8 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Definitely Inspire You


weight loss success story

REMEMBER: These Are TOP 8 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Definitely Inspire You! Pay SPECIAL Attention to Story #7! These Tips Helped Over 4,000 Readers!

Weight loss can be a difficult venture for people all around the world. Although it can bring forth many benefits, sometimes it is hard to gather the motivation to shed your excessive pounds.

Rather than waiting until tomorrow or the day after, the following 8 success stories will inspire you to start living a healthier life as soon as possible!

Story #1 – “Michael Hebranko” Lost 700 Pounds

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During the entirety of his life, Michael Hebranko has gained and lost a total of 3,000 lbs! Due to his excessive obesity, he struggled with various emotional and physical issues such as depression and thoughts of suicide.

Instead of taking his life, he decided to write a letter to Richard Simmons, one of the most popular fitness celebrities in the world. After hearing his story, Richard assisted with a world-record of losing 700 pounds in a year and a half.

Worth noting: As his journey to new body progressed, Michael had his ups and downs with keeping control of what he eats, but ultimately he has beaten his obesity!

Story #2 – “Kathy Stuart” Lost 140 Pounds

Diet pills may seem like a permanent solution, but in reality, they are temporary, and Kathy Stuart’s story is a prime example of how you have to work hard for a skinny figure.

At the beginning of her journey, she was a size 16 and began taking nutritious capsules, causing her to lose 50 pounds.

After she had considered the health risks associated with these, she immediately stopped taking them and gained all the fat she had lost back (even more). After having her weight climb past 296 pounds, she has decided to make a drastic life change and begin using NutriSystem.

Pay attention: For a mere $300.00 per month, Kathy was able to have meals delivered to her and after sticking to their plan, she was able to lose over 140 lbs. Is it not amazing?

Story #3 – “Diana Huffman” Lost 76 Pounds

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After mothering 4 children, Diana had reached over 220 lbs and decided that it was time to start getting rid of some pounds – not only for herself but for her family too.

She was able to begin her experience with the use of physical activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, running, and aerobics.

Pay attention: Alongside her workouts, she also started to eat clean, avoiding heavily processed and unhealthy foods. Luckily, with her determination, she was able to live and maintain a happier lifestyle with a weight of 144 lbs!

Story #4 – “Wiltrina Jones” Lost 210 Pounds

Wiltrina Jones was a victim to unhealthy eating as the majority of residents in the United States are. When she reached over 375 pounds, she has decided that it was enough.

After working at fast food restaurants in high school and indulging in all of the junk foods, gaining pounds wasn’t a problem for her but losing it was a hefty task. Her journey began with the use of a treadmill and a regular gym membership.

Unfortunately, she suffered a knee injury due to going to the gym. Therefore, she had gained everything back!

Pay attention: After her recovery, she started to devise a workout and meal plan that would provide long-term benefits without having to push her body too far. With the use of healthy food and regular exercises, Wiltrina weights now 165 lbs.

Story #5 – “Loida Fraijo” Lost 48 Pounds

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Loida and her family had relocated from Mexico to Tucson, which is where she had her first fast food experience. Never having had this type of meal before, she started to eat frequently out and super-size every meal that she ingested.

Unfortunately, this took a toll on her teenage organism to the point where she became a size 14!

After hearing a few snarky comments about her body, she decided that it was time for a change. Instead of eating fast food, she started to focus on greens, fish and lean meats such as chicken.

Pay attention: She began working out at the gym 4 days a week, and she now participates in a variety of classes such as Zumba and kickboxing. After her dedication and hard work, Loida is now a size 4.

Story #6 – “Maureen Albrecht” Lost 115 Pounds

Starting at 280 and ending at 165 lbs, Maureen Albrecht is a real success story of how walking can revolutionize your life. Just 6 months before her retirement, she noticed difficulties with breathing.

After consulting her medical professional, she was advised to lose weight because of her high cholesterol and blood pressure!

Without a significant reduction of her body size, Maureen would have died. After going to her doctor’s appointment, she immediately created a 10-week plan and started to walk.

Pay attention: Although the first couple of steps were incredibly difficult, with practice, she was able to go for up to 10 miles without breaking a sweat!

Story #7 – “Ashley Johnson” Lost 156 Pounds

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As featured on Extreme Makeover, Ashley Johnson began her journey on her 20th birthday. With starting at 323 lbs, she was comprised of 60% body fat.

