Top 22 High Protein Foods That Will Banish Your Hunger


high protein foods

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High protein foods can play a huge part in your diet, especially if you are looking to either become healthier or lose weight (or both).

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Protein is a very filling nutritional element, and food that is rich in this substance also contains a lot of energy that can keep you very active even in small portions!

Here are 22 different groceries that are best for you to build some muscle mass and shed pounds at the same time. The amount of protein of each item on this list is based on a serving of 100 gram (g) if not mentioned otherwise (data gathered from

Food #1 – Soy Milk

soy milk with beans

Protein content: 3.3g per 100g serving.

You can find soy milk in soybeans, and it contains around 3.3g of protein in every 100g serving. While this is not as high as other products that you could find in the milk class, it is an excellent way of getting a little bit of variety in your diet.

Keep in mind: It is still quite high on the list considering it is a liquid product.

Food #2 – Skim Milk

cow making milk

Protein content: 3.4g per 100g serving.

When it comes to drinks, skim milk is a great source of protein as it contains approximately 3.4g per 100g serving.

As you may remember from when you were a child, you can either drink it directly or even mix it with cereal. You can even indulge yourself a little and make some form of a flavored milkshake.

Food #3 – Beans

white beans

Protein content: 8.3g per 100g serving.

Ordinary beans are also a great source of this vital nutrient. There are around 8.3 grams of protein in every 100g serving of beans, and they are an ideal side dish for any other main meal.

You could have them with your eggs to have a big breakfast to kick-start your day, or you can have them accompanying something else later. Always take advantage of the fact they go with almost anything.

Food #4 – Lentils

lot of dry lentils

Protein content: 9g per 100g serving.

Lentils are considered to be part of the family of edible pulses, and they contain roughly 9 grams of protein. You can include it in some form of rice dish, or you could even use it in a recipe for some homemade soup.

Food #5 – Greek Yogurt

yogurt dessert

Protein content: 9.7g per 100g serving.

Greek yogurt is probably the highest in protein among other kinds of yogurt as it contains around 10g of this nutrient.

This food is great for making a healthy snack between meals, as you can purchase a non-fat version.

Food #6 – Low-Fat Ricotta Cheese

bowl of ricotta cheese

Protein content: 11.3g per 100g serving.

Ricotta cheese contains around 11.3g of protein in a 100-gram serving. While it may not be such a high number of other foods on this list, it is still a good low-fat and healthy source.

You can use it as part of a sandwich, or you can have it as a small snack between your main meals with crackers.

Food #7 – Cottage Cheese

fresh cottage cheese

Protein content: 12.4g per 100g serving.

Cottage cheese is a dairy product with approximately 12.4 grams of protein. It is perhaps not as low in fat as ricotta, but it is still a good source you can enjoy.

Much like ricotta, it does go well in a sandwich with some salad, or even placed on the grill on a slice of toast.

Food #8 – Eggs

eggs on breakfast

Protein content: 13.3g per 100g serving.

Eggs contain around 13 grams of protein per 100g serving. These, of course, are considered a staple of the breakfast meal, and can be hard boiled, fried, scrambled or poached.

You could even try mixing things up though and make eggy bread or french toast for something new to start the day.

Food #9 – Quinoa

bowl of boiled quinoa

Protein content: 14g per 100g serving.

Quinoa is an edible seed that comes from a grain crop, and it contains around 14 grams of protein in every 100g serving. The best part?

You can add quinoa to a wide variety of meals. From making it as an ingredient in some dip, or adding it to things such as soups or even some form of fruit smoothie.

Food #10 – Edamame

green edamame beans and pods

Protein content: 17.3g per 100g serving.

Edamame is part of the bean family. They contain roughly around 11 grams of protein in every serving.

They are considered to be immature forms of soybean pods, and they are typically prepared by boiling. You can use in cuisine in places like Mexico and Hawaii!

Food #11 – Almonds

bowl of almonds

Protein content: 21.2g per 100g serving.

Almonds are part of the seed family, and they are quite nutritious. What is more, these are used as a key ingredient in a variety of foods, including sweet stuff such as various cookies or marzipan.

You can, however, enjoy them roasted as a very simple, filling, and tasty snack between your meals.

Food #12 – Seitan or Wheat Meat

sliced seitan

Protein content: 21.3g per 100g serving.

Seitan is commonly known as wheat meat, and it includes around 21.3g of protein per 100g serving. There is another similar substance called gluten that contains a colossal amount of protein (75 grams per 100g serving).

You can find seitan in the vast amounts of different bread, so just having a sandwich means that you are getting a good amount of this crucial nutrient in your diet.

Food #13 – Shrimps

meal from shrimps

Protein content: 22.8g per 100g serving.

Shrimps are a form of seafood that contains a lot of proteins – roughly around 22.8 grams per 100g serving. Shrimps are seafood that you will often find in restaurants as a starter or salads.

You can even include it though in some form of rice dish, or even as a curry.

Food 14 – Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Protein content: 25g per 100g serving.

