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Have you seen those sexy thin people who run past you on the trail or hop next to you on the elliptical? You know the ones who don the cute little sweats, a little headband, and radio.

Weight loss was never their problem and often they cannot understand a person who struggles with obesity. All right, we have had enough of that!

Now is time for us real people to have a discussion. You may be one who is sojourning down the diet road for the first time, or you may have gone down the street so many times the street names bear your own moniker.

Either way, do not worry. The two-phased secret to the mystery of the cute little headband and radio are moments away. So, let us begin then.

Phase #1 – Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

people on GM diet

Our first foray into the labyrinth of BMI perfection will be losing weight by attacking our diet. I have gathered some of the web’s best and most different tips, strategies, methods, and tricks to save you from the surfing serfdom. Here they are, from numbers to knowledge.

Here they are, from numbers to knowledge. I highly recommend going through all the tips from these five websites.


readers digest on weight loss

Well, the folks at Reader’s Digest didn’t beat around the bush. They went right to the tried and true and immediately spilled their beans; watch your diet and exercise.

That is nice to know, right? This article peppers us, the reader, with fifty ideas (not steps, really) that combine to make one long grocery list.

Here are some of the finer ones.

  • Drizzle honey on fresh fruit
  • Eat Shrimp
  • Carry a notebook for a week and write everything down
  • Walk for 45 minutes a day

Pay attention: If you were to delve deeper into the site and followed the rules, you might find yourself eating a honey-shrimps more while walking around the office. However, if you are into long lists and persnickety advice, there it is.


health website on weight loss

Wait! Do not fall for the first fierce fighter flirting with fifty. If you like smaller numbers on or off the scale, try a sixteen on for size.

The folks over at Health magazine are attempting to lowball the 50+ girls. Do they pack a punch?

Here are some tips that are unique:

  • Swap out items in your biggie meal – Yep, swap fries with apples.
  • Watch the salt intake – Maybe, just maybe, some of the extra weight is water? We hope so.
  • This one is my favorite – Have a 300-calorie breakfast.

Pay attention: Well, if we could do that with no problem, why are we reading this?


Muscleandfitness website

If you are into a pseudo paleo, these fifteen tips are exactly for you. This is literally a list from soup to nuts. Paleo diets encapsulate (so they say) the food stuff of ancient man.

One who forages from the brush, eats twigs and berries and hunts down small game most of the time with an occasional wooly mammoth snuck in to fatten up for winter. If you like that, this is your starter kit.

Here are some of my favorites that I actually eat myself:

Walnuts, oatmeal, avocado (watch the amount), water, grapefruit, honey (there it is again – when you see the same thing in multiple places, it is generally the right idea).

Pay attention: The only real carb source (other than the sugar in the honey) is oatmeal. That means if you don’t get the proper carbs from the rest of the paleo diet, such as beans, and peas you will most certainly down your own fist after about three days.


healthyweightforum on fat burning foods

Now we are on to something. Healthy Weight Forum has done the hard work for us and listed, directly, the foods to eat.

  • Tea – Okay, not really food. Nevertheless, it is number one over at HWF.
  • Fish – Makes sense. No warning about mercury, though, for any of you that watches that kind of thing.
  • Garlic & onions – There is a hidden benefit here. Sure, they help metabolize fat.

Keep in mind: The better news is that vampire from the club Saturday won’t stalk you anymore.


cosmopolitan on losing weight

Slicing sixteen steps to just eight like a hot knife through margarine, the Cosmo girls bring it in with tiny changes.

  • Don’t drink your calories – Meaning, don’t replace your lunch with a meal shake.
  • Eat veggies first – You know, they are on to something there.
  • Swap pasta for squash – oh well, my hopes are dashed (not with salt).

Pay attention: The girls went right off the deep end on that one. I do not do hoards of gourds.

Phase #2 – Exercises for Leaner Body

young couple jogging

Now that we have blistered through the diet advice and have gotten our notebook, garlic, office walking pumps, and green tea, it is time to look at the other alternative – burn it, churn it, earn it.

If your idea of dropping the weight means picking some up, this is your section. However, if you did not read part one, go back and do so as it is part of the puzzle.


zenhabits on exercises

Zenhabits has laid out a nifty plan to get our engines revving, and I love it. Their first tip is to limit your workout to 30-40 minutes.

Did she really write limit? I have to try to get my work out up to 30 minutes. I can’t imagine cutting my exercise from…from… what, like an hour. Please.

Pay attention: Here is what I do like from the Zen tips. Mix up the workouts. It is proven that halving your walk from 20 minutes to ten and then doing some other workout is better than the walk alone.


gaiamlife on working out

Small numbers are what I like. I can count to five on one hand, one foot or the first five of a six-pack of skinny cows.

