Will The Venus Factor System by John Barban Work for You?


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  • MAY 2015 UPDATE – There are over 170 Comments, make sure you read them.
  • JANUARY 2015 UPDATE – New source of before & after pictures plus some free alternatives that will help you lose weight. More info in the last section of this article.

The Venus Factor (VF) is a weight loss plan that is designed specifically for women. It is based on scientific facts with the promise of helping ladies to achieve their goals when all other programs fail.

To be honest, this diet and lifestyle change is made for those who have more than 10 pounds to lose.

It is backed up by research on targeted fat reduction based on the way a female’s body operates. Thanks to this program, you will get the necessary help to get skinny and sexy for good.

John Barban & His Venus Factor System

Screenshot of Immersion Product

The author of this woman-exclusive system – John Barban – is a modern fitness professional, world-class expert in nutrition, biology, and physiology. After developing a unique men-aimed program called the Adonis Index, he has focused on studying female metabolism!

After dedicating a long time to research and experiment, John discovered a revolutionary program called the Venus Factor (VF) that will bring any woman back to basics of losing pounds.

Here are five main facts you should know about it:

  1. This is a complex, life-changing diet and exercise plan entirely dedicated to females!
  2. It will last for only 12-weeks during which you will be transformed from chubby into a fit with results depending on your dedication (as always)!
  3. You will not only lose weight, but your overall figure will become much more toned! I bet you are dreaming about this for some time, right?
  4. This system understands that female “metabolic make up” is different than that of a man!
  5. You will slim down in usual problem areas including waist, belly, thighs, and hips!

Pay attention: This complex system promises to share tips that will make you drop up to 3 dress sizes within just a week.

However, the question on everyone’s minds is whether it actually helps or is it just another scam?

Leptin Hormone & The Way Venus Factor Work for Women

The author – John Barban – discovered that a woman’s biggest problem when it came to losing pounds was the level of leptin in her system. Here are some facts about this substance and female weight loss:

  1. Leptin speeds up your metabolism and will give your organism signals it needs to begin the process of burning fat!
  2. Sadly, a female body is three times less responsive to this hormone than a male one leading to an accumulation of fat in belly, hips, and buttocks areas!
  3. When women starve and follow limited caloric intake, the levels of this hormone decrease twice as fast in comparison to men!

Pay attention: All these discoveries led John to create a Metabolic Overdrive (MOR) – a strategy that boosts her leptin levels and makes woman´s figure respond to it much better. It works so well that cheat days are even allowed!

Below, you can check out what hides inside the main eBook that John based his innovative weight loss system on.

The Venus Factor – 12 Week Fat Loss System

VF weight loss sample

The whole system is based on a comprehensive pdf file that includes everything you need to know about losing weight. Although it is very complex and scientifically based, it has only 84 pages so you will quickly read it to the end!

Inside, you will discover following chapters:

  1. Starting with Venus Factor
  2. Gender Differences in Metabolism
  3. Nutrition Science and Calories
  4. Using The Virtual Nutritionist
  5. 12-Week Metabolic Overdrive Program
  6. 1000-1700 Calories Meal Plans
  7. Supplements
  8. Weight vs. Shape
  9. The Venus Index Measurements

Keep in mind: With the clever application called Virtual Nutritionist, you will be able to calculate the exact calorie and protein requirements you would need to achieve the body of your dreams.

nutrition calculator

Except the main program, you will get following three bonuses from John Barban as a gift to make your weight loss effort much more efficient!

3 Bonuses You Will Get for Free

#1 – The VF Workouts

VF exercises sample

Although the above stuff is very extensive and includes everything you need to shed some pounds, John provides you with additional material. This is a very simple pdf file that lists all the exercises (with explanation videos) for your 12-week program.

#2 – Workout Videos

VF exercise videos

This is a website protected by login and password information you will be given after your purchase that lists priceless demonstration videos for each exercise.

#3 – The Venus Immersion Community

venus immersion

With your purchase, you will get a free 30-day access to the exclusive members-only community called the Venus Immersion. There you will have the opportunity to interact with other girls who are participating in this program as well and can join in on forums or begin your blog.

Pay attention: This is the place where you can get nutrition calculators, trackers, 100 uncensored podcasts, elite community sections, specialty workouts, mobile apps and much more.

Get VF for Just $47.00

You might be expecting a price over a couple of hundred dollars; however, John Barban decided to make it affordable to masses and asks for just a mere $47.00!

To show that John stands behind his work and that he truly believes in the system he has created he offers a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Pay attention: It will apply to any woman who is not 100% impressed with changes to her body. With a simple email sent directly to John, he should provide you a full, no-questions-asked refund!

Helpful User Results, Experience & Testimonials 2015

UPDATE: 26.04.2015 – Just found reviews on yahoo answers that I had to show you – dear readers.

VF feedback
Source: Freshreply.net
user feedback on venus factor
Source: Yahoo.com
VF user feedback 2
Source: Yahoo.com

Once John released this workout system specifically targeted for women, influential bloggers and fitness authors agreed on one thing – the Venus Factor is a must have system for ladies, who:

  • Have more than 10 pounds to lose.
  • Want to get fit.
  • Need to lose her extra belly size for good.

Pay attention: Just be prepared that your results can be much more dramatic than anything you have tried before!

Final Verdict: One of The Best & Most Complex Programs for Women

Venus Factor rating

Overall, any woman who is looking for a step-by-step guide to effective weight loss should get her hands on the Venus Factor program through official website – VenusFactor.com. I believe that John made a real breakthrough with his plan on overcoming Leptin resistance in women!

Just remember that this is not a “magical” pill or workout. It will require hard work and dedication to be applied, and in that case, it does actually guarantee amazing results.

So try this 3-month challenge like thousands of other women and change your life once and for all!

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Jess

    Is it online only ? Do you not get anything in the mail just online

  • Kristin

    Good Morning,

    I just recently ran across this system. I am currently well over 200 lb and am in desperate need of help and a lifestyle change. I have always been told that if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is. Well I gotta say this is sounding pretty amazing. I would like to get some more information, especially after readying that the program is a download vs disk. Also I am apprehensive after reading a lot of comments regarding the money back guarantee. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • shwetav

    Only one big question i have… can a vegetarian go for this diet? I mean a person like me who consumes no meat and no eggs can go for trying this product out? Kindly reply. This is an important question for me.

  • Karen

    I still can’t get in contact and now 2 months has passed. If anybody has any succes in getting in contact – please let me know…

  • karen

    I’m trying to get my money back too but nobody is returning my emails etc getting very frustrated and angry

  • Catherine

    This is the biggest rip off of the century!! I had over $600 charged on my credit card after I cancelled within the seven days!! I have all of the emails to prove it and clkbank is almost as crooked!!

  • VERY angry.

