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Ketone products and ketosis have come up a lot in the media in recent times. But what exactly are ketones and why do we want our bodies to be in ketosis? Ketosis is the metabolic state in which large amounts of ketones are in your bloodstream which results in your body functioning more efficiently.

These ketones enable your body to start breaking down your own fat to fuel your body rather than prioritizing the carbohydrates that you consume.

What is a ketone?

A ketone or ketone body is something that is created as a byproduct from the conversion of fatty acids to fuel that the body can use.

Most fatty acids are used by specific organs for energy production whereas ketones can be used by organs and tissue that contain mitochondria which of course includes all of our muscles and the brain.

Why Do We Want to Be in Ketosis?

keto food pyramid

Going into ketosis states even for short periods of time has many positive benefits.

The primary benefit of being in ketosis is that it allows our bodies to utilize our fat stores for fuel rather than prioritizing our carbohydrates that we get from diet.

When the body is in a state of ketosis the body has to become efficient at using our fat stores as an energy source.

Prevents muscle loss

Not only does being in ketosis allow you to burn off fat more efficiently but it also helps to avoid the body from breaking down protein to use that as an energy source.

As the body has massive amounts of fat available, it means that there is no need for protein to be oxidized in order to generate glucose. Once in a full state of ketosis, the body will prefer to use ketones over glucose.

Lowers insulin levels

Being in ketosis will lower the levels of insulin in your bloodstream. Insulin has the unfortunate effect of not allowing fatty acids to be used as an energy source. Also, many beneficial hormones including growth hormone are released into the body when insulin levels are low.

What is Keto OS?

keto OS pruvit products

Keto Operation System, or Keto OS, is a supplement created by the company Pruvit. This supplement enables you to add ketones into your body without having to alter your diet to make your body go into ketosis.

As we explained earlier, when your body goes into ketosis it will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Therefore the obvious reason for using Keto OS is that it can help with weight loss, on top of an adequately healthy diet and active lifestyle.

According to Dr. Axe from DrAxe.com:

A 2014 review published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health states “One of the most studied strategies in the recent years for weight loss is the ketogenic diet. Many studies have shown that this kind of nutritional approach has a solid physiological and biochemical basis and is able to induce effective weight loss along with improvement in several cardiovascular risk parameters.”

By consuming this product you should be able to force your body to go into ketosis without having to follow the strict and grueling diet that you would have to have followed without this supplement.

How Exactly Does Keto OS Work?


As we spoke about previously, ketosis is the scientific name given to the metabolic states our body goes into when it starts to prioritize fat over carbs for its energy source. Typically our bodies create energy by converting the carbohydrates we eat into glucose.

Naturally, our bodies will not go into a state of ketosis unless very specific diets are followed.

The keto diet has been very popular throughout the last decade particularly for bodybuilders who were looking to lose fat, while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. This diet is primarily a restriction on carbohydrates while, ironically, increasing fat consumption.

Therefore, Keto OS has been specifically designed to allow us to put our bodies into a state of ketosis without the need for any of the finicky diets that are usually required. Simply mix a predetermined amount of Keto OS powder with some liquid, and drink daily, which will allow your body to enter ketosis.

The packaging states that it will put a person into a ketosis state in under an hour. Ketosis diets, on the other hand, usually take a few energy draining days before this state is achieved.

Is Keto OS Safe?

As far as supplements go, Keto OS is probably one of the safest. This product doesn’t really tamper with our body in any unnatural way, and simply puts it into a state of ketosis.

However, if you are suffering from any type of medical condition it is always advisable that you get advice from your doctor when using any dietary supplements.

Side Effects from Using Keto OS

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The primary side-effect, if you can call it that, from using Keto OS is that it is a diuretic. This means that you will find yourself wanting to urinate a lot more than usual. Don’t panic, though, as this is intentional, as it is part of the process of your body flushing out your glycogen stores.

Loss of sodium

As with any diuretic, you’ll find that you will experience an increased loss of sodium. However, the manufacturer has thought about this and has added additional sodium to their ingredients.

Poor taste

Nonetheless, there are a few side effects that customer testimonials have enlightened us to, and they are certainly worth mentioning. Some users have reported that the taste, when trying to consume Keto OS, can make it very difficult to swallow. There’s a fine line when creating supplements, as to making them efficient in what they do, and making them easy to consume.

For those who struggle to drink bad tasting supplements, regardless of the health qualities, then you may find that this supplement is tough to drink. Although technically this isn’t a side-effect it’s still worth mentioning.

Muscle aches & nausea

Muscle aches and nausea have also been experienced by certain users, usually within the first hour after consumption. Although there is a non-caffeinated version, it’s been shown to not affect whether nausea or vomiting was present.

Your body is completely changing how it energizes itself when going into ketosis, so it’s very understandable that these sort of side effects are present. Achieving ketosis through the natural way of dieting a certain way, allows a longer period of time for the body to adapt.

Feeling drained & headaches

However, even going down the food route, it is very common to feel incredibly drained as well as having headaches during the first few days.

It’s likely that if you can ignore these side-effects for the first couple of days, and you keep adding ketones to your body, your body will get used to its new ketosis state and you’ll feel back to normal, as well as having massively increased energy levels.

