The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington Review: Things You Have to Know


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If You Are Looking for an Effective Solution to Fighting Herpes Virus Then You Are in The Right Place! Discover Why I Think So! *Pages from Actual Product Revealed Below*

Getting an STD (sexually transmitted disease) is embarrassing to admit and it’s the hushed topic no one wants to talk about. However, often it is a reality we all have to face in our modern world where having multiple sex partners in your life is more the norm than the exception.

As we all know when you have sex with one person, it is like you are having sex with all their other partners as well because STDs are contagious and even worse, they can remain hidden for a long time.

Without realizing it, your boyfriend could be sharing not only his love with you but even herpes he picked up from his last girlfriend and vice versa.

All About Herpes

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Book

To be honest, this is not a disease but a contagious virus that can lay dormant inside of you until something triggers an outbreak. There are two types:

  • HSV-1 (Oral) – Type 1 causes painful sores around your mouth and lips.
  • HSV-2 (Genital) – This one usually infects lower regions below your waist.

Sadly, there has been no cure so far and those diagnosed with herpes have to face a lifetime of breakout infections and strong medications which can only suppress it.

Many sufferers struggle to live a normal life as they deal with the painful symptoms of this “disease” as well as the negative aspects of the medicine like hair loss or nausea.

Keep in mind: Then there is the embarrassment and fear of telling any potential lover and having him or her reject you. All of the stuff above makes this a taboo topic that no one likes to talk about.

The Way This Program Works

Melanie Addington

Created by Melanie Addington with the help of her father (physician), this report will give you a step by step process to naturally get rid of this bad stuff for good.

She, as a former sufferer, has personally gone through the same pain and frustration you have. Using her own experience and her father’s medical expertise, she offers you an inexpensive and permanent way to cure you without subjecting your body to harsh chemicals.

Her one of a kind solution offers three phases of treatment that will knock the virus out of your body forever:

  1. The first part of the protocol focuses on strengthening your immune system so it can better fight the virus as well as secondary infections that your organism attracts in its weakened state.
  2. It shows you how you can naturally break down the defensive coating around the virus making it easier to destroy.
  3. And in the final part, you will learn how to keep it from cloning itself which leads to the never-ending spread of the disease.

Pay attention: What makes Addington’s protocol so different from what you have seen before is that it only relies on natural methods instead of stacks of pharmaceutical pills and that it only costs a one time fee of $59.00 instead of thousands of dollars every year for a pill or cream regimen.

3 Materials You Will Get for Your Money

3 books you will get

Once you get your hands on this whole system, you will get immediate access to 3 documents:

  1. Main eBook – “The Ultimate Herpes Protocol: A Guide to Naturally Treat Herpes” is 38 pages long PDF document that will show you simple steps to treating your disease. You will be able to learn more about 8 individual types of this virus (pages 1-9), 3 steps to getting rid of it including boosting your immune system (pages 13-21), dissolving protection of virus (pages 22-23) & stopping it from making copies of itself (pages 26-30). Last but not least you will get a list of foods to supercharge your healing process & FAQs.
  2. Bonus 1 – Our first free bonus called Meeting People Online will teach you how to get back into getting to know new potential partners through online dating. Except other stuff, you will get info on 4 best mistakes, 7 main attraction triggers & special “ninja” tactics.
  3. Bonus 2 – Last but not least, there is Happy Now e-book. This document will grab you by hand and will show you step-by-step method how to get out of depression you have definitely fallen into due to your disease. In 58 pages, it will show you how to think positively in every aspect of your life!

Keep in mind: All 3 documents are worth every penny. I highly recommend to get them as they will help you to beat not only your physical but even psychological issues caused by this nasty STD.

Exclusive Sneak-Peek inside Main eBook

Herpes Protocol page 3

5 Reasons Why You Can Trust This Method

As someone who has been in your shoes, Melanie is very passionate about ending this epidemic and so she does everything she can to help fellow sufferers.

  1. Lengthy & individual process – She is very upfront about how this is a long-term solution and not a quick fix and acknowledges that for some people the protocol is not effective.
  2. Money Back Guarantee – That is why she offers a full refund of money for those who want to try it for 60 days and will be unhappy with the results achieved.
  3. Not So Expensive – When you think about how much you spend each year on traditional medicine, $47.00 with a money back guarantee is not a bad deal.
  4. Extra Free Bonuses – She also throws in two brochures on “Meeting People Online” and “Happy Now” which helps you deal better with the social repercussions of living with herpes.
  5. Alleged Positive User Experience – The feedback so far from users has been very positive. They are finding themselves free of this virus, living their lives they way there were meant to, healthy and happy.

As you can see, many people recommend this program with great benefits to fix your embarrassing health issue as soon as possible. Therefore, do not hesitate to get your hands on it right now and live your life herpes free!