    I want my money back and they will not do it. I have tried to contact someone anyone to cancel..This is not for me how do you do it. I thinking I going to contact the better business bureau.

  • MK

    BEWARE! They are difficult to get your refund and honor the money back guarantee! I’m still waiting!

    • I’ve never had a problem with their guarantee.

      • Karen

        How did you get in contact to claim you guarantee?

    • Bianca Tere Eleya Aguirre

      What email do I contact to get my money back and have you gotten yours yet? Wish I saw these comments before purchasing!!

  • Darlene

    Can I download to my computer and my tablet? Is that possible? Once I have ordered do I have to pay monthly for access to the website or can I cancel that part?

    • James Wilson

      Yes you can

      • Clair

        I need help! It went through my account twice and I don’t want fraud again can you help ?!

  • mg508

    I know the program is 12 wks but you only have to buy the program once correct? Once you have the material you have access to it whenever you want…even a year later, right? I just tend to slack a little and want to make sure once I purchase it is mine to keep to use whenever.

  • Pamela L Cherry

    Hi I want to order this product but I do not use my credit card on line is there a phone number that I can use 1800 nunber

  • Sam

    Hi. I’m very interested in this but why do you have to download the Venus factor. Thought it came on DVD. Can someone explain please?

  • Kim Bunce


    • Christine Derrel

      Hello Kim, you should contact clickbank and supply transaction number in case you have problems with the product.

      • MK

        They haven’t refunded my money either. You should warn people!

      • Clara

        I want my money back! I didn’t even put down my address home I supposed to get this product ?!?!

  • wide

    cant down load and wont order off comput be a victom twice.would rather have book in hand.

    • Christine Derrel

      It is only available through download. No hard cover as far as I know.

  • Martha Robinson

    The fact that the Venus Factor is a 12-week program is already making me want to order it. I don’t want some fast and furious diet that promises overnight results. I’ve tried plenty of those so no more thank you very much! I also love that it is targeted for us women and the author is trying to place himself in our shoes. Being able to do all the exercises in YOUR OWN HOME is priceless for me!

    This is one of the 3 main things that I look for when buying such a product. I hate going to the gym and wasting precious time to get dressed, getting there and back again! If I can’t do it at home then I don’t want to do it at all! There is also no need to get some special food or pills.

    I will tell you a little secret: I LOVE the fact that John Barban choose to actually “turn men” away from this (you can see that from 2-nd video on this post)! This shows me that this program is serious about helping women and just that! So back off, men ;)! The fact that this is a download is great because I want to start as soon as possible not wait for the program to get to me! I will definitely be buying this so thanks for the heads up Christine!

    • Christine Derrel

      Hello Martha, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  • Patricia

    There seems to be a lot of questions asking if the Venus Factor is a hard copy or a download. To save yourself some time, I can tell you it is a DOWNLOAD.

    Don’t be put off by this though, it’s an extremely well organized and detailed program that you can access at any time.

    I also agree that this isn’t a fad. if you’re looking for a 2 week quick-fix, this isn’t for you. If you actually apply John Barban’s methods and stick with it, you WILL see results.

  • Asianstyle

    I want to try this program, I watched the top video and it says to really limit soy foods. I am lactose and tolerant. I drink soybean milk often, and live in Asia where soy products and tofu is eaten and available everywhere and every day. Will this program still work even though I continue drinking soybean milk does anyone know?

    • melodie

      I have the same issue – as well as lacking an enzyme to break down most animal fats/proteins. I am a fish-eating (some fish), lactose-intolerant vegetarian. Can this program work with those limitations?

  • MyOwn Person

    I want to try this program but do I have to buy the equipment in order to do the workout because I don’t have any of that stuff. I am currently doing the insanity workout so could I continue with that workout since I don’t have any equipment???

  • dovedoe

    Well don’t believe them when they say if you ask for a refund you will get it in 48 hours. I have been trying for 1 1/2 weeks just to get a response from them other than we received your request and nothing further.

    • ziva

      I did get a refund from them and the only reason I asked for one was because I didn’t know it was a download and couldn’t figure out how it worked but they did refund give me my full refund.

      • Bianca

        How did you recieve the refund? Who did you email

  • Genevieve Ripley

    I’m curious , are you saying you don’t actually receive the hard copy of manual dvd etc as shown on all adverts.. I really want to give Venus Factor a go but not through computer downloads :{
    How do I do this.
    Thank you

  • Millie

    So, I’ve struggled with my weight since the birth of my son. I’ve been so busy taking care of my son who has mental disabilities and my mom who has cancer that I’ve let myself go. Since I’ve been with my husband I am currently at my highest weight. I’ve cried and felt like I couldn’t do anything. I’ve tried many things but still debating on if this will help. Can you download to a phone or just a computer?

    • Christine Derrel

      You could probably transfer it from your computer to your mobile phone, am I right?

  • Barb

    I am 60 years old and have osteoarthritis in most joints. I am active however. My weight concerns me but the body fat concerns me more. Will this program help me?

  • Nancy

    Hi! Women over 40 who have had children is my question. Yes my body changed after children. But the real changes came at age 40. I find all these gimmick diets don’t help. My metabolism literally went into reverse! I so much as look at a potato chip and I gain 10lbs! Not kidding. So…is this REALLY going to help us over 40 ladies?

  • Neimh

    This is the first plan I have seen that seems to be perfectly catered towards me. I am worried though as I live in Ireland. Will I be able to get the book and other things?

    • Christine Derrel

      Yes Neimh, you should be able to download it immediately after purchase. Also dont forget to store everything regarding the purchase, in case you have problems with the transaction.


    • Jewel

      Hi Neimh. I too live in Ireland and am curious as to how you got on? Did you purchase the Venus Factor and if so how did it work for you? I had my fourth baby late last year and have found it very difficult to do anything with myself. Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thanks

  • sasmitha

    i am 18, so does the venus project suit me ?

  • Im not sure you’re familiar with the program from your review but I attempted to complete the program several years ago and didn’t lose and inch or a pound and I was executing the program as advised, but quit at week 10. The original eating “plan” is called Eat Stop Eat, where you eat and fast alternately throughout the week..ridiculous. So I starved and completed those long gym workouts 3x/week and the only change I had was that I got stronger. It was a definite waste of money for me. I think it will work for those women who don’t need to lose fat.

  • Glaudi

    Will I be able to buy this from Namibia? If I order will you deliver in Namibia?

    • Christine Derrel

      Its digital download, so yeas, after your purchase you will be able to download the course.

      I hope you will achieve your goals.

  • julie

    do the dvds come in the mail or do you download on pc?

    • Christine Derrel

      Download as far as I know.

  • Amy

    hi ladies

    I am a final college student of sociology and have over the past months been under so pressure because of my studies that I had to give up on going to gym and attending exercise classes despite the fact that they were on campus and all other sports including sailing, swimming and tennis. Obviously this resulted in me gaining some extra weight, so I tried weight loss which cost a lot money for a college student but made little change to my weight. Eventually I heard about Venus Factor and was eager to try this weight loss method only for women. Now its been one month and I feel absolutely great; seeing it as a great investment.

