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Plexus Slim new and old

Product Overview

Product name: Plexus Slim
Producing company: Plexus Worldwide
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Yes (see offer)

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Last Update: May 2017

In the world of weight loss supplements and pills, you often face the problem whether to take it slow and steady while being careful, or see significant results right away. Most people want the best of both, but that seems out of reach.

The promise of Plexus Slim is to give you that high caliber weight loss solution without putting yourself at high risk, and that is definitely a promise worth looking into.

If those claims are true, then this supplement might be a complete no-brainer for a great number of people, so I’m going to cast a light on it and give it a thorough look to see what you can really expect!

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Easy Way to Prepare Your Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Plexus pink drink

If you have your blood sugar levels out of balance, you can bet that the hormones necessary to tell you to stop eating are compromised. This is when Plexus Slim supplement comes into play. It is rich in various ingredients and substances that will help you to suppress your appetite.

To make the Plexus Slim powder work, all you have to do is to:

  1. Get a glass or a shaker bottle
  2. Open 1 slim pack of your Plexus Slim powder
  3. Get it into your glass or shaker
  4. Pour in 12-20 ounces of water
  5. Mix or shake it well
  6. Drink it around 30 minutes before a meal (once a day)

If you want to experience much better (and faster) results, combine this powder with a Plexus Slim Accelerator. Formulas of both products were designed to be synergistic and used together, so do not try to use accelerator on its own.

Ingredients in Plexus Slim Old Formula (DISCONTINUED)

plexus slim ingredients

Plexus Slim

Ingredients: Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg), Plexus Slim Blend (530mg)

Proprietary blend: Green coffee bean extract (with chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid

Other ingredients: Polydextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet extract, stevia leaf extract, luo-han-guo fruit extract, guar gum, silicon dioxide

As you will learn below, there are several potent ingredients in the original formula of Plexus Slim pink drink. However, I have to say that producing company is hiding the precise amounts of individual ingredients that are included in their Plexus Slim blend – this is always a red flag for us.

Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg)

Chromium plays an important role with regards to stabilizing blood sugar levels in your body (and hence minimizing food cravings). I have found a good article about chromium that points out its role with regards to weight loss:

“Chromium supplementation is a simple method to improve blood sugar control in some people. Several studies have evaluated the effect of chromium on glucose levels with varied results, but a significant number of these studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization and decrease insulin requirements in patients with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.”

Plexus Slim Blend (530mg)

This special blend includes Green coffee bean extract (with chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract and alpha lipoic acid. There are a lot of articles and studies dealing with these three substances.

I really liked the article dealing with studies of Green Coffee Beans and weight loss:

“In a recent small, 22-week study, researchers gave 16 overweight adults low doses of green coffee bean extract (350 mg, twice a day), high doses of the supplement (350 mg, 3 times a day), or a placebo (3 times a day) for 6 weeks each with a 2-week break of not taking the pills between sequences. Subjects were encouraged to be physically active, but no dietary changes were recommended.”

“Results of the study, funded by Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (a company that manufactures green coffee bean extract) and published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, found that subjects who took the extract lost about 18 pounds on average — more than 10 percent of their body weight. No adverse side effects were noted.”

Cho, A. S., et al. (2010). “Chlorogenic acid exhibits anti-obesity property and improves lipid metabolism in high-fat diet-induced-obese mice“, in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 48(3).

From a plethora of articles dealing with Garcinia Cambogia extract, I would like to point out one by Dr. Axe, that is analysing it into details:

“Some studies have found that garcinia cambogia might, in fact, be able to help with low amounts of fat loss, plus some of the other health concerns mentioned above, although its effects are rarely strong or consistent. For example, research suggests that HCA works by blocking a certain enzyme called adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase, which contributes to the formation of fat cells.”

“Studies have also suggested that it’s possible that HCA found in garcinia cambogia can help lower someone’s appetite by increasing production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with calm, happy feelings and. therefore, sometimes appetite suppression, less cravings and reduced desire for comfort foods.”

There is a great and very detailed article on ALA and its effect on weight loss:

“While ALA is often touted as primarily a powerful antioxidant, ALA seems to have potentially beneficial effects on fat loss as well as prevention of further fat gain.”

“Multiple studies have shown that ALA stimulates the activation of an enzyme called 5’-adenosine monophosphate kinase (AMPK) in muscle and fat tissue. AMPK is the cells fuel gauge and switches it into a state that optimizes fat oxidation.”

Koh, E. H., et al. (2011). “Effects of alpha-lipoic Acid on body weight in obese subjects“, in The American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 124(1).

Other ingredients

These include substances, such as Polydextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet extract, stevia leaf extract, luo-han-guo fruit extract, guar gum, silicon dioxide.

Ingredients in Plexus Slim New Formula

New Plexus Slim ingredients

New Plexus Slim

Ingredients: Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg), Xylooligosaccharide (1,000mg), Plexus Slim blend (531mg)

Proprietary blend: Green coffee bean extract (with 50% chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid and Mulberry fruit extract

Other ingredients: Citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, beet root extract, cellulose gum, silicon dioxide

The official producing company has recently (at the end of 2016) launched a New Plexus Slim. Its formula is slightly different than its original version.

Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) (200mcg)

This substance is used in the old formula as well. You can see more about this ingredient in above section.

Xylooligosaccharide (1,000mg)

Everyone knows that without healthy guts you will have a much harder time when trying to lose weight. Luckily, this substance is a powerful prebiotic that supports a healthy gut flora:

“Although these data are controversial, they suggest that specific phyla, classes or species of bacteria, or bacterial metabolic activities could be beneficial or detrimental to patients with obesity. The gut microbiota is, therefore, a potential nutritional and pharmacological target in the management of obesity and obesity-related disorders.

Delzenne, N.M., et al. (2011). “Targeting gut microbiota in obesity: effects of prebiotics and probiotics“, in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, Vol. 7, p. 639-646.

Plexus Slim blend (531mg)

This special blend includes Green coffee bean extract (with 50% chlorogenic acid and less than 2% natural caffeine), Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid and Mulberry fruit extract. I have dealt with first three ingredients in the section above (dealing with the old Plexus Slim formula). However, there is one new ingredient added.

I have discovered an interesting research study that presents substances extracted from Mulberry fruit as very effective for weight loss and management in cases of high-fat diets (not in normal diets):

“The phytochemical constituents of a freeze-dried powder of mulberry (Morus alba L.) fruit (MFP) were determined. The hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of the MFP as a dietary supplement were evaluated in rats who were fed 4 weeks of either a high-fat or a normal diet supplemented with 5% or 10% MFP. Administration of MFP to rats on a high-fat diet resulted in a significant decline in levels of serum and liver triglyceride, total cholesterol, serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and a decrease in the atherogenic index, while the serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was significantly increased.

Yang, X., et al. (2010). “Hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of mulberry (Morus alba L.) fruit in hyperlipidaemia rats“, in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 48(8-9), p. 2374–2379.

Other ingredients

These include substances such as Citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, beet root extract, cellulose gum, silicon dioxide.

Ingredients in Supporting Plexus Products

Plexus Accelerator+

Ingredients: Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B6 (30mg), Folic acid (400mcg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg), Calcium (16mg), Chromium (150mcg), Proprietary blend (950mg)

Proprietary blend: Yerba maté extract, higenamine hydrochloride, hordenine hydrochloride, hawthorn extract, 5-HTP, green tea extract

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, rice flour, magnesium stearate & titanium dioxide

Plexus Block

Ingredients: Chromium (200mcg), White Kidney Bean 10:1 extract (200mg), Brown seaweed blend (500mg)

Brown seaweed blend: Acophyllum nodosum, Fucus vesiculosus

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate & silicon dioxide

Plexus Boost

Ingredients: Niacin (20mg), Vitamin B6 (30mg), Folic acid (400mcg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg), Calcium (16mg), Chromium (150mcg), Proprietary blend (608mg)

Proprietary blend: Citrus reticulata/Nelumbo nucifera blend, yerba maté extract, Carallumaluma fimbriata extract, green tea extract

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, rice flour, magnesium stearate & titanium dioxide

Few Side Effects You May Expect

young woman with headache

There is not a lot here to report regarding side effects because this is a dietary supplement based on substances extracted from nature. However, there are some negative user reports that include:

– Feeling of bloatedness, being gassy, nausea, stomach pain, constipation, dizziness, diarrhoea, fatigue & headache

Be extra cautious if you suffer from:

– Mental issues, heart and blood pressure problems, kidney disorders, liver damage, diabetes, and digestive problems

Better be safe than sorry, so do not take this supplement without consulting medical professional first!

2 Controversial Warnings for This Product

WARNING#1 Issued by Canada (February 7, 2014):

“The Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) warned consumers not to use these products as they were found to contain 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), a drug that is not approved for sale in Canada!”

WARNING#2 Issued by Australian Government (July 16, 2013):

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has tested Plexus Slim Accelerator capsules and Plexus Slim Accelerator 3 Day Trial pack capsules and found that:

  • They contain the undeclared banned chemical 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA)
  • Consumers are advised that DMAA is listed in Appendix C of the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP). Substances within Appendix C are of such danger to health as to warrant prohibition of sale, supply and use.

Risks associated with its use include high blood pressure, psychiatric disorders, bleeding in the brain and stroke.”

It’s important to say that the ingredients can change, and these warnings are dated back to July 2013 so they may be no longer valid. However, we have decided to keep these posted as we believe that history of a product is important as well.

Useful Results & Customer Opinions

woman with detoxing smoothie

Comment from Deborah (Positive)

“Thanks for your fine article! I began Plexus Slim to lose weight almost 2 years ago! Little did I know what was in store for me as I continued my awesome journey!”

“Since then, I have been taken off all meds and have become an active member in society now, thanks to Plexus helping my body to work the way that it was meant to work! I’m a new person thanks to the Pink Drink!”

“With all the ingredients in our foods these days, our bodies do not recognize a lot of them so they get stored in our organs, bones, joints, brains, etc.,, causing so many unexplained symptoms. And we all know that eating properly is very expensive, so going to all organic and unprocessed foods is a great idea, but it’s difficult to be able to do that and survive in today’s society.”

“Plexus actually helps to eliminate all the bad things our bodies store, I’ve seen so many people get well after being sick for years, just because they tried Plexus. Once you start feeling better, thinking clearer, and gaining more energy, you can very easily begin to do things that you weren’t able to before, so now, exercise, proper nutrition, and just making better decisions about your health are literally a piece of cake!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Tiffany (Negative)

“I tried the Plexus Pink Drink yesterday at noon, by 3 am I was itching all over. When I woke up this morning my eyes were swollen shut, I had hives on my ears, chest elbows hands fingers and legs.”

“Thankfully I was able to get into the DR right away, I was having a horrible reaction to it!!! Now going on 24 hours since I took it my chest is so incredibly tight and sore, and it is incredibly hard to breathe… It looks like this isn’t for me!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Maude (Positive)

“It works, I was the same as you! Actually, I had tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked…then I tried it and in one week I went from being tired and depressed because I didn’t have the energy to get up and do anything (much less exercise). In a week I had lost 8 pounds and I was running again. I highly recommend it.”

“I’m 61 years old and I was always a size 8 and weighed 130, then I went through menopause. I gained 55 pounds and was miserable. I started taking it and now I am back to running again, lifting weights, feeling good and HAPPY. For the first time in years I am really HAPPY. I won’t stop taking it, even when I reach my goal I want to keep it off and it helps you do that too. I’m a firm believer in it!”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Morgan (Negative)

“After using Plexus Slim diligently and correctly for one month, I came away with 6 extra pounds (5’3, 125 normally) and crazy horrible hormone fluctuations. In the 2 months since coming off of Plexus, my PMS has lasted 2 full weeks and is just miserable (mood swings, extreme bloating, depression, etc). I never struggled with this before. Anyone else has this issue??”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Beth Ann (Positive)

“I have to tell you from personal experience: I use Plexus, My husband saw the results I was getting and he started it too…While I have no problem buying two monthly supplies of the Plexus and the accelerator for us, because the results have been great….it IS pricey.”

“By simply signing up as a consultant/ambassador etc for the product I save a considerable amount each month. (when someone asks if I’ve lost weight, I tell them YES, and ONLY if they ask what I did, will I share the Plexus story)”

“Right now I simply use the product for maintenance 4 days a week. I have MS and while there is no MIRACLE cure for that, Plexus has helped me balance other issues caused by the medication I AM on for this disease. I suffer from low blood sodium, low vitamin B and D and fluctuating glucose levels, as well as very low energy levels (I tire very easily).”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Heidi (Positive)

“First of all, I had a long list of health problems(migraines, nausea, fatigue, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, problems with sun and heat, severe pain) was very sick and couldn’t walk, cut my food, dress myself … for 6 years… I can’t eat processed foods or take medicines from a doctor….”

“My body has a hard time with both… so I to got on Herbalife there I at least had food, something to get in my system… love our supplements, cold processed and really getting into the body… and I lost 40 pounds 32 inches…. do not have all the health issues, I have my psoriatic arthritis, but I have control of it, instead of it controlling me…. psoriasis, I still get, it’s amazing.”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Comment from Christina Anthony (Positive)

“I just started taking Plexus Slim too, along with one accelerator and listen to my body so when I begin to feel a bit of that racing feeling you are talking about, I drink water… which is what is recommended and I think that feeling comes on as my body is depleted and toxins need flushing I need more water. As soon as I have a large glass of water, that feeling is gone.”

Read over comments like this below this review.

Overall, customers are not always sure about this product. Some are remarkably positive about it while others complain about few issues and side-effects.

Best Place to Buy Plexus Slim

new official plexus slim website screenshot

This is how official website of Plexus Slim looks like –

These days, it is easy to get scammed when making your purchase through the internet, especially in the case of weight loss pills and supplements. That is why we always recommend making your purchase through the official product website.

It is called – – and one month supply of Plexus Slim (if you take it only once a day) will cost you $84.95 (old formula). Sadly, you can not purchase new Plexus Slim formula through the official website at the time of writing but I will keep you updated. Purchasing your product through the comes with several advantages.

Money back guarantee

The official product website points out that you can try Plexus Slim risk-free for 60 days. Your purchase is protected by a very advantageous money back guarantee that is valid for 60 days since you make your purchase.

Here is a citation from their guarantee page:

“If you are unsatisfied with a product, you have a full 60 days from the date of purchase to request a full, prompt refund. No hassles, no questions.”

“To request a refund, simply contact Customer Service at 480-998-3490. One of our agents will get to work quickly processing your refund and answering your questions.”

“This guarantee can only be used once per product and excludes certain promotional items. If you have purchased a Plexus product directly from your Ambassador, your Ambassador will issue a refund to you.”


As far as shipping goes, I have managed to get this list of countries where the official e-shop ships their products:

– The United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

As you can see, buying your Plexus Slim on the official product website (or an official Ambassador) is much safer as your purchase will be protected by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Price of Products

The Plexus company produces a lot of products for weight management, not only the Plexus Slim. However, all these products are quite expensive. Just have a look:

  • Original Plexus Slim (30 Day Supply) = $84.95
  • New Plexus Slim (30 Day Supply) = $87.95
  • Plexus Accelerator+ (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Plexus Boost (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Plexus Block (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Original Plexus Slim & Accelerator+ Combo= $114.95

If you ask me, paying over $100.00 for a monthly supply of weight loss pills that you are not 100% sure will work for you is overkill. Especially when there are more affordable options on the market these days.

Just imagine that losing a significant amount of body fat will take you at least 3-6 months. That would be around $350.00-$650.00 for something that you are not 100% sure will work for you.

Final Verdict: Promising Solution to Losing Excessive Pounds

Product Overview

Product name: Plexus Slim
Producing company: Plexus Worldwide
Official website:
GNC offer: Not available
Amazon offer: Yes (see offer)

I have to say that the formula of Plexus Slim includes many potent ingredients that are useful if you want to lose weight. These are often included in other appetite suppressants that are on the market these days. Although this product looks really promising, it comes with a few drawbacks.


My biggest issue is its price. You will pay around $84.95 for a one-month supply. However, you can get much more sophisticated and efficient weight loss pills for under $70.00 per month.

Formula not completely transparent

The second problem I see is the fact that manufacturing company does not declare precise numbers for individual active ingredients used in their “Plexus Slim blend“. They only declare how much of this blend is used overall.

Don’t forget to read other reviews of Plexus Slim on reputable websites like, or

If you are convinced that this product is the right solution for you, then I highly recommend getting your hands on this product directly through official product ambassadors and a website – This way your purchase will be covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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  • patriotazdes

    They only honor auto orders. If you try to order a one time they never send you the product you order. Too pricey and bad customer service. Only ones who make money are the ones who started it, so don’t think you can make money with this program. It does cause weight loss,however.

  • Nate

    About DMAA: This is a response from Plexus when asked about DMAA.

    Good Afternoon Nate

    Thank you for contacting us and for being a valued Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. We would be delighted to assist you with your request!

    The original Accelerator contained an ingredient called Gerana X (DMAA or DIMETHYAMYLAMINE) – once we found out that this ingredient was not going to be allowed, we proactively reformulated the product to Accelerator+. Our new Accelerator Plus is allowed and none of our products contain DMAA (DIMETHYAMYLAMINE).

    If you should require additional assistance with this matter, please reply directly to this email. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to us at 480.998.3490 or [email protected]. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. (Arizona Time) and Saturdays from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. (Arizona Time).

    With health and happiness,

    Ambassador Relations Center
    Plexus Worldwide, LLC
    9145 East Pima Center Parkway
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    [email protected]


  • Mae

    I’ve been using Plexus Slim since January 13, 2017. I received my first order on Friday the 13th, which was pretty weird! After 1 week, I lost inches, not weight. I weighed the same, but I was finally able to fit into my old jeans. I am an ambassador, and signed up for one only because I get a discount, but I don’t actually promote people joining. The business side sounds good, but I’ve been suffering with gluten intolerance since July of 2016. I went to the doctor and everything, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was not until I did my own research that I realized I was gluten intolerant, and the BRAT diet my doctor put me on was actually making me worse. I’ve never been through a more excruciating pain before in my life. I had a friend who kept recommending Plexus, but I didn’t care for it. Once I finally realized I was gluten intolerant I changed my diet, but I still wasn’t feeling better. Two months later, I caved. I was spending time with family and couldn’t actually enjoy my time with them because I felt so terrible. So I gave my friend a call and signed up to be an ambassador, again only for the discount. In ONE WEEK, I fit back into my old college jeans. I’ve always been small framed, so to give details, I went back from a size 5/7 to a true size 2/3! Not only that, but I had so much energy about me. I also ordered the BioCleanse and the ProBio. It’s been just over a month, and I feel like I’m 20 again! I’ve read a lot of negative reviews, and I can understand it’s not for everyone. But the Slim Drink along with the BioCleanse has dramatically reduced the gluten in my system. No lie, I would have serious pains if I had even 1 Pringle chip. Now, I can eat a small amount of gluten and be okay. I’ve actually started my own Facebook page to help my friends who might be going through the same thing. I’m sorry to hear Plexus doesn’t work for everyone; it didn’t work for my sister. But for those it does work for, it’s a huge blessing. To finally feel normal again and know I’m on the way to be healed is completely priceless. The doctor prescribed me medicine that was $95 WITH insurance, so to pay $100 for the combo of Plexus Slim, BioCleanse and ProBio5 that actually aids me on my road to healing is totally worth it to me. Again, I’m not making money off of this! Nor do I care to. I’m just happy that I’m 30 and finding a way to enjoy the rest of my life without being in extreme pain.

  • Karen

    I took Plexus Slim and used the accelerator a few years ago. I started having seizures after I had been taking it for a while. I have been reading comments on different websites and have found that I am not the only person who this has happened to. I never had a seizure in my life and it does not run in my family. I have to take medicine for the rest of my life now because of the seizures. This has caused me to have 2 car accidents, a broken back and just a lot of worry and stress. If anyone else has had this problem, I’d like to know about it. Thank you for your time. [email protected]

  • Heather Messick

    I started using Plexus Slim after being desperate to find something to help me with reflux. I had friends who took Plexus Slim and raved about how they had been able to discontinue their reflux medication. My prescription medications were not working for me and I had also heard about new side effects that I was not crazy about. So, I started taking Plexus Slim. Almost immediately, my reflux improved. In fact, it was almost gone. I was able to discontinue taking one of my reflux medications and only take one small tablet at night, just in case I need it. I can’t say enough good things about Slim. And, the added bonus … I have lost some weight, too, because it controls my cravings.

  • Morgan

    After using Plexus Slim diligently and correctly for one month, I came away with 6 extra pounds (5’3, 125 normally) and crazy horrible hormone fluctuations. In the 2 months since coming off of Plexus my PMS has lasted 2 full weeks and is just miserable (mood swings, extreme bloating, depression, etc). I never struggled with this before. Anyone else have this issue??

  • Mandy

    You are aware that your Canada warning is actually an Australian warning right? The TGA is an Australian organisation and while other organisations in places like Canada may take that warning into consideration they are not bound by the TGA warnings or bans. The TGA tends to be more conservative than other organisations, I think of it as “The Island Effect”. Australia is an island and for some reason it means the Aussie market is missing some things or approval can take longer. Canada is not an island and is not as conservative because it’s close to major markets like the UK, US and Europe.

  • Sheby

    Signed up as an ambassador because my wifes friends told her it worked, after 3 months and almost 500$ she decided it wasn’t worth the expense so I “tried” to cancel by calling and emailing only getting automated responses. I finally had to cancel my debit card to get them to stop billing me. To me is a scam but that’s only my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Plexusslim products now for the health of your dog? Do you people have any pride?

  • Jiji

    in my opinion the best way to manage your health is first to eat more REAL FOODS provided they’ve not been genetically modified or so chemicalized that they become a problem in themselves. The second thing to do is to MOVE. This does not necessarily mean spending hours in the gym but rather doing anything that at the bare minimum gets your heart rate up and breaks a sweat. If you love to dance then pop in some upbeat music and break a sweat or go for a power walk. If you have kids spend 30 minutes playing with them so you all get your workout at the same time. The third is to keep stress to a low level. Remember if you can’t change it then you can’t worry about it. Easier said than done, I know but it’s good to keep that in perspective. Next is sleep. Yes, our body needs to shut down and rejuvenate or it will break down. in addition, most people need a good organic wholefood supplement just because getting everything we need daily from our foods is often not feasible due to today’s lifestyle. Do these and any other healthy habits you come up with. Of course consult with your doctor but here’s a GREAT TIP – next time you see your doctor instead of “what can I take” ask the doctor “WHAT CAN I DO”. That does not mean flush your prescription down the toilet but if you DO the right things long enough you might reduce what you TAKE. Personally, I try daily to live by all of these principles.

