Top 7 Weight Loss Myths That Hurt Your Fitness Efforts


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The more we know about weight loss processes, the harder it is for us to fall for various myths with regards to shedding body fat. While it is in our nature to simplify complex problems, we need to realize that there are hundreds of other factors affecting these processes.

You need to realize that if all actions you take to achieve skinny figure are based on wrong knowledge, you are doomed to fail even before you begin. Therefore, I am going to debunk seven most commonly believed weight loss myths!

Myth #1 – Starvation Is The Right Way

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Your body produces energy – that’s how you get out of bed in the morning. Your fuel is comprised of oxygen, water, and food. We try to trick our bodies by treating your fuel intake as a simple math equation:

Calories intake – versus – calories burned.

However, human bodies are more adaptable than that. In fact, the less food your organism gets over a longer period, the more it tries to conserve the calories it is getting.

Keep in mind: The way it does this is by supplying you with less energy and not by burning your fat reserves you already have stored under your skin.

Myth #2 – You Can Not Eat After 6-PM

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The so-called “6 p.m. rule” is a holdover from a time when we didn’t know anything about nutritional science and human metabolism. The reasoning is that your organism goes into resting mode around 9 – 10 p.m., and so it slows down its ability to burn eaten food for fuel.

While it’s true that your body takes longer to digest food while you’re asleep, it still converts it into the same amount of energy reserves as it would if you were awake.

Pay attention: This is the same as with breakfast, which helps you lose weight – even though you eat it when your digestive system is just waking up, and your metabolism is still slow.

The act of eating will pump up your body’s metabolism, so having dinner after six p.m. is fine as long as you don’t need to sleep right after that.

Myth #3 – Low-Fat Foods Will Make You Skinny

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Again, this craze going on for the past 20 years has been based on the idea that “eating fat makes you chubby”. There is some truth to this, as a gram of fat does have nine calories while a gram of protein or carbohydrate has only four.

However, this myth – like many other – underestimates the power of the human body to regulate itself.

Pay attention: The fatty stuff we’re ingesting may weigh the same, and seem like the same amount of food, as the lower-fat option, but our bodies know the difference.

Try to consume two meals, one high- and one low-fat. Give yourself the same portion of each. Will you be satiated more after a low-fat or a high-fat meal?

Myth #4 – You Have to Avoid All Carbs

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Much like the myth above, the no-carbs diet is based on the human desire for a straight answer, a simple solution, one grocery scapegoat that causes all our fat problems. Of course, the human body and the world itself are more complicated than that.

Carbs come in many different types and levels of digestibility. Brown rice, for example, is a carbohydrate – and so is a corn syrup. We all know that one of those is healthier than the other, don’t we?

Pay attention: The reason is that corn syrup has a high glycemic index (HGI) – your body absorbs the energy from it so fast that you experience a “sugar rush”. This is always followed by a crash that causes intense cravings for more sweet food and snacks.

The brown rice, on the other hand, breaks down slowly in your system. It also contains fiber, which helps you shed pounds by making you feel fuller and aiding digestion.

Myth #5 – You Can´t Eat Snacks & Fast Food

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This myth is very similar to the one about starving yourself – it just doesn’t have any backing in science. Your body can do its best with a modest but steady stream of food that tells it, “you’re not starving, keep those engines going,” without heaping an overflow of energy that will be converted into fat!

As with everything, the key to long-lasting skinny figure is moderation, which doesn’t sell many crazy diets or fancy protein shakes.

Myth #6 – Hard Exercise & Workouts Is The Only Way

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Of course, the exercise regime has received almost as much attention as what you eat. Many people would like to think that if they work out they can “eat whatever they want,” but, in fact, many types of exercises don’t offer a much cardiovascular benefit at all.

Keep in mind: You also need strong muscles to make those workouts effective at burning more calories – muscles that are made of protein (do not forget to eat it).

In other words, a balanced diet is necessary not only for losing body mass but also to maximize your benefits of any workout program.

Myth #7 – Single-Food Diet Will Make You Skinny

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Lots of us wish that one crazy thing will undo all of our problems – maybe we’ll win the lottery, or get “discovered” singing at a club, or lose a hundred pounds by eating just grapefruit or coleslaw.

Truth be told, no single grocery has all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to build strong bones, healthy skin, and muscle mass.

Keep in mind: By eating only one food, you can even hinder your efforts to get slim as a deprivation of many nutrients will make you feel tired, weak, or crave more junk food.

Some very successful diets focus primarily on a few small food groups or people whose taste limits their options. However, not single one of these can sustain a healthy human being for a long time, much less help you lose weight!

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Kennedy10007

    I hate diets that don’t allow me to snack, especially when I’m practically starving myself already. I have my own group of healthy snacks that I love to eat including walnuts, almond butter on toast, vegetable and fruit smoothies, raw vegetables with my own homemade dips.

    I find that if I treat myself to whole foods like this, I feel less hungry throughout the day, and I still manage to lose weight. You just have to find that happy medium, instead of equating ‘snacking’ with Twinkies and chips.

  • Lee in Hawaii

    Single food diets are good for shedding pounds fast, but not for long term health. There’s an article out there about people who undertook strange one food diets and actually lost weight. In 2009 a man in San Diego ate nothing but bacon for a whole month. He claims to have lost weight and his blood pressure went down. Personally, if I were going on a one food diet, I would love for it to be bacon, bacon and more bacon!

