How to Stay Motivated to Drop That Fat and Become Sexier


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Each and every one of us needs to realize that it can take weeks and sometimes even months to drop that extra 10 pounds that you’ve been carrying around since college. The key is to stay motivated.

However, losing weight is easier said than done.

Don’t worry as we are giving you nine great tips to ensure that your motivation tank never runs empty on your journey to a sexy body.

Tip #1 – Set Achievable Goals

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People are great self-critics. Most of us are barely aware of our true potential. When you set goals, ask yourself if they are reasonable in relation to your overall abilities.

Your friend may have lost five pounds in just two months, but for you, two pounds may be the right goal to start. Just keep in mind that you will never be able to fulfill unrealistic and unreasonable goals.

Pay attention: Actually, this is the main reason for losing motivation as when you realize you’re not getting anywhere it is easy for your mind to persuade you to give up.

Tip #2 – Take One Step at a Time

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The moral “slow and steady wins the race” is apt in this context. People often tend to take on too much at a time and end up doing nothing. Therefore, we highly suggest you working on one task at a time until it is finally done.

After you get the hang of it, you can increase the number of tasks you perform or level the same task up.

Pay attention: When you start, don’t exercise too much. Instead of following a strict eating plan that eliminates all your favorite food just cut back on amounts of your usual intake. Set smaller weekly and monthly goals.

Tip #3 – Take Breaks Regularly

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Weight loss is like your job. It should be your passion that gives you great pleasure. Despite this, there are times when you just need a break from the daily grind; one that will fight the monotony and help you relax and rejuvenate for further things to come.

The same applies to shedding pounds.

Going over the same exercise routines and meal plans will cause your motivation to wane. Therefore, give yourself a break for a day or two. Indulge in the foods you like and don’t exercise for the day.

Pay attention: This will let your motivation to run its natural course. If you ever miss a workout or eat out of the plan, never mind. Pick up from where you left and continue according to your original plan.

Tip #4 – Always Try to Be Optimistic

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Once you start working towards your goals, you will need to start looking at issues and problems from a different angle. What you will need is to learn to be optimistic.

Usually, people have an inherent characteristic to focus on what they don’t have or cannot achieve.

Keep in mind: This attitude will only hold you back. Look for the positive in everything. So what if your goal was three pounds in two months, and you lost only two. Celebrate it because this means progress too!

Tip #5 – Always Document Your Small Victories

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Maintain a log. You should record even the smallest victories including a one or two pounds lost or even a compliment on your looks!

You can also write down how you feel personally about the weight loss program and how it has affected your life so far. If you have the time, write down something at the end of each day otherwise maintain a weekly success journal.

Keep in mind: Whenever you feel low and want an instant boost of inspiration, you can read through this journal. You will feel a surge of motivation in you.

Tip #6 – Rewards & Treats Along The Way

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The big finish (the perfectly toned bikini body) will take some time. However, you can reward yourself every time you achieve a small yet significant goal!

It could be:

  • Day off from exercise.
  • Enjoying your favorite food.
  • Relaxing body massage.
  • Simply a day to yourself.

Keep in mind: Having one of these from time to time will keep you motivated on your journey to sexy figure and better health.

Tip #7 – Healthy Competition Will Take You over The Top

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It is a proven fact that competition will help you lose more weight than when you are trying to shed pounds alone. Working out as a team will keep you motivated as well.

Not only that, a team captain will act as an accountability partner. While working out together, the leader will ensure that his members are on track and motivated.

Keep in mind: You can also use social networking to build a reliable support system. Post your goals and achievements. There may be others who share their goals too.

Tip #8 – Get a Leg Up with Your Smart-Phone

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With smartphones, weight loss motivation is only a tap away as there are mobile apps that will:

  • Help make weight loss an easier struggle.
  • Give you the much needed instant boost.
  • Help you to dish out healthy, tasty snack using ingredients found in your pantry.

Pay attention: There is a wide variety to choose from (paid and free options). Use them to your advantage.

Tip #9 – Turn off Your Inner Critic

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Throughout the slimming process, you will find yourself confronted by several negative thoughts. It is referred to as the self-critic mode – it is entirely natural.

Many individuals employ self-criticism as a motivational tool, but for weight loss, it can impair your efforts.

Pay attention: Whenever your mind is taken over by such negative thoughts, silence it. Breathe. Focus on what you have achieved so far.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and start losing weight! And share your results with us all in the comments section below.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Marilee Beckett

    Great ideas! What worked for me was setting tangible weight loss goals. I chose to focus on completing a half-marathon and then I did everything that I needed to do to learn how to run. Having a fitness goal made it easier to stick to my diet because I could keep asking myself whether cheating on the diet was worth walking away from all the work I was putting in towards my goal.