  • RR

    Lots of comments regarding the products. I find it interesting that on the initial sign in they ask for your SS# and date of birth? In the wrong hands all the info that they ask for can be dangerous. I wonder how secure their data base is? Any comments?

    • Anonymous

      Your not well if you give anyone you don’t know your SS#. But, especially a MLM company such as PS. MLM companies are by far the most unethical business models on the face of this planet, and responsible for millions of people losing billions of dollars each year.

    • Jiji

      No one should ask for your SSN if all you’re doing is buying products as a customer. Now if you’re signing up as a Representative to sell their products then yes your SSN might be required in order to generate a 1099 for you at the end of the year. I’m a health coach and can direct you to to great products and lifestyle habits to achieve the results you need. You can inbox me at [email protected]

  • Aiming for health

    The FDA contacted all health supplement companies regarding removing any possible source of DMAA. Plexus Worldwide removed that ingredient from their formula. It is not currently in any supplement.

  • Just me.

    I have a friend who sells Plexus. They claim that it isn’t about the weight loss… is about getting healthy. The weight loss is secondary and slow. And they claim that you can get off all your meds……..I think it’s a bunch of bullshit. If this cured all your ailments…..all the doctors in the world would be out of business………and we would all be healthy and skinny.

    • Anonymous

      PS is a fraud just like the MLM company Vemma, which was just ruled by the courts to be a pyramid scheme. Look out Plexus, you may be next, and you will be if you continue to perform business as you are now. Lies, lies, and more lies!!!!.

  • Plexus is not a cure all, don’t expect to take any diethealth supplement, and still eat doughnuts and sweet tea and sit around and watch TV and expect to still lose weight/get healthy….I have not found anything that will do that. We need to do our part and our research, not every diet or strategy will help everyone.
    That being said, my Gastroenternologist told me to stay on the Probio5 probiotic as I have had fairly good success with it helping my IBD. Not cured, but alot less urgency and mishaps. I’m grateful. If you want to hear my story message me here:

  • Richard Randall Contratto

    How can a doctor tell how much of each ingredient is in PS? That info isn’t provided on the label. Why hasn’t Plexus Worldwide ever published any data to substantiate their “subtle but effective” claims? The reason is simple, if there was ever a controlled study, it would show that only a few people notice any real benefits from the product. But for those who think anecdotal evidence from someone they don’t know is sufficient, here is the results of may Plexus journey vs working out and eating right. Two years ago I was 203 lbs. I did the Focus T25 workout, and followed the nutrition guide the best I could. In 90 days I had lost 30 lbs. and had really good muscle tone. For the next 12 months I continued eating well, and walked 1-3 miles a day for cardio. I was able to maintain a weight of 175 lbs. Then I heard about Plexus Slim from a relative. I decided to give it a try, to see if I could lose an additional 8-10 lbs. I took Plexus Slim for 3 months, and drank the prescribed amount of water. No change to my nutrition, as it was already spot on. Side effects I experienced were, cramping, bloating, and constipation. I didn’t try the Plexus Bio because I was already taking a reputable brand of probiotic. At the end of the 90 days I had lost 4 lbs. My conclusion is that exercise and healthy nutrition were much more effective than Plexus Slim. Since then, I have checked and Plexus still doesn’t offer any published data from controlled study groups. They claim to have tested 8 diabetics in 2008, but haven’t published the actual data. Not to mention the price. Of the ingredients posted on the label, only two of them have any potential for changing blood sugar levels. Those ingredients are available for much less money from any health food store. IMHO people who lose weight using Plexus Slim fall into two groups. Those who take the product and drink as much of the water as recommended, and those who start eating better, and begin to exercise as well as taking Plexus Slim. Both groups may lose weight. The group who just drinks the extra water and the pink drink are always full from water and likely eating less, so they may lose a little. Those who eat better, and work out and take the pink drink will lose more because they are burning calories and eating good calories. For me the choice is clear. Plexus isn’t a magic bullet, and because they have never to date published any scientific data to back up their ify claims like, “may” and “have been shown to” coupled with the fact that they are extremely overpriced for what is in them, I don’t recommend them. Proper nutrition can be found in natural foods, and reliable supplements that have been tested and proven effective, and can be purchased in any health food store. That coupled with a good exercise program is the key to weight loss, and good health. The money a person spends on Plexus Pink for 6 months would be better put to use in buying new clothes after 3-4 months of good exercise and nutrition.

  • thelma carter

    I’ve been taking pink drink, biocleanse n probio5 for around 5 months now, blood sugars r normal range, m of metformin, blood pressure stabilized m of coversyl but last sat I was rushed to emerg wth terrific stomach n back pain. I was diagnosed wth pancreatitis n my levels were at 244 whaen i entered the hospitwl n liver enzymes were out of whack. They can’t find the reason for it n suspect I may have had a stone in bile duct, m currently waiting for an mri to possibly find a cause n also to make sure there’s no damage to pancreas. Has any1 else ever experienced this while on plexus?

    • Pete

      A friend of mine, who is an ambassador with PS, had almost the same experience. She developed stomach pain, went to the doctor and diagnosed with high liver enzymes. She then developed pancreatitis. They ended up taking out her gallbladder.

  • Jennifer Beaman

    I took the Bio-Cleanse after a family friend swore to me that it could alleviate and in some cases “cure” fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic pain, IBS, …. So I tried it. I was trusting someone so invested with the company that she was bringing home thousand dollar paychecks! She had to know what she was talking about, right? Well after three weeks of complete misery (I was miserable the first week but gave it more time because my Ambassador friend swore that I probably was not taking it correctly and that maybe I should take the Slim with it and the Pro-Bio 5 too. So I did). MISERY. I was already suffering from abdominal cramps and this made it ten times worse. Plus it made me feel like I was going to pass out on occasion, made me have liquid diarrhea, and sometimes I was not even sure I would make it the restroom in time. Steer clear of this junk. My friend is making a lot of money doing this pyramid scheme type of selling and did not have one care that it made me feel terrible. She just told me that unfortunately it does not work for a small percentage of people. This product is not curing or alleviating one single thing on its own. People are losing weight because they are restricting their diet and moving their body. People may see positive changes in cholesterol or blood pressure or even diabetes because of the same reason. Because they are eating healthier and exercising. It is NOT because of anything Plexus and their products are doing.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for the pain and suffering this idiot ambassador caused you. Just because she got lucky and made a few buck does not make her an authority on nothing when it comes putting this junk in someone’ body. She could less about your health and well being, just your pocketbook. You have to remember that there a few MLMers out there that do the job right, but most are money hungry scumbags.
      As a matter of fact this person that told you the PS product cured Fibro. is going against FTC, and FDA regulations and she and PS can get in serious trouble for this. PS has already received a warning letter from the FTC for making false claims.

    • Alli

      Hello! I have to give you my experience only because I think I lasted a bit longer than you. I had a similar experience, liquid diarrhea, cramps, extreme fatigue and all, but I was told to wait it out because this was a sign that it was working, so did. (I was SO desparate-I needed to lose weight, had to take meds with worse side effects than diarrhea, had IBS and was in constant pain because of my back and plantar fasciitis, so excercise wasn’t an option at this point). After about two more weeks of misery and bathroom issues, one day it just went away and left me with bathroom regularity for the first time ever, I started to lose size (the weight came much slower), bloating went away, and I have even been able to start running again, because my pain is gone, which is something I thought I’d never be able to do again. I ate REALLY bad before (5 bottles of soda a day and at least one candy bar as a pick me up in the afternoon), so eating right came slow, but I was willing to work at it, realizing how badly I had ruined my digestive system with poor nutrition and all the meds I had to be on. I’m sure any additional weight I lose now will be thanks to diet and excercise, but honestly, without Plexus as a tool to help me clear my gut out and take the cravings away, I would have never been able to do it.

    • Maite

      That is the way this product work, the way you were feeling was your bodys way of cleaning out your body.

      • Anonymous

        WHAT?!!!!!!!! You better learn how to recite exactly what your upline is telling you.
        You may be excommunicated from the cult. lol

  • nicole

    My husband and i spent $1,366 on plexus last year and did not lose any weight. We tried everything they said… And we lost Nothing. We tried plexus slim with accelerator, boost, bio-cleanse, pro biotic, and the block. They automatically renewed my ambassador membership, now I am trying to call them to get a refund and I sit on hold up to 20 minutes everytime. I got about 10 people to try this “magic drink” with me and none of them had success either.

  • Becky Green

    To the people that are posting on here, all the negatives. More power to you if you feel so justified. Anyone can find fault with any products, both prescription based and non prescription based. In my opinion if you have to take prescriptions of any kind, you will absolutely find side effects, and negatives. Haven’t you ever read some the warning labels on everyday scripts for HBP, Thyroid, etc. Most prescriptions are derived from chemicals and synthetics. The Pharmaceutical companies are rolling in billions at our expense, and polluting out bodies. So, prescription drugs are in my opinion much worse. So, quit trying to make the Plexus group sound bad. Sure, some people experience side effects, and some don’t. Every Body is different. Plexus folks have found a solutions that works, maybe not for everyone, but that is okay. When you find a cure for everything that is good for you. Let us know okay! People have to find what works for them, and if they are getting results and are willing to spend the money on Plexus, then that is their choice. I’m not an Ambassador, and have no interest in selling Plexus, but have seen people with Crohn’s Disease, MS, Thyroid and Weight issues have powerful results. If that is the case, how can a synthetic chemically based drug be better for you! Get real and lose the negativity.

    • Anonymous

      Becky Green

      If you’re not a MLM simpleton, you should be. Have you been keeping up with PS. Not only are their present products bad, but so is the company.

      People probably wouldn’t talk so negative about PS, if there weren’t so many “negatives” to talk about.

      Here is my take on your ‘bashing of “Big Pharma”:

      To me people who use the pharma conspiracy argument is like saying that because cars crash a lot the true objective of auto manufacturers is to keep you crashing so you have to buy more cars.

      It’s like common sense goes out the window and they expect far more from pharma than what it can actually provide.

      Don’t you get it? Architects build houses out of wood that CATCH ON FIRE so you have to buy a new house! That’s why living in a cave is a much better option. lol

      Bottom Line: Bringing up FDA side effects is often a “red herring” designed to get the person to focus on FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT, and not the proven effectiveness of a product. Just another deceptive mechanism that all MLM uses to scam people out of there hard earned money.
      Becky, next time you, or a love one has to go to the ER, think about your reasoning on ‘Big Pharma”. I think I would leave my PS junk at home. lol

      • Joann

        Yeah, I am with Becky on this one. Gotta love those side effects from the newest, latest and greatest drug that seems to come out every couple of weeks. “May cause death” “May cause blindness” “May cause heart attack”. Oh yes, please sign me up for medication because I SOOOO trust the FDA as far as can throw them. BIG PHARMA is a scam! Every drug has a side effect so you can grab another drug to counteract that drugs side effect and the domino effect continues. Now I am no user of Plexus Slim or an Ambassador. I thought of selling it and giving it a try but with all the negatives, I just chose not to and decided against it, however, if I had a choice to take a pharmaceutical drug or Plexus to lose weight, I’d go with the Plexus any day instead of something so toxic like a prescription drug! NO THANK YOU!

        • Anonymous


          The approved medicine from the FDA, despite the rare risks, has been shown to be effective for a particular malady via clinical tests and earned FDA approval. The health MLM product, PS, has not demonstrated any particular effectiveness for any malady, except for a few fat people giving testimonials, which in my opinion, are worthless and carry no credibility.
          Now, in a life, or death situation that involves you, or one of your love ones, which product would you choose.
          As for as weight-loss in concerned, common sense, and any doctor will tell you diet and exercise are the way to go.

        • Mika C.

          Have you ever had a chronic DX? One without a cure. One that will affect you for the rest of your life. Or have you ever lived with someone with a chronic DX? I hope not, bc it usually causes an intense amount of suffering to that person and those closest to them. You’re right, the “Big Pharma” do make ridiculous amounts of money of the backs of hundreds of thousands of needy ppl. But then, it’s also ridiculously expensive and hard to get backing and finance for clinical trials and research. So how far down the chain can we go? It’s also ridiculously expensive to get a decent education anymore. And for many, some treatment that makes your life livable is better than no treatment. Ppl with mental illnesses or chronic illnesses are at the mercy of what’s available. And no not everyone benefits equally, just as not everyone has the same side effects or even the same severity of side effects.

          You may find this interesting: when a test or trial is scientifically conducted, EVERY SINGLE symptom a person has while in that trial must be reported, EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DRUG, bc it’s a study obviously, and they need it on record. They need it for reference, in case it ever does become a determined side effect. Everything from a tiny headache or a little cough or congestion to a severe migraine or nausea or diahrea. These are the same things that could’ve been from a flu bug or food poisoning from something they ate or an allergic reaction to the seasonal weather change. ALL of these “symptoms”—even if it was a result of something idiotic the person did and not the drug itself (and we all know how HONEST and forthcoming we all tend to be when we do stupid things), or even if the symptoms are the result of other annacounted variables in that person’s life, whether they are aware of them or not (i.e. undiagnosed illnesses, allergies, etc.)—ALL of them MUST be reported as a POTENTIAL side affect. So, if Jimmy died of a heart attack during the trial, and he didn’t know he had a major heart disease for the last “x” amount of time, it would still be reported as a POSSIBLE side effect. Or if Harry got heartburn bc he ate too much spicy Italian food (btw real Italian food is very bland with no spices at all—I mean like the food IN Italy), while he was in a clinical drug trial to prevent heartburn, then it would be recorded as a POSSIBLE side effect, even though it may or may not have had anything to do with the drug itself. But, the heart disease and the pizza would NOT be reported. And many times things go unreported bc ppl just don’t even think about them or think they have any relevance.

          I had always wondered (myself)—about those crazy warning labels and commercials, but it wasn’t until I got grad school as a psych major that I found out why. So it very well could be that Jimmy died bc of the drug he was on. And it could be that he died bc of his heart disease, and it may have had nothing to do with the drug. And we may never find out, bc usually autopsies are not performed unless there is suspicion of foul play (i.e. murder, etc.). But bc it was a trial or research program, everything has to be reported. But not all the circumstances or variables that could’ve also caused the potential side effect has to or can be reported, especially with all the HIPAA stuff. So, since Jimmy didn’t know he had heart disease, and therefore didn’t report it, it would go down as a POSSIBLE side effect. In the meantime, perhaps he was the only one out there of “x” amount of ppl, and perhaps the drug helped save “y” amount of ppl, but on the label and commercial, it will be reported as a POTENTIAL side effect.

          So yes, there are benefits to doing things “naturally” and safely, but modern medicine has also saved/helped many lives that would’ve been harmed or snuffed out bc there were/are no “natural” cures. I don’t take PS, and I’m not a rep of them either, but Ik it’s making a stir where I live, and ppl r recommending it for all kinds of things. Fibromyalgia and diabetes are two things I’ve been hearing it “cures.” And perhaps for some ppl it has helped. But then, you should also consider there are other variables that could account for their cure too, that are NOT being accounted for. Very similar to the comment posted below by the dieter who lost 30 lbs by healthy eating and excercise, and then lost 4 lbs. by healthy eating, excercise, AND PS. And incidentally, everyone has different genetics, blood type (yes blood type is relevant bc it affects how your particular body will react to certain foods and chemicals on a cellular level/digestive level—and is also the reason some ppl fall asleep after a big meal and some ppl wanna go throw up after the same meal), and other variable factors in their lives. These all could cause one person to go on this diet and lose 100 lbs, and another person to barely touch it and have a violently adverse reaction—all that have nothing to do with PS itself. But if PS is not being forthcoming about any actual clinical trials or any info concerning harmful or toxic ingredients, then YES that IS plausible cause for concern—at least as much scrutiny as any other Pharma would be for any drug they put out. Especially when it’s being sold to the GENERAL PUBLIC (not patients with a specified DX like a Pharma would need to target) and being hailed as the new “Holy Grail” of diets that is completely natural and safe.

          The higher they go, the more responsible they become, bc the more lives they are impacting for better or worse—regardless if they are completely 100% “natural” or not. Remember there are many 100% “natural” substances in nature too that are toxic or harmful to humans. I personally think that a healthy diet and excercise are key to living a healthy life, but I also appreciate that ppl with mental disabilities and physical ailments or vulnerabilities can get some relief or help or cures from medicine too. Sometimes the “natural” won’t cut it bc the person is suffering “UN-naturally” (? sorry, corny joke Ik but I just had to say it).

      • Jiji

        Quite frankly I think your blanket argument contradicts itself but that’s just my opinion and I respect yours too. Just like prescription drugs work for some and not for others so does none prescription supplements. I have never used PS nor do I intend on using it but I’m sure there people it has worked for. White wine gives me a headache but there are millions if not billions of people that enjoy it daily with no headaches. Now occasional glass of red wine I enjoy but I’m sure someone out there does not. Having said that and just like in all facets of life – there are some scum supplements out there and one has to check out the science behind the products. Stay blessed

    • Agriculture

      Brainwashed? I think so!

  • Brenda

    Very Disappointed…. I was on Plexus for 1 1/2 months did not lose one pound, did not feel more energetic, and did not feel healthier. I took it more to get healthier, and could lose an extra 10 pounds, but none of that happened. That was not even the disappointed thing, worst of all I sent it back for my refund due to the 60 day guarantee and OMG what a joke!!!! I called on April 7th and returned the left over product that day, they received it on the 9th. I Called then today on the 20th because I had not seen my refund and was told it can take up to 60days to get my money back. Today they are working on refunds that were submitted on April 2nd and since mine was submitted on the 7th they would probably not get to mine for another 7-10 days. My comment to her was is there that many refunds that need to be processed?????? She said yes! If that does not tell you anything right there then go ahead and waste 150-250 dollars a month! The only reason people are losing weight on this is because they are doing what they should have done in the first place is watch what they eat, drinking more water, and exercising. I was already doing that so I guess that is why I have not lost anything!!!!

  • birdieblue

    It is funny how people want “products” to help them and their diseases or be “healthy” Have you all considered eating REAL FOOD? Almost all weight loss products claim they are Natural, and the BEST. there is about 64,000,000,000 diet books/products.. ok I may be exaggerating but, its darn near there. Plexus and all these other get rich quick down the pyramid of people and “we only care about the thousands of dollars we make to stay home, not about what it is actually doing to people” How about we promote eating healthy with your intake of phytonutrients, protein, carbohydrates, lipids, fat and water soluble vitamins, getting your recommended daily dose of what your body needs to function each day. I have seen amazing results and even reverse of diabetes with a Plant-Based diet…. yes it is NOT a product, but actually eating REAL food, not food made in a factory then covering it up with a product. I have seen people come off these products and they put back on the pounds and then some. Yes you will lose weight like the rest, but you are paying 100’s of dollars a month for a product. Eating healthy and not consuming all types of products will get you the same results, no long term side affects. Do your research. Eat Real FOOD filled with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals that our body needs and thrives for daily. I understand getting back into eating the food that is meant for us can be hard after eating processed food for years, but you can do it, you really can. (I don’t want to sound like ranting, but this really gets me when people push new fads!) I highly recommend “The China Study” by Dr. T. Collin Campbell. 20 year intense study on nutrition… then you will really think twice about Plexus and other companies and realize you don’t need any of those weight loss products.

  • Anonymous

    What a throw to think that I read a lot of complaints at some other website! Also, I went to a Pink Plexus party today, and the ambassador talked sexist talk! Also, he said that people reported losing 10 or more pounds in one month! I have taken six units of Food & Nutrition at a junior college! The registered dietition said that losing more than five pounds a month is unhealthy!

  • Breanna
    • Sheena

      I would like to point out that your website quotes Web MD which is not a very reliable website for medical information. Second I would like to point out that Ambassadors encourage people to talk to their personal doctors before starting the products to both make sure that it is safe for them and it doesn’t interfere with any of their meds. I am an Ambassador for Plexus and I tell my customers the facts and then tell them to print the ingredients and take them to their doctor to talk to him/her. It is not our job to make sure the customer has done that, that is their responsibility. Yes, some of the ingredients can have interfere with medications and cause serious side effects. However if the customer spoke to their doctor first it could have been avoided.

      • Anonymous

        It is entirely up to you to follow up on your customers to make sure they consult their doctors before taking the “JUNK”. When you convinced the customer he, or she should use PS, it became your obligation to make sure the customers followed up on your advice to make sure the products were safe.

      • shari

        I have about 20 friends who constantly post about all the success they have with Plexus, and several are making their way up the chain, winning vacations, and cars, etc. NEVER ONCE have I ever seen them say to consult your doctor. Plexus is scary to me — 5 years from now what are all these people going to do when the product is gone, and they don’t have the crutch to eat healthy on their own?

      • Richard Randall Contratto

        How can a doctor tell how much of each ingredient is in PS? That info isn’t provided on the label. Why hasn’t Plexus Worldwide ever published any data to substantiate their “subtle but effective” claims? The reason is simple, if there was ever a controlled study, it would show that only a few people notice any real benefits from the product. But for those who think anecdotal evidence from someone they don’t know is sufficient, here is the results of may Plexus journey vs working out and eating right. Two years ago I was 203 lbs. I did the Focus T25 workout, and followed the nutrition guide the best I could. In 90 days I had lost 30 lbs. and had really good muscle tone. For the next 12 months I continued eating well, and walked 1-3 miles a day for cardio. I was able to maintain a weight of 175 lbs. Then I heard about Plexus Slim from a relative. I decided to give it a try, to see if I could lose an additional 8-10 lbs. I took Plexus Slim for 3 months, and drank the prescribed amount of water. No change to my nutrition, as it was already spot on. Side effects I experienced were, cramping, bloating, and constipation. I didn’t try the Plexus Bio because I was already taking a reputable brand of probiotic. At the end of the 90 days I had lost 4 lbs. My conclusion is that exercise and healthy nutrition were much more effective than Plexus Slim. Since then, I have checked and Plexus still doesn’t offer any published data from controlled study groups. They claim to have tested 8 diabetics in 2008, but haven’t published the actual data. Not to mention the price. Of the ingredients posted on the label, only two of them have any potential for changing blood sugar levels. Those ingredients are available for much less money from any health food store. IMHO people who lose weight using Plexus Slim fall into two groups. Those who take the product and drink as much of the water as recommended, and those who start eating better, and begin to exercise as well as taking Plexus Slim. Both groups may lose weight. The group who just drinks the extra water and the pink drink are always full from water and likely eating less, so they may lose a little. Those who eat better, and work out and take the pink drink will lose more because they are burning calories and eating good calories. For me the choice is clear. Plexus isn’t a magic bullet, and because they have never to date published any scientific data to back up their ify claims like, “may” and “have been shown to” coupled with the fact that they are extremely overpriced for what is in them, I don’t recommend them. Proper nutrition can be found in natural foods, and reliable supplements that have been tested and proven effective, and can be purchased in any health food store. That coupled with a good exercise program is the key to weight loss, and good health. The money a person spends on Plexus Pink for 6 months would be better put to use in buying new clothes after 3-4 months of good exercise and nutrition.