    • Christine Derrel

      Amy, lovely results, please keep us posted.

    • Nori

      Hello Amy, how did u go with this plan? Like u, I’m a uni student who was in superb shape but gained 15kgs since I started uni. I’m thinking of trying this plan out as the workouts are only 3 x per week. But how’s the meal plans like? thanks

  • Cola

    I’m 3 weeks in. Down 10 pounds. LOVE THIS. I do the workouts. I eat according to their suggested calories. Love the forum with all the other members asking questions and supporting one another. No pills. No fad diet. I am a non meat eater, but am still able to enjoy the foods I like. Go for it!!!!!!

    • Anna

      So the system works for vegetarians as well?

    • Christine Derrel

      Cola, its great to read such comments. I hope you will achieve your ideal weight. Fingers crossed.

  • Katie

    Hey, what about when I want to have kids? Will this affect this at all?

  • froso

    how can i get the book or the cd? i live in Cyprus- Europe?

    • Christine Derrel

      Its online download.

  • Adele

    I am going to try this one, the presentation looks pretty cool to me. I just wish it worked, cause I am tired of all of these fad diets out there.

    • Christine Derrel

      Adele, please do come back and tell us your results.

  • Kelly Biego

    I really think I want to try this. I was just saying how it seems I lose more weight when I eat some “junk food” and when I eat nothing but healthy foods I gain. It never made sense to me especially when I’m working out most days of the week. This program has really peaked my interest. I just want to see more real reviews on a forum before I dive for it.

  • Jenny

    Hey Christine!!! Thanks a lot for this awesome site!!! Loving your tips and ideas for healthy lifestyle. I plan to purchase this program, but money is tight right now so I need to wait a little.

    • Christine Derrel

      Hey Jenny, I am glad you like this site!! Please tell us about your experience with it if you happen to stop by in the future.


  • marina

    does this work if i am nursing? also, i am planning on going away in march for a long weekend and probably wont be able to stick with it during that time. would this hurt my chances of this working? i intend to go back on it as soon as i get back

  • Susan

    Are the DVD’s closed captioned? Im deaf and very interested but the DVDs wud need to be CC

  • Elena

    Hey Christine, will this program show my how to reset my leptin hormone??? As far as I know, it should help with slimming process am I right?? Also I fear that my body might be suffering from leptin resistance, any ideas on this?

    • Christine Derrel

      Hello Elena, yes, the author talks a lot about the importance of leptin in your weight loss efforts. Check out the video above to see what is inside the package.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Christine, I’m 57 and have tried most weight loss programs out there! I have a bad knee, low thyroid and depression and take meds for these conditions.In the past I have worked out and eaten like a bird or pre-packaged food. I lose, then gain…and so on. I have given up and am sad…is this the Venus Factor worth my time or do you recommend another plan? Help Please!

  • Bri

    Or you could go to the international society of sports nutrition’s group on Facebook and hear a load of PHD’s and Scientists of nutrition tell you how to actually lose weight without fad diets, this kind of stuff gives professionals headaches, knowing people in public desperate to lose
    weight will cling at it after many have starved their self, wrecked their metabolism, thyroid, various hormone regulation, FFA transport systems, insulin sensitivity and never be able to lose weight no matter how many cardio and calorie cutting done. Don’t rely on fad’s go see a PHD in nutrition that uses REAL science and experience, not cherry picked science.

    • Guest

      Bri, I have to agree partly with you. I have not reviewed this program, but I have been in the Fitness business for over 20 years and not a single “diet” program out there yet has proven successful in the long run. Bottom line folks, you have to exert energy to burn calories. Eat proper portions of clean, real, non-processed food, and exercise PERIOD. It saddens me that people take advantage of those who truly want to change their lifestyles. Consumers: THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS. A major warning light bulb to me about this program is that Mr. Barban works for supplement companies. If you are eating right and exercising, you don’t need fat burners, and the like. You can’t get a toned body without exercise, and you can’t burn fat without exercise.

      • Christine Derrel

        Hey Guest, thanks for stopping by and leaving your interesting comment. Take care.

        Anybody reading this, Make sure to note this section: “Bottom line folks, you have to exert energy to burn calories.”

  • Tiffany Ogel

    For $9.99, you really can’t go wrong here. My sister gave this system and try and in the end it just wasn’t for her, she sent an e-mail telling the creator that she appreciated trying it out but wanted the refund and everything went through without a hassle.

    For me on the other hand, the system has worked wonders. I don’t know what exactly about this system works so well, maybe it just clicks well with my personality and metabolism; but I have zero regrets about using this system and plan to use it for many months to come.

  • Rachel DeHaven

    I was sold once I saw “No Never-Ending Exercises!”

    I am sick and tired of sweating it out at the gym day in and day out, eating nearly nothing, and then stepping on the scale at the end of each week full of hope and anticipation only to see myself at the exact same weight. Honestly, I would rather gain some weight after all that work if anything just to see some change!

    Just purchased this system and am very much looking forward to seeing some results in the near future. This year I will hit my resolution to lose weight!

    • Christine Derrel

      Wow Rachel, what a nice comment. Care to share your results with us all???

    • CL Davis

      Rachel I am 58……so tired of trying to lose those extra 20 pounds. I’m pounding my brains and still getting no where. I’m also hypo thyroid.
      What are you results so far? Can you please email me at [email protected].
      What is the herb that we’re all missing?

  • Patricia Puffer

    I am surprised that I hadn’t heard more about leptin prior to using the course. I don’t know if that is what has given me these great results, but there is definitely something special happening here.

    Numerous fad diets have come and gone over the years, and I have bit on nearly every one…and been disappointed every time. This one looks different simply because it works extremely well for females, since it is based on the fact that our bodies have a very unique metabolic rate compared to men and helps to compensate to make up for where we lag behind.

    • Christine Derrel

      Patricia, how are you??? Yes, the information on Leptin is quite interesting.

  • Dawn Baker

    Tummy fat always seems like it is the last to go, doesn’t it?

    I have used the Venus Factor system for a couple of weeks now and while I am definitely seeing some improvement in the weight loss department judging from the scale, the results in person are less than flattering so far. I think that I might need to tie in more cardio workouts to help supplement this system in order to lose weight in all the right places!

  • Christine Derrel

    Hey Andrea, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all!!

  • Jane

    Hey Christine!!! I wanted to start this year with losing weight so I purchased this system, I am loving it so far!!! Will make sure to come back and report my findings and experience!!!

    • Christine Derrel

      Jane, thanks for leaving your comment!! I hope it works for you and you will leave your feedback and experience.

      All the best!