  • Chantelle Clark

    I tend to struggle with degrading myself and my body image all the time. It has gotten to the point where I would actually go walking for hours to make myself feel better, because when I am sitting at home, or laying down in bed, I feel like I am not being active enough. Now this was not the right kind of motivation that I needed, so my boyfriend and I teamed up and started doing daily walks together and this definitely helped me because it wasn’t about the weight loss anymore, it was about spending time together with my partner. Now I am working on looking at myself and staying optimistic about my results, even if it is that I didn’t go up this week, but instead stayed at my lower (and new weight number) from last week.

    I would definitely agree that having the right kind of motivation, a partner, and a more positive outlook can do wonders to actually succeeding in the weight loss journey.

  • Erica Holloway

    You’d be surprised at how easy it is to stay motivated once you get diabetes and cancer. I used to think exercising and not smoking would be hard until I was diagnosed…then suddenly , not so much! IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD. GET OFF YER ARSS!

  • Vance

    I’m having a hard time finding motivation, but I guess like you said I need more small goals. I’m not really trying to loose weight per se though, so that’s why it’s hard to come up with milestones. I’m actually trying to build muscle, and maybe drop a size or two, but the inches just aren’t staying off.

  • Jessica K. Parker

    Motivation will make or break a diet plan. I’ve always found that sharing my weight loss journey with a friend helps me to stay focused. It not only holds me accountable but it offers an additional support system on those days when I’m feeling blah and need a pep talk.

  • L. Slattery

    I love this! Amazing advice. I love your optimism.

    I have a very hard time staying motivated. I have a hard time resisting temptation and I catch myself cheating more often than I should. Even though I’m active and I’m taking steps to be healthier it can be difficult not to dwell on my mistakes.

  • Alex McIvor

    Fantastic article here. I think setting realistic targets that you can actually achieve is a great way of losing weight, as when you do hit a target (or narrowly miss it) you can see what progress you have made and it also doesn’t feel like a kick in the teeth as opposed to setting an unrealistic target which could bring you down again.

  • matt n.

    The goal setting is the most important thing. If you say that you want to drop 100 pounds by a certain time, and that time is only 6 months away, forget it, it’s not going to happen and you will just end up disappointed.

  • efpierce

    I think competition would be the best way for me to go. Having a workout partner will increase the consistency and frequency of my workouts.

  • Stefan

    It took me 1 year to drop 40 pounds and 1 of the ways I found to stay motivated was to actually start dating again and going out to the bars. We are married for 20 years and stop doing the bar scene years ago for no real apparent reason so we started going out again. There is nothing better to keep you thinking sexy then by seeing your peers dance, flirt and have a great time making us want to fit in better which in turns helped to motivate.

    Buying yourself a new shirt or pair of pants to go out is also a great booster since you should be getting smaller sizes all the time and it keeps your wardrobe up to date without having to spend a fortune.

  • Melissa Reed

    Nothing has helped me more than keeping a note of my weight loss. There really is nothing better than putting pen to paper, even if you never read it you process the information better and are far more likely to stick to it.

    I actually downloaded a really cool app called runtastic pro that I could fill in all my details and say how much I wanted to lose and by what date. I then used it to track my meals and any exercise I did and it would give me a running update of my weight, it would tell me things like “if you carry on like this, in 3 weeks you will weigh xx lbs” which was a real motivator. My friends have the app too and there is a section where we can share our progress which helped make our friendly competition a little easier.

  • Chris

    Hi Christine,
    I do have this problem. I tend to set lofty goals, basically the end picture and when I don’t achieve that quickly I tend to give up. I like the idea about setting realistic goals and taking things one day at a time. I think I will take the full amount I need to lose and break it down into small more realistic goals. This hopefully should keep me on track and stay more optimistic.

  • Josh

    Hi Christine,

    Some solid suggestions there. I like the idea of starting with a small goal and increasing it as you achieve each one. Starting smaller is a manageable goal that you will not be intimidated by. When I first set out on my weight loss mission I started with something easy like cutting out alcohol, after 5 months of drinking no alcohol I had already lost 8lbs. It gave me the motivation to cut down on my portion size which helped me to lose another 10lbs over the next 4 months. I found that like you said, conquering one thing at a time can really help with motivation.

    • Hi Josh, I am really glad that you liked these tips. I have been following these in my life and I have to say, achieving those things I want is much easier for me. So I hope this article will help as many people as possible.