  • grannyb

    My first month.. I noticed my first week that my energy was spiked and my pain in knees seemed too decreased so I able to walk longer distance. I am very passionate about walking.

  • candy

    I am lucky and do not have high blood sugar or blood pressure, but I started the slim, excellerator n cleanse on the, I felt lethargic, dizzyish ..I HOPE its cuz I took my drink n excellerator..n failed to eat for like almost hour n half, two hrs..can it make it drop too low if ur not following directions..I cut diet back hugely too..halp lol

    • All4Him

      Any cleanse can make you dizzy, lethargic, etc because it’s moving the toxins out. It’s a normal side effect when cleaning out the system. Perhaps start with one product at a time and give your system time to adjust. Check in with your ambassador and doctor. Also the products listed above should never be taken on an empty stomach. Use them as you would a supplement, or after breakfast.

    • Disclaimer

      Also made you lose your ability to spell and use proper grammar!

  • Dave

    My ex wife uses this. She lost a ton of weight, although it was in the beginning of her filing for divorce and the stress was horrible (I lost 20 lbs myself). My ex gained all her weight back and then some but I’m not sure she’s still using. This is an expensive product and another fad diet scam in my opinion. Always eat a healthy breakfast (Greek yogurt, plain oatmeal, fruit, etc.) and sensible lunch and dinner. The big thing is portions and exercise. Food is wonderful, especially good food, so why make life miserable being on a fad diet every other six months. Women are beautiful big or small just treat your man right.

    • Cynn

      This is about how to lose weight Not how you treat your spouse!

      • Mika C.

        LMAO. He does make it look nice in print tho…LOL?

    • Get_over_yourself

      Poor Cynn must be miserable

  • TexasPlexus

    Has anyone developed chronic bronchitis since starting Plexus products?

  • jennifer shaw

    I wason plexus and accelerator for about 7 months. I lost 42 pounds but I also worked out everyday and stopped drinking sodas! I started noticing the ingredients fir plexus was changing and I wasn’t feeling the same effects as before the changes .i contacted my ambassador and they had no clue about the changes til I told them. I stayed on it two more months and each month it was a different ingredient added or taken away. My weight loss came to a stand still. So I stopped it. 100.00 a month for nothing was getting to expensive. I have kept the weight off for a year and I think I might give the boost a try for the energy. I’m 43 and my energy is not there like it use to be. My question vani take just the boost by itself without the plexus drink without any side effects to see if its gonna work?

    • Danielle Nicole

      Yes you can! All except the accelerator can be used alone 🙂

      • Blessed Heart

        Actually as an ambassador the company states Boost and Accelerator were made as companions with Slim and should not be taken as a stand alone product.

        • Anonymous

          Blessed Heart
          Your company is lying to you , and inviting you to lie to other people. If slim is such a great product as advertised, why do you even need the Boost or Accelerator. It’s only a ‘gimmick” to get you to buy more product, and support those at the top of the pyramid scheme. But, if you, or anyone has any clinical proof that the Boost, or Accelerator, enhances the effects fr the SLIM, or vice-versa, let’s see it.

    • jesse

      Lol you actually think it was the product that did that wow you stopping drinking sodas and working out is what did it do not buy this crap anymore please they are scamming people big time. The ingredients in there have been shown to cause problems in many people and are banned in many places. Do some real research do not just listen to someone selling this crap.

      • Rich

        I think YOU need to do some research.
        The products have helped thousands of people.
        I lost 29lbs and got off of my blood pressure and cholesterol meds in 2 months with zero problems.

        • Anonymous

          Have you filled in all the blanks on your little story of losing 29 lbs. in one month. How big were you Rich, because I just bet what you loss was nothing but water weight. I wouldn’t do away with my meds just yet. Just typical PS bullshit from a typical MLM simpleton.

  • I am a Plexus worldwide ambassador, I became an ambassador after seeing the success my wife has had with products, but I still say that plexus is not for everyone, I have three customer who did not lose weight with plexus but 50 or more who have. Not all the negative reviews that you read on-line about plexus can be believed, you need to understand the mechanics of internet marketing to keep an open mind. Read my blog post here to learn how negative reviews are deceiving people.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you come over to “Supplement Geek, PS ingredients and side effects”. I believe you could learn some points to help in your endeavor.

  • rochelle

    Does the biocleanse cause indigestion for anyone?

  • Vanessa

    I take the plexus slim drink 30 minutes before breakfast and then have the accelerator capsule with breakfast. It tastes good and I have noticed inches gone. I don’t get jittery like I did with a few of the other medicines I ahve tried for weight loss. So far, I have lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks.

  • Anonymous

    So can someone just tell me the best way to take the Slim & Boost? Just want to get best results. Thanks.

    • Paris Plexus

      if you are taking the slim and boost together you need to eat and take it 30 mins after your meal

  • Josh

    The brand ambassadors and the Plexus websites claim benefits that can only be attributed to a “miracle drug” however they insist is not a drug, but can cure illnesses like a drug. Well, it seems like the FDA is not too happy about all these baseless claims without any medical trials.

    • Jen

      Thanks for your info. A friend is selling Plexus and I have considered purchasing it because of its health claims. I have Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis and am taking numerous medications, all prescription. My friend claims that I will have “complete remission and get off of all my meds” if I start using Plexus. I think I’ll check with my physician…yeah, I know I will. Have you seen an outcome from the FDA letter to Plexus?

      • Brittany

        Jen, I have Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and I’ve been in remission for a few years now and have only a few symptoms depending on the day – taking no medications or undergoing any treatments. I started taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator because I’m trying to slim down for my wedding in a few months. In my personal experience, I’ve seen a slight increase in my CD/UC symptoms since starting Plexus. It’s imaginable, but I’m seeing some great results and losing inches since I began Plexus. I just wanted to let you know as a CD patient you may want to be cautious depending on your condition. For me, with the weight I’m losing it’s worth it. My symptoms are very manageable though and I’m keeping a close eye on it so I don’t relapse.

        • cdsince2012

          I call bullshit. You cannot have both crohn’s and uc, now admit that you are lying to sell your product.

          • Melissa Higginbotham

            Actually you can have both CD and UC at the same time. I do as well. And no I do not sell any product of any kind. I came to read up on Plexus and the Comments. So unless you’re a gastrointestinal doctor hush up.

          • Tami Wells

            Have you looked into TruVison? I found a site on facebook that is Weight Loss Resources with Dr. Miranda. She has a lot of good information about intestinal issues and also has a blog. She use to take Plexus, but has changed for some reason. I hope this helps you. I have been trying to decide between Plexus and TruVision for a couple of months now.

          • Melissa Higginbotham

            I haven’t heard of it. I may look into. As a teenager I lived on nutritional shakes as my only form of food so I have a slight aversion to shake based diets. Plexus seems dangerous to me so no way I will be taking it.

        • Melissa Higginbotham

          Brittany, I have CD and UC as well. If you are having some symptoms unless they are years apart you aren’t in remission. So you took Plexus and saw an increase in symptoms but are ok with it? I don’t understand how you are okay with making yourself have a flare-up, that can be so dangerous. Since this is 5mths old I hope you are ok.

      • ArizonaSun

        I am in similar situation, but I’ve been using the “GREENS” products by ItWorks. They have seriously changed my life. Some days the pain was unbearable to the point I would not want to get out of bed. Now I take 2 doses of the berry Greens drink and 2 Greens chews daily. I will never in my life be without them, ever. My friend turn me on to the company and I ordered them from . They have a loyalty program and I just got $50 of free stuff after my 3rd month of auto ship.

        • DeeRamsey

          You’re so full of shit!

          • DDARN

            you’re full of shit if you are not taking your plexus,Dee!

          • Dave

            @DeeRamsey sure is feisty and has a dirty mouth. I think she needs laid….

      • Mir Wideman

        Hi Jen. I was just reading up on Plexus and I saw your comment. I’ve never tried Plexus so I don’t know about that, but I do know that a lot of people with Crohn’s Disease have had success with Shakeology. There are many testimonials from people who have tried Shakeology and seen a drastic improvement in their symptoms. Some have even reported that their doctors recommend they take it. I, personally, drink Shakeology every day and, while I do not suffer from Crohn’s, I have noticed that I am more regular and my stomach never hurts. It’s even helped to improve my skin. Here is a website geared toward Shakeology and I would definitely discuss it with your doctor and see what he or she says. Let me know if you have any questions! Hope that helps!

        • DeeRamsey

          You’re full of shit! You’re just trying to push your shakeology!

          • Dave

            Coming from someone taking, and probably “pushing,” Plexus.

        • Cheryl Ellis David

          Shakeology made my IBS 100 times worse so I had to stop taking it. Shame because I loved it. I showed it to my doctor who asked me what the hell was this stuff? Now I won’t go near it. Nice to be able to save the $130 a month.

      • Jill

        Hey Jen! I, too, have RA. I recently began using Plexus 3 months or so ago and I am LOVING it. No joke, it has helped with almost all of my symptoms, and the best part is that I’ve gotten off of my methotrexate for my RA completely! I take the pink drink (Slim) along with a few other things from Plexus. If you want to chat more, feel free to email me at [email protected] (old email address haha but still use it!). I’d love to share my “findings” with you because its absolutely helped!


      • Paris Plexus

        DO NOT make a decision until you talk to your Physician. No she can not claim that Plexus will put you in complete remission and get off all your meds. And Do not stop taking your meds unless your doctor tells you to. Plexus has helped many but Plexus is not a cure all.

        I am a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador, I as a Plexus Independant Ambassador am More Worried about Peoples Health And Wellness this is why i share my testimony. I thank God everyday for sending me in the Direction Of Plexus Worldwide without Plexus i would be still on My Blood Pressure meds and I would Still be running 500 + blood sugars or may not be running any Blood Sugars at all.

        I myself have been Using Plexus Products for over 4 months. I have type 2 Diabetes. I was on 4 shots a day and 1 1/2 pills a day, that was including 2 different insulins. My sugars where at the highest of 500 +. After taking Plexus for Three Weeks i could tell a difference my blood sugars dropped down drastically the lowest in that time was 134 i have never been that low. Also i have been on Blood Pressure pills for 13 years now I no longer take them my bp was 104/64 my high was 150/94.


        Everyones bodies are different and they react differently to different plant consumptions. What will not work for one may work awesome for someone else.






        Terry Lowe

        Independent Ambassador

        Plexus Worldwide

      • Anonymous

        This is what is sickening about MLM companies like PS. They make claims that are undoubtedly false and without any clinical data supporting them. Your friend, by referring to PS curing disease states, such as Crohn”s Disease, and Arthritis is not only breaking regulations of FTC, and FDA, but also going against PS policies. The warning letter PS received concerned this subject. They had 15 days to respond. But, as you can see, The ambassador simpletons are still ignoring the letter.
        Jen, whoever this person is, he is not telling you the truth. Ask him for proof that PS cures ANY disease. Trust me there is none.

        • Rick

          I have had Chron’s since 1983 seen many sides of it and many faces of it. I will tell you the best diet for me was Atkins. I think staying away from the processed flours and sugars in today’s foods is a big thing. Not sure about your situation if you have had resections of bowel but the fiber may be an issue. As mentioned above definitely talk with your Gastro doc.

      • Melissa Higginbotham

        Jen, I too deal with Crohn’s and UC. I have been researching this for a while and honestly I don’t have a good feeling on it. I would discuss it all with your PCP but more so with your gastrointestinal doctor. Since this is not FDA approved there is no telling how this could interact with Remicade or Humira or the sulfate drugs if you happen to be on one of them. Proceed with extreme caution. ( I do not sell a product line of any kind in case you were wondering.)

        • Jen, I have IBD as well, and I am better on Plexus, much less episodes than before. I am not cured, I will always have IBD. Whatever you do, IF you decide to try it,

          1. Don’t take the Bio-cleanse product at least not right away.

          2. Start all products at 1/2 dose and very slowly build up. You won’t see as quick of results this way but much less chance of flare up.

          3. Always start with the Probio5 first. This is the product that helped me the most with my IBD.

          If you have any questions, feel free to message me on FB:

          • Melissa Higginbotham

            What has your GI said about you being on this?

          • I didn’t see your question until now, but my Gastro doctor from Regional Gastro Group told me to stay on it!

      • Ok I never comment on blogs lol. But please don’t be mean haha. I am an ambassador with plexus (lets be honest) I grew up very health conscious and my mother owned a woman’s fitness center for y30+Years. I have several health problems mostly genetics. I researched it 7 months before finally purchasing. I also went over every ingredient. I ask everyone to know what you are putting in your body! Even FDA approved drugs need to be researched. I have seen myself get off several meds and lose weight. My husband huge skeptic just started and has lost in a month. I should say my doctors are all aware of this. I was going to hematologist for low iron (despite taking iron and multivitamins) and platelet counts. I can tell you now my iron and vit. D are both good. If you do decide to purchase PS or any Product do your research. It blows my mind that some ambassadors say this will cure anything. Yes I’ve seen amazing testimonials with it. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Look for yourself. It is not banned in other countries btw. lol. And I have never sold anything ever! I purchased as ambassador to get the cheapest price….my posts about my health generated questions. I am being totally honest and truthful with what it has done. Also, Biocleanse and Probio5 Do clean your gut. As someone who has done an actual detox naturally with great results (so hard so strict) I can tell you that detoxing makes you feel bad. Especially at first. Killing yeast in your body releases a toxin which triggers immune system and inflammation happens. It can cause a lot of things. Nothing is a miracle cure. And everyone has to make money. You don’t think the Pharmaceutical companies are making money??? They pay lobbyists to pander to FDA. BTW I worked in health care I know how drug reps are. Is that any different than MLM? This is just my opinion of course but please please please do your research. Don’t just go by anybody making claims. And no it will not work for everyone. But It is working for me. And Look on your food labels too. Anything with numbers and colors do not eat! Also a lot of stuff in our food is banned in Europe lol. So glad this article is published but don’t believe everything on the internet. Look at the ingredients for yourself. Ok I”m done lol. And if you don’t agree with me that is fine but there is no need to get personal and call people names. For goodness sakes we are adults.

    • cort

      They DO NOT claim it “cures” illnesses. The company even has it on their site that it does not cure illnesses.

      • Anonymous

        Then why don’t you relay that message to the ambassadors. They don’t seem to know what is written on the packaging, because they seem to think PS is a sure cure for every disease out there. But, there again, it’s MLM.

  • Jennifer

    You have to make changes! Can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect change, that’s insane! Plexus products help balance the body from the inside. It is not a weight loss supplement, its the most natural way to get healthy. But you can’t just take ANY supplement or medication for that matter, and expect a miracle! Plexus just makes the transition to a healthier lifestyle easier! I quit smoking and use my cigarette money to pay for Plexus. Double bonus! If it didn’t work for you no need to bash what’s working for millions, just quietly find what works for you!

  • EX Ambassador

    I was once an Ambassador , at first it was great, I actually lost weight, inches, and had tons of energy. But then it all stopped. So I thought ok maybe its like when you take Tylenol then after while it stops working and you try Advil. So I stopped taking it for 60 days went back on it. And guess what??? NOTHING, NO INCHES, NO LOSS IN WEIGHT. Then you gain it back. I fell into a financial crisis, so I had to stop ordering and make myself non-active. Guess what??/ not one word from my up-line (which is a family member) not one text nothing. The new accelerator is not worth a darn, So I say it is different for everyone, But very disappointed with it. It cost me 120.00 a month to keep the auto draft from kicking in which is 120.00 anyways. I figured it cost me roughly 1400.00 to be the same size I was when I started over a year ago.

    • Paris Plexus

      im sorry that your upline didn’t work for you. Yes Accelerator changed and was not a good as the first Accelerator. Now that People have told Plexus that they are not happy they have come up with a product called Boost and Block both are Awesome Products. i have had many of my customers change to the Boost and are losing weight but the new Block has been the big thing for blocking sugar and starch and carbs.

      i am really sorry you did not have a good experience with this and should hope you will not judge all ambassadors for the likes of the few whom did not do you the right service.
      If you ever decide you would like to try the new products i would be more than willing to help you and if it doesn’t work you get your money back.

      thanks again.

  • Pearse Emmet

    OK Want Some Real Facts? Allot of the comments on here are made by robots,its the oldest marketing trick in the book, use your competitors keyword “brand” to drive traffic to your page where you slate one product to big another one up. Look up scrapebox online the blog commenting side of it has the power to post all the negative comments on this blog and but admin ( not saying he is) to set up other accounts to post comments. Nothing online can be taken as gospel, now with that said I would say some of the comments here both for an against are true for the poster, not a single thing on the planet works for everyone. But you can not believe anything you read on blog, you can only take guidance, the proof come from trying the products yourself.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I’ll just have to try cocaine, to find out what I already know, and that is it is bad for you!! lol I think I’ll start smoking too, need to find out it’s bad for me also.
      Anymore facts, Mr. Emmet.

  • Lori

    I have been on it for 3 months and have lost 20 pounds, my blood sugars went down drastically, and it curbs my appetite. Im 47 so weight loss has been a real struggle. I also cut down on my carbs and sugar so im not sure if its the plexus but the no hunger really works for me. It doesnt make me feel funny either. I take it alone, never tried the accelerator. I think it works.

    • Rabble_Rouser

      Don’t you think your blood sugar went down as a result of cutting down on carbs and sugar or even possibly losing 20 pounds.

  • Sheree

    I tried the drink with the accelerator and got amazing results.It suppressed my appetite and gave me a huge boost of energy…along with around a 10 kg weight loss.
    A few months later I tried the drink on its own for a month with no positive affects at all

  • kristin

    For me it wasn’t just about the weight loss. After having my children, I was very moody, I felt my hormones were off balance and I did not know how to fix it. I didn’t want to talk to people, I was very short tempered with my husband, and could care less if he touched me or not. After one week on the Slim, ProBio5, and the Bio Cleanse my world was changed. I went from someone who was about to ask my doctor to put me on meds to the person I was 5 years ago. I felt 10 years younger and the weight coming off (slowly, but that’s the healthy way) was just a plus. If I never lost another pound I would continue to use it because of the way I feel. I’ll pay to not put the poison of an anti depressant in my system.

    • shellyl1971

      Tried Plexus for 3 months didn’t lose a single lb. Blood sugars never improved. Waited to clear up all signs of candida and tried again. 30 days not 1 lb lost. Called to cancel my 2nd shipment but they are closed when I get home and on the weekends. So they charge me before they ship and tell me it shipped Monday morning. When I check the tracking number it doesn’t even show in the system. I’ll never order and never recommend again. I also requested a refund which takes 3-5 days but charging my card is immediate. Never again. I’m sure this will be deleted but whatever

      • Paris Plexus

        where you drinking a lot of water? and not eating sugars and no pops?

        • Anonymous

          Drinking a lot of water? You drink lots of water, you urinate, and.possibly lose water weight. My urologist told me that drinking a specific amount of water each day is a myth.. He said you drink water when you are thirsty. We all know that not eating sweets, and no pops will help us lose weight.
          Paris, did it ever occur to you that if water helps you lose weight, an not eating sugars and pop, that there would be no need for PS. Oh yes, throw in a little exercise. Bam!! $100.00 plus saved.
          This is the deception that PS, and other MLM weight-loss companies engage in. Making people believe PS was responsible for their weight- loss, but in reality the watching your sweets, exercising, and etc. was the main reason.
          Paris, just like any other ambassador. or MLM person, your main goal is to swindle people out of their hard earned money to support your lifestyle.

  • Jackie

    The products have a very high approval rating because they work for more than 90% of the people who use them. If you aren’t getting results, there’s a simple, free, at-home test you can do to check for an overgrowth of Candida in your system, which can be the underlying cause of moodiness/irritability, difficulty in losing weight, lack of energy, etc. Candida overgrowth can also cause sugar cravings, bloating, anxiety and ‘brain fog.’ If your test comes back positive, the ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse can help get your Candida levels in check and then the weight may start coming off and you’ll start feeling better all around.

    • cadie

      Um a low carb diet and eating less refined simple sugars can get Candida levels in check. You don’t need this crap.

  • Sherri Batterton

    What is wrong with everyone….if it works state the positive…..if it doesn’t , just say it didn’t work for me…. why all the negativity…. sheesh people… Don’t need to go all into > what a waste of money” it has a money back guarantee so what”s the loss….. I am thinking of trying it so… if it works its all good for me and if it don’t, well disappointing….. Ill move on….

    • Jennifer

      If If you need an ambassador that has done a ton of research and continues to do so, feel free to contact me via email @ [email protected]

      • DeeRamsey

        This is another one who either didn’t read the post or its a blog bot!

    • Margie Turley

      Don’t get discouraged it is not a quick fix. It takes time and how much time depends on the individual. It would not be the 8 largest growing company if it didn’t work. Also projected gross will be a Billion dollars by next year. Proof is in the pudding. Just make sure to drink the water

      • DeeRamsey

        You didn’t even really read the post or this is a blog bot! Hmmmm?..

      • Anonymous

        What PS is seeing, is not true growth. True growth, or revenue comes from retail sales, not from ambassadors that are obligated to buy their own products in order to share in commissions. Your company is dependent on “recruitment’ for their revenue. And, this exactly why it is a “pyramid scheme”. Take the recruitment element out of the equation, and see how long your company last. Less than 20% of PS revenue is the result of retail sales.
        The only way for PS to continue to succeed, would be for there to be an unlimited amount of people available for recruitment. This is the lie that PS and other MLM companies tell their recruits. They say, “you will never run out of people.” Bullshit. Every market becomes saturated with product, and or people sooner, or later. There is a good chance that the PS is already saturated, and the company and the ambassadors are not even aware.
        With the products at PS not working any longer, there is no chance in hell they will ever be a billion dollar company.

