How to Stay Motivated to Drop That Fat and Become Sexier


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Each and every one of us needs to realize that it can take weeks and sometimes even months to drop that extra 10 pounds that you’ve been carrying around since college. The key is to stay motivated.

However, losing weight is easier said than done.

Don’t worry as we are giving you nine great tips to ensure that your motivation tank never runs empty on your journey to a sexy body.

Tip #1 – Set Achievable Goals

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People are great self-critics. Most of us are barely aware of our true potential. When you set goals, ask yourself if they are reasonable in relation to your overall abilities.

Your friend may have lost five pounds in just two months, but for you, two pounds may be the right goal to start. Just keep in mind that you will never be able to fulfill unrealistic and unreasonable goals.

Pay attention: Actually, this is the main reason for losing motivation as when you realize you’re not getting anywhere it is easy for your mind to persuade you to give up.

Tip #2 – Take One Step at a Time

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The moral “slow and steady wins the race” is apt in this context. People often tend to take on too much at a time and end up doing nothing. Therefore, we highly suggest you working on one task at a time until it is finally done.

After you get the hang of it, you can increase the number of tasks you perform or level the same task up.

Pay attention: When you start, don’t exercise too much. Instead of following a strict eating plan that eliminates all your favorite food just cut back on a