Peanut butter is a great thing to have with toast for breakfast, mainly because it contains so much protein. It has roughly around 25g per serving, guaranteeing it a well-respected place in this list.

It is an ideal food to have with a toast at breakfast, perhaps along with another egg-based course to have a big satiating start of your day.

Food #15 – Cheddar Cheese

cheddar cheese

Protein content: 25g per 100g serving.

Cheddar also has quite a high amount of protein for cheese. It contains around 25g of this nutrient per 100g serving.

What is more, it is a dairy product that often lends itself to being included in a sandwich, possibly with some salad. Not only that, you can use it for a grilled cheese panini for example.

Food #16 – Low-Fat Mozzarella

tomatoes with mozzarella

Protein content: 28.5g per 100g serving.

The low-fat mozzarella is a great way to get protein into your diet. It includes around 28.5g per serving, making it one of the highest amounts in the cheese family

It can often be found in pizzas, but it also goes well on crackers or grilled onto some toast!

Food #17 – Pork

pork chops

Protein content: 28.5g per 100g serving.

Pork is meat that contains circa 28.5 grams of protein per 100g serving (pork loin). The great thing about this is that it comes in various forms, such as sausages and pork chops.

This also means that you can use it in many different ways. For example, you can use sausages in some healthy pot roast or stew.

Food #18 – Pumpkin Seeds

half of pumpkin

Protein content: 30g per 100g serving.

Pumpkin seeds are part of the seed family and are quite high on this list. They include roughly around 30g per 100-gram serving. They are considered to be a popular snack in Mexico, and they are delicious after they have been marinated and roasted.

Food #19 – Tuna Fillet

raw tuna meat

Protein content: 30g per 100g serving.

Tuna is a fish that can be used for a variety of different things. You can grill it if you happen to have a steak at a home of you can mix it into a salad.

Such salad is a good lunch idea as it is healthy and will make you more full than just vegetables at the same time. There is nothing better than switching fast food for a tasty home-made tuna sandwich.

Food #20 – Turkey Breasts

turkey breasts

Protein content: 30.1g per 100g serving.

Turkey is a high protein meat much like chicken, and it can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use it to make a basic sandwich for lunch or a bigger meal in the evening.

You can even try spicing things up a little and include it in various forms of curry or oriental dishes.

Food #21 – Chicken Breast

the grilled chicken breast

Protein content: 32g per 100g serving.

Chicken breast is meat that has quite similar nutritional elements to turkey breast and is great for using in a variety of different meals. The best part?

You can grill it, cook it or even boil it. The great thing about chicken is that you can cook it as part of a healthy meal, and then include the leftovers in a tasty salad or sandwich for your lunch the day after.

Food #22 – Beef Jerky

beef jerky in glass jar

Protein content: 32-72g per 100g serving (based on brand).

Beef jerky is probably one of the best snacks you can eat. Each serving can contain roughly 50% protein of its weight.

For the most part, this food is used as a simple snack between meals as it is quite filling even in small portions. This is why beef jerky is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or start a healthier diet.

Which food is your most favorite source of dietary protein? Please share your choice with us all in the comments section below.

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  • Terri Hastings

    Recently I began my new approach to clean eating with a five and one half hour appointment at the medical doctor’s clinic. This appointment included a clinical research trial and adjunctive therapy. The comprehensive four pages of blood chemistries showed: proteins low; fiber low; amino acids very low; Vitamin D low; and Vitamin K low. Of course there was good news about: blood sugar; iron; and liver. I am now moving in a new direction.

    This medical doctor is a recognized SME (subject matter expert.) Doctor also offers research and adjunctive therapy for molecular nutrition. I’m glad I used this service.

  • Emily

    If I am in a rush and need a bit of energy before heading off to the gym, I eat a slice of toast, spread with peanut butter and chop up a banana on top. Healthy and energizing pre work out snack.

  • Laura D

    Beans are great. I have learned to use red kidney beans as my protein intake in meals where I may have used red meat. Not because of my health but for budgeting reasons. It is great how these sort of economical swaps have health benefits too.

  • Sammi G

    Almonds are my guilty pleasure. Whilst they are heavy and have healthy oils, I am pretty sure you aren’t meant to eat a 250gram bag of Almonds in one sitting. I am so naughty but with nuts, I start and can’t stop.

  • Jacob Lee

    It is unfortunate that I don’t like seafood as most of that is really low in calories and high in protein. I eat plenty of white meat however so that compensates.
    There are so many tasty food that are good for us. Food lovers can embrace tasty food with out the heavy calories.

  • Alicia-louise

    I love this list. There are one or two things I have never eaten but are close to food I have eaten, so would be willing to try them.
    Peanut butter is magic to me and tastes delicious. I also like to eat a lot of chicken when I am trying to control my diet.

  • SurferChick

    I agree, this is an awesome list and thanks for including vegetarian options. I find so many websites forget that some of us don’t eat poor animals. I love lentils and pumpkin seeds! I must admit I make an amazing lentil soup. Please include some vegetarian recipes next time.

