16 Awesome Benefits of Rowing Machines


woman on rowing machine

Losing weight and staying fit is attractive. From fitting into that dress/ pant you can’t let go of, glowing skin, better health, and longevity, there is no one I know of against working out.

Well, unless they have a medical condition that makes working out fatal.

Unfortunately, for you to get these benefits, you have to work hard at it. It also means finding the most effective workout program for your body. Choosing a workout program is challenging and often overwhelming.

On the bright side, you will always find a program for you. If you perform an online search for ‘workout program for fast weight loss’ one of the search results on top of that list will be ‘rowing.’

Rowing involves the use of a rowing machine.

The rowing machine, which also goes by the name rower, is the current craze in the fitness world. This doesn’t mean that it’s a newly introduced exercise program. The rowing machine has been in the fitness world for years but, it’s only now that we are discovering the amazing benefits of the machine.

With a rowing machine, you can lose weight faster than other workout programs. It also works the whole body and provides you with several other benefits as well.

1. An Effective Cardio Workout

sweaty woman after cardio

Don’t we love just how cardio workouts increase our heartbeats increasing the rate at which blood is pumped? Well, you get more cardiovascular action when using a rowing machine than other aerobic exercise machines, and this improves your cardiovascular health.

The rowing machine lets you adjust its resistance levels.

The adjustable resistance helps you work up to your target heart rate. It also helps you slow back down to your resting rate. This control means that you don’t overexert yourself and your muscles work effectively.

Cardio stimulates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Endorphins increase the quality of sleep, and it also put you in a good mood.

All these benefits of cardio workouts using a rowing machine result from the fact that you use all your muscle groups.

Did you know?

This aerobic workout results in a stronger immune system, high stamina, and faster weight loss as well.

2. Low-Impact Cardio

Apart from being the best forms of cardio workouts, it is ideal for persons suffering from joint conditions as well individuals who are overweight. Rowing motion is low-impact and natural. As a result, it puts a little stress on joints.

With a good rowing posture, your muscles will be in good shape after a workout session. Rowing is, therefore preferable to running, walking, hiking and even yoga.

Did you know?

A workout that lets you lose weight but doesn’t punish your knees is a big plus. Rowing is injury-safe.

3. Weight Loss

A rowing machine leads to rapid weight loss, and you burn calories without feeling it. Even though the number of calories you lose depends on your body type, you still lose a significant number of calories.

When rowing, you can lose up to 600 calories in an hour!

In comparison with home gym machines, a rowing machine proves more effective. Just make sure to combine the workout with healthy eating habits.

Also, remember to expend more energy than you take in.

4. Lower Body Workout

A rowing machine increases the strength of your lower body. This is because you use more force from your lower body when rowing.

The main targets of rowing are the quads located in the upper front thighs.

Your glutes and the calves are also targets, and after a few sessions, you will have well-toned legs. Studies also show that you burn calories fast when your lower body is strong.

The best part? You will also have better balance and flexibility using a rowing machine.

5. Upper Body Workout

using rowing machine

Naturally, you expect a perfectly toned upper body from using a rowing machine. When rowing, you have to maintain a strong grip on the oars, and this helps you develop strong wrists and hands.

What this means, you will have fun the next time you go out rock climbing.

A rowing machine works the trapezius in the upper back, the rhomboids in the shoulders, as well the lats in your lower back. Most of these muscles are often ignored.

As a result, you will have a toned upper body with improved posture as a result of the strong back and shoulders. A rowing machine also works your abs, biceps, and pecs contributing to a stronger core.

6. Better Endurance

Rowing engages all your body parts, and on those first few days, your muscles will be sore, and you will feel very exhausted. However, these effects fade with time, because the rowing machine increases your endurance.

With time, you will feel the energy that comes from every exercise. The other reason why a rower is excellent for building endurance is that it is cardiovascular.

This means that a rower is superior to other workout equipment as it boosts both metabolism and stamina.

7. Better Resistance

A rowing machine offers a high level of resistance compared to cycling and any other workout you try. The continuous pull and push motion from the rower provides a high level of resistance in either direction strengthening your body.

8. Healthy Body Composition

Rowing works on the whole body and helps maintain a balance of fat mass and fat-free mass. If your body composition readings show that your body fat levels are high, consider taking up rowing. As an aerobic workout, you will burn a significant amount of fats.

9. Stress Relief

happy woman rowing

Physical activity produces feel-good hormones, endorphins which give a euphoric feeling relieving stress. A rowing machine is, therefore, the best workout for individuals suffering from depression because the endorphins released leave little room for sadness or moodiness.

Endorphins also reduce your sensations for pain and aches.

The rhythmic rowing and the flowing movements flood your body with endorphins. If you want to get deep in the zone, throw in your earphones, your stresses will melt away.

10. Toned & Sexy Body

Well, if you have been looking for a way to bring sexy back, don’t look further, just hit the gym and go for the rowing machine. As long as you maintain a good posture, your muscles around your arms, the back and the shoulders will get strengthened and toned well.

11. Banishes Cellulite

In places where a rowing machine gets submerged in water, looking like a personal Jacuzzi, it helps banish cellulite. The pulsing water jets will not just rev up your circulation, but help in getting rid of cellulite from your thighs and bum.

12. Glowing Skin

It doesn’t matter how many calories you lose during your first few sessions because your skin will start glowing soon after. Being an aerobic exercise, the cells get enough oxygen and nutrients, and they also excrete waste and toxins fast.

As a result, you have healthier and cleaner cells and an entire body system that will show through your skin.

Exercising also increases blood flow to the skin, and you won’t look pale. The high oxygen levels in the blood also help in flushing out free radicals and toxins resulting in a clearer glowing skin.

The healthy cells and a healthy body result in youthfulness. Don’t forget the endorphins that make you happy – you always glow when you are happy.

13. Better Muscle & Joint Mobility

Rowing works on various muscles, and it doesn’t put pressure on your muscles or the joints. Since most other workouts put a strain on muscles and joints, they aren’t suitable for persons who have arthritis or even osteoporosis, but rowing is.

The wide range of motion from a rowing machine increases flexibility and minimizes stiffness. If you sit a lot, you may want to get on a rowing machine.

14. Affordable & Convenient

people in gym

You won’t break the bank buying a rowing machine. If you prefer working out from home, then you may want to invest in the machine.  Buying the machine is also economical if rowing is your main form of exercise.

There are several good products for you to choose from:

Once at home, you can work out whenever you want. You won’t have to think about going to the gym when demotivated.

The best part? You can have a friend join you for motivation, and you can work out in the middle of the night.

15. Easy to Use

A rowing machine isn’t a maze of complicated repetitions that have your head spinning. It is this straightforward equipment. Complicated equipment and routines make you feel demotivated fast, but that isn’t the case with the rowing machine.

All you have to do is to secure your feet in the stirrups with the shin close to a 90-degrees angle. You should also keep your back straight with the core engaged for smooth and fluid rowing motions.

16. It’s Fun

Since a rowing machine is easy to use, you won’t dread getting started. This also means that you won’t need too much motivation to get started. Think about it this way, rowing works your entire body, and you don’t have to go for a run or do planks afterward or before!

By working on the upper and the lower body, the respiratory and the circulatory systems, a rowing machine is one of the most effective workout equipment on the market.

With all these benefits of using a rowing machine, you just have to start rowing. It doesn’t matter where. Don’t forget that it isn’t age-limiting.

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