    • jesse

      Because these MLMs effect peoples lives cause them major financial stress and promise things which just are not true you really think no one should speak up about this shit that goes on. Sorry I am not one to sit back and let crap companies like this exist the FDA is most likely going to take legal action against the company for all the false claims they have made anyways. Man I sure hope they get shut down, another supplement that is not even properly approved, This is why the health industry is so fucked up all to make a quick dollar never thinking of the people it hurts.

  • Mish Mosh

    I haven been “wasting my money and time” on this “JUNK” for 6 months now. I always eat good and exercise, I just had a baby so I thought I would give this a try to see if it works and maybe give me the BOOST the Ambassadors shove down your throat. Well NO surprise it does NOT work. It makes me feel sluggish, bloated, cranky, and everything else. It has actually caused me to slow down my weight loss process.

    I love how if you ask any questions they just say the same generic answers… Here are some of the BS responses I get…
    ” You need to drink more water” Excuse me I drink tons of water, but thank you> if I drink anymore water I will drown my insides.
    “Work out more” Excuse Me I already work out 5-6 times a week and switch up my work out routines. Then one told me ” Work out LESS”
    ” Eat More Calories” then I heard “Eat Less Calories”
    “Add this product it will help” or ” TRY the boost it is our “NEW” product and works so good”
    What a crock of Crap, and it is so sad that we fall for this stuff. That is exactly why the Diet industry is worth Million & Billions.
    People look to this crap and the people that push it as a way of hope.
    Look at yourself and make a change because you want too. Not because some “OVER WEIGHT” ambassador hyped it up so much to the point it gave you hope! I think that is also a huge RED FLAG almost every single person I have seen state they are an ambassador for this crap is over weight. Next time I will listen to my instinct. I am just another one to add to the list of people they tried to fool.

    Just makes me upset the people who sell this and created it are sitting back laughing all the way to the bank on this “JUNK”.

    Walks are free!! It doesnt cost $115.00 a month to take a nice relaxing walk outside. Just a thought!!

    • Jennifer

      So it didn’t work for you so it junk? Try telling all the ppl it works for that it’s junk smh

    • Margie Turley

      Would not or could not be the 8th fasted growing home based business if it didn’t work. my friend is driving a Lexus after 9 months in. That wouldn’t happen if it didn’t work either. Another one will have on by this time next year. IT WORKS.
      So very sorry but sometimes it takes longer than 6 month’s. Everyone is different. Did you try the Boost with it.? Just asking the questions as there is some underlying reason why you are unhappy and just trying to find out what it is. We mean no harm.


        your friend is driving a lexus because of sales and point value, plus the ambassadors she recruited and they recruited. it isn’t because she lost weight like you implied. i have spent 1065.00 in 10 months it does not work. and before you insult me yes i have tried the boost before it had a name for 3 months i was in the trial. i have been on the fab 5 and fab 4. it does not work. the forumla changed and they didn’t tell anyone

        • Karen

          I have had tremendous success with Plexus Slim and Accelerator + – I’ve lost 55 lbs in 10 months, and believe me, I tried everything before I tried Plexus (and I mean EVERYTHING!). My endocrine system was out of balance which I think stemmed from unbalanced blood sugar levels – contributing to insulin resistance and increased fat storage. My Endocrinologist agrees and she recently signed on as an Ambassador so that she could offer these products to her other patients, that struggle, like I did. The only other thing I would like to add (hope it helps somebody) is that I really try to eat healthy and have eliminated artificial sweeteners, sugar and simple carbohydrates – as they tend to spike blood sugar levels. I think this way of eating works better when drinking Slim – when the goal is to keep blood sugar levels balanced. I eat lean protein, lots of vegetables, some fruits, low fat diary.

          Best of luck to you, I hope you find what works for you.

    • paris

      well you know if you were so unhappy you had a 60 day money back Guarantee. The questions they ask are only to help and i as an Ambassador would ask you the same and also ask you what time of day that you taken the products if they do not ask the questions how do they help you. just sayin

      • Anonymous

        Here is a stat you may not be aware of. The 60-day return guarantee is just another trick MLM companies such as PS utilize. First of all, they take your money in a hurry, but return it at their discretion, usually, slow, slow, and slow.
        Here is a stat that MLM companies such as PS are well aware of, and use to their benefit. They know very well that only 2% of customers actually return goods. The 60-day guarantee is just another way MLM companies pick your pocket.

    • Spatzli

      If you are workin out with not good results, check out T-TAPP and Trisch Richardsons testimony..its awesome! It’s not an MLM, and the only cost is if you WANT to buy a dvd. The plus on this is that you can try it before you buy it!

  • Connie Lynn Alsip Cobb

    I LOVE Plexus. I started it as skeptical as most people, but I found it to be of great help to me. I lost over 38 inches over my body and about 20 pounds so far. I tried another well known supplement and it did nothing for me. The only reason I left Plexus and tried the other supplement was due to cost. Plexus not only helped me loose weight, but it has helped tremendously with my Fibromyalgia. I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel while taking it as opposed to when I stopped taking it. I just order some because it’s worth the money for me to feel better. Plexus gives me energy and curbs cravings which help to stay away from sugar and exercise. I have NOTHING negative to say about it. I don’t sell Plexus so I have no reason to give anything but my honest opinion.

  • Dana

    I never lost an ounce using any of the products and gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks using boost. Now I can’t get the weight off! Thanks Plexus! Beware people and save your money

  • Judy

    Is there any Ambassador that can tell me the best time to take the Boost?

    • trooper momx2

      take it at night

      • MMOM2010

        I thought you was suppose to take it in the morning due to it having caffeine & giving you energy?

        • Jennifer

          IM AN AMBASSADOR! 🙂 Boost is a thermogenic and should be used before exercise, I don’t so I take it at night and sleep like a baby!

          • Nathan Oliver

            You are Crazy why would you take a Booster at night there is no way you sleep better on something like that. A Boost is always taken Pre Work out to Boost the Workout so you can have more Reps and usually more weight.

    • Jennifer

      Boost is a thermogenic so it’s best taken about 30 mins before a workout. If you are inactive you can try to take at night but not for a long period of time.

  • John M.

    If it is so good how is it that the Ambassador Maureen is still heavy herself. Did she try it or does she just try and sell it. They make it sound so good why then isn’t it approved by the FDA

    • Cd plexus

      Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. NOT ONE… Just sayin’

      • Heather

        Do we really trust the FDA? They allow asparatame in artificial sweeteners that cause cancer. If these ingredients are made with substances that come from the earth, I trust it.

        • legolas666

          Hmmm…substances which come from the earth…are you really tempting me to start a list of “substances that come from the earth”? Don’t be silly.

          • Heather

            So what you’re telling me is EVERYTHING we put in our mouths are not grown in the ground, they’re chemically reproduced? I know corn is definitely that way now which is why I choose not to eat it anymore since Monsanto took that over. I’m talking about herbs, vegetables, fruits…aka my interpretation of substances that come from the earth. Things like propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate…those are not substances I choose to put in my body.

      • Lisa Sestak

        In my experience the FDA does not always do there ” job”; afterall,just look at the food and garbage that they DO approve of for our consumption.!? If this is any indication of their expertise, I’ll make my own decisions on what goes in my body, thank you!

        • legolas666

          Of course the FDA has screwed up in the past…in fact, there has been some behind the scenes corruption at times…and they can be very slow to approve new drugs that might be already in use in other countries…but overall, even with the bureaucracy, they mostly do look out for the public’s interests, not just the pharmaceutical companies. Plexus is just another product in a long line of dietary supplements which has come and will eventually go…and large numbers of people will just be poorer for it, and any weight loss will return, unless they continue the sensible regimes of exercise, calorie reduction/portion control, and drinking water…If you look at the Plexus company behind the scenes, it has many of the attributes of a cult…you’ll find evidence of this in the comments on many sites regarding people’s experiences with the Plexus organization.

    • spence

      nothing that really helps us is approved by the FDA… glucosamine and chondroitin are used to rebuild cartilage in the knees for people with arthritis, and doctors will tell you it is not proven that it works, but people who have taken it know it does work. But guess what?… the doctors say that and at the same time they wanted to give my dad chicken shots in his knees to help him with his arthritis. Chicken shots are (chicken cartilage that they inject in to the body to regrow cartilage)… guess what glucosamine and chondroitin are?… the exact same thing ground up and put into a capsule for the same thing…SAD HUH?

      the medical industry is a Clucking JOKE!!
      my favorite videos are ones by dr. Joel wallach!… this man has been telling us the truth for years… we just need to listen

      • legolas666

        If the medical industry is a clucking joke, don’t use emergency rooms, don’t get health insurance, don’t get operations, don’t use antibiotics, don’t get cancer treatments, don’t use birth control, don’t get eye laser surgery, etc etc…just use your non-FDA regulated “nutritional supplements or appetite suppressors”….snake oil salespeople are alive and well, and there are lots of desperate gullible people out there willing to hand over their money for these unneeded supplements…

        • ThatLibertyGuy

          While issuing all your ‘just don’ts’, just don’t be so ridiculous about it. Also, in my opinion, the real snake oil salesman is the one who gives you an FDA-approved concoction that risks damaging your liver, kidneys, and/or heart, just because your knee hurts. Now, that is gullible.

      • Paulapooh66

        Agreed, Spence. In my experience, it has been the FDA approved crap that is bad for you, & the alternatives (that make them no money) are life changers…

  • maddie

    stop complaining and get your butts off the couch and go to the gym and work hard. its all about eating clean and working hard for it. Thats the only healthy and correct way of doing it. There is no such thing as “i have no time” .

    • Max

      Maybe you can start your own blog on how to eat clean and working hard for it.

    • wendi

      It isn’t all about weight loss…it’s about being healthy on the inside

      • legolas666

        another sound bite from the Plexus Playbook

    • legolas666

      I agree with Maddie. Sure, there are individuals with genetic predispositions to retaining fats, or have diseases which screw up metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight, but, for all others…it’s just lack of discipline, laziness.

  • Judy

    I have taken Plexus Slim with Boost as of 6/20/2014. Also the ProBio5 at night before bed and 100oz of water through out the day. I am feeling great.I have tried everything in the past from The 6 Week Body Makeover, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Phentermine, lots of Gym memberships, Richard Simmons The Food Mover (lol), to now Plexus. So far I have a lot of energy and I have lost 2 lbs and 1″ in my stomach (I do realize it could have been water weight) which I don’t care..that is 2 lbs gone. I haven’t checked my thighs yet. I keep reading negative comments all the time, I understand that your trying to inform people of your own perception of the product, but we all have freedom of choice to use the product or don’t. I am sure that if the product is unsafe, they will pull it like they did with the Accelerator. No one wants a lawsuit on their hands. I will continue with the month that I have and we will see from there if I want to continue. If I don’t and it doesn’t work as well as I anticipated, well then I made the choice to try it and spend the money…and then I will return the empty bottle and get my money back. No big Deal. Just stop trying to discourage someone from trying something that could be the BEST thing for them.

    • dbhe4u

      The Accelerator wasn’t pulled because it was unsafe. It was “Reformulated” to comply with other countries. Rather than having “2 separate formulas of the same product” they just reformulated it to comply with the countries not allowing it through customs.

    • Tutu

      Can I ask you why the accelerator was pulled out? I just started taking it with the plexus slim on 6/19/2014?


        ingredient banned in australia. PS pulled and made the accel +.
        they formula changed and it no longer works.

    • Margie Turley

      Any time there is a pssitive and wonderful product. There will always be negative Nellies that try to bring it down. Growing 160,000% and being number 8 on the Five Thousand Inc. says something about its efficacy . Keep going and don’t read the internet. Check it out they are knocking all the companies out there that are doing well. I hope you signed up to get it wholesale;!! Or do what I did and order kit d and save $35.00 a bag. You go girl!!! Negativity is like a virus. It can be contagious…….

      • legolas666

        Again…a favorite cult tactic…Ignore any “negative” evidential commentary…to keep the minions paying and the ambassador corp growing…hmmm…sounds like a fundamentalist church approach

  • Ava Jenn

    I look this way because I constantly look after my body. After being heavy once i will never go back. I prefer using only natural diet supps as the yhave had the same effects forme without freaking out about the side effects. The is the latest place i have been checking out for quality products that dont lock you into monthly payments or fake free trials. all of the stuff is priced ok and the garcinia cambogia has worked well for me so far here is a link to see more if you’d like.

  • Tiffany

    I love plexus….it changed my life. The bio 5 and cleanse changed how my body works. I had major changes after a couple months with my pcos and hiving symptoms.

    • klyn

      Hi tiffany, I’ve been reading so much reviews on slimming products and this time I’ve read about pcos, my very main concern because I’m very skeptical of which product will help me with my condition or it might get worsen. Thanks for sharing

  • JT

    Didn’t work for me either…bunch of hooey if you ask me. Don’t waste your money!

    • Margie Turley

      How long did you take it?

  • Terri

    I do not understand the snarky, hateful remarks that are being posted here. They go on and on.
    I think that everyone can form their own opinions about a product. Try a brand and if it works, great, if not move on. Either you like it a product or you do not.
    Why get defensive and mean. If Plexus Slim is not for you, request your money back before the 60 days are up and try something else that may work for you.
    Some products will work great for some but not for others. To get on an information page such as this and write comments that have been made on this page is shameful.
    I have tried 2 weight loss products, one worked and the other was not for me. I recently started on the Plexus Slim and so far have been happy with the results. Yes, I can afford to buy the products, but I will still be saving money in the long run.
    My point is, why should anyone be nasty towards another person because their opinion is different from that of their own?

    • Margie Turley

      Thank you Terri!!! Very well put..

    • legolas666

      I don’t know about “nasty”…but not all opinions are equal, Terri….there should be solid, scientific evidence for a product’s efficacy and safety…not pseudoscience, not anecdotal evidence…valid clinical trials, peer-reviewed papers, etc…otherwise, anyone can say anything they want, but just because someone says “Plexus works for me” is NOT proof it is the product that is having the effect….too many variables…

  • Amy

    Didn’t work for me , felt bloated and didn’t curb my appetite at all , I didn’t feel any diffrence while taking it

    • moco25

      Maybe the “bloating” is part of the feeling full factor lol

    • Hannah

      You need to try the Slim and Boost then. AWESOME product!!! I have crazy energy and huge appetite suppression

      • Judy

        Hannah, When do you take your Boost? With the slim, after your breakfast or at night (I have heard people taking it then). What is working best for you?

    • wendi

      Google detox symptoms…bloating is a side effect of detox 🙂

    • Margie Turley

      How long did you try it?

  • Mandie Layfield

    THIS REALLY WORKS!! I have tried everything from crazy diets, prescription diet pills, to over the counter everything. I have road the diet roller coaster for 20 years. I have been obese since I was 17. I am now 37. So when I heard about this I thought well I have tried everything else why not try one more. I started taking plexus slim along with the accelerator in 2012. I took it for a year. I was 35 years old, 5’5″ tall, weighing 350 pounds on high blood pressure medication. I joined a gym only using treadmill and bicycle. ( I didn’t have the stamina for anything else I was so heavy) I HAVE LOST 120 POUNDS USING PLEXUS SLIM WITH ACCELERATOR AND HAVE KEPT IT OFF !!! I HAVE NOT TAKEN THE PLEXUS SUPPLEMENTS IN A YEAR AND STILL HAVE NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT BACK!! I no longer have to take blood pressure medication…Plexus SAVED MY LIFE…this product truly works. Thank you for giving me my life back!!!!!
    Mandie Layfield…Texas

    • Margie Turley

      Great Pleximonial!! There are literally thousands of them!!!

  • Liz

    So glad I read this before buying the product,needless to say I won’t be buying now,just going to lose weight by healthy eating.

    • p.j.

      Yes …. I’m glad I read it too. And I can tell you I have lost 15 pounds in the last few months by still eating everything, but just in smaller amounts. I also drink regular green tea instead of coffee with cream. No other major lifestyle changes. Forget about supplements …. you can do it on your own by just eating less junk, and in smaller amounts. Quantity is the key. Do it slowly however, so you don’t feel like you’re starving yourself. Your stomach will shrink with time, and you will be satisfied with less, and healthier food choices.

      • dbhe4u

        Your stomach doesn’t stretch or shrink. After you continuously overeat you teach your body that that is the amount of food that it needs in order to be full, which then results in a bigger appetite. If you were at one time very active, your body actually did need more calories, etc. in order to function. Once you decreased your activity, your body only knew what it had been surviving on, and when it continued to get it’s “Normal intake”, you were not burning all that you once did with activity, so, the “extra” gets stored as fat….until you “retrain your body” it will “continue to need what it is used to getting!”

  • jennifer

    I didn’t like the way plexus slim made me feel! I lost 5lbs with it and 2 weeks later I gained 10lbs!!!

  • Not For Me

    I took both, Plexus Slim and the Accelerator. I ended up feeling very bloated and sluggish. I gained 2 pounds. I figured that by taking both products, eating healthier and adding in some exercise that I’d lose some weight. After 7 days I felt bad and gained 2 pounds. Will never take this product again.

    • Margie Turley

      The toxins were breaking up in your digestive tract. You probably didn’t give it long enough to ‘wash’ it on out. Detox is not fun and usually lasts 2 days at least it did with me. It was not fun. Now at 65 I have more energy that I have had in years and lost 9 lbs. Don’t forget it gets rid of the ‘visceral’ fat first (fat around your heart and organs) it regulates blood sugars, balances hormones, detoxifies, (sometimes causing flu like symptoms) that is the reason for the mass amounts of water. You need to drink ½ your weight in water. Rids the body of inflammation such as lupus, menstrual problems, fibromyalgia, etc list goes on and on……Please try again and don’t stop. I hear tesaimonials every week. It does work. Faster for some than others. Truly depends on the condition of your body. Not the size. Thanks….don’t quit,

      • legolas666

        Uh…HALF your weight in water…let’s see, even though I’m not even close to 200 pounds, you’re saying drink about 100 pounds of water…what, in a day?? I think not…that would be 12.5 gallons of water…50 quarts…in a day…not possible…again…nonsense spewed on the internet…

      • Kathy

        I really want to try this for my Fibromyalgia (the doctors say I have it, I don’t think I do), but I do have fatigue left sided nerve pain, rib pain, heart palpitations and this list goes on. The weight loss would be a bonus, even though the most I should lose is 20 pounds. If I could feel better over all I could care less about he weight loss. Has anybody had any great relief with pain and fatigue from taking this?

  • Trying

    I have been using Plexus Slim drink and Accelerator for about 6 weeks now, and although I have noticed a change in my energy and sleep habits, I have not lost a single pound 🙁 This was my main reason for starting the program. I even changed my eating habits, to eat a healthier lunch at work (this was never a big priority). I eat healthy, I’m not super active, but not stagnant either. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Tim

      Make sure you are taking enough water.

      • legolas666

        another sound bite from the Plexus playbook….drink lots of water….you don’t need the Plexus nonsense

        • Tim

          Worked for me. I am not saying I lost weight because of it. Because of Plexus, I am full of energy everyday that gets me up early and help me workout which is helping me lose weight. It maintains the glucose level, so less craving = less food. Only thing that has worked so far.

    • LeResa Adams

      You may need to cleanse your colon.

      • Debra V

        Colon cleansing is a myth.

        • mgdlns

          Colon cleasing is not a myth.. If you keep your flora balance there, one can get rid of a lot of toxin. And ladies just eat half of from your plate or get a smaller plate and do a bit of an excercise.. less in put (food) more out put ( energy) and naturally you will lose the weight… its so simple… nothing works over night and patients and determination to stick it out … IMHO

    • Drink pink – shrink

      Did you take your measurements? I would have been very disappointed if I hadn’t. While my weight loss is slow. I am losing inches! I feel so much better. I have also noticed my food cravings have changed. I no longer crave sweets. That is a plus for me!

    • Margie Turley

      That is great!! It is working!! You have more energy and are sleeping well. Remember the product gets rid of the visceral fat around the heart and organs first. I hear testimonial’s every week just like this. In time the weight will come off. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Take care and don’t give up!!! if you have any ?

      • Moxie Mom

        Muscle does not weigh more than fat. Good grief! Muscle takes up less space than fat. A pound of muscle weighs as much as a pound of fat.

  • Christie Canlas

    Plexus was a temporary fix for me. I did very well on the Accelerator and Plexus Slim drink in the beginning. The Accelerator began to affect my heart rhythm and began to make me feel anxious and agitated so I stopped taking it. The Plexus Slim drink by itself did not work for me and was depleting my finances. So, I did change my relationship with food and joined a $10.00 a month gym, cut out the sugary drinks. I stuck with it the results are I’m losing weight and getting toned. I feel great, and in control not relying on pills or drink mixes and as a bonus I’m buying new clothes with all the money I saved from not buying diet aids. The side affects of good health are wonderful.

    • LeResa Adams

      Sounds like you had the old accelerator . The Boost just came out.

      • drinkpinkshrink

        I couldn’t take the accelerator for the same reason but I am getting along well with the boost.

        • Judy

          When do you take your Boost? With the slim, after your breakfast or at night (I have heard people taking it then). What is working best for you? I am trying to get the best results I can with the Boost. Thanks!

  • Rebecca Clarke

    I haven’t tried Plexus but I have tried Cambogia Garcinia Tablets which have similar ingredients, I took the prescribed minimum amount for 2 weeks, I had MEGA food and sugar cravings, which I didn’t even have before starting, I ended up feeling so sick and run down that I stopped taking them and had to take a multi-vitamin for a few weeks afterwards. I was only trying to loose a few kg’s and curb a few small cravings and it was a terrible idea, wasted my money and made myself sick

  • Kat

    Just read Australia & Canada has banned accelerator & 3 day trial pack of accelerator r/t banned dangerous chemical. Plexus Slim contains Hoodia Gordoni which was studied by pharm co; stopped r/t concerns of liver problems. However, it is a medicinal plant & have to admit my arthritis pain is much better since I’ve been taking Plexius Slim (almost a month). No weight loss though. My plan is to have my liver function tests done to make sure OK; will continue it for pain relief if it is.