  • Andrea

    I don’t think that this program really offers a lot of insight into the basics of what needs to be done to lose weight. Meaning, it’s still all about restricting the calories, and not hitting up the sugar loaded foods and drinks. But what makes this program truly unique is it addresses what it is that makes it even harder for women to lose weight than men and then gives women the tools that are needed to boost the Leptin and the fat burning aspects that we need.

    I am personally looking forward to being able to eat what I want but still lose the weight with the workouts they have, plus in addition to the cardio I do every day.

  • Amy

    I feel like this program was built for the long term for us women. Not one of
    those fad diets where you take pills that make you lose a pound or two then gain
    them all back when you stop paying for the bottles.

    Furthermore, it re-educates us on what we are supposed to be eating, and in taking with regards to what fats are needed and how many calories we are supposed to have. It’s crazy how
    grossly this has been skewed out of proportion. Plus you can really tell the
    difference between healthy and wholesome eating compared to eating junk food
    once you’ve done the program for a week. It really makes you want to succeed
    and keep eating well because you simply feel a million times better.

    • Kimberly VanEldren

      That is exactly what I like about this program – it seems like it was tailored specifically to females with an eye on the long-term goal of weight loss instead of a flash-in-the-pan diet where the weight is gained back in a month, and then some more if you are unlucky!

      This system has really helped me become more conscious of the foods and beverages that I put into my body, as well as the long-term effects each.

  • Carolynn

    After reading through all of the comments here, I think that this program is probably
    the only one out there that allows you to re-learn the basics, without feeding
    you lies about pills for this, or high calories for that. It tells you exactly
    what you need in order to boost the fat burners, what you should be eating, and
    what workouts will help you. Cardio is not necessary but it is an added bonus,
    and if you follow the plan to the “T” you will definitely lose weight. At least
    that’s what I am gathering from everyone else, which makes me want to give it a
    shot. I currently weigh 146 at 5”4 and I’d rather be 125, so I need to lose
    some weight and start feeling better about myself. I find that no matter how
    happy I try to be, my negative self view always gets me down… and I want to
    change it. This would be the first step towards that.

  • Brennaberry37

    One of my best friends tried VF last year. She says that the exercise routines are easy to follow and the diet isn’t too difficult or expensive to follow. Now that’s not to say that you won’t sweat, because I distinctly remember her sweating. You will work. But it’s not like putting your foot behind your head. I think she most enjoyed the fact that you can figure out your ideal body ratio, so that you slim down proportionately according to your size. It’s not enough to slim down if you look unshapely after the fact. I think that’s probably where VF shines.

  • Candice Davenport

    So funny that I’m reading this now. My husband and I both started on a cleanse at the beginning of the year so we could lose some weight. He wanted to shed 50lbs. I had my eyes set on 30. Now that we’re mid-way through the month, he has lost 10lbs and I’m still hovering at around 5. Uuugh! Even worse, he’s losing his tummy fat, and I’m losing boobs.

    I don’t think I’m at my last straw yet, but I’m going to try this course. Now that I started reading about it, I’m starting to think that it might have something to do with my female metabolism. Oh the things we women have to worry about, lol!

  • JoelleJase

    I love every inch of my body – except my flabby tummy. I’ve tried cutting carbs. I’ve tried crunches and other ab building exercises. I speed walk everywhere I go, so I’m getting enough cardio. I can even see the muscular definition at the top of my chest, so the ab exercises are definitely building something. But that flab is outrageously persistent. I ordered the Venus Factor this morning because I like the idea that it’s specially made for women. I’m excited to get started with it and I’ll definitely report back with the results.

    • Lemani67

      It is now 2 months later, @JoelleJase….I am curious. How has it gone for you so far?

  • Celia D

    Happy customer here! I started off weighing 170 pounds at 5’5. At my smallest (before I had my daughter) I was 125 pounds, so my goal was to get somewhere between 135-145, which still gives me some curves. (My husband loves curves!)

    By the end of the 3 month cycle I was at 147 pounds. But keep in mind, I followed the plan to the letter. I was just tired of holding all that excess weight. It didn’t even feel like my body anymore. So if you’re on the fence about the system, I’d say you should definitely go for it. There is some work involved, but the results are well worth the effort.

    • CL Davis

      May I ask how old you are? I’m 58 and I lost 20 pounds but it’s now not budging. I’m also hypothyroid. SO many of his models were in their 20’s. I was built like them too in my 20’s. I want to see results from a 160 pound 58 year old and then see them at 140 or so through his diet. Wanna share?? [email protected]

  • Roseanne

    Woohoo Christine! I’ve been looking high and low for a great diet that’s natural to the body. After trying a lot of different diet supplements and not seeing the results I want, I figured what’s the use of taking pills if they’re clearly not working. A lot of times I just end up with the jitters and I’m still overweight. So you basically had me at “no pills.” 🙂

    I also like how you don’t have to pay for it all up front. I’m going to give it an honest try within that trial period. I don’t mind paying full price, I just want to make sure I’m seeing results first.

    Thanks for recommending this!

    • Christine Derrel

      Roseanne, did you get the course??? Are you satisfied??? What are your results??

  • Dimple

    Hi! I am a vegetarian. So, no fish or chicken or meats for me, though i do eat eggs. Can anyone tell me if VF is a suitable choice for me? Also that I have an extremely busy schedule. So how easy or difficult its going to fit the program in daily? And am in Finland and actually never bought anything before on net. Don’t just trust the net sellers. Any guidances?

  • tobi bamidele

    can i use it if i only want to loose about five pounds?

  • cathy kim

    is it able for teens to do this?

    • Christine Derrel

      Cathy, I think that the correct answer is yes, but I would advise to contact your doctor first.

  • brittany newman

    how long will it take to receive this product? cause I have been waiting two weeks for it.

    • Christine Derrel

      Its instant download as far as I know. Maybe try to contact the support??

  • h0ney

    this is much better than all of those fad diets! i have friends who always try lose weight, but they never do 🙁 !! i think this will help them, because it’s organized and the like! i mean, the dvds and forums, and apps, and diet plan and stuff, it’s impossible to not have at least tiny results!!!
    i’ll make sure to gift them the program for Christmas, we’ll need it haha.

    • Christine Derrel

      Yes, the program is awesome and people really like it. I hope your journey to slimmer body will be a huge success!!!

  • anna

    I still consider a nice, thorough lifestyle change to be the best way to lose weight, but this program is a nice incencitive to finally change what you need in your life in order to reach the size you want. It’s nice the program has a support system, I’ll definitely have to check it out to find out more – but so far it sounds perfect!

  • laura L.

    Finally something like this. I’ve tried every fad diet. None worked! I only want to lose 10 lbs. I’m sure this will help me! Not that expensive either!

    • Christine Derrel

      Laura, go for it, people seem to like this program a lot!!!