These are easy, and I want you to look for a “repeater” from section one:

  • Resistance – Muscles that struggle to move are muscles that metabolize. Get in there and pick up something heavy.
  • Muscle confusion (hint)
  • Four-limb exercises – If you get your whole body in the groove you will burn weight faster, and your cardiovascular health will be better for it.
  • Light resistance – Now I know they used the word resistance already, but in this case, you take a couple of dumbbells (not people, weights) and hold them while slowing down your regular cardio routine.

Did you see muscle confusion? We have seen that before. Tricking up the muscles is effective. You will burn more calories, even when resting.

Pay attention: The five-tip plan is a good one, a foundation for what is to come, and what the secret of the losing weight game is.


naturalnews workouts

Abs of flab are a sure way to get injured when working out too hard and can put a strain on your back, which has to do all the heavy lifting. Moreover, the midsection is a favorite hangout (no pun intended) spot for adipose tissue.

Natural News has nailed the steps to crunching the abs. If you are like me, it is hard on your back to get down on the ground and make your chin kiss your belly button. A better and more efficient way is to get an exercise ball and lay back, balancing on your hips and crunching away.

Pay attention: My tip on this one is to deflate the ball a bit. If there is too much air, you are going to go careening into the TV stand and just make a mess of the place.


Fitnessmagazine on working out

Who doesn’t like quick tricks? If they work, they can be done anywhere anytime and with little effort. Also, if your name is Fitness Magazine, you probably know what you’re writing.

  • Pound the treadmill – No, not with your feet. Do what you always do. Fitness Magazine says just adding some dumbbells powers up the effort.
  • Chart your progress – Remember a while ago when the advice was to carry a book? It is indeed a very good idea to document your progress.

Keep in mind: First, you can see the times, the foods and the stressors that trip you up. Oh, and when you see the density digits dropping, you will certainly feel motivated.


Paleononpaleo website on exercises

We have already highlighted the idea of paleo diets. Now we can finish our list with paleo workouts. The paleolithic era human, if you remember, forages for food and chases rabbits.

Well, that, says is a workout. This last article is an article of motivation, as a woman who lost 115 pounds tells her inspiring story of life change.

Yes, we are at the end of the road. However, we are at the beginning of what could be a beautiful relationship. Diet, meet exercise. Exercise, meet diet. These are the parts of the puzzle that will help you succeed.

Just a girl obsessed with everything related to weight loss & feeling healthy. Christine is my pen name and I hope you will love the stuff I write. Been researching diets & health since 2013 and my articles helped over 12 000 000 readers to date.Please keep in mind that this site is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.


  1. I can’t help but drink my calories because I never seem to have enough time to eat properly because of my job that’s taking at least 12 whole hours out of my day. Thank God I eat a lot of veggies and fruits because I would be in serious trouble if I didn’t! I eat a bunch of them whenever I get 2-5 minutes of spare time from the boss 😉

  2. Running the treadmill is not my thing. I love to go running in open spaces like in my nearby park. I wake up early in the morning, put my shoes on and just start running. I feel free and I always end up being very motivated after I’m out of breath. I would never trade that feeling for any treadmill.

  3. Never tried exercise ball crunches before. I actually do not use many “instruments of torture” for my workouts. I just use my own body weight and that seems to be enough right now. But I am leaning towards getting an exercise ball because it offers a lot of variety. I could potentially do another 20 different exercises and not just for my abs.

  4. I love zenhabits very much and I’ve been trying to cut down on my workout because I am currently doing over 45 minutes ones! So 30 minutes sounds like a breeze to me right now! Mixing up my workouts helps me stay motivated because my body doesn’t get used to a particular routine. The more surprised the body is, the better.

  5. Avocados are so healthy! Stop thinking that they are fat. My grandmother is 89 years old and she eats at least 4 avocados a week, she is very healthy for her age:)

  6. Crunch ball exercises are amazing. Since you are on a huge yoga ball, your joints and bones don’t feel as much pressure and it permits for more stretching, since you have support.

    • I also love to do crunch ball exercises and think they are truly da bomb! I remember not even wanting to try it out but I saw a friend of mine use this ball and I tried it on hers. It was great and I got myself one the next day. It feels great when the ball just molds on my body making the exercises easy, fun and even massage my body!

  7. I just moved to the States from Canada, and I noticed that americans love to drink sodas. Everywhere you go, you see so many people just drinking large sodas! Please stop this, soda has so many chemicals in it.

  8. Strange, my doctor just warned me away from shrimp, saying that they were dipraportionately high in cholesterol and could contain heavy metals and other toxins. They are scavengers, which is kind of gross… but how could they help me lose weight? I’m interested in hearing it, as I love shrimp cocktail!

  9. There have many resource for losing weight fast and healthy. We should follow them so that we can loss our extra weight and keep our body fit.

  10. What a HUGE collection of weight loss information. I will definitely be checking out some of these websites. Thanks for the info!

  11. Every single person’s body is different and that makes getting rid of pounds tricky. There are so many ways out there because each technique works for a group of people but not universally for everyone. You have to experiment and find one that works best for you. Though generally the ol’ “diet and exercise” cures most of the problem if you stick to it.


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