    • Gracie

      While taking Plexus Slim, Sometimes there will be more people that loose inches first instead of pounds. Just make sure you measure your self correctly before taking.. You might of lost more than you think! And also, there have been many studies over Plexus in the past & it is confirmed that there are NO chemicals included! This is probably just a dumb rumor that people have been spreading around.. Hope this helps!

      • Anonymous

        Where are the studies?

        • moco25

          She sells the product obviously…

      • LeResa Adams

        Plexus has had an accelerator that was modified and now they have eliminated both of those and now have a product called Boost.

        • Snoop

          Obviously, you are part of the multi-level sales pitch team!

        • dbhe4u

          The Accelerator+ is still available! Plexus came out with Boost for those not having success with the Accelerator+. Both products will remain available for the foreseeable future!

  • A Plexus customer

    Skinny With Fiber is another MLM company touting weight loss, Christine Derrel is obviously associated with them (the name of the site…) so of course she is gonna write a scathing review of the competitor! I mean, seriously people. (Very curious to see if this actually gets approved.)

    • Anonymous

      Christine Derrel is the author of this site, and was kind enough to intelligently put this information together in order to make it presentable. And, she did it with very limited documentation available. I applaud her and feel she has the right to present, and favor any product she wishes. In my opinion, she has never showed complete favoritism to any product. She has offered some good points on PS, but has also given posters the opportunity to respond to her remarks. I say she writes a good blog, and offers each blogger the opportunity to respond in their own ways.
      Thanks, Christine, keep the site growing, its doing very well.

  • DeZ

    Is it made in the USA?

  • R. Perrin

    To take better care of your body and weight – “CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD” Diet pills and drinks are temporary. Good luck!

    • Tom LaGesse

      Agreed. The magic pills and powders claim to be “all natural”… and that’s fine. But, like you said, change your relationship with food! I get true “all natural” by juicing my raw fruits and veggies. When eating solids, I try to limit the processed goods in favor of healthier choices.

      • LeResa Adams

        Plexus is not magic. They advocate healthy eating and lifestyle. Information on healthy eating and exercising is given to Ambassadors to give to their customers and prospects.

        • Tom LaGesse

          Then why take this crap when you can just eat natural to begin with?

          • Amy Warren

            good point, Tom. Everyone wants a quick fix. If someone needs supplements to deal a health issue, they can see a naturopath for a more tailored approach.

  • MamaLee

    So glad I came across this. I was actually considering buying these products for my daughter and me to use in combination with lifestyle/nutritional changes. I’m thinking I want no part of Plexus at this point.

    • R. Perrin

      Change your relationship with food.

    • Missy @tineySPARK Fitness

      Yes! I agree this stuff has dangerous side effects its all over the web. Google it. I’ve been researching this stuff for days as some of my friends are hyping it up. I”m worried for them and anyone else for that matter. 🙁

      • Amy Warren

        I almost bought into metabolife, especially since one of my best friends was selling it. One pill and I damn near had a heart attack. Give this product time. Don’t be a guinea pig

  • A

    As for the comment below about Yerba Mate. Studies indicate that large amounts more than 1 L of mate a day increases the risk of esophageal, oral, bladder, renal and lung cancer by 3 to 5 times. Although, small amounts show that yerba mate INHIBITS cancer cell growth. Mate is found in dietary supplements and Yerba Mate Tea. How much is in one bottle for the Plexus accelerator is unknown because they do not supply it on the bottle. Remember, its best to speak with your doctor but do further evidence based research on the topic.

  • A

    I started plexus 1 month ago and it is such a waste of money….First of all the green tea extract gave me heart palpitations this first day i took plexus slim+accelerator and went away the next day I took it. My body definitely was reacting to the products and I have a feeling it was not in a healthy/good way. Throughout the next few days, as I am taking plexus I have come to realize….of course people with morbid obesity are loosing weight cause they are drinking NOTHING BUT WATER and replacing their sugar/caffeinated drinks for zero cal hydration. Plexus taste good, don’t get me wrong but for all i know it could be a packet of pixy-stix for all I know. My suggestion, is to just drink 7 glasses of water a day, first start with a cleansing diet such as eating celery OR putting lemon in your water, exercise 30 minutes a day and have a seriously structured diet. Any product that states that it burns fat not muscle while maintaining your previous lifestyle/eating habits is not healthy people! Our bodies are not meant to function like that. Plus no of us know what the long term affects of this product is…So I wanted to share with everyone because I wish someone would have told me this before I wasted my money.

    • Carrie Dekker

      There are small people losing the last 10 pounds too. Our bodies are supposed to be in balance and while they are detoxing you will feel different things likd bloating ect. The Accelerator has less than 1 cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine? Plexus is simple and doable. Funny thing is it has become the almost the largest MLM in a few short years so they must be doing something right lkke having proven products wigh 100% money back guarentee for 60 days. Who els does that? Sorry it did not have a chance to work for you. Happy hjnting for something that does.

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        You must have been told by one of your rah-rah people that PS is one of the largest MLM companies in the industry. If you knew how big PS is, and you don’t, because like most MLM companies they don’t have to disclose their numbers, maybe you could justify. If you know how big PS is, and where it ranks in the industry, lets hear it, other than that the statement you just made is nothing but one of those ridiculous, and substantiated testimonials. Means nothing.
        Talking large, here’s large MLM.
        Amway- $12 billion
        Herbalife $9 billion
        Mary-K $8 billion
        Tupperware $4.5 billion
        There are many more, and I bet truth being, PS is not a tick on any of these behinds.
        You are being told a lie, my friend, but that is what MLM is, a “big fat” lie.

        • Team Plexus

          Lets see each company mentioned has been in business way longer than Plexus has. Some since the 80 (including herbalife). I hope that they would be billion dollar companies. Plexus has been around for about FIVE. Should be a billion dollar company by 2015. Fastest growing company in the weightloss industry. Yesss who else does 60 day money back guarantee.. Plexus does! So yes it has become one of the largest MLM companies in just a few short years.

          • Anonymous

            Team Plexus
            Then don’t make remarks about PS being the largest MLM company, until it happens. With the way things are going now, an the negative feedback on the new products highly unlikely a billion dollar company at any point. You have to remember, PS is no Amway, Herbalife, etc. and never will be, but if it happens and we’re still alive, I give you my congrats. LOL I would bet you my mortgage right now PS will NEVER be a billion dollar company. You like most in MLM are been told this just to keep you hanging on supporting those few people at the top draining your wallet, and supporting their lifestyles.
            And, again if you have proof of what you say, let’s see it. Typical blah, blah, blah, repeating what their upline has told you to say in order to dupe the public into joining the little scheme.

          • LeResa Adams

            July issue of success From Home

        • LeResa Adams

          July issue of Success From Home.

    • ctran02

      I’ve been on tons of diet trips in the past few years after the birth of my son. Like slimfast, atkins, jennycraig and all the miracle diet pills that are available. Hoping that I would maybe one day stumble on something that my body would except but nothing until I join Zumba. Not only with the help of my instructor but the natural lean and healthy kit called 180 turn around. 180 means it takes 90 days to loose the weight and another 90 to learn how to maintain the lose. Lots of facts on YouTube and the website also http://www.naturalandorganic.myshaklee.comand the best part is that it’s money back guarantee. Just be true to yourself and don’t cheat on yourself.

    • LeResa Adams

      That is the old. The next product is called Boost which just came out about a week ago.


      Wow what a bunch of untrue statement…
      Plexus internationnal give a 60 days moneyback garantee
      You didn’t waste any money
      I might even say you didn’t TRY IT AT ALL

    • dbhe4u

      You have to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water for ANY diet and/or exercise regimen to result in weight loss!

  • Denise

    Hello was thinking about taking Plexus, reading everything about this so called product, is very alarming! Tell me again why I should or should not take ? And has everyone really done your homework on this product? I would hate to spend so much money on something else that didn’t work! Any help willing to listen.

    • Carrie Dekker

      It works and regulates your blood sugar and has a 60 day money back guarentee. People are making money not a big company.

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        Confused? You just stated in a post that PS is one of the largest MLM in the industry. Now you state, “not a big company”. What??????
        Like most ambassadors, you sound confused!

        • Team Plexus

          Wow again..She is saying that PEOPLE are making money and not just a big company. Great opportunities for a lot of people not only to get healthy and fit in the most natural way but to also have a great business in wellness.

          • Anonymous

            Team Plexus
            Getting healthy? Have you been reading the negative review of the products, especially the new THBV2. Sounds to me like many feel like they are having a heart attack.
            Both the Accelerator +, and the new THBV2 have an ingredient in them called Higenemine. This is a stimulant that effects the heart rate, and blood pressure. Very little is known about Higenemine, but some experts in the weight-loss industry is calling it the next generation DMAA, and we know DMAA was the reason the first Accelerator was yanked from the market. Be careful here folks, and be sure to check with your doctor before taking.
            Team Plexus, how can you, or anyone call PS, or any other MLM company a good business opportunity when it has been proven that after expenses, 99% of the distributors make 0. In addition, 83% of distributors have been proven to get NO CHECK at all.
            Team Plexus are you one of those 1% making money, or in the majority of those hoping and are being led to believe you can make money. It wouldn’t even take me an educated guess to figure that one out.

          • LeResa Adams

            I don’t knwo where you got your info. July Success From Home magazine.
            if you don’t like mlm I have no problem with that. I got a check my first week. Every product doe snot work for everybody.also some people have east in their bodies which prevents them from loosing weight. Medication also plays a factor. One person lost 13 lbs in a week another 10. This was not by starving, they ate regular food and a normal diet. In fact they did not cut out anything to see how it would work.The biggest networking scam is a 9-5 where only the CEO make a decent living while everyone else lives paycheck to paycheck.

          • claude

            I didn’t beleive in MLM just like you, but now anonynous you are hidding for a reason…

            I decided to tried Plexus Slim because after checking I can give you the facts.

            Unlike you …where are your references<

            Read this from supplement-geek .com

            The Plexus Slim Accelerator contains trace minerals (they don’t say which minerals), calcium and magnesium from seaweed (both are useless for weight loss) and vitamin B6 (useless for weight loss). The accelerator also has a “proprietary blend” of:

            Dark Chocolate – won’t help weight loss, unless it has caffeine

            Natural Caffeine – natural or not, it’s caffeine!

            Green Tea Extract – probably has caffeine or EGCG

            Vanadium Chelate. Fancy name for Vanadium. It won’t help weight loss.

            B-Phenylethylamine HCl – might act as a neuro chemical. Avoid if you take antidepressants.

            The Plexus Slim Accelerator also has an ingredient called GeranaX. GeranaX is reference togeranium oil. Geranium oil is controversial in some circles because it is thought by some to be a natural source of a stimulant called Dimethylamylamineor “DMAA. ” It’s scientific name is 1,3 Dimethylamylamine and its also called Methylhexaneamine.

            The name “GeranaX” is a made-up word. In other words, the name GeranaX holds no scientific meaning.

            Geranium has been the subject by scrutity by the military, whose research finds thatgeranium does not contain DMAA. Oddly, the supplement 411 website still lists “geranium” as an alternative name for DMAA in its listings. . Currently it is controversial if geranium is a source of DMAA or not.

            As of July 2013, the Australian government warned people about the Plexus Slim Accelerator because they say it had DMAA. This link goes to the Australian government website that discusses the Plexus Slim Accelerator and DMAA.

            In April of 2013 the FDA issued a warning letter about DMAA.

            Here is an FDA question and answer sheet about DMAA.

            Here is a New York Times article on DMAA for more information.

            The ingredient DMAA seems to act like ephedra or bitter orange (synepherine) which are potent stimulants. As such, it may raise blood pressure and heart rate to dangerous levels. Here is a case report of a 21 year old man who suffered a stroke after taking 2 DMAA pills.

            This does not mean plexus slim will do this. It would depend on whether DMAA really is in geranium and also which part of the plant was used (root, stems ect).

            Di methy amyl amine “looks” like amphetamines (“speed”). This may be why question 6 of the Plexus Slim Q and A page mentions that this ingredient may cause a positive result on a drug test for amphetamines. Here is a study showing that dimethylamylamine causes false positive drug tests for amphetamines.

    • Misty James Blowers

      Denise, I tried Plexus in February and part of March and I didn’t notice anything different. I started Thrive at the end of March and I love it!! I was one of the ones that noticed a difference on my first day with my energy level, mood, I didn’t crave my normal Dr. Pepper and sweets like I normally would. I have lost 20 pounds without changing anything. I started back doing Zumba last week and I do not feel worn out afterwards and normally I would be sore that night and drained before Thrive. Thrive helps your recovery time with your workouts and will bring your workout to the next level! Everything in Thrive is all natural. Please comment here or find me on FB and I could send you the list of ingredients if your are interested. My Facebook page is Thrive by Le-vel brand promoter or my website for Thrive is

  • Melanie Holzworth

    I have 2 friends that are on the Plexis diet and are doing really good on it. But, if you really want a healthy diet me and my daughter have been on the 17 day diet. You can find it online but I think you need the book. The book is called “The 17 Day Diet”. I lost 15 lbs in one month and my daughter has lost 20. The reason it’s call the 17 day diet is because you get to add other food for the next 17 days. My daughter has gone from a size 10 to a 4 in approx 2 months. I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a 12. It takes time to do this diet, but it’s very healthy. No shakes or pills. Please check it out, it’s a very healthy diet. You can find the book on for a great price.

    • Carrie Dekker

      Plexus is not a diet it is a lifestyle of health and wellness. Good luck with your diet.

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        Is’nt it funny how at one time PS was touted as a weight-loss product. Have you read the packaging, still says that. Now with the formulation changes, and the product not working near as well, PS is going to change gears in the middle of the game and call the product, ” Not a weight-loss product, but a “lifestyle of health and wellness”. No worry folks, that are a lot of people out there gullible enough to believe this BS. Is’nt MLM great folks!!! lol
        By the way, Carrie, you are a new ambassador aren’t you.

        • A Plexus Customer

          There is a lot more to Plexus than just Plexus Slim and the Accelerator+. Know what you’re talking about before you go spouting off your trap. By the way, Anonymous, you are bitter, aren’t you? Oh, and your a bully. Following Carrie Dekker around like a leech.

          • Anonymous

            Plexus Customer
            All my info. is based on fact. I’ve even used PS in it’s original form, and in my opinion , it was trash then, and with the new formulation even more so.
            in my opinion, bully is someone similar to the ambassadors that try and push product down people’s throats. Even at the expense of their own families, in order to fatten their own wallets.
            Let Carrie Decker speak for herself, she seems very intelligent, but,, just like most ambassadors, misinformed, and brainwashed.

          • Anonymous

            A Plexus Customer
            Instead of shooting your mouth off on how much PS, and the Plexusslim Accelerator + is much more than what you and others claim it to be. Well…….What are those things? An while you’re at it throw in some clinical data proving what you say. No more ‘testimonial” BS!!!!!
            All you know is what your “upline” people are ‘brainwashing” you to say because it is obvious most you ambassadors can’t think, or even seem to breath on your own. lol

  • BB

    Is anyone else overwhelmed by the vastness of supplements on the market today? I guess we’re better off relying on fruits & vegetables to get healthy instead of pills made in a pharmaceutical lab huh? Interestingly, I browsed the Plexus Web site to discover that their own content refers to the manufacturer as “they” instead of “we”. Next I checked the National Institutes of Health to read up on some of Plexus’s ingredients, like Chromium (btw the NIH says so little is known about the mineral that we don’t have a daily value established, going on to make an educated guess that 25-35 mcg should be sufficient).
    Hmm, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the FDA, the USDA all say the same thing: eat a variety of fruits & vegetables to reduce the risk of disease and stay healthy. Imagine that, the solution has been under our noses this whole time! The FDA even says we should use the Nutrition Facts Label to determine for ourselves what a healthy choice is. Gee, Plexus doesn’t have one of those. Oh that’s right, its a Supplement, not a Food, so its completely unregulated by the FDA. When’s the last time you saw a fruit or vegetable with a label that says “Keep out of the reach of children”?
    If you’re doubtful about supplements and their claims, just eat healthy whole foods.
    “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates– (who happened to be smart enough to figure this out almost 2500 years ago)

    • Carrie Dekker

      But we do know about all of the prescribed medications people are taking for diabetes, blood pressure, depression, anxiety and obesity to name a few things I have personally seen Plexus help in my familyand friends. Lol seizures, heart palpitations, constipation, dizziness, blurred vision, tremours to name a few.

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        Just think without prescribed medications, and the many years, and dollars spent on research and development to bring them to market, we would not have to worry about the “population explosion”. People would have a life spand of about 40 yrs., instead ot the current 80 yrs. So, I’m with you, lets do away with the prescribed meds, and just use PS. It should also take care of the Obamacare crises. LOL Little sarcasm never hurts. lol

        • Ciera Wilson


          i’ve been reading a lot of the comments on here and I have to agree with A Plexus Customer, you really are just following around Carrie to comment back at her. Why don’t you do everyone on here a favor and just stop. You’re nothing but a bully. We’re here to be informed, not to watch you degrade a human being.

  • Elizabeth Goose Allen

    A friend of mine is a Plexus ambassador, and constantly posts about how great it is and how she feels so good. She posts about friends who try it and feel amazing and shed pounds. Blah blah blah. Being a heavier set woman struggling with weight loss, I was instantly intrigued. But then, my friend posted a handful of times about when she or a friend or someone in the plexus community has been out of their plexus for at least a day or two. They get all their food and sugar cravings back. They get migraines. Their energy is lower. But as soon as they get their Plexus fix, all their problems go away. Excuse me, what? Don’t you see the red flags people???? I can’t afford to drink Plexus the rest of my life! It sounds like withdrawal symptoms to me. What’s worse is that they all sing it’s praises and don’t see the red flag. I did some research. The lack of supported studies with repeated results, the proprietary blend with some undisclosed ingredients, the fact that there is a lack of scientifically proven ingredients, and the presence of DMAA has me convinced that I never, at any point, want this in my body.

    • Carrie Dekker

      DMAA is not in the new accelerator product. I have been out for a few days and so has my husband and his blood sugar stays steady. Wec an afford things we prioritize.
      I wonder what Plexus is saying on these sites about Skinjy Fiber lol?

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        Yeah, and that is why it doesn’t work worth a crap. It’s amazing what “speed”, or “amphetamines” will do for weight-loss.

    • Misty James Blowers

      Elizabeth, I would love to talk to you about Thrive. I have taken Plexus and I now take Thrive. Thrive is much more than a weight loss program. Thrive has been approved by doctors and nurses. We also have doctors and nurses that are promoters for our products! I could email you the ingredient list because everything is healthy to take. Thrive fills in our nutritional gaps and will make you feel like you again!! I also have a fb page it is called Thrive by Le-vel brand promoter THANKS!

  • Tristin

    I became an Ambassador for Plexus. At first I felt great on the Accelerator and Plexus Slim and lost weight. Then I began feeling uptight and anxious to the point of having stomach aches and migraines neither of which I had before. I was not using prescription meds or drinking high caffeinated drinks. I came off the Accelerator having learned it was the culprit and what is more alarming, my doctor informed me that Yerba Mate has been linked to mouth and throat cancer it is one of the ingredients in the Accelerator. I stopped taking the Plexus Slim soon after because I didn’t see the same results without the Accelerator and began to suffer from chronic constipation, again not a health issue I had before, of course, I was told I needed to buy the Bio-Cleanse and ProBio 5 to aid my system and help with weight loss. I don’t even want to think about how much money was thrown out the window. However, I have a friend who is doing very well on Plexus Slim and is happy thus far.

  • upset user

    I have been on slim for a month and am an avid gym person…my weight has gone up and I am beyond bloated….My stomach is always in knots. I have stopped for two days and feel much better. I posted something and they deleted it right away:(

    • Carrie Dekker

      It is called detox.

      • Anonymous

        Carrie Dekker
        Detox? The reason upset user felt better after a couple of days is that the body “cleanses itself”, meaning there is no need for your other add-on crap.

        • Anonymous needs a hobby

          What is your hard on for Carrie? It is an infatuation? Jealousy? Do you need a hug? Seriously. Go find a baby seal to club or at least somewhere else to spout your righteous indignation. We get it – you are crushin’ on Carrie and I am almost certain you don’t like Plexus. Move along here, nothing to see.

    • Misty James Blowers

      WOW! That is disappointing!! Please go like the Le-vel facebook page for Thrive testimonials. Nothing is ever deleted on there. Everyone shares their experiences on fb. (good & Bad) I tried Plexus in February and part of March and I didn’t notice anything different. I started Thrive at the end of March and I love it!! I was one of the ones that noticed a difference on my first day with my energy level, mood, I didn’t crave my normal Dr. Pepper and sweets like I normally would. I have lost 20 pounds without changing anything. I started back doing Zumba last week and I do not feel worn out afterwards and normally I would be sore that night and drained before Thrive. Thrive helps your recovery time with your workouts and will bring your workout to the next level! Everything in Thrive is all natural. Please comment here or find me on FB and I could send you the list of ingredients if your are interested. My Facebook page is Thrive by Le-vel brand promoter or my website for Thrive is

      • Jodie

        Thrive is AWESOME and cheaper too!!

  • Vangie

    i have been on plexus for one month with no weight loss and the cost is about 135.00 with acceleator even have been tracking my food intake i tstart at 207 and today my last day i’m 208.1 WTF also can’t find any other story like mine therefore they are having company delete reviews that don’t favor thier company.

    • Alice

      I had the same issue, but actually gained about 5lbs – never have I ever gained that much in a month except for being pregnant. Totally devastated and just would like my money back.

      • June

        My daughter in law has had great success I myself at 57 have gained 3 lbs the first week. Almost had to cut off my wedding rings as I was retaining water.

  • Pam

    I’m confused on how to use the plexus as a combination….I’m taking the accerlerator which says drink one a day…then I see drink one with each meal

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      Umm drink an accelerator once a day or once with each meal…um absolutely NOT on either of them. Please contact me Pam on my fb under my name that I post here as.

