List of Top 17 Drinks Full of Fiber


cup of hot morning coffee

Fiber not only lowers your blood sugar, but also cuts cholesterol, helps you avoid hemorrhoids, and prevents colon cancer. If it were a medication, the entire world would be bawling for it. However, there are very few people who are getting an adequate amount of this substance every day.

Did you know it is necessary for women to have at least 25 grams per day and men no less than 35 grams?

Unfortunately, an average person today gets only around 15 grams every day, which is, of course, not enough. Having foods and drinks rich in this nutrient is the finest way to boost your fiber intake.

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We have sorted out a mini database of drinks that are high in fiber. Please remember that the following list gives a precise volume of fiber in 100-gram portions of different beverages.

#1 – Cereal Grain Beverage (Coffee Substitute)

It is normally available in the form of powder, 100g of cereal grain beverage contains 23.3g of fiber.

Normal serving: 1 teaspoon (0.7g of fiber)

#2 – Instant Tea (Decaffeinated)

Instant, unsweetened tea is also an excellent source of this nutrient as 100g contains 8.5g of fiber.

Normal serving: 2 teaspoons (0.7g of fiber)

#3 – Dairy Drink Mix

Chocolate dairy drink mix with reduced calories and low-calorie sweeteners is available in the form of powder, and 100g contains 9.4g of fiber.

Normal serving: 21g or one packet (1.97g of fiber)

#4 – Instant Tea

A serving of 100 grams of instant tea contains 8.5 grams of fiber.

Normal serving: 1 teaspoon (0.06g of fiber)

#5 – Cocoa Mix (without S