  • Jacky

    I love this list! I love cooking tuna steaks, they are so good and go with many different foods. I normally eat it with a kale and carrot salad but after reading this list I will have a tuna steak with a side of quinoa. Quinoa is an ancient superfood that even the Mayans used to eat.

    • Paul Murphy

      How do you cook your tuna fillets?
      Please share thanks Paul

  • Stacy

    I read this article before and came back to print the list of “allowed” foods and then I noticed that you even put the grams allowed, thanks Christine! I was about to eat a bag full of beef jerky. Don’t judge me, I’m hungry and I am trying to get rid of this appetite lol

  • Gloria

    I cannot stress enough how much I fall in love with this website, every time I read a new article I get so excited. I am on a mission to lose weight and this website gives me so much motivation. Its like a happy place for people that love being healthy lol. Seriously I love this list, I usually take a handful of almonds in a small container and have them when I am hungry during the day, they do curb your hunger and they taste so good.

  • Hannah

    So glad to see some of my favorite foods on the list! I’m starving right now… and I bet I have a shrimp cocktail ring in the freezer 🙂

  • Laura

    I always have a bag of almonds with me at all times. I usually carry them in my purse and when I feel hungry for a snack, I just snack on almonds. It really curbs appetite until I get home and eat dinner.

    • Ryan

      I used to love almonds, but then I developed a nut allergy recently! My doctor tells me I might be getting sensitive due to other allergies, so I’m hoping it goes away soon. almonds are delicious.

  • Sasha

    I’m so happy to see Peanut butter on this list. PB is probably one of my favorite food spreads around and if that was taken away from me, I’d be devastated. But seriously, I’m happy to see a lot of foods I like on this list. Now I just need to make sure I can handle not eating before bed.

    • Yogaguru23

      I thought I was the only one that loved peanut butter. I put in on apples and add a tad bit of cinnamon. I also added it to my plain oatmeal with some honey. I know it might sound gross but it’s so good.

  • Anna

    Nice list. I for one have been known to overeat in my day and I can sure use some foods that’ll get rid of my constant want for fatty foods. I like this list, because it’s many foods I already really enjoy. I know what I’m going shopping for this weekend.

  • ed pierce

    Tuna and jerky are my favorite go to foods for quick protein. I usually keep jerky in the car just in case. I have just started liking edamame and am finding new ways to cook it.

  • lana

    haha now i know what to put on my grocery list.i thought only meat had that much protein!thanks for the info&the list, it will be really useful. my doctor said to eat more protein so i’ll need all the info i get haha

    • Jessie87

      I too have to get on the high protein bandwagon here soon. I’ve been struggling with eating healthy as of late and I was told too by my doctor to incorporate more protein into my diet. This list will help me out a lot.

  • gabriel

    this is just what i needed…i just started a diet! i was afraid i’d have to starve myself, but then googled other options…apparently all the cool kids are doing high protein and having good results…so i’ll have to cut off bread and sweets ( ;( ) and fill up with these. but i can probably make good deserts with yoghurt and the cottage cheese…maybe put some fruit in or something…

    • Manuel

      Most bread is pretty bad for you anyway, so there’s a lot of reasons to cut down on carbohydrates than just weight loss. Sugarless stuff is kind of unsatisfying though. It’s tough to make sure that sugarless means naturally sweetened only, so many companies are trying to push artificial sweeteners in things these days.

  • roxanne

    all the foods listed here are delicious & healthy! 🙂 i need to stock up my pantry and get on with a better diet, it seems…eating these will probably feel like pampering myself, not depriving myself!

    • Janice

      That’s the great thing about this. 22 foods high in protein, and most of them I happen to really enjoy. It makes eating healthier a bit easier, that’s for sure. 🙂

    • Bart

      I know 🙂 Chowing down on shrimp and steak feels so decadent, doesn’t it? Throw some green beans and slivered almonds on the side, and you’ve got yourself a 5 star meal!

  • jake

    Very nice list, all the foods here are delicious. You can get a lot of variation with these in the list only, by combining them. Almond and meat go well together in a salad, and if you put cottage cheese and a teaspoon of honey together you get a very nice desert to calm your sweet tooth. Lentils are also filling and nice, and well, I’ll stop here.
    I can’t stress enough how good lots of protein in your diet is. Nice list, I’ll share it with my friends 😀

  • mia

    Really like this article, it was very helpul. I’ve been looking into keto and high-protein/low-carb diets, and this list really helped me see how many protein options I have. I was afraid I might get bored of eating only chicken breast and salad all the time hahah.

  • melissa

    I am so glad that you made this post as I am sick and tired of having a meal and still feeling incredibly hungry afterwards. I will begin eating more of the foods that you have highlighted above, and I hope that as a result I can stop feeling so darn hungry!

  • Jeff

    It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! Do you have a recommendation of brand for the beef or turkey jerky that’s not too high in sodium?

    • Norman

      I always recommend making your own! it’s really not as hard as you think, and getting a dehydrator can be good for lots of things.