    • dawn freeburn

      you drink plexus slim once daily and take 1 or 2 accelerator plus. east sensibly and drink lots of water. the headaches diaharea are all signs of detoxification. I take all products have lost 13 lbs since march 24 2014 I am also an ambassador. before plexus I cld not sleep with out a sleep aid now I sleep like a baby. if any of you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at [email protected] or

    • Carrie Dekker

      One slim a day and 2 pills. Super simple….a lifestyle…not a diet. No meal replacements, calorie cojnting or points…just pour shake and drink…..simple.
      Ambassador #245924

      • Traci

        I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their heart racing? I was afraid i was about to have a heart attack so i pulled my car into to closest public place Krogers. I felt like a fool…I’m 38, no history of heart issues and my blood pressure has a ways been on the mark. I walked inside and went to take my blood pressure…becuase there’s no way in my mind was I having a heart attack?! My blood pressure was crazy high!!! All I had taken was 1 Plexus Slim and 1 Accelerator for the last several days. The first time 30 mins before a meal and the other few times after having a healthy breakfast (which I was told work help with the shakey-heart racing feeling) I have also been walking 4 miles and a bit of weight training….all the while eating mostly healthy. I’ve gained 2 pounds…maybe muscle. I do feel like my stomach has flattened a little but no help with sleep. After taking the slim and accelator today and seeing my blood pressure skyrocket…I worried this is not the right help for me. I say check your blood pressure if you don’t already and I am very curious to know if anyone else has had this issue?!

        • Carrie Dekker

          No I have not had any reactions to Plexus Slim. Lotsmof great effects like sleeping well and focus.

  • Donna

    You’re information is incorrect. The Australian Government warning is regarding an ingredient that is no longer in the Accelerator.

  • Lorrene Lemaster

    Why do we always have to read a ton of stuff before a price is mentioned? I still haven’t seen a price.

    • Anonymous

      Price of PS is hardly ever mentioned because the ambassadors know if they sign you up as a recruit, you will pay any price just to be able to share in commissions That is their ultimate goal.. Expect to pay around $84.00 retail for just the PS, but, include the other products, you are going to pay well over $100/mt. This price could be lower depending on whether you sign up as a distributor, or not. But, no substantial cost savings. The prices, like any other MLM products are inflated due to the fact there are so many different levels to pay. Check out your other options, and save your self some money.
      Hope this helps.

      • Carrie Dekker

        You get an extra 10% off as a preferred customer after 3 months and get it almost as cheap as we do unless we buy in bulk and sell retail. The slim is not as exspensive as a lot of daily habits we have like simply stopping at the mini mart. Plexus saved my husband’s life. I am very passionate about what the product can do.

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      There is a website and the prices are in there under Products. If you have an ambassador or a friend, family, or neighbor that sells they can give you the website. Prices aren’t listed on alot of products in ads for Natural supplements cuz they are not allowed. If you do not have an ambassador, please contact me on FB under my name I posted as here. It doesnt matter to me if one becomes an ambassador or not Anonymous. I care that people try to get better and if they never become one great, I put it all out there to them and let them decide on if they want to save money or not. Some cost savings is better than none and NOTHING gives you substantial cost savings anymore, even when you go to a store, unless you are a coupon queen, or hit garage sales, Amazon, EBAY etc and many items are used. Now that is some substantial savings.

      • Anonymous

        Glad to have you back. Are you sure it doesn’t matter to you if the people you are leaving this message for become an ambassador?. That is laughable, and you should be ashamed of yourself. If becoming an ambassador is not important, then why leave an avenue to contact you. MLM, MLM, MLM- Deception, Deception, Deception- Lies, Lies, Lies!!!!

        • Carrie Dekker

          Because lots of people read this crap, because it is entertaining! Lol. Such ignorance.

    • Carrie Dekker

      Hi Lorrene,
      Because we market the products we do not sell them directly, you can go to my website to see the prices and order the product.
      Ambassador #245924

    • R. Perrin

      Its about $140.00 per month! NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY! This product is dangerous and filled with sweetener and (YES) stimulants. Go ahead Ms. AmbASSador – tell the truth about your wonderful product. It will cause increased blood pressure, palaptations, difficulty breathing and diarrhea so bad you wish you could bring a commode with you everywhere you went. You will drop weight rapidly and very unsafely. Care to risk your life with a bunch of sweeteners, stimulants and “UN-KNOWN” Chinese herbs? Not worth putting your money before your health.

      Learn to have a different relationship with food.

      That will change your life for the better and you will be happier and healthier without a DANGEROUS product! Good Health to you. (Remember, when someone is selling something and they are not telling you everything – your not just risking your money – you could be endangering your life.) Have a nice day.

  • jessica

    PLEASE UPDATE this information. The accelerator has been reformulated and many of your facts are incorrect. Potential customers, go to plexus’s official website, get the ingredients, and do your own research.

    • jesse

      Who cares it is still a shit proprietary blend product. Never buy a proprietary blend crap it is like most supplements in the industry now a days there to make a quick dollar. The whole industry for health products is so fucked up just like how ephedrine used to be so widely used, look at how many heart attacks and health problems were caused by that. You should do some actual research.

  • Shana

    Today is 4/16/14 and the updated date on this says 11/2/14. Holy shit get your facts straight

    • Dustin McFadden

      It’s probably this: Date/Month/Year, so it was updated February. I mean, the article was posted in July.

    • Learn to dates

      You’re an idiot

    • PhoenixRulz81

      In military & other countries dates are written with day, month & then year.

    • Al

      You are an idiot – the US is one of the only countries in the world that put the month first.

    • Danielle

      I see you are well versed in the knowledge of horology.

  • ~g

    Why is “Anonymous” always the obnoxious, sarcastic one?

    • Anonymous

      “Why is “Anonymous” always the obnoxious, sarcastic one?”
      g, you didn’t state what I was obnoxious, or sarcastic about. But, I do come from both sides of the fence, once being an “ambassador”. Going to PS rah-rah meetings where PS was billed for every ailment except what it was design to do, and that is to help people loss weight. Fibromyalgia, BP, Type ll diabetes, etc,. These are disease states that you cannot even mention without clinical support backing them. PS was constantly, and still do break regulations in this manner. In other words, the BS just got too deep, and dangerous.
      The main problem I have is how PS markets its products, through MLM. Sure there are good things about MLM, and there are some good people involved, but most MLM companies operate as a “pyramid scheme” where money is transferred upward, and is depended on “recruitment” not actual sales. This results in only a few people making money at the top level and a lot of people at the bottom losing money. In other words, for a FEW to win, the MAJORITY have to lose. I found PS commission program to meet the definition of a “pyramid scheme”, and therefore a “flawed” marketing system. People were constantly being lied too about products, and the “business”, or “income” opportunity. This may be intentionally, or unintentionally.
      Oh, and I failed to mention, it amuses me. lol

      • Janet H.

        Apparently you don’t know anything about MLM’s. It doesn’t work the way you describe. Someone that is on the bottom that just signs up can work hard and actually make more money than the person on the top, unlike corporate.

        • Anonymous

          Janet H
          Why don’t you explain your views on how MLM works. Explain how that person at the bottom of the organization can make more than those above. It can be done, but not very likely. Explain to us please. Then I will give you my opinion.

    • A Plexus customer

      “Anonymous” probably also goes by the name Christine Derrel…who’s company Skinny With Fiber is a competitor of Plexus Worldwide, Inc.

  • This product has literally changed my life! I noticed energy and seasonal allergy relief right at the beginning. Without trying I have lost 15 lbs in a little over two months! I feel like I have increased self control to choose the right foods and my metabolism is re-built. My muscles feel like they are becoming firmer and there has not been an exercise regiment introduced at this point. I have not felt this good since my mid-twenties!! So two months and two weeks in I have that to report… and looking forward to being even better!

    • April

      Are you taking the accelerator or just drinking the PS?

      • I drink Slim and take Accelerator maybe 2-3 times a week if that.

    • Updating to say I have now lost 40 pounds of unhealthy weight. I was just told I can cut my levothyroxine dose in half this week. I sleep great and have sustained energy throughout the day – not too much not too little. Going strong, and I love the support in the Plexus community. Not only are there health professionals from certified to MASTERS on my own team, everyone in the company shares the same goal: helping people. The doctors, nurses, holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, therapists etc etc will vouch for the quality of our plant-based supplements. #oneplexus

  • Patti

    Why are people not interested in taking Plexus for weight less or other physical issues even reading these reviews? Can’t you find something better to do with your time?

  • Kim

    I took a 2 week break from my Shakeology and tried Plexus Slim and did lose a couple pounds however I had to pee constantly (most likely because I was thirsty all the time and drinking tons of water while using Plexus Slim.) But I also felt jittery, so I stopped drinking it. Recently one of my friends (who is in the military with me) started using Plexus Slim and a week later has become an Ambassador so of course she is trying to get me on the bandwagon. Is there anything RECENT that indicates if this stuff really does pose the possibility of testing positive for amphetamines? I had read a couple articles online stating that Plexus Slim contains Dimethylamylamine (which apparently gives a false positive on a drug test because it looks like speed.) Has anybody seen any definitive answer if Plexus Slim contains this stuff? Before I even consider trying this again I want to make sure I’m not risking my career to do so 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You are speaking of the Old PS Accelerator in which DMAA (strong stimulant) was present. Company called it Geranax. PS has reformulated the New PS Accelerator, and you do not have to worry about being positive for “amphetamines”. Still has stimulants in the New Accelerator, but has been found not to be as potent as DMAA You should be find with your test. Just in case, tell the clinician what you may taking. Should not be a problem. Good luck!
      The main PS bag should be just find, and supposedly nothing in that on that could cause the body to speed up.

  • Lisa

    I’ve read so many of these comments, especially the ones who have never even tried it yet slam it. I am a mom of four who struggles with Fibromyalgia horribly. I could tell a huge difference the first day and each day has gotten better and better. Nothing works the same for everyone but if it gives you relief AND helps you lose some weight and be healthier why wouldn’t you try it? If you don’t want to try it then leave your negative selfish thoughts and comments to yourself and let the ones who do love it and the ones who it is helping, enjoy their success. For those of you that are thinking about it…don’t wait like I did. Try it, if it works for you then awesome! If it doesn’t don’t give up…something out ther might be just the right thing for you…either way good luck! I’m so glad I did it…just to feel better makes me feel like I got some of my life back.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you and others that support this stuff state immediately that you sell it or, not. If you do sell it, I personally don’t need to read another sentence of yours or their BS. Fibromyalgia/ Yeah, sure Let’s see the clinical studies proving what you say.
      I’ve never tried “cocaine”, but I do know it’s not good for you. This want cost you or other people who waste their money on the stuff a penny. I would imagine you are over-weight, so just get your butt off the couch, and open you mouth only 50% of the time to eat instead of 100%, and I can almost assure you will lose weight, and definitely not your money, or relationships. No disrespect to those who are truly disabled.

      • msskelly

        Anonymous – YOU ARE RUDE!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          If you call being knowledgeable, and enjoy talking about a subject “rude”, I plea guilty. You have anything useful for the site other than your “stupid” opinion of me. lol

          • legolas666

            I love you Anonymous….honestly….I agree with everything you say…I’ve posted a few comments against this whole Plexus MLM scam….i’m sure others think I’ve been sarcastic too….poor babies…did we hurt their feelings? The truth is uncomfortable to many in this Plexus cult…it has similarities to the Christian or any other religious cult. “Sarcasm” comes from the Latin “sarco”, which means “flesh”….sarcasm is humor that cuts the flesh….and while it may “hurt”, ultimately, the truth is revealed.

            There have been NO authentic clinical trials to determine the efficacy of these products…just anecdotal crap…that’s not science. Plexus will fall at some point, added to the dung heap of other “dietary” non-regulated defunct products…and then another snake oil product will take its place…

          • legolas666

            I have a niece who is into this Plexus ambassador stuff…she comes back from her Plexus conventions (Dallas, Orlando, Hawaii, etc) recharged and ready to accelerate to the next level of bullsh*t. Well…her husband is a pastor, so I guess bull runs in the family…passing along ignorance as if it was truth, and feeling like they should not be challenged about their propaganda.

      • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

        Even if there were clinical studies, the FDA won’t allow them period because it’s from plant sources. Unless it of course has been paired with other highly dangerous substances and manufactured to get their seal of approval so it can kill off more people and get them taking more crap of theirs and spending even more money before they die. If it works for people that are taking it then fantastic. I know people that are not overweight, work and have Fibro and that are counting the days to retirement so your imagination doesn’t work in all accounts.

        Yeah I sell it but I’m not high up in the ranks because I choose to tell people the things that can harm them with their meds and then urge them to take what was found that contraindicates to their doctors. It’s easy to put plant component names into drug checkers vs medication names and see if any flags come up whether minor or contraindicated for use.

        • Anonymous


          You say, “the FDA will not allow studies on products derived from plants What ?????? You are WRONG AGAIN!… One thing about it, you are consistent with your ridiculous information. Here is just one of my resources proving you wrong AGAIN!
          The reason most companies like PS does not have studies preformed is:
          1. They don’t have the money, or do not want to spend it. or
          2. PS knows that the studies will not be in their favor, and they would put their whole company at risk. In other words they know the product would be proven to be worthless in most cases.
          Sylvia, think about this. If you had a product that was believed to treat Fibromyalgia, ADHD, or any other disease state that you ambassadors falsely, and illegally claim, that you would not try and get the money from some investor to find out. If found true it could mean ‘billions” of dollars. PS is milking PS for as long as it can, and it knows its day will soon end.
          Sylvia, don’t feel bad about not being successful on the business side of PS. 99% of MLMers are in the same boat. lol

          • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

            I don’t feel bad at all about it, I told you I could care less about it. I am not trying to get ambassadors, or sell just to sell. I’m happy actually, especially for my heart. I get all sorts of warm fuzzies when I think and dream about you. I just LOVE how you assume I feel bad, is that how you feel on a day to day basis with your negativity, NO WONDER you have to hide your real name from the public.

  • Kelly LaPlante Reedy

    I use (and now sell PS). I personally love it. I no longer take my sleeping pills after 7 years OR my anxiety meds! have not lost a ton of weight…in the 7 weeks. But I am slowly! And when I don’t drink enough water, I feel it. So, if I could completely stay off fast food when on the go…I know more inches will drop! I have WAY more energy! I FEEL more better! I’ve tried MANY MANY “diet” products. THIs works!

  • Smart Girl

    Thought: Those who wish to loose weight and be healthy should just eat unprocessed foods as nature intended and get up and move your body! LOL what a joke…ppl will believe anything if they think it’s an easy way to do something. Idiots.

    • Avery

      Speaking of idiots…

      “…as nature intended…”

      Where is your evidence that nature has the capacity for intention?

    • ThatLibertyGuy

      A little hint: Smart people don’t have to point out that they are smart, and because they are smart, they don’t have to call other people idiots.

      • Carrie Dekker

        That is good information.

    • carlyspencer

      Hey here’s a thought. Maybe people who don’t know things should keep their mouth shut and hide their ignorance. First of all, it’s lose not loose. Secondly did it occur to you that some people are overweight because of their medical conditions/medicine. So exercise is not really possible and if it is it still might not do a damn thing.

    • The way nature intended

      I totally agree! There is someone we know that sells these products and she has totally deterred us from ever wanting to try them due to her pushiness. I have never seen anyone like this in my life. So, we have tried eating all unprocessed foods and drink nothing but water. My husband has lost 12 lbs and I have lost 11 lbs. in two weeks. I mean the weight is literally falling off! We each had about 100 lbs. to lose-it has taken a major turnaround on our eating habits. I feel like I am 10 years younger. I have more energy because I used to eat so much sugar and carbs before. We have great new recipes and really enjoy them. I totally feel you should try the true natural way first. I know it’s hard but you just have to get your mind set on doing it. Our goal is to be healthier by eating and exercising properly.

      • Cindy

        Dear TWNI, I have struggled for years with my weight and now have a ton of ailments. Fibro,HBP, HCholesterol,Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and a few more. The Fibro meds add weight cant move to exercise and everything hurts, I am 48 years old and have only been taught how to eat poorly I think. Everything is processed has sugar, flour, glucose in it. Could you be so kind to share some of you unprocessed foods with me. I would love to come off this medication naturally or otherwise. I am always pessimistic about any weight drink or drug. I would like to try this product my afraid of any bad side effects.

        • Angie Davidson

          Cut out anything refined or hydrolized. That will go a long way toward cutting out processed foods. The main thing is to get off your butt and drink more water. I lost 50 lbs because the docs said I would be diabetic if I didn’t, and frankly, I was miserable. I started out walking, then bought a ten speed. I work in my garden, I walk rather than drive, and I eat either organic or what I grow myself, rather than junk. I am not skinny by any means…I am still struggling with IR and I am a beer drinker, but you would be amazed as to how the weight drops off when you start eating things like real veggies, fruits, and meat, instead of processed alternatives. Eat a steak, some mushrooms, and a salad, and get off your ass and walk for an hour. It produces far more amazing results than some drink or pill will ever do. And stop taking those meds! Detox your body, use natural remedies and eat healthy oils. I was diagnosed with Osteo at 35. I have trouble with my knees, still, but at 38 I have not felt better than now in a long time.

          As a sidenote, with the issues that you have, get a Lyme Disease titer done. Add me through Google if you’d like, or at I know what it is like to be in your position…it sucks and you feel helpless. I am still about 10 lbs overweight but I have learned what NOT to eat and how to to treat my body with natural things other than chemicals. I am treated for adhd, but that’s it. My mama takes about 10 meds a day; I take two…and will be getting myself off of those soon. The most important thing is to be strong and realize that fat or thin, you are a wonderful person, and whoever thinks otherwise is either jealous or not worth your time.

  • Kristy

    I’m with the company VISI. By far the best one on the market. Totally clean and safe 100%

  • EPIC BeYOUty

    I absolutely love all of the criticism on this post (extreme sarcasm). Constructive criticism I can understand, but I’ve read adults calling each other names and making statements they others are uneducated (as they show their own lack of education, respect, and compassion).

    All of that aside, I am not a PS user YET. I’m considering it. While these online testimonials are useful, I’ve made it a point to speak to the many people around me that are using these products and seeing how it’s worked for them. I’m doing my own research into the ingredients and the possible benefits. And I will speaking to my own Dr about it this week at my appointment.

    While I fully agree that a healthy and balanced diet coupled with regular exercise is the best choice for everyone, there are conditions (such as my own imbalances) that doesn’t always respond to that and the weight just stays. And according to my own Dr I can take 6 different prescriptions that will balance me out (as long as I continue to take them) while I attempt to lose weight. We’ve tried this method before, didn’t work. But it did cause other reactions that called for different medications to offset those. Ugh! So if there are any positive comments and guidance then feel free to message me. If your only comments are those of criticism and insults then save it for someone else. Thanks!

    • Kelly LaPlante Reedy

      I personally love this stuff! I steer clear of prescription anything nowadays!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Kelly, let’s see how long you live! Keep us posted! lol

        • Kelly LaPlante Reedy

          OK. A lot longer w/ out big pharmas chemical cau cau! I’m about Big FARMa

          • Anonymous

            Since you sell this stuff and claim it produces all the miracles, why don’t you, or better than that , PS find out, by performing research on the product. Could it be that they know that if they do the research that PS would be proven to be no more effective than a glass of orange juice. There goes the company! lol There are billions of dollars to be made if PS does have positive results on PS based on research in curing or controlling the ailments you and others that SELLTHIS STUFF CLAIM. If your company had confidence in PS to performance as you say, trust me they, or some other company would have already proven it. If it weren’t for gullible people like you, PS would have been gone long ago.
            Oh, by the way, and since you are so gullible, I have a nice BRIDGE for sale. would you like to buy it? lol

          • Avery

            “If your company had confidence in PS to performance as you say, trust me they, or some other company would have already proven it. ”

            Very good point. I can’t believe that this has never occurred to me before, when discussing health/medical woo!

          • Steffler

            I’m sincerely curious, have you used PS? You just seem to have much contempt for this product and company and I am just wondering why. Did it not work for you or did the company treat you badly? I haven’t used it but heard about it and have 2 friends and a family member that have had extremely positive experiences. So I’m doing my research.

          • Anonymous

            I have no contempt for PS, just against the way it is sold. Just like most other MLM companies around today, the distributor’s main goal is not you losing weight, it’s about separating you from your pocketbook, by simply deviating from the truth making false claims of product, and the so-called business opportunity. Two points, if you buy PS to lose weight, you are wasting your money, and if you are buying into the business opportunity you are wasting your money, and your time, and possibly your relationship with your friends, and family.
            Have your friends, and family ask you to join PS as an ambassador. If not, get prepared, it’s coming.
            And yes, I have tried PS and found eating right, and exercising a less expensive, and effective.
            How can you do research on a product when NO RESEARECH has been performed on the product?

          • Well – not to argue with you, but there is really nothing wrong with network marketing. Instead of paying big bucks for advertisements – these companies chose to let the customers make some money. It’s really a great program – like Tupperware and Avon. They just let the people do the advertising so the money is going to the little people.

          • Anonymous

            Stacey Dalton

            Once upon a time, multi-level marketing (network marketing) WAS a legitimate business which provided a way for small companies to get their unique products to consumers in small towns and rural areas which had no access to these products.At this time, the products sold themselves, and the multi-level aspect was a way
            of giving a small reward to those who had worked hard to build the organization. But the focus was always on the product, not recruiting.
            Today, and especially with the growth of the internet, it is
            possible for consumer to get about whatever they want at competitive prices. There is simply no real need for distribution “systems” as there once was, and indeed the focus of all the programs is not on the products they sell — which are usually either bogus or are available somewhere else to the public at the same or lesser prices. Instead, the focus now is solely on recruiting new people to either buy into the program or else to buy products that are grossly overpriced (i.e., a $1 bottle of “herbal shampoo” for $26), with the idea that
            those people will recruit additional people who will also buy into the program or themselves buy the grossly overpriced products.
            . In today’s internet economy, there is simply no need for multi-level marketing or the overpriced products that they sell — meaning that the only thing they are selling are memberships in anticipation that future memberships will be sold in the future, which is the classic definition of a pyramid scheme.
            “They just let the distributors do the advertising.” Nothing wrong with that as long as the distributors are accountable for how they advertise. Most MLM companies are guilty of false advertisement, making false claims of product, and income. PS, and other MLM seem to turn their heads.
            “Distributors advertise so the little guy can make money”. What?!!! In MLM today the little guy (downline) makes nothing, and actually loses money to pay a few of the big guys. (upline)
            Tupperware, and Avon cannot be compared to the classic MLM companies of today. They focus on ‘home parties” where direct sales actually take place. Focus is on product, not recruiting, even though recruiting does occur. Yes, I know, PS does sell direct to some customers. Just to meet regulatory needs, but most sales generated are from those who buy for themselves in order to qualify for commissions, and that is not direct sales.