  • Opal

    Hi Christine, Thank you for smashing myth #2. I have a friend who insists that eating after 6pm is the root of her weight problems. She said that once she stopped eating after dinner she started losing weight.

    In reality, she just eats better during the day because she knows that she won’t be eating after 6pm. I keep telling her that if she eats a healthy snack after 6 she’ll be fine. I eat after 6pm all the time, and I still maintain a healthy weight.

  • Toni

    I try to stop eating after 7 every evening because I find that if I eat really late, I wake up starving! I wake up so hungry that I even feel dizzy sometimes. But if I stop eating at 7, I wake up feeling energized.

  • TriedEveryDiet

    LoL at the grapefruit reference. I remember when me and my best friend went on a grapefruit diet, we had to eat it every meal and exclude all carbs. Ten years later and I cannot even look at a grapefruit.

  • Josh

    Christine, you write that it’s very important to NOT skip breakfast. My issue is, that I am never hungry when I wake up, can you recommend any meal replacements?

    • Mitch

      A meal replacement for when you’re not hungry :
      A plate of nothing and cup of fresh air.

      Wouldn’t want to miss out on “The most important meal of the day”

  • Regina

    I cannot stand it when people think that they can workout and eat whatever they want! It just makes no sense. I went to the gym with my gym buddy on Monday. After we were done, I came home and made a healthy salad, tell me why she sent me a picture of herself eating a big mac! What waste of money! Not only is that super fattening but it contains no nutritional value. Meanwhile, I enjoyed my chicken and kale salad.

  • Claudia

    I used to be one of those people that never ever ate carbs, due to the myth that they make you fat and prevent weight loss. But now I eat brown rice or whole wheat couscous and other healthy carbs. I guess people will believe anything that has a good marketing company behind it.

    • Helena

      Carbs in moderation is perfectly fine. Brown rice and couscous is good. If you haven’t tried it yet, quinoa is also excellent. It’s rich in good vitamins. It has protein, so you feel fuller faster. And it’s low in calories.

      You can make make it hot or cold for salads. A friend of mine even eats it in the morning like oatmeal. She puts some fruit on it and it’s really good. It’s a really versatile grain that’ll give you that satisfying carb feeling.

  • bree

    How can I share this post so everyone will be able to read it! That is the best, and most sound, advice I have ever read about dieting and losing weight. A lot of it pertains to me and my close circle of friends. We all work odd hours so the 6pm thing is all about us! 🙂

    • Hey Bree, Christine has social share buttons on the left hat you can use 🙂 If I may chime in, I recently wrote an infomative post that you might be interested in. It debunks the most misleading weight loss myths and provides 5 strategies to lose weight fast.

      Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Wilma

    It’s true you can lose weight only through doing the right exercises, but it would be silly not to invest the extra time and learn also about healthy food and other healthy things you can change for the better. Your body will thank you.

  • Jim

    I think the first and most important is to get to the point where you are psychology prepare to do a change in your life. If you are mentally ready you will succeed. Just the same as quit smoking.

  • Ginger

    The best success I have ever had has been on Gluten free diet. I lost 10 extra pounds just like that!

  • Karen

    You are so right. Few years back I used to stop eating at 6 pm every day. It lasted a whole year in which I looked better than I’m today, but I have not managed to continue with it longer. I know today that this kind of diets are wrong and unhealthy. It’s better to eat every 3 hours small portions and workout at least 3 times per week.

  • Mike

    no 5 has had so much controversy….it has its trends. 3 meals a day, then 6, then 3 big 2 small, then IF, then one big meal, just lots and lots of fads. people should just eat when the want and how often they want, as long as it works for them.

  • Julie

    Thanks for the list!!!
    The one about carbs is very true…I made myself miserable by denying myself carbs for a long while…now I allow myself a goddamn potato now&then and still losing weight!

  • Peter K.

    I think that if you are skinny-fat, your best option is going for the “myth” of the exercise path. Eating less would just make you look underweight, what those types of people need are a better diet and more exercise so they look more toned, not skinnier. Just my 2c

    • Zoe

      I’ve never heard of the term “skinny-fat,” but it perfectly describes me. I have a slender frame for the most part, except for my stomach which holds a little extra weight. I have tried a lot of different types of diets, but you’re right when you say it makes me look underweight. I don’t want to lose weight overall. You’ve encouraged me to start an exercise routine this week. It never occurred to me that I might not need a diet, just more movement. Cheers for that one!

  • Lucy L

    Thanks for adressing these myths…some of them seem very silly, but then again, what don’t people do to lose weight???
    That 6 pm one is the silliest, by far. I think people should just eat a little when they feel like it and watch calories. That’s the best way to go!

  • Kaylee

    single food diets suck! you’ll eventually get so terribly bored you’ll scarf down everything in sight just to not eat that particular food again!

    i don’t get why people don’t just reduce their intake and watch their calories, it’s the easiest way to lose weight! won’t be drastic, but it would be maintainable!

  • Renee

    Well I know that if I had a small snack at 9pm, I did lose weight. Not eating after 6pm is a silly myth.

  • Lauren R

    Thanks for discussing these myths. I find it strange how people come up with some of these bizarre beliefs about how to lose weight, rather than simply eating in moderation and ensuring that your body is getting what it needs to function optimally. Exercise, balanced eating and rest is good for me 🙂