With the help of renowned trainer Chris Powell, she was able to have a personalized training plan devised to fit her goals. Strength training, cardio, and a carb cycle diet helped Ashley to lose ultimately 156 pounds in 9 months.

Pay attention: This is an achievement that both she and her family were extremely proud of!

Story #8 – “Jon Brower Minnoch” Lost 700 Pounds

Losing body size is a difficult task but it is important to remember that putting it back on is one of the easiest things that your organism can do! Jon Brower Minnoch was a prime example of this detriment.

He was overweight his entire life, and when he was admitted to University Hospital in Seattle, Dr. Robert Schwartz noted that he had over 1400 lbs!

The reason for his visit to the hospital was because he was suffering from congestive heart failure, an ailment that could ultimately kill him. Because of his excessive obesity, Jon agreed to partake in a diet plan that consisted of 1,200 calories per day and had lost over 700 lbs!

Pay attention: Although he was able to shed the pounds, thanks to unforeseen circumstances he regained nearly 200 back and had passed away at 798 lbs due to his obesity.

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  • Linda Holden

    I am 54 years old, and as someone who had gained 85 lbs in the last 12 years, I can tell you there are many reasons that cause someone to gain so much excessive weight, but I do know that emotional eating is a very common reason. It kind of goes like this: First, you just get careless thinking you will be fine. I was 40 and in good shape and proud of myself. I thought I’d be ok after that. It doesn’t take much….I gained only a little at first, but then life took a toll on me. First pre-menopause crept up on me at the same time that I was dealing with being a struggling single mother to teenagers and feeling alone. Which led to more emotional eating due to being depressed. Then came the thyroid not working and not discovering it for 3 years. By that time even more weight had crept on and my metabolism had slowed down a lot. I lost a little, but it didn’t take much to get me eating again. My kids started moving away and I felt more alone, my friends were far away, again I just got lonelier. But by this time my self-esteem was so weak that I was playing vicious games with myself……I can do it, no I can’t, yes you can….and on and on. Now here I am past menopause, 85 lbs overweight, and wishing I had been smarter and when I was 40, when by body and still being nice to me. Now it’s even harder work, and the longer you let yourself go the harder it seems to be to pick yourself back up. I’m not blind, I know what I need to do, I even like healthy foods. I’m just in an emotional lonely rut of feeling sorry for myself, and I am having a really hard time now to get out of it. At least I had the strength to quit smoking cold turkey over 6 years ago. Now if I could just find the strength to kick myself in a butt just as hard for my eating!

  • Dr In Hiding

    #4 Wiltrina Jones is a fraud taking peope’s money! I paid $200 on her website for a 12 week meal and exercise plan. The problem was that she gave me a 2 week meal plan that consisted of eating the EXACT same 6 meals/snacks a day for 14 days before she would change the diet. I requested a refund, she said “Best Regards”. SO I then requested her to give me my remaining 11 weeks and I would do diet on my own, she said it didnt work that way. After begging and pleading with her, I have NO DIET or $200.

  • Sara

    They are inspirational and I am in no way criticizing but why would they not want to do something before they got over like 300lbs? I feel uncomfortable and out of breath when I am not even 100lbs overweight ( Yes, I am fat). So as you can see, I am asking from a genuine perspective.

  • Rachel W

    I have read a few inspirational stories of people who were very large and lost like 2 bodies worth of weight and then they get refused help to remove excess skin. It seems so unfair to me. There are so many mental issues behind getting so large and to refuse to help treat them is like refusing to treat a mental health issue.

  • Amanda R

    Wow, Jon Brower Minnoch was 1400lbs? I’m here stressing at being 200lbs and wondering how I’m going to shift 50lbs!

  • Jaylee M

    Poor Jon Brower Minnoch. The path to losing weight if you have got so big isn’t simple. I feel so sad that something in him let him get that big and then it got too late to save him.

  • Dionne T

    Wow. As a woman who started off at 236lb, went down to 189 and now back up to 204lb, I know that what they inspiring people did was no easy fix. I am always so inspired and proud of these people for their amazing achievements.

  • Andrew Spittle

    This actually is very inspirational!
    I am very glad that I am not fat but a really good friend of mine is and he really needs some inspiration. I will definitely link this to him!

  • Rick Tuttle

    I can’t believe how fat some people get.
    But guys, it is not that simple.
    Usually the fat ones will have LOTS of skin which need a surgery.
    I really recommend people to just eat healthy and not too many calories as it is not hard at all to keep a good form.