          • Carrie Dekker

            But we are bigger than all of them in a couple of years because of profen guarenteed products.

          • Carrie Dekker

            My upline is an angel sent fro heaven to save my husbands life. Told me how to save money to get what he needed. You are generalizing. I am a Plexus Slim Ambassador and I proud to be and I get paid to save peoples lives just like the hundreds of nurses and other medical professiomals marketing Plexus.

          • Anonymous

            Hey folks
            Really glad Carrie’s husband is doing well, but come on, giving credit to PS, for that, and calling an ambassador a savior. OMG, sounding more and more like a “cult”.
            I wonder how much of the money you saved went to supporting your “angel” friend’s lifestyle. Wake-up Carrie!!! And, trust me you will.

          • legolas666

            I second EVERYTHING Anonymous has said….including the family nonsense…it’s very disheartening.

          • Shaun

            Why are you so negative and rude? And why don’t you have the stones to identify
            yourself? My guess would be that you’re
            a jobless obese individual and are a little jealous of other people’s
            happiness. Now I say this is just a
            guess but I’m sure you will go on the attack any minute. You are just a mean
            spirited person that gets your joy out of causing controversy. Maybe even the same joy that successful PS
            users get from the product.

          • Anonymous

            Identify myself? What good would that do, you still wouldn’t know who I am. Wow!!! Shaun, are you an ambassador, if so, that explains the personal attacks. Yep, I am fat, and obese, and I feed off “stupid ” like you. Hey Ace, just turn the page if annoyed. lol

          • Carrie Dekker

            Love it.

        • Carrie Dekker

          Is that why you are anonymous? You’re dead? Plexus is saving lives.

          • Anonymous

            Tell us how a vitamin that can be manufactured in somebody’s garage can save people’s lives PS. is nothing but a weight-loss fad, and will soon die out like all the other fads. So, you better hurry and drain your friends, and families of their precious resources just to better your lifestyle. Times a wasting.
            But, sense you believe that PS saves lives, give us some documentation proving how. No testimonials, most people know they are nothing but BS. Give us data proving what you say. Bet you can’t.
            I am Anonymous because I choose to be. What difference would it make if you knew my name, I would still be Anonymous to you. Boy, the ambassador mentality never gets old!! LOL

    • My husband was the first to notice that my attitude had gotten much better while I was on the five main products. I love the stuff, and will continue taking them for a while longer…as long as I can. I think the weightloss and happiness I’ve felt…joy really…is a result of my blood sugar being regulated. That, and being off Benadryl for help sleeping. I guess that made me groggy all day. I hope you try it!

      • Carrie Dekker

        That is great to hear. PLEXUS is doing amazing things in a lot of people’s lives. For the ones it did not work for….you were probably jn detox when you thought you were not loosing or you were gaining
        Weight. Should have stuck it out. Just saying.

    • Carrie Dekker

      Add me on facebook and I will add you to an incredible testimonial page. Plexus works and it is safe. Has literally changed our lives.

  • Anonymous

    Get this “folks”, since the New PS, and the New PS Accelerator do not seem to work as well as the “original” formulations, the products are now conveniently called ” well-ness products”, no longer “weight-loss” products. Wow, how convenient MLM, say and do “anything” you want, and not be held accountable. No wonder a “Monkey’ could start one up. LOL

    • Sylvia Nieuwenhuis

      The company NEVER called it a weight loss product. It was billed as a Diabetic supplement and had a side effect of weight loss. Many ambassadors mistakenly call it that and hang themselves eventually.

      • Anonymous

        “Never” called it a weight-loss product? Read the packaging, and the promotions all over the internet. Some more of your BS on PS! They have to call it something since PS doesn’t work for weight-loss any longer with the new formulations.

  • Linda

    The 60 day guarantee is bogus. It does not apply for Ambassadors. I am so disappointed in the company and the product. I thought it would help with Fibromyalgia it did not for me.

    • Anonymous

      When one of the ambassador tried to sell you PS for Fibromyalgia, You should have just turned around, and just walked away. They are just trying to sell you a”cow” ‘ with some “majic” beans. You should actually be mad at this person for tryin to fool you.
      THE PS company has just released a statement that distributors were no longer allowed to make claims of PS curing, or controlling the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, or any other disease state. This is serious!!!!

      • ~g

        Why is it always “Anonymous” with the obnoxious comments?

        • Dustin Hebert

          Because Anonymous is a COWARD! “Put your name on it that’s all I say, be a man or a woman and just put your NAME on it”. Look jack I’m just trying to get some info on the product. I don’t need your hate for MLM schemes mucking up the board. I might take your comments with more merit but you cain’t even say who you are. Anonymous is no way to go through life.

          • Anonymous

            Hey Dustin,
            What if I told you my name was Bill John, or Sam? I would still be Anonymous to you, and everyone else.. How do I know your name is Dustin? Get the point, think about it, if you can get past your MLM mentality.
            I would imagine Dustin is a MLMer, and you just got a dose of how they are programmed to handle people who do not agree with them. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, AND OF COURSE NAME CALLING.
            And, being involved in an industry that is known to survive on “deceiving” people is the way to go through life? Think I would rather have it my way. lol

          • legolas666

            no, Anonymous…I am not stalking you…but again, I agree with you…of course Legolas666 in not my real name…I’m just a Lord of the Rings fan…but unlike Plexus groupies, I realize Lord of the Rings is a FANTASY. If only Plexus users would realize Plexus slim is a fantasy, they’d be the richer for it.

          • jesse

            Buddy he is pointing out complete truths to this bullshit he is not a coward look at all you sheep just blindly following these idiot ambassadors which all post the same stuff, A company cannot make health claims like it cures stuff lmao especially when there are no studies or anything to back it up just a way to sell stuff. I had a girl telling me the same things and she is not even allowed to please go do some actual research I like this anonymous guy and makes me laugh how he is owning all these idiot ambassadors. I do not approve of all these new health product bs it is called working out and eating right. Sorry if drinking all that crap pop and processed food is bad for you, I know all you Americans love it so much, maybe that is why 80 percent of Americans are obese and or have major health issues.

  • Sharla Davidson

    I suggest Thrive by Le-Vel. Earn your product for free by having 2 customers. Also it is free to join, free website etc. No kit required to buy, no home parties, no delivering of products. You really have nothing to lose except for the weight. It truly is a fantastic product!

    • Anonymous

      Sharla Davidson
      What is Thrive by Le-Vel? Sounds interesting. Is it a weight-loss product, or system?

  • I tried this for about 2 months last year and quit because of the price. However I am going to try it again because in those 2 months, with the accelerator I had more energy and lost about 10 pounds and kept it off. More info on me, I am a male, 6 ft tall, 365 pounds and diabetic. When I first started the product I was about 374 and went down to 360. I am going to get back on the product and add exercise to see if I can drop more pounds.

    • De

      Shane I have been using Plexus for a few weeks and being a mother of 4 the price was a little high for me. So I decided to sign up as an ambassador and now I get my products for free because I make money off my own and others orders. This has been working great for me I will not go without it! You should sign up to be an ambassador!

  • Marilyn

    I have been taking plexus slim and the accelerator since December 2013. I didn’t tell anyone so that I would really see if people were noticing things changing. I measured three places, waist, hips, and thighs. Since those are the areas that I would like to see change. My “ambassador” said that most people don’t notice a difference until 3-4 months. Give it time to work through your body. I thought this was crazy but since I’m not one of those gym type people I thought I would give it a try. Now it has been almost 4 months. Actually about 3 1/2 months and my waist has gone down 2 inches and my hips 1 1/2 inches. So far nothing on my thighs. =( My family has just started noticing that I’m looking slimmer, they are asking what I’m doing? I was even able to buy jeans that are a size smaller. Even now I’m still skeptical so I have only told my mom. I must also admit that I have two bottles of accelerator unused. I am the worst at taking pills! The only negative for me is that I don’t notice any change in my energy levels. I have two boys, 2 and 3 years old, so I guess I’m not gonna have much energy anyways. lol

    • De

      Marilyn have you tried the bio cleanse and pro bio? I have lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. 1 inch off my waist and 2 off my thighs! It’s really working for me and my energy level is amazing!

      • Anonymous

        There you go De! Blame it on the person for your products not being effective. What if the Bio-Cleanse, nor the Pro-Bio work? Got some “magic beans” in your pouch? Lol

        • Dustin Hebert

          Wow Anonymous. You sure seem to be a happy person with yourself LOLing all of your own comments. Can you say narcissism. Why so anonymous?

          • Anonymous

            Narcissism, yep, I can say it, and define it. You have to admit my post seem to wake you up, don’t they. lol Refer to previous post on Anonymous.

    • Curls & Curves on FB

      You could see faster results than that by doing in-home workouts! And your energy levels would be WAY up!! curls & curves

  • Bre

    I used the product for 4 months (plexus slim) and lost nothing at all. My liver became elevated and other levels were out of whack. 3 months after I stopped taking it my liver and all blood levels were normal again.

    • Vicki

      Hi Bre, I have also heard that some individuals taking plexus slim have had some adverse reactions. So, with that I would like to introduce to you and anyone else that would be interested an organic/all natural nutritional products that I am an independent business owner for. These products are not only helping people lose weight but be healthy and make extra money as well. For more information you may go to or email me at [email protected].
      Thanks for your time and hope to help.

  • Concerned for your health

    This is anything but natural.

  • Wendy

    I tried Plexus (Slim/Accelerator) for six weeks starting last November and GAINED 10 lbs, so I stopped. When I called to cancel my automatic order, I requested my 60 day refund and was DENIED. They said it hadn’t been 60 days, so I was no longer entitled to a refund since I was stopping the program about 2 weeks “prematurely”. Nevermind that I had GAINED weight, and I didn’t want to risk gaining more.

    I let it go, muddled through the rest of December, and started 2014 with the same old resolution of weight loss as usual. My weight did not fluctuate up or down after stopping Plexus.

    In early March, I decided to try again. My friend was having great results, so I tried to convince myself that my previous weight gain was just “holiday crap”. This time I added the X Factor, ProBio, and BioClense to the Slim/Accelerator combo.

    That was about 3 weeks ago…I’ve gained an additional 5 lbs. This is the first weight fluctuation I’ve experienced since stopping Plexus in mid-December.

    So… I’m FIFTEEN pounds heavier, out several hundred dollars, and was denied the 60 day refund the company flaunts.


    For the record, I walk my dog 1-2 miles about 4-5 times a week and I take an hour long Kickboxing or Boxing class 2-3 times a week. While I readily admit to having a terrible sweet tooth (that I consciously work to control), but for the most part, I eat pretty well.

    I needed to lose about 50 lbs BEFORE Plexus. Now I need to lose 65.

    • Lori C Wellness Coach

      Wendy why not try Herbalife? I have 3 day trials in stock. Pls call or text me on 07879468880. Herbalife is no. 1 nutrition co in world & has been around for 34 years. It works. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Is’nt Herbalife being investigated by the FTC for operating as a “pyramid scheme”?

        • Lori C Wellness Coach

          Herbalife is a Multi Level Marketing Co. not pyramid. Herbalife is a member of DSA.
          I LOVE Herbalife. before Herbalife I was unfit, unhealthy, barely able to walk for 6 mins at a time. I am a type 2 diabetic. with Herbalife I have lost 4 stone, 4 dress sizes, am fitter, healthier & can walk everywhere.
          Don’t knock it until you try it. :o)

          • Anonymous

            No one has said Herbalife does not have good products. But, to the contrary, having good products does not excuse the fact that the company that sells them could be doing so under a “pyramid scheme” marketing plan. Herbalife is at the present being investigated by the FTC as operating as one, just as Amway was back in 1979. Amway has some pretty good products also, but as any MLM product goes, extremely over-priced.
            What does being a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Asso.) have to do with being investigated as a”pyramid scheme”? So is Amway, Mary Kay, and about 200 others.
            Lori, check your facts, and get back at us. Search Herbalife investigated as a pyramid scheme.
            And, what do you mean by your statement,” Herbalife is MLM, not a pyramid.” Most MLM companies as they operate today are “pyramid schemes”. Just ask yourself this question, “Is money transferred UPWARD through the organization, and is that money MOSTLY depended on recruitment of distributors that recruit other distributors, and etc.

          • another Lisa

            Anonymous, you need to do more research on the difference between MLM’s and pyramid schemes. They are not the same: A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment … Wikipedia

            Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

            In an MLM, you are paid according to how hard you work to build your business and if the person who told you about the business and signed you up (your “upline”), does nothing more, they might earn only about $500/month when the person below is earning $100K+/month! This puts the “pyramid” way out of whack!

          • Anonymous

            another Lisa
            Are you kidding me! Good thing for Wikipedia. lol You are right, a pyramid scheme is unsustainable MLM isn’t? The market design in itself is unsustainable, promising an ‘endless chain” of participants, in addition to “unlimited” income potential. Both lies. MLM is a marketing strategy, but a proven “flawed” marketing design, and one that is doomed to fail. Based on research, 99% of MLM participants (distributors) will fail.
            By the way, very easy to define MLM through Wikipedia. My input comes from real life experiences dealing with MLM. The definition of a pyramid scheme is simple, yet complicated when trying to determine its legality. Let’s go the simple route so ambassadors not familiar with the subject can understand.
            Simply put, anytime money is transferred UPWARDS from one level to another, with the MAIN focus on “recruitment of distributors” rather than “actual retail sales”, then you have a classic pyramid scheme by FTC definition. In other words, if you had to depend on selling PS to only people outside the organization, actual retail sales, could you, or the company survive. Hardly. Does PS not work this way?
            The FTC is currently investigating Herbalife on these issues as we speak. If found guilty, pyramid scheme, and will change the whole complexity of the MLM industry.
            Oh, and by the way, anytime an upline, or a downline is mentioned, a red-flag should go up as being a pyramid scheme.

      • Ethan

        Herblife is not “no. 1 nutrition co in world”. Dr. Shaklee basically invented the supplemental nutrition industry in 1915 and his company and products arguably remain the standard by which all others are measured.

    • Lisa

      You can’t go by pounds…it’s about size, lose fat not muscle…muscle weighs more. You have to go by measurements and how you feel. Everyone gets so stuck on numbers. Try it without using your scale…honestly everyone is different but I’d try that and see if you feel better and have changed sizes instead. Good luck!

      • jesse

        No it does not a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, muscle is just more dense so you LOOK smaller, are you this stupid really I can see why you sell these crap products.

    • Rowan

      Thank you Wendy. I was considering wasting my money on it but as I gain weight just looking at food I don’t think I’ll bother. I’ll just keep eating healthy and exercising through the plateau



  • Danielle Bailey

    I think it works differently for different people. People gain weight for different reasons, so they’ll lose weight for different reasons. If you don’t have a problem with blood sugar and only have 10-15 lbs to lose, it may not work for you. I have 200+ lbs to lose and I have out of control blood sugar. I’ve been researching and it seems to help people with insulin resistance the most so I figured I would give it a try. I’m on my 5th day and have lost 3 lbs so far and the intense sugar cravings that I usually have to fight are just not there. I’ve had a low grade headache today that’s driving me nuts and feel almost feverish so I’ve been reading a lot today and I believe this is caused by something called Candida die off (a good thing – and I was scared). I’m blogging about it at but again, this is only my 5th day. I’ll keep going because it seems to be working for me. I’m just thinking it’s working for me because the root cause of my weight problems are sugar related where that may not be the case for people who don’t have sugar issues.

    • Katina

      Danielle, have you done the spit test to see if you are Candida postive? If not google Candida spit test & you will find instructions.

    • Avery

      You don’t need any special product to lose weight. I am also insulin resistant. Just follow a sensible low/slow-carb diet and monitor your results (weight and body measurements or simply the way your clothes fit).

  • niya

    I have use this awhile back I have diabetes and yes it does work…I have a friend that’s on it and sells it and has lost a lot of wait on it…I’ve consulted my Dr and he said that it won’t harm u!!! So I decided to give it another try!!!

  • Hello everyone, I have read all of your comments and there are good and some that I believe that are not understanding how to use the slim and / or have not had the help. Or if so have not understood why it’s not worked for them.
    Slim works like this. You should weight and measure yourself. You shouldn’t look at the scales but look at the inches you will lose. You need to drink A LOT OF WATER, and when I say A LOT, I MEAN A LOT. This is how it works. You also need to look at:- how much energy you have from the start, how much your dietary thoughts change. IF you are on meds then you mush always see your doctor first. We at Plexus DO NOT CLAIM TO CURE ANY DEACEASE !! We are here to help, advise and we care. What you have to remember is that you did not put on the weight over night, you can not expect the weight to disappear over night. So with this in mind you have to be patient. You should take slim 30mins before your breakfast in either 5oz or 10oz of water. Then have your breakfast, then if you are taking the Accelerator you take this 30 mins after your breakfast. You can take up to 2 slims per day. Some people do not change their diets. But others do. The slim sort of trains the brain to pick healthier choices when eating. REMEMBER before taking the slim you should have done a CANDIDA TEST. if you would like help or answers please contact me., I am here to help as much as I am able. If I do not have an answer then I will find one for you.
    MY website, is or email [email protected].. Thank you

    • Tintincoco

      Disease… ( not deacease) When Spelling it think dis-ease, hence discomfort, makes it simple to remember

      • Kris

        Thanks for this tip, I am a bad speller.

    • JW Vandenberg

      Your terrible spelling does not inspire confidence. Seriously.

      • I am very sorry about the spelling, however I was on my iPhone with predicted text. So forgive me..

        • dawn

          you can read between the lines just fine .His problem. You gave very good info and took your time to do so, guess that’s not what he saw…

      • dawn

        get over it…outside the box are real people…she gave very good info and wrote a lot and took her time of what most of us do not have…

    • Avery

      “You should weight and measure yourself. You shouldn’t look at the scales but look at the inches you will lose.”

      It’s pretty hard to weigh yourself without looking at the scales.

  • brian

    You do not need this product to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your blood glucose, and reduce or get off your diabetes meds. The best way to do that is to change your diet. I’m not saying “go on a diet”, but change your diet. Cut out processed foods, reduce your carb intake and exercise daily. I know it’s not easy but that’s all you need. There are no short cuts, wonder drugs, or secrets. That is a 100% accurate and true statement! I challenge anyone at Plexus to prove with independent science that anything they claim is true. Do you think they discovered something new that no one else knew?

    • Ebear

      SPOT-ON Brian.
      There are NO shortcuts and no miracle cures.STOP EATING at fast food joints.Buy healthy foods,cook only how much you eat,DONT OVERCOOK vegetables, and get off your “overweight” rearends and go outside!Cutting out TV 6 days a week also helps.
      I did this and have been healthy and slim for over 3 years.

    • @ Brian, I do not disagree with you on that. However, there are people who need help. We are not saying you need this and that. Some people may not have the support nor conference to go to gyms, running, walking etc. it may just give someone their life back.
      I read at the bottom of all this another discussion regarding Spiralina. Well it is in this product. I have been taking Spiralina for years now and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever taken!

      But back to the point of the matter.

      Sometimes we are need a little help in no matter what, where we are in life.

      • Avery

        I have low self-esteem and dread the thought of working out in a gym or swimming pool. I am to fat to run or jog. That being said, I am still able to exercise, even if some days it only involves a 15-minute walk or exercises in my apartment. Any activity is healthier than none. Also, you do not need to rely on a particular product or its fans for help or support. Help and support can be found from a multitude of sources.

    • Avery

      “Cut out processed foods, reduce your carb intake and exercise daily. ”

      Well said, Brian. It may not be easy, but it is simple AND well-supported by science. I would add ‘Drink plenty of water’, too.

      You don’t need to spend money on products developed and marketed by profiteers to lose weight. When you do, you are supporting a very dishonest industry.

  • Svmill253

    I have been on Plexus Slim for 2 months now. I gained 75 lbs with my 1st child, lost 40, gained 50 with #2. I tried diet and excercise with little results. Ended up breaking my arm dislocating my knee and sprained my ankle. Dr said children take a lot from you 🙂 So after much research, I found PS. I have not dropped 1 pound, nor do I have an increase in energy. When I called PS to first order, I asked the consultant to be honest with me, as honest as a sales rep could be, and she said it took her 4 months to start showing results. I’ll give it 2 more months. I’m tired of being overweight and injured. So, I’ll give it a shot. What’s 4 months out of your whole life if something might help.

    • Mieka Dotson

      I was told that it does work at a different speed for different people. I am about to start it and I am really excited. You just hang in there and don’t give up. I have been doing research and it looks promising. WE WILL BE FIT AND FINE REAL SOON!

      • Smill253

        Yes, I hope so, good luck!

    • onmyway

      Svmil253…..I just started the Slim and Accelerator Plus this week and have lost 4 pounds and my energy is amazing. Are you drinking ALOT of water? It is recommended that you drink at least half of your body weight in water….not just liquids…plain ole water every day. Also have you checked for Candida retention? Don’t stop….you will dlose that weight and be healthy as well!

      • Smill253

        Yes, I always drink a lot of water anyway. Thanks for your support! Good luck to you too.

      • Jeannie Southard

        That is ridiculous and dangerous advice. 1 cup of water weighs a little over 1/2 pound. If you weigh 200 pounds, then drink 100 pounds of water, you would have to drink 200 cups of water. This would probably kill you by washing out all of your electrolytes. Yes, drinking too much water can kill you. Look up water intoxication and hyponatremia.

        • JRShoup

          What she meant was half your body weight in OUNCES of water. It’s a very common and safe guideline to follow.

          • Jeannie Southard

            Well I’m glad that you are a mind reader. She needs to edit her post and write what she means before someone follows her advise and gets sick.

          • EPIC BeYOUty

            Lol this is common knowledge and recommended by physicians (drinking half of your body weight in OUNCES). It’s not difficult to google and get the specifics. So yes, perhaps she needs to check her wording. But a little common sense and personal research goes a long way as well.

          • Avery

            I doesn’t require psychic abilities, as this has been commonly known health advice for a very long time.

            Most people would also realize that:

            A) Nobody measures water in pounds, when referring to its consumption.


            B) It would be impossible for a human to drink an amount of water equal to half their body weight in one day. That would be 15 gallons for someone weighing only 120 pounds!

            Come on! Think!