  • patty

    i am so excited for this!
    i have a heavier figure and i’ve been trying to shed this weight for a long time! i’ve tried every fad diet EVER, but I think this is exactly what I need – seems balanced enough! The app also seems very useful!

    • Christine Derrel

      Patty, go for it!!!

  • cris roman

    wow, finally someone who caters to the needs of women in this department! it’s interesting to see that someone actually designed something with women in mind – i mean, it would make sense to have different diets for the different sexes, since our biological markup is different!

  • Wea Alonave

    The long wait is over! This is a revolutionary idea discovered to make women happier and more content. I have said goodbye to starving diets and poisonous diet pills! They all belong to the trash! With this, I can say that soon I’m one of the sexiest girls in town. I can almost see it now. For everyone’s knowledge, with VF, I still enjoyed yummy foods to its fullest!

  • Barold “b j c”

    In contrast to the previous review, I have found this to be a fantastic boost to help me loose weight. Having given up smoking 18 months ago, the pounds piled on, and I have struggled to loose them. One week of following the diets in the VF STRICTLY I have lost 6 pounds. I have not had any problems with the tablets despite friends trying to warn me off them, and I can not recommend them highly enough.

  • Lynda M. Nolan “Batsinthebe

    After surgery on my ankle a few years ago I slowly gained about 2 and a half stone in weight. Being only 5 ft 4inches in height it was more than noticeable. I felt and looked awful. I was eating all the wrong things for comfort really and the result was a poor diet and no energy.
    I decided to start taking venus-factor just to see if it could help me to break the cycle of eating badly and then feeling dreadful. I had to re educate myself to be more aware of what I ate, not only to look good but to improve my health and state of mind.
    I stopped eating junk food, cakes, crisps biscuits immediately and switched to a low fat diet. More fresh fruit and vegetables and no snacking on high sugar/fatty food between meals. I began to feel so much better and actually looked forward to eating something good and wholesome!
    I read a lot of reviews before taking the pills and was horrified at some of the consequences of eating fat. Drastic dashing to the loo and the fear of being caught short made it easier for me not to eat badly. The pills come with 3 little booklets with a lot of good information about what to eat and what not to eat and the reality of how much fat we actually consume is quite frightening as it all has to come out in the end!
    I suppose my advice would be certainly to plan your meals in advance and stick to the guidelines of exactly how much fat you are allowed to consume. I would also strongly suggest in the evening after you have had your last meal and pill to try and do a poo before you go to bed! Also buy some loo cleaner and leave it by the loo as the fat you pass out has a tendency not to flush away immediately. Sorry if it sounds disgusting but don’t be put off. The best thing we can all do is to re educate ourselves and change our eating habits. venus-factor will help you but you also have to help yourself. Good luck!

  • Kelly Hacker

    After reading hundreds of mixed reviews on venus factor I decided to give it a go. My BMI was dead on 28 which made me suitable for this system. I was expecting mad rushes to the loo and a risk of incontinence! I followed the guidelines for each meal, sticking to my fat allowance. I had to look up the fat content on everything I ate! Boy I did not realise how much fat I was consuming before venus factor This is one of the reasons why I would recommend The Venus Factor it re-educates your mind and makes you aware of what you’re eating. I have had no side effects what so ever, one of my friends is a pharmacist which is great! He said if you consume a mcdonalds containing 80g of fat, your body will expell 20g of fat. (serious rush to the loo) However if you consume the recommended 15-20g of fat you will only expell 5g of fat, normal stroll to the loo! I am delighted with the results, in a week I have lost 2 inches around my waiste and 5lb of fat. Great result! You must take a multi vitamin before going to bed, as vitamins are fat soluble and will pass through the body, which may leave you vitamin defficient. So take good quality vitamins especially a,c,d and e. Drink 8 glasses of water and your on your way. If you know you are going to go out for a fatty meal DO NOT TAKE THE TABLET, as you may have a very embarrassing experience! Good Luck!

  • mic

    Best product to aid a healthy eating plan for safe weight loss . Easy to take with each meal .I have tried many things on the market but no one is the best .this is best thing to Weight loss every week

  • Kraniela Samson

    Thinking that decreasing my meals and food intakes would lead me to sexier body but I was wrong; it caused depression and anxiety on my part after too much efforts and skipping of meals.

    Now I found something that really works! I highly recommend it after observing good changes in my body in just one month. There are people who claimed that the program was not effective for them but that’s because they did not follow it accordingly. The secret to any success is discipline and commitment at it’s one of the reason why I can say that this weight loss plan is indeed amazing!

    Very affordable too! The price is low compared to the benefits that it can offer.

  • Samantha

    I’m losing hope about diet plans. I have come to a point where in I almost accepted that I will grow old fat and die fat. I tried a lot of pills, exercises and workouts but none among them are effective and affordable. I’m glad to find this program, now I have another set of hope that soon enough, I’ll achieve the body I dreamed about. But I doubt it. SIGH….

  • Christine Derrel

    Bushra, make sure to visit this page and post your results!!!

  • Miles Herrera

    Who would not want nice and sexy body? I used to drink a laxative tea for several weeks and my weight is still the same since the first time I tried it. There are times that I can’t move well due to stomachache. Upon searching the long time effect of laxative, I found out that it can be very harmful and can damage the intestine lining. Now I no longer take it and I am still looking for ultimate ways of reducing weight and gaining great-shaped body at the same time. The VF is likely a safe option.

    • Christine Derrel

      Miles, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Paula H.

    I’d been looking for a diet plan that will surely work until I was introduced to the Venus factor. I already tried 4 kinds of diet plans and they all wasted my time and effort. It’s definitely worth trying because it
    does not involve ways that are not natural or pills that may be harmful in the long run. Taking diet pills can make us prone to untoward side-effects.

  • Christa J.

    I’ve been on the program for a few weeks now and I’m finding it easy to keep up with the simple exercises. I am struggling a bit with the reduced calories but I find if I eat
    more fibre, I can better control my appetite. I’ll stick with and see how far I
    can go between now and Christmas.

  • Wendy Tolden

    Hello, I watched a Venus video recently and I was really impressed with the presentation. I have tried repeatedly to lose my belly fat with no success. At the moment I’m pregnant and I can’t really start a weight loss program so this might be a good program because it focuses on the weights and sculpting.

    • Christine Derrel

      Yes, go for the program, its really effective!!!

  • Lillianne, Toronto

    I have tried other weight loss programs but they didn’t work for me . I tried skipping meals to keep my calorie count down, but I was told that when I don’t eat my body will
    eat the muscle before the fat so i’m just hurting myself with doing that. I have 3 young children and I want to be healthy for the and be able to play with them. I guess I will try this program. I hope it works.

    • Christine Derrel

      Please make sure to come back and leave your feedback.