  • Brent Norris

    Even tho I do not need to lose weight I still somehow ended up here.
    This is just amazing! I will show this to a few of my friends for sure!

  • rolo

    I’ve actually read the article on Wiltrina Jonesa a while back and was impressed. Did you notice that most of the people that lose an incredible amount of weight get so hooked up on fitness that they start competing? I find it highly inspirational and extremely motivational. These people see how their body changed and keep on pumping, kudos to them.

  • gabi

    I think Loida Fraijo is one of the best examples on this page because she wasn’t obese, she just had some extra pounds due to bad dieting. Most of us have a list of comfort foods that we tend to eat when we’re emotional, when we’re bored or when we want to snack on something. She is the living proof that you can do it!

    • Mark Jaquith

      I totally approve with you!
      A simple diet can make you look very good, you do not even need to work out!
      The stories are amazing, usually the fat ones are very lazy.

      • francey

        Some are sick not lazy.it is an ADDICTION

  • sonia

    Kathy Stuart looks so much younger after. Just goes to prove you how important is your will power and your strength to see past your current body and work till you get to a healthy weight. You don’t lose 140 pounds overnight, you work your butt off and eat the right food without skipping meals.

    • Greg Ferro

      True, you do not lose 140 pounts overnight.
      If a person is really willing to do something, he will do it.
      There are a lot of fat people who have gotten fit but there just have been no stories written about them, there is nothing too amazing about this.
      I am happy for them!

  • Melanie

    Probably not the lesson I should be getting from this post, but at least I feel glad that I’m not *that* fat. 150 lbs isn’t bad for a 30 year old, right? Of course I can, and will, do better, but at least I’m not getting checked into hospitals for obesity or anything like that.

  • Ken

    my mind is blown at how fat some people can get! like, not in a mean way, more like…is that much weight even possible? good for them for losing the weight and looking human again!

    • Koby

      I know, think of John Brewer Minnoch. 1400 lbs! That’s more than a walrus. Was he 8 feet tall or something?

    • Siro

      Seriously guys, I know lots of people go through difficult times – unemployment, divorce, etc – but how can you let yourself weigh this much? And I don’t want to be mean spirited, I actually hate the trending skinny-thigh-gap look, but weighing so much is very bad for your health. I think you should take action before you get to this point.

    • francey

      Many people are addicted to food just like drugs or alcohol. That is how they get that way. It is a terrible way to live just like an addict. The only thing is you need food to live. You don’t need drugs or alcohol. That makes it a harder recovery.

  • Elena

    Wow, Loida has such an enviable body! I’m half way trough my weightloss journey, and after reading this I have to say she’s become my hero. She’s wonderful I’m sad to hear about number 8 on your list, I wish he could’ve made it to healthy ;(

  • Lucy Sr

    Holy wow Asheley Johnson lost in 9 months more than my own bodyweight :O Extraordinary! Im sorry to hear she had such a wretched family. One of my friend has the same issue – it seems his father wants to get himself into an early grave by overeating and is dragging him down along with him too 🙁

    • Gus

      Yeah, but we are not our parents and after a while, we really don’t have a right to use them as an excuse anymore. My wife’s mother is always forcing her to eat, and I’ve heard horror stories about the way she was raised. Still, she’s spent more time living we me than she had living with her mother at this point, so I can’t understand why those old bad habits still haunt her. It’s time to grow up, I think.

  • Liza

    These stories are fantastic, but…how can one get to 1400 lbs?!!?!?!? I don’t get it! He should’ve been crushed by his own weight, I cant even imagine, poor guy!

    • Stacy

      Difficulty breathing sounds about right. Most people who get to weight half that look pretty morbid, I can’t even imagine what he looked like. I’m half tempted to google up a picture, but i know that’s not a good idea…

  • Adam

    Holy shit, how motivational! I’ll go on and stalk their websites like a hawk! Maybe I will accomplish such a success like them one day 😀

  • Amy

    Kudos to these motivated “losers” 🙂 What they accomplished with their weight loss goals is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing because people need inspiration in order to do this for themselves.

    • Vicki

      I know, if they can loose a hundred pounds I should be able to burn off my extra 20 in no time 🙂

      • gbien

        Exactly, right? These people really made me want to improve my body and shed some of the extra few pounds I’ve been hoarding since last winter. If they managed to lose so much weight my goal is nothing compared to theirs. Definitely need to be more motivated and get my body on track.