Liberia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Zaire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Palestinian territories.

Keep in mind: They offer free shipping on all orders of two or more bottles. However, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $15.95 on all orders.

FAQ #8: Does money back guarantee protect my purchase?

When making your purchase you can be sure that your purchase is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee. However, there are several conditions you have to adhere to in order to claim your refund:

In order to make Phen375’s money-back guarantee effective you must adhere to the following steps (taken from the official product website):

  1. You need to download a special diet plan
  2. Then you need to log your initial weight before taking Phen375
  3. Follow the diet plan & keep track of your progress
  4. Log your end-weight upon completing the 30-day period of time
  5. If you have not experienced any weight-loss after taking Phen375 and following our diet plan in 30 days, visit a certified doctor present him or her with supporting documentation and request a reliable statement proving there hasn’t been any weight loss
  6. At the end of the 30-day period, you have up to 30 days to claim the money back guarantee

Keep in mind: You will receive a full refund excluding your shipping costs and charges. A product can only be returned once qualified support staff issues a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

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