  • AmazingLady1973

    I can tell you, it’s not rocket science- it is still about calories in, calories out. The
    program gives you a calorie software that helps you calculate the amount of calories you should be eating based on where you are in your weight loss goals.

  • VenusGirl

    The Venus program appears to be a good one- they appear to have a good mix of exercises for women, focused on lifting, some cardio. The program has podcasts, and an integrative website as well as an excellent support community of other users.

    • Christine Derrel

      VenusGirl, do you have any feedback you can share with us??? Let us know please.


    As a current user of this program I can say it was very helpful for a beginners like me. I am on the fourth week, and I’m sticking with it so that’s a good sign… only 8 more weeks to go!

    • Christine Derrel

      What are your results like??? Please do share!!!

  • Partymom200

    I recommend this to
    anyone, I saw a friend of mine go through this program and she looks fabulous.
    My sister and I are going to try it together in a few weeks. Will post our results!

    • Lion of Judah

      Can i know more about the results pls

  • Bushra A

    I just purchased the program and it’s great because it only requires 3 hours a week of weight training so it finds with my cardio program, I did the first two workouts about an hour and I was shaving towards the end of the sets. It’s hard but it’s manageable

  • Ysmina Ram

    Im thinking about buying this program becauase I have a lot of back problems and I need to build my core strength. I did P90X and yoga but I am a little bored so I need to try something else especially to focus on the right areas to achieve the right

  • Essina G

    This is a great workout, I stumbled through it for the first month, but eventually it became easier. You get your heart rate up really fast, and work the right muscle groups to achieve the ‘Venus Index” which is the perfect body ratio. One thing I will say is that a lot of VI-types seem to eat a pretty low calorie net, which was actually a little surprising.

  • ana t

    I like that you don’t need a lot of equipment, you just need some dumbbells , a chair or bench that can support your weight when you stand on it, and an exercise ball. I do my exercises at home daily but I prefer the because I like the atmosphere and they have heavier weights.

  • Gerri H

    I just bought the program today as I am really out of shape, I can’t even do simple cardio for more than 30 seconds. This will be challenging but I hope it will toughen me up a bit!!

  • Jennah

    I have been on the program and I find it challenging but not impossible. I have fallen off the wagon a few times, but it’s easy to just start back up again. You can incorporate cardio but it’s not necessary since the weight loss comes primarily from restricting calories. Anyway, I love it. It’s challenging, but worth the effort.

  • Balula

    What I like most about the Venus program is that you get to interact with other women who went through this course and have had great success. You can also ask questions and chat with other women who have been successful with the program. It gives you a lot of motivation and inspiration which is really important for long term weight loss.

  • Kit Maryam

    This sounds like a great program. I really love the realistic approach it takes to weight loss and fitness. You can’t get something for nothing! You have to work and put in the effort or you’ll never lose the weight. Supplements and pills may help, but they cannot get you into shape if you’re not willing to make a change.

  • Tash

    I’ve always dreamed of a program that was not complicated and allowed me to eat the foods I wanted to eat without feeling horribly guilty because of it: like pizza, or the odd hamburger every once in awhile.

    Every single time I give into my temptations,food wise, I feel like I need to immediately go out for a 2 mile run just because I ate dinner and enjoyed it. It isn’t a great experience and has become a daily struggle for myself and to be honest, food is becoming my enemy. I just don’t want to eat, and so I often don’t and ignore the hunger pains which of course is horrible for oneself and it is killing my weight loss opportunities because I just don’t have the energy.

    I want to be able to eat what I want, not feel horrible, and still lose weight. It seems like that is exactly what this program is saying I can do as it teaches us how to raise our sensitivity to the fat burning hormone which results in weight loss.

    It sounds too good to be true. But, I did some research and Lepton is indeed what us women need in order to burn our fat areas away.

    I honestly think the selling point to this plan is that it is relatively cheap for women, easy to follow, and doesn’t restrict us on our foods. I guess there is only one way to find out if it works.

    Time to order!

  • Amy

    I have ordered it! I gave in after reading some of the comments that had their results listed in them. I’d love to lose about 40 lbs but unfortunately I am not one to stick to a routine for very long because I get distracted easily – and making up my own routines is hard work that I don’t find all that interesting.

    I am really hoping that with the step by step guide and explanations, I will be able to keep up with and follow through and be enjoying weight loss within the first month! What I wonder is how do you get through that first month where results are minimal? Or are there results immediately?

    I’d love to be able to lose 3-5 lbs in my first week – and if I can lose 20-30lbs within 3 months, that would make me an extremely happy person! I feel as if I have the curvy body that I want, but there is just this extra bit of layer covering it up… so losing the inches is what is important to me and if the number comes down with that as well, then that is considered a bonus in my books.

    I know that there is a forum where people who are on the program can go and talk with others who are involved with it, and I think I will make it my first stop, to see what others have to say.

    Thank you for the review!

  • Kim

    I don’t think that this program is really all that much different then many others out there other than the fact that it gives you a step by step guide in order to keep you on track. Everybody knows that resistance training and eating right is the way to go if you want to get a thinner body. What people don’t realize or understand is that it does take persistence in order to get the results that they want to see and often give up after a week or two because there isn’t a crazy amount of change.

    However the one thing I am definitely enjoying about the program is being able to actually do the work outs. I found that the beginning work outs for the first week were easy to get into, and even though they were a bit longer than I was used too, I really enjoyed getting into them.

    The next step is being able to make sure I stay within the guide, by eating what I want in proportionate and reasonable servings as one slip up can often spoil an entire days worth of exercise.

    Overall though, this is a program I’d definitely recommend taking a look at, if you need a scheduled and disciplined walk through.

  • Danielle Pitero

    I do like the fact that there have been women who have seen success when following this guide. However, there is one thing that is not mentioned in this review, that I think others should know if they are considering buying this product: they do not send you any physical copies of the program. It is specifically an e-book / all on-line package that you must download and read using your computer. So if you don’t have great internet connection, or only have a public computer, you may want to think about transferring the files to a USB stick, etc.

    On another note, I am interested in hearing some updates from the ladies who did buy the program and are currently doing it around week 5-8 as I’d like to see the goals that they have reached.

    I do think that dropping three dress sizes in a week seems a little bit over the top – unless you have 60-100lbs to lose (as we all know that bigger women lose weight faster during the beginning stages), but for women who are just looking to lose 20lbs or 30 lbs… this won’t happen in a week. In the 12 weeks, I can definitely see that happening though.

  • Chantelle Clark

    After going through the comments and reading about the Venus Factor program, I am definitely intrigued by it. There are too many programs out there that require you to focus on eating all the foods that they recommend, and not on what you would actually like to eat. From my understanding, you can eat what you want on this program, so you don’t have to give up your favourite foods, but you do have to stay within a caloric count. My qualm with what I have seen is that this program seems like many out there, to be honest. You have a body type that you want to fit into, you need a way to lose the weight, and so you must work out hard in order to lose the weight. But this exercise routines need to be coupled with eating appropriately, and at the rights times in order to increase your sensitivity to the Lepton, which in turn helps you lose weight.