Some of the Ingredients Used in Keto OS

chemical ingredientsMCT Powder

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT, is something that is commonly taken by those who are on a ketosis diet. It is found naturally in many types of foods, including coconut oil, and in recent years has been used due to its fat burning and energy increasing properties.

Due to the molecular makeup of MCT, it gets transported directly to the liver, where it is metabolized and as an end result creates ketones.

– St-Onge, M. P., and Bosarge A. Weight-loss diet that includes consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerol oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat mass loss than does olive oil. 2008. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 87(3): p. 621-626.


Without going massively into detail, beta-hydroxybutyrate is a ketone that is synthesized naturally by the liver during the initial fasting state of ketosis.

Kesl, S. L., et al. Effects of exogenous ketone supplementation on blood ketone, glucose, triglyceride, and lipoprotein levels in Sprague–Dawley rats. 2016. Nutrition & Metabolism. 13(9).

Natural Flavor

There are three different flavors available when purchasing Keto OS. These are Maui punch, orange, and chocolate.

Malic Acid

Malic acid is a substance that is naturally found in vegetables and fruit, although the body also produces malic acid from converting carbohydrates into energy. As malic acid is responsible for boosting energy levels it makes sense that this is added to this supplement.

Also, it’s worth noting that when you’re in a ketosis state, your body won’t be converting carbohydrates into energy like it once was before.


Stevia is a popular sweetener that contains no calories or preservatives and is extracted from the stevia plant.


Most of us understand the benefits and effects of caffeine, so it makes sense that it is added to a metabolism and energy boosting supplement. However, if you are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine or simply just want to get your caffeine from other sources, then Keto OS is available in a non-caffeinated form.

– Wilcox, A.R. The effects of caffeine and exercise on body weight, fat-pad weight, and fat-cell size. 1982. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 14(4): p. 317-321.

Milk Ingredients

Calcium stores have been known to get depleted when in a ketosis state, so this is the most likely reason for additional milk ingredients, although they haven’t made it very clear. However, when looking at the nutritional facts provided, we can see that one serving size of keto OS provides 85% of your recommended daily amount of calcium.

Best Place to Purchase Keto OS

official website of Keto OS Pruvit

This is official website of Keto OS – Pruvitnow.com

If you’re ready to commit to buying Keto OS it’s best if you do it through the manufacturer’s website. However, various online retailers have it in stock so if you prefer buying everything online through Amazon, for instance, you will be able to.

There are five different products for you to choose from:

  • KETO//OS® Max (Swiss Cacao) from $130.00
  • KETO//OS® Max (Maui Punch) from $130.00
  • KETO//OS® 3.0 (Chocolate Swirl) from $85.00
  • KETO//OS® 2.1 (Orange Dream) from $85.00
  • KETO//KREME from $74.00

The main benefit of purchasing your Keto OS through the manufacturer is that you’ll often find a lot more promotions and deals available.

Smartship program

One of these deals is called smartship, where you sign up to receive monthly automatic shipments of your desired amount. While the smartship is a great idea, especially if you found that the product is working well for you, we feel this is best avoided until you have tried the product yourself. By purchasing a monthly subscription you will save a lot more money in the long term, though.

There are several different options available when deciding on the amount of Keto OS that you want. You can either buy individually packaged servings, which are beneficial to take with you on journeys, or you can purchase larger tubs that contain multiple servings, which are best suited for home use.

The KETO//OS Max products are priced a lot higher due to them being advertised as stronger products. As previously mentioned, the more you purchase together, the bigger discount you get, and if you sign up for the monthly package, you gain even greater discounts.

Pros & Cons of Using Keto OS

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We have spoken a lot about ketones and ketosis but for keto OS as a product what are the legitimate pros and cons of using?

  • Inflammation management
  • Weight loss, but specifically, fat loss
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Decreased food cravings
  • Big improvement on energy levels and physical performance, as well as enhanced endurance
  • An effective migraine treatment
  • Autism and improved behavior and social impacts
  • Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)
  • Stroke prevention
  • Some users may find that they feel a bit jittery even after 12 hours have passed since consumption
  • Nausea and lightheadedness have been reported when first taking keto OS. For most these symptoms they usually pass after a couple of days, although some individuals still experience these unpleasant feelings, even after a week of using the product
  • As we spoke of previously, you will likely find the need to urinate often

This can be a problem if you work in a job that doesn’t allow you to visit the amenities whenever you wish to.

What Do We Think About Keto OS?

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Get Keto//OS Products from Official Website

It’s difficult to recommend Keto OS to everybody, due to some of the disadvantages listed above. However, if you are happy to tolerate any of the potential side-effects during the first couple of days, and managed to maintain the state of ketosis, then the benefits will certainly be worth it.

Includes stimulants:

If you know that you are sensitive to stimulants, such as caffeine, then this is a product you will likely want to avoid!

Good money back guarantee:

There is a very reasonable 90-day money back guarantee, so if you are considering trying Keto OS but don’t want to waste your money, just in case you don’t like it, at least your wallet is covered.

Before you purchase any Keto OS product, make sure you read other opinions and reviews, not just ours. You should check out reviews on DietSpotlight.com, Amazon.com, ConsumersCompare.org and SupplementPolice.com

Just keep in mind that like with every dietary supplement the best results always come to those who maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, and a proper diet.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, start with these simple steps:

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