          • Anonymous

            Good point about the water. But, on the “come on, think” comment, you have to remember in MLM you have your upline to THINK for you. Thinking on your own, or being a free-thinker, is not allowed in MLM, and considered being “negative”, especially if you disagree with them. LOL

        • Sharyl

          It is 1/2 your weight in OUNCES… So if you weigh 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces of water a day.

      • AK81

        Half your body weight in water are you freaking kidding me??? That’s impossible lol

        • drofseg

          They probably meant for example if you weigh 240 you should drink 120 ounces of water

      • De

        I have been on Plexus for 2 weeks. Down 5 pounds, 1 in off my waist and 2 off my thighs! She is right you have to drink a lot of water and yes half of your body weight. This is an amazing product and it has also helped my 17 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes!!!!

      • Avery

        “…and have lost 4 pounds and my energy is amazing.”

        And you firmly believe this is the result of something specific to this product?
        4 pounds lost in less than a week is primarily a reduction in retained water and is easily achieved by several methods without the need for PS.

        Weight loss (fat loss) over a greater amount of time can easily be explained by a reduction in highly-glycemic carbs. You do not need a special product to reduce the amount of highly-glycemic carbs in your diet.

        The weight loss industry is rife with greedy hucksters.

    • Anonymous

      What if you wasted another 4-months of your life and lose 0, along with about $350.00 in addition?. (about the cost of PS for 4-months)

      • Smill253

        True too. I’ll just have to see.

      • Janet

        There is a full money back guarentee

        • Anonymous

          Getting your money back? Now, that would depend, wouldn’t it? Do you see the people posting that have had trouble getting their money back. Did you know that most people, PS, or not do not ask for their money back. Just don’t want the hassle. Like most all companies, PS knows this, and just another way of duping the public.

        • Avery

          The four months of your life lost have far greater value than the cost of the product

    • heather

      You may have candida which is a yeast overgrowth in your body that can cause you to not lose weight and can make you crave sugars, there is a spit test you can Google to see if that’s what’s wrong and why you haven’t lost weight don’t lose hope (candida spit test)

      • anonymous

        The spit test for Candida is useless.

    • Avery

      “What’s 4 months out of your whole life if something might help.”

      It is four months you can never get back and four months that you could have tried something with higher (i.e. science-based) odds of success.

      Also, there are ways to exercise other than whatever you were doing that resulted in the injuries you suffered. Success usually requires patience and moderation.

  • m

    Why not just eat healthy, exercise, drink water and pursue free ways to lower stress/anxiety (rest, meditation, prayer, deep breathing, finding beauty in nature, journaling, being creative, friend-therapy, etc.)? What happened to just being active and working for what you want (weight loss)? Sometimes the process is more rewarding than the finish line!

    • Mieka Dotson

      Different strokes for different folks. Everybody is different and for some of us that does not work.

    • PCOS123

      Look up PCOS and then say that again. I can work out everyday of my life and eat all the right food and will still put on the pounds. So look that up and then come talk to me.

      • Avery

        “I can work out everyday of my life and eat all the right food and will still put on the pounds.”

        That depends entirely on how you define “working out” and “eating all the right food”. Those are both very broad terms. It certainly does not mean that you need PS to reduce your amount of body fat, regardless of having PCOS.

  • M. Johnson Phoenix Az.

    Let me say first I did lose weight on this initially, but curious about some of the side effects I was experiencing I had it tested by my wife in a lab. The product (pink drink) ingredient list posted here is complete bullshit. There is a significant amount of caffeine and other stimulants in this. As well as several dodgy appetite suppressant chemicals (quite similar to aminorex). This is not a healthy choice for anyone not to mention people with health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

    • Anonymous

      M. Johnson
      I am not a PS supporter, but the accusations of PS containing aminorex is serious, and I personally would like proof that it was found in PS. This is in all fairness to PS. The aminorex is in the SCEDULE 1 category, and would make PS an illegal product. I personally do not think PS would go this far. If it is true, and somehow I don’t believe it is, it should be reported to the necessary authorities.

      • JaimeJo

        He didn’t say that the product contained aminorex, he said that there are appetite suppressant chemicals that are SIMILAR to aminorex.

        • Anonymous

          I knew that was coming! M. Johnson said it worked like aminoex, and that should be enough to open people’s eyes. But, gave you and other PS supporters the benefit of the doubt and stated I don’t believe him without proof..Turn that around, and ask why should I believe PS doesn’t work like aminorex? You got that proof/ Hardly. All amounts to clinical evidence in which PS does no,t and probably never will have. The point you are missing is that if a product has the same chemicals in it, it has a good chance of having an action similar.

    • Anonymous

      M. Johnson
      Are you referring to the PS, or the PS Accelerator?

  • I am a success coach with a leading nutritional company and I found something better. The problem is, so many companies lay claims to being all natural when in reality they are not. I have researched all individual ingredients in the PS product… and like others have mentioned here, it is difficult to find any specific information on the ingredients and exactly what they do. I have also read reports on hidden ingredients, such as GeranX, that are not reported on the labels. I would hesitate. My issue is NOT in regards to the cost… if one is truly looking for a solution to get healthy and lose weight, it should be worth every penny that they invest. True nutrition comes from the earth. Raw materials. I finally found something that IS in fact all natural, and whole food based. Yes, I am a distributor for another product… not trying to play salesperson here. Just putting my 2 cents in like everyone else. There are better, safer options.

    • estevan

      What kind of product I’m intreastead

    • Anonymous

      I’m interested in knowing what is the product, or products you represent, and how they may compare to PS. It, or they, sound worth looking into. By the way, Geranax, is an ingredient in the old PS Accelerator, and it was listed on the label kind of hidden in the list of ingredients that appeared not to be that important. But, as we most know, it became very important and the reason products that contain it was removed from the market.

  • Suzeegirl

    I read this product is banned in Canada because it contains DMMA which is similar to ephedra or pseudoephidrine and I cannot use anything with either of those drugs due a heart condition. I am in mid60s. Is anyone out there using this product who has cardiac arrhythmia and if so, has it affected your condition? It sounds like a wonderful product and I know a couple of people using this who are diabetic and it is helping them significantly with weight loss and blood sugar control but they are much younger and not cardiac patients.

    • Ve

      Are you talking about the accelerator or the powder?

    • jamie

      it is not banned in canada its under “Not for resell” which means you can still get your product shipped to canada you just cant order more than 3 months supply at a time.

    • dhatley

      I took one of the powder sample packs yesterday. Did not take the accelertor because was not sure of how it would work on me. I have Atrial Fibulation. I used the drink yesterday morning, mid afternoon became very tired and last night had an A Fib episode that lasted for 3 hours. That has not happened in 2 years since being diagnosed with A Fib. I should have known better, no one to blame but me. DO NOT take this without contacting your physician or cardioligist. Those who have no health issues, probably have no problem with this, but I will not try this again until I talk to my doctor and I know right now what he is going to say. He will probably say, ‘ARE YOU NUTS!!”.

      • Anonymous

        “Are you nuts”, were the exact words my doctor used when after I took PS, and the Accelerator and my BP went 110/180. I was immediately given medications to reduce my BP before she would actually let me leave. So, expect those words from a respectable healthcare provider. lol

        • jadn

          obviously yes you are nuts BP can not possibly be 110/180

          • Anonymous

            Good call jahn! You are probably the only one on this site that didn’t realize the BP readings were a misprint. Ever done that before? The fact still remains, and I stand corrected, 180/110.

    • jadn

      I have a heart condition more than one actually. I printed all the information and took it to my cardiologist which is what I recommend you do as well. But mine told me that it was all natural and he didn’t see a thing in it that would harm me. Just to monitor HR and BP that was 1st of the year I have lost almost 30lbs

      • Anonympos

        Congrats on your weight-loss. Your cardiologist should have informed you that because a product is billed as “all natural” does not mean it that they are totally safe. All he sees is “vitamin”, and most feel what the “heck”, can’t hurt you. This shows the lack of training that doctors actually have in studying vitamins. They can hurt you, especially with your condition. The yellow page, and internets are full of cardiologist, get one that has some experience in this area. Not a doctor, but from personal family experience.
        Hope you keep improving.

  • mylife_04

    has anyone that’s taken the accelerator only noticed bloating & feeling very thirsty? I’ve only taken it for 4 days and my stomach is bloated big time. Not happy about that & also I’ve been really irritable in the evenings.

    • paula switcher

      I hate plexus slim! It makes my stomach hurt an it makes me want to eat tryin to find something to stop tht gnawing feeling. It also makes me crash in the afternoon. I am very energetic person naturally an this crap took tht from me. I want my money back. It is awful the worse thing I have ever used. How do u get ur money back???

      • bananahammock

        you have to drink a lot of water with this product and i take mine after breakfast and my stomach doesn’t hurt that way but if you want your money back you just go to your ambassador there is a 60 day money back guarantee

    • bananahammock

      you get gassy in the beginning that’s why you need to drink so much water it is detoxifying your body trying to get rid of any bad thing inside

    • synsweet

      I totally agree, for some reason I was bloated majority of the time, and very irritable during the afternoon. Moreover, my blood pressure was really high during the process.

  • yourcall

    just want to put my 2 cwnts in here, so ppl take medication to “feel better”, they take some to “balance” their bodies that have already been messed up over time. And ppl think that shoving more Chemicles into your body fixes anything? there is no Drug that “fixes” anything, it just temperaroly removes the effects of what is showing. so you plan on taking this “company of very powerful chemical options” as stated above for the rest of your lives? doesnt seem like an actual solution to me. And to touch up, most of the statements of what the ingredients do is way out there with science to discredit its effects. I’m not saying you wont lose weight . . . . . I’m not saying you wont feel better. . . . . . but why not try to fix the problem instead of just covering it up, 100% of sick ppl hace acidic bodies . . . . . aka change your diet and you will naturally get better. Will you need help . . . . . sure. but this is no solution to anything. My mother started using this as did my step father, I’ve done my research on it now to make sure they are safe with all thw crap on the market now, and I’m now tring to talk them off of it and on to something else. I hope ppl can just do their own research and learn for their selves and understand.

  • Nursejen

    It has highly processed chemical sweeteners…remind me again how that is healthy?? If I was going to ingest that, I would just go eat fast food…same thing….no thanks!

    • ZealforLife

      Which ones are the processed chemical sweeteners? I seriously am asking as I have no idea.

    • Ann

      None of them are highly processed chemical sweeteners. They are all natural sweeteners, look them up if you don’t believe the description. IT’S CALLED READING- MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

    • jamie

      it does not contain “highly processed chemical sweeteners”.
      Its sweetened with Stevia which is a plant ..

      Next time, do a bit of research before you start bashing a product.

      thanks 🙂

  • samantha

    ive been taking plexus for 5 months now and am down 25 lbs & 19 inches… its eliminated my cravings and i just dont have the desire to snack in between meals or late at night like i use to.

  • Anne b

    I’ve been taking the Plexus Slim Combo for four months and have lost THIRTY pounds. I love this stuff. And the best part……my dr has taken me off of three of my diabetes meds, and plans on taking me off of my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds next month after he does more tests. For those that are not happy with Plexus……they need to contact the Plexus Ambassador they purchased it from to discuss a refund.
    I liked it so much I’m now an ambassador. If you want to learn more, go to

  • brianna

    this plexus slim did no good for me I just want my money back how do I do that!?

    • Linda

      It hasn’t for me either…not 1 lb

      • Ann

        You should see how many inches you lose. And how you feel. It’s not just about a number on the scale.

    • Anne b

      Contact the Plexus Ambassador you purchased it from and they will help you.

  • informedconsumer

    Research each one of these ingredients individually and you will find that there is very little to no information that any of these ingredients perform for their given purpose any better than placebo in scientific study. If you’re taking it and it works, great for you. Be aware, however, that you are more than likely believing the ‘hype’ over the science. Also, any other medications you may be taking could decrease in efficacy or result in unwanted/dangerous side effects. Be safe in your consumption of any and/or all supplements for any purpose, including weight loss applications.

    • Carol Santillan

      That is why they encourage you to talk with your Dr. first before trying it!!!

  • Curious

    I currently am doing low carb way of eating and came across Plexus. I do have issues with high blood pressure and normally energy drinks or diet supplements will make me jittery and mess with my blood pressure. Has anyone had problems with this?

    • – TX

      I have been on HPB meds since last year, and even once was hospitalized with a BP of 245/145. I’ve been out of work for three months, so without insurance, I’ve been spreading my BP meds out — down to about half the dose I’m prescribed. On the full dose, my meds kept my BP at about 125-130/80-85. I started Plexus 3 weeks ago, and not only have I dropped 8 lbs, but my my BP is running 110/70 on average. I was jittery for about a day or two when I started taking the Accelerator, but that’s all it took for me to adjust to it. (Two of those a day, and each one has about the same caffeine as a cup of coffee.) It’s AMAZING stuff. Your BP will benefit, and you’ll feel better. (You can always talk to your doctor first, but my results are far from atypical. Plexus just works.)

      • brigitta

        You sound like a Plexus rep!!??

        • notimpressed

          You can’t afford BP meds so you spread them out, but will gladly drop $80 on a diet supplement. Brilliant.

          • MadameRowan

            Without insurance, meds cost HUNDREDS of dollars. Stop criticizing someone for taking control of their health in a way that’s more cost effective for them just because of your uneducated idiocy. $80 isn’t anywhere close to what those BP meds would cost without insurance.

          • Anonymous

            Uneducated idiocy, in this case would be people like you that put there trust, and their lives, and others in the hands of a product like PS with no data supporting it. Spend your $80 on this unnecessary crap, and tell other people to do the same in controlling their BP. PEOPLE DIE, you dumb-ass, because of this sort of “stupidity”. Get real!!!!! You make intelligent people sick! You ever thought that by you, and others not taking their BP may end up costing much more in future. In most cases, high blood pressure is “chronic”, not “acute”.

      • Lisa Tolan

        Of you can’t afford mess how the heck do you afford $300+ for the months of plexus??

        • Elaine Albright Ellard

          It’s not $300+ per month!

          • Lisa Tolan

            I said months – note the plural form of the word month. If you can’t afford your medications, how the heck can you afford $100+ for the plexus slim? eh? doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. like someone who says, I can’t afford groceries, but i smoke 2 packs a day?

          • Anonymous

            Good point. But, where have you been?. Have’nt you been reading all the “testimonials” that with PS, you don’t have to worry about spending money on meds, or any other healthcare needs. Some have stated you don’t even need your doctors anymore. What a “product’, PS, the nations answer to “Obamacare”. What a “crock” of BS. When “Obamacare gets get through with these people they want, like most, be able to afford a band-aid. They are going wish they had the money they spend on this junk.

          • Lilredgal

            The point is, financially, if you lose your appetite and re eating less you are buying less FOOD, less FAST FOOD at $6 – $12.00 a pop per day or so…. surely you can afford to save your own life??!!?? I am trying this stuff for the first time today and like others am very nervous about taking anything. It is worth the money as long as the price does not go up more people can afford it, unlike other weighloss products I have seen that cost a fortune that the average middle to low income person cannot afford which pisses me off! I have not taken the accelerator because I am scared of it lol, but I will in a few once I know how the drink does… My best friend since I was 9 has always been big and she is skeptical… she lost 10 pounds the first week and her neighbors mom who is diabetic lost 50 pounds from mid November 2013 to the first week of March 2014 that is around what? 16 weeks? she is on a walker so she cant work out, but now she is off 2 of her diabetic meds and still dropping weight and as her daughter says, “She still eats at Huddle House every day.” the equivalent of Waffle House.. I am going to give it a try. It is not a permanent fix but if it will get me 50 pounds lighter and on the road to working out, once I get to that point I can keep going…. with or without assistance.

          • Lisa Tolan

            Sounds to me that if you stopped eating fast food 2-3x a day, not only will you whittle away your waistline, but save a few in your pocketbook as well. At $100+ per month, no middle to low income person can afford Plexus Slim. Half of them can’t afford groceries – ya know real food. anyone who loses 10lbs in a week, there’s something wrong, any doctor, nutritionist, or dietician will tell you it’s bad.

          • Debra Stanley-Ashby

            When I have reduced my food intake because it helps my appetite, has lowered my BP, my sugar readings are in the normal range with only one med instead of three, I crave water instead of coffee, tea or sodas with sweeteners that are not healthy for us. I can say that I took my income ta to start on this and the benefits have about changed my life in one month. I don’t have the creepy crawly feeling in my legs as bad as I had from the high sugar readings. I hope you find the money to be healthy instead of doctors pumping us full of the meds the industry is pushing This is something doctors don’t want us to know about. .

    • Anne b

      I’m on high blood pressure meds for now. Been on Plexus for four months with my Dr.’s blessing. I’ve come off three diabetes meds already and will prob be off my blood pressure and cholesterol meds next month.

  • Gilbert-Ohio

    I have been on this product for a month now and have never had an issue craving sweets!!! All products effect each person differently, and just because you are craving sweets does NOT mean you have to eat them!!! Be wise about what you are eating. As far as loosing or gaining weight…I have actually have not lost any weight but my inches are going down and I have more energy, sleep better at night and it has been approved by my in-laws Dr. for them to use it!!!! Just because something does not work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else, and that “Money Back Guarentee” it’s only 60 days so if you go beyond that NO you will not get your money back!!! I don’t know anyone who has had an issue with getting there money back if they are within the 60 days!!!

  • Diane in Texas

    Do not buy this product. Myself and 10 other co-workers were loosing a lot of weight on this product until the government made them remove one of the ingredients. Now all it does is make you crave sweets and gain weight. And their ‘mondey back guarentee” is a load of crap. They say they will replace the product but they will not refund your money. What good is that? Why in the world would I want to replace a product that not only doesn’t work but has made me crave sweets more than I can remember ever craving sweets? I’m telling everyone I know not to use this product. If they want to give their money away they can give it to me and I’ll make them a really good cake to eat. It will have the same affect.

    • Anonymous

      Are you referring to the Plexusslim, or the Plexusslim Accelerator?

    • Amy Milligan

      They refunded ALL my money within 48hrs.

      • brianna

        how do I get my money back it did no good for me!

    • Nursejen

      All due to processed chemical sweeteners….

  • Girl

    People say there is something in this that keeps u from passing a drug test.if so what do u do .

    • jamie

      that isnt a problem anymore as they have reformulated the product and now introduced Accelerator+ .

  • Laura Stidd

    Almost 2 months in on using the pink drink and accelerator. I feel like I have more energy, I feel good in general. I am making healthier food choices and get moderate excersise. I have lost ZERO lbs and my clothes fit just how they fit before I started. I don’t know what’s wrong…debating weather or not I should throw another 100$ down the drain or not to see if I loose even one lb during a third month. Very disappointed with this product so far.

    • Don’t be a tub

      Save your Benjamin…

    • Anonymous

      I think you should throw another $100 down the drain Can you imagine how the people in your upline will feel if you don’t. My goodness, its’ their lifestyle you are supporting, don’t do that to them! LOL

  • DD

    Maltodextrin is one of the ingrediaents and it’s corn syrup…that is bad in itself!

    • Nursejen

      and its highly processed…not at all a good health choice!

      • Anon

        I work with several nurses and Doctors that swear by Plexus. I am a skeptic. As a nurse myself i dont like putting unhealthy things into my body. Yet, I have seen amazing results.Diabetics improving bloodsugars and coming off insulin, hypothyroidism- improvements all around, hypertension -no more blood pressure meds or lower doses, lower cholesterol levels, lower a1c levels. I have to say thst is pretty awesome. I have decided to give it a try. I have also looked at the ingredients. I have compared them to foods in my home and I have found several ingredients in foods I have at home. So apparently I am already consuming some of these ingredients. Which makes me wonder even more how it works. I see many people benefiting with Plexus. I’m going to try it. I am curious if you have. You seem so down on the product. I can not understand why you are posting a review of it if you haven’t tried it. You aren’t a forum troll are you? I would like to know your experience rather than read why you won’t try it. After all, like myself you are probaly already consuming things like maltodextrin.It is also in health shakes, health snack bars and many other foods. Which after a workout help keep glucose levels up.

  • pinkdrink4me

    I was pre hyper tension..I’ve been taking plexus and the accelerator for 3 months and with my dr.’s approval..she has slowly taken me off my RX meds…yes I know that the way to weight loss is eat less move more…my problem wasn’t with eating and was stress..which caused weight gain and stomach ulcers..with the help of plexus and the gym I was able to slim my tummy and I’m handling stress better.

  • RKay

    Sounds a bit too good to be true! And it’s banned in Australia! Interesting….

    • K

      It’s not banned in Australia. They have actually just cleared it for ambassadors to sell it openly. The original accelerator was banned.

    • Elaine Albright Ellard

      Not banned in Australia now! It was only the Accelerator and it’s been changed so that Aussie’s may use it now also!

  • I strongly disliked this stuff. It gave me a “sour stomach” which had me eating anything I could find to settle it down. The pills made me so jittery, I couldn’t write. Yikes. I gained weight by the end of the month & never tried it again. Kudos to those of you who can handle this stuff.

  • stace

    Can u take plexus slim and accelerator if ur on high blood pressure meds? I know green tea is bad to use if u are. Will plexus interfer with my meds?

    • Plexuslife

      You can take the slim with the X factor, the X factor is a multivitamin that helps your body absorb more of the Slim!! The accelerator saids on the bottle not intended for people who have heart problems or high blood pressure.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have any clinical data supporting your claim that the X-Factor helps the absorption of PS. Seems life just another deviation to get people to buy more PS.

        • Haley

          Anonymous, PLEXUS WORKS. no im am not a ambassador.

  • jo

    Ok I NEVER comment in blogs….but really? If you like Plexus…great! I have seen and read ALOTof positive outcomes. If you are scared of the ingredients then dont take it and continue going to fast food joints, having bad eating habits, remaining depressed, gaining weight…. which ALL leads to TIA, HA, DM….and more… OR find something else that you are not affraid of and go for it! so its your choice 🙂 choose what’s best for YOU.

    • Joshua Busby

      How about consuming all natural whole foods and cutting out processed foods. These products are not the answer, but rather a health natural organic diet..

  • Plexus Slim Scam

    Regarding Plexus Slim and Canada.
    There was no changes to anything in Canada.
    The change was that Plexus got caught operating illegally in Canada and got caught exporting their products illegally.
    They have threatened all Canadian Ambassadors and are fooling people.

    Not to mention that their clinical trial are not based on a combination of products, but on trials conducted by others for individual ingredients. Who is to say who these products interact with each other, if they do or do not.


    Feel free to message me for more info