    So I am a little bit skeptical, but after reading through some of the comments, I think I am going to think about it a little bit more and do some more research into Lepton. I am sure there is a lot of information out there that can tell us how to increase Lepton sensitivity.

    The one good selling point about this product that does keep me interested is that it is a step by step guide for 12 weeks – so it seems like it’s super easy to follow!

    Thank you for the review!

  • Anise Blake

    The no-questions-asked refund policy is what sold me.

    I’m a stay-at-home mom with a time-consuming work from home job. I obviously want to be fit and stay in shape (who doesn’t, right?) but I’m hesitant to buy into a program without knowing if it will fit my busy schedule. I’m glad VF understands!

  • Pepper Locke

    I’m happy to see a diet and fitness plan just for women! Men and women have totally different needs when it comes to weight loss and I’m glad that John Barban realizes this.

    Venus Factor definitely looks solid and well thought out. The science behind it seems sound and the methods seem effective. I already practice a healthy lifestyle, so I don’t think I require a program quite as intensive as this, but I’m really pleased to see that something like this exists for women who are struggling with their weight.

  • Carla

    I need a lifestyle change badly! I’ve been so stressed out and overworked these past few months. I’ve developed so many bad habits. I’ve gained weight, my metabolism has crashed and I’m really unhappy with how I look.

    I’m seriously considering taking part in this. Can I really see a new me in just three months?

  • Anon

    I bought this product to help me control my appetite while on my diet. So far it’s worked as advertised.

    • Christine Derrel

      Anon, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Gman1973

    I have lost 18 pounds and
    a total of 37 inches! I have struggled with my weight all my life and for the
    first time am doing it in a totally healthy way. Skinny Fiber has helped to
    give me a needed boost.

  • Meg

    I’m getting married next spring and, like many brides, want to lose weight before the big day. I’ve researched many pills, supplements and programs and so far VF is the only one I feel I can trust. I want real weight loss, even if I have to sweat for it.

    • Christine Derrel

      Meg, please do come back and share your feedback with us please!!!

  • Lulu Manning

    I’m about a month into the Venus Factor and I have to say it is amazing! You definitely have to work and put in the effort but the results are real. My favorite thing about this program is the supportive community. It’s great having a group of like-minded women to talk to if you’re ever feeling stuck or lacking in motivation.

    I’m trying to convince my mother to give this a try. She struggles with her weight and I feel this weight loss plan may be exactly what she needs.

  • Wendy Anne M.

    Two months ago my husband and I went on a diet together because we were both feeling a bit flabby. Within the first two weeks he lost twelve pounds and I had barely lost five. We were eating the same meals and I was even putting in more time for exercise than he was! So frustrating! I never stopped to wonder if maybe my hormones were the problem…

  • Tiff

    I have 15 lbs to lose before my boyfriend and I head to Brazil for Christmas. I just ordered VF a few days ago because I needed something that would work quickly.

    Hurray for the fact that I get to try it for 7 days before paying full price! I needed something where I would see results almost immediately, so it’s cool to see them put their profits on the line. Anyway, I’m almost on my 5th day, and I’ve already lost 3 pounds! One of my girlfriends is having a winter wedding in January and I just told her about VF.

    Thank you for all your advice Christine. You rock!

  • Jilly

    A weight loss plan that doesn’t require pills or special equipment? Count me in! I’m so tired of all the gimmicky pills that promise amazing results and never deliver.

    I think this sounds like a great program and I’m very interested in learning more about it. I have about twenty pounds left to lose and it’s been slow going. I wonder if my leptin levels are to blame?

  • DanielleV

    I’m a woman in my early 40’s… I have two children and I never lost all of the tummy ‘baby fat.’ That was my main concern when I started the Venus Factor around nine weeks ago.

    The diet was pretty easy going. Unlike other programs I’ve been on, I didn’t feel like I was starving or that I was depriving myself of the foods I like.

    Some of the exercises are making me sweat – which isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

    The thing is, it gets progressively more challenging as time goes on. It’s not hard core from the very beginning so you have time to build up your stamina for the different moves.

    So far in the past nine weeks, I lost 16 pounds.

    Yes, I did lose some weight around my hips and thighs. But most important, my mid-section is looking GREAT. I wish it was summer so I could wear my bikini!

  • Janda

    I haven’t tried VF yet because I must wait for my next payday – but my co-worker has already given it a go she raves about it. Normally I don’t pay attention to stuff like this. But I’m seeing the results happen right in front of my eyes.

    I think the fact that it’s only 3 months gives her a lot of incentive to keep going. Whenever I’ve tried dieting, I always get nervous that I’ll never be able to maintain the routine forever. Three months seems much more do-able.

  • KareenV

    I tried some diet pills a few months ago and they made me super jittery. My leg was literally jumping up and down under my desk at work. On top of that, it was really hard for me to fall asleep at night. From that point on, I decided diet pills just weren’t for me. Venus Factor is awesome because there are no pills and I can still eat the foods that I already have.

    Also, thank goodness I’m not spending hours in the gym. I just can’t afford to be a gym-a-holic, nor do I enjoy it. (I have a back injury from my university days that never healed 100%.)

    I’d rather just eat right and exercise sensibly. I guess you have to know your dieting limits before you’re successful. This is a plan that just works for my needs.

  • Janet Folsom

    Hi Christine,

    I felt most drawn to the program for a couple of reasons. I know when my husband and I diet together, it’s always a different experience for him than it is for me. I tend to lose weight slower, which is kind of discouraging. So the system really appealed to me because it’s specially made for a woman’s body.

    Secondly, I like the fact that it’s formulated for women who want to lost 10 pounds or more. With every diet I’ve been on, it’s easy to lose those first 10 pounds (which seems more like water weight, than fat). Then when it comes to the next 10-20 pounds it becomes sporadic. It’s not as quick – (at least not for me).

    I’m definitely going to try it and I’ll report back on my results!


  • Wendy Smale

    I am always on the lookout for diets that guarantee results because then if things don’t work, at least I can always get my money back! Well with the Venus Factor System…I did not get my money back. In fact, all of my expectations were greatly exceeded and I purchased a second system as a gift for my sister who is struggling with weight issues herself. With an initial payment of $9.99 and then under $50 if you are happy with the program, there really is no excuse to not give the program a shot.

  • Jaclyn McNally

    After trying system after system that would help me lose the weight, I would promptly stop whatever diet I was on and *POOF* all of the weight always came back – usually with an extra 5 pounds. The Venus Factor is totally different from any other program I have used. The only thought that crosses my mind nowadays is: where did my belly go?

  • Luke

    I hope my wife doesn’t see me posting this so I won’t use my last name, but man this program has changed my life. I didn’t want to touch her after 70 pounds and three unhappy years after our first child, but at this point everything is pure gold. She weighs less than she did when we got married and looks stunning – everywhere we go she gets compliments on her hourglass figure.

  • Tristan Van Norman

    This program was exactly what I need – a lifestyle change. For years I have been going to work, coming home, eating bad food and watching bad TV. This adds up and really started to show itself at my last family reunion when I realized I was embarrassed to talk to anyone because of how bad I had let myself get.

    Fast forward to now, with a family reunion coming up in two weeks I can’t wait to show everyone my brand new body! The Venus Factor System will kick your butt into shape without a doubt, so be ready.

  • Rachel

    The big thing I wanted to do was slim down in the booty region, and this program WORKS! It took a couple of weeks to start seeing results, but once things got going progress was exponentially better each day. Now I am happily 5’3 and 110 pounds and couldn’t be happier 🙂

  • This looks like a pretty nice program, I hope I will lose weight cause I am little chubby nowadays…. SIGH….

  • Jennette

    I’m in love with this Venus factor system. Working out, eating healthy hasn’t been this good in forever. I have hated trying new systems/programs, whatever you want to call them, and many of them have just been failures. So far this program works wonders. I’ve lost some inches since starting a week ago. I never expected to lose anything this fast, but I’m really loving this more and more.

    • Christine Derrel

      Jennette, please share more from your experience!!!

  • Tanisha

    Wow I am really interested in this program now. I read through all of the comments and I really am interested in it even more now. I have tried other diet/fitness programs before, and most of them do work, for a while that is. I usually end up gaining the weight right after I finish the program. Here’s hoping that’s not the case with The VF.

  • Sarah T.

    This is something my sister would get into. She hasn’t had a lot of luck when it comes to losing weight and so I think I’ll share this to her. She’s not overweight, but just struggling to lose some weight that she has always wanted off. I might even give this program a shot as well.

  • Jasmine

    I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to losing weight. I started on a serious diet and workout, but nothing would work. I really hope this program can be of some help to me. I figure my metabolism is out of whack and I need to change that, so maybe the way I’m eating isn’t proper or helping me. I am eating healthy though, which is weird, but hey, that’s life.

    I will follow this program for the next 3 months and hopefully it works.

    • Christine Derrel

      Jasmine, it will work for you if you follow the program!!!

  • Chris

    I am so getting this. I just checked the site out and I love it. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of good programs for women to lose weight. I used to do the zoomba fitness program, hated it, and I tried many others before and after that. Here’s hoping I don’t have to deal with anymore of those type of programs. I’m not really a big girl to be honest, I have extra weight I want to get rid of, but my eating habits could be better I suppose.

  • KiraS

    I’m usually not into trying new weight loss programs out, but I don’t mind giving this one a shot. Normally I am hesitant when I see sites post about these types of programs, but I’m a fan of Skinny with fiber, and I frequent this site quite often for helpful tips and reviews on programs, workouts, etc.

    I haven’t heard of this program until this morning. I want to thank you guys for sharing it with me, because I’m going to grab it and see if it can help me lose some extra weight. It sounds like a perfect program and I can’t wait to see how it works for me. 🙂

  • Yanis

    I heard of this recently, I could of swore I heard about it on another site, oh well. Anyways I really am interested in trying this workout program. I hate working out, but I really need to do it, so I’ve been looking for workout programs that are good for me. It’s a promising program, that’s for sure. I’m just worried I wont be able to handle it. I’ve never been one to push myself in a workout, so hopefully this program is easy to get into and build my strength and all that.

  • Callie R.

    I’ve always had problems when it came to my metabolism. I’ve been looking for the right programs to get into as well, but I haven’t been able to find anything that has worked just yet. I really hope this program works because I’m for sure going to purchase it soon here. I need something that works, so hopefully this is the program for me.

    Thanks for sharing, and by the way, love the site. Keep the helpful topics coming.

    • Christine Derrel

      Callie, thanks for stopping by!!!

  • Megan Bracely

    I have to have a step by step program for anything to work, and I like that the system is all that. It’s really user friendly and I must say, I’m losing weight more than I was when I was doing tough workouts in the past. This program is a godsend and I am thankful everyday for finding it when I did. I was bigger than I ever was and it was time to finally get my life on track. I wish to thank John Barban for being a genius. 🙂

  • Pauline

    I think I have the slowest metabolism in the universe! I can work my butt off on the farm all summer and I seem to gain weight, even with only 3 meals a day and very little snacks and NO I dont eat too much during my meals they are portioned. Hopefully this can help my body get back on track! Sounds like something worth trying

    • Sheila Hall

      I believe I too have slow metabolism and I too work out a lot these days, yet my body just doesn’t want to follow my directions. I feel your pain though, it really is annoying to work so hard and not see the benefits, here’s hoping the program will be some help to me as well.

    • Christine Derrel

      There is no such thing as slow metabolism!!!

  • Roberta

    Wow no pills? No special foods? Never ending exercise out of the questions! I am liking this already.Hmm… that MOR wonderful! I would love my body to respond to weight loss. It seems I get stuck in one spot then end up gaining it back. Its like a yo-yo dangling in front of a cat for me. I can never quite swipe it.

    • Christine Derrel

      Yup, go for it, its worth the price!!!

  • Mattie

    I like the fact that in just 3 months you will have a whole new lifestyle change. It seems that for most diet plans it takes forever. But with a goal of 3 months makes it promising. The part about dreaming of a drastically changed body – Yep that’s me! Dreaming already! I am excited to see what will happen to my belly and waist and i guess maybe my hips too. I like that there is no extra buying either! I hate finding something that I think will work but then to find out your whole diet and exercise needs to be changed!

    • Lisa B. Smith

      A lot of programs I find are actually only short programs, some even being a month to two months. This program sounds brilliant because it’s a bit extended and I like that. I’ve struggled my whole life when it comes to eating healthy, working out, and following rules of some healthy diet. I’m hoping I can follow The Venus Factor system every step of the way. It sounds like a wonderful program and I hope it works for me too. 🙂

  • Wendi

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  • Corie

    Has this been around for awhile? I haven’t heard of it. So glad I was

    snooping around the internet and found this post. I am excited that there

    is a program for someone who actually needs to lose weight, not just lose

    two or three pounts to feel comfortable in their jeans. And also get

    skinny for good and am glad to see this is catered to women. Womens

    bodies are different then mens and it can be harder to lose weight.

    • Leanne Buse

      It’s fairly new to some extent, but It’s a really good program. I’ve lost 5 pounds since starting it and I am in love with this program. And I totally agree that men and women don’t quite tie in together when it comes to any weight loss programs out there.

      I will admit though, a lot of the weight loss programs out there that do cater to women, they tend to be total jokes. The Venus Factor System on the other hand is no joke. 🙂