User Feedback I Was Able to Find
Watch Video Above to Learn from First Hand Experience
user feedback on herpes protocol

The Best Place to Get This Program

officia website of herpes protocol
Image of official product website –

The best way to get this program for the best price is to go to the official website – There you need to watch a short (but sometimes annoying) presentation and after few minutes, you will be able to click on “Get instant access” button.

You will be taken to the official order form and all you need to pay is just $47.00. Compare it with a huge amount of money you need to invest in anti-viral medications that only manage your health problem and not solve it.

What is more, this price is covered by 60-day money back guarantee that makes your investment secure.

Final Verdict: Effective Program to Limiting Herpes Virus

ultimate herpes protocol rating

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  • Jason

    Yeah Andie, can’t believe that with all the advanced medicine out there no one was able to find a permanent cure for this condition. They are able to reattach arms or build robotic ones but they can’t find a freaking cure for herpes? It’s like they keep it until the highest bidder comes along and makes them a ton of money… If the program you suggest works it will be a godsend!

    • Prince

      They probably do have cure that works already, but i hear the guys who are trying to produce a cure are close but of course need more funding, with so many infected people i am surprised there’s so little funding.

  • Adrian S.

    I read a couple of reviews and the Melanie Addington approach seems to work. This makes me hopeful because I’m having a mild case of HSV-2 which breaks out every couple of months and would like to see how a natural treatment improves my condition. Thanks for sharing this, Christine.

    • Prince

      I reckon this can improve the outbreaks, but honestly i dont think its a cure even if it does state that it can kill herpes, isn’t that kind of illegal?

    • Herpe Helper

      I would like to add some help for you all.
      STRESS brings on outbreaks and managing stress is key…..some people have had luck with Oregano oil, putting it on the spine during outbreak, not for me though.
      I find that LYSINE supplementation is best treatment/prevention (eating LYSINE rich foods help too)
      I take 1000mg lysine daily, minimum.
      Most days 1000mg. in morning and evening.
      During outbreak, at the VERY START OF THAT “FEELING” you get down there, immediately take 3000mg. and then begin taking 3000mg. morning and evening until you can back it down. If you are not a Highly-stressed person you could take 500-1000mg. Daily.
      I will say the 1000mg. is large oval tablet, but the 500mg. is a smaller round tablet.
      If you use the 500mg. Just be sure to up the dosage x6 pills during outbreak. IT WORKS!

  • Samy

    All my boyfriends dumped me as soon as I told them I had it. It seems I’m condemned to a life of rejection and this is all thanks to an idiotic boyfriend that decided to rampage into the first ladies to lay his eyes onto. I think I will give this a try!

    • Prince

      Hiya Samy i think this is because most people dont understand herpes, atm i am lucky that i rarely get outbreaks but to be honest apart from having to spend 3 weeks in hiding 2 or 3 times a year it isn’t the end of the world its just the fear of passing it onto someone i like that drives me into deep depression.

  • Greg

    My lovely ex-girlfriend befriended me with herpes and I’ve been trying to deal with it ever since. Do you know how long does the program developed by Melanie Addington last? I’m sick of antiviral and Ibuprofen and would like to see if the natural approach works in my case too.

  • Andrea25

    I have herpes since college and it’s been awful! I can ignore the side effects and I can even live with the fact that I have to deal with it every couple of weeks, but I can’t stand the look I get from those around me. I was “lucky” enough to get HSV-1 so my lips look like hell when it outbreaks. Hope this natural method works!

  • Never Say Never

    This page is a godsend. I contracted herpes from my husband, the only man I’d ever slept with. Apparently I wasn’t the only woman he’d been – including during the marriage. Ever since I got it, I’ve been depressed. I’m not even 30 yet, and I don’t even bother trying to date. I really wanted a family, but that jerk has put me in the worst position possible. I’m currently using The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, after reading about it on another message board. I mean I literally just started it 2 days ago. I’ve heard from others that it works, so I truly hope it works for me.

    • Christine Derrel

      Hey 🙂 Please come back and share your results with us!!!

      • az

        I tried it, and done it for a extra 2 weeks. Did not get rid of it. It does say 98% chance, so maybe i was just unlucky..

    • monty

      hey how has this program worked out for you? i haven’t been able to find a legit review for this product. Please reply and share you results

      also how hard is to make r get all the products you need from the book?

      really looking forward to hearing from you

      • Prince

        Hey monty you ask a really good question about whether or not some of the things we need are easy to make and find i am curious myself as some of these types of ebooks tell you to get hold of things you cant find in most stores. And i agree it would be nice to hear back her experiences.

    • Prince

      Its very depressing when a first sexual partner leads to herpes it can really put a negative on sex and enjoying it, i honestly believe the methods in that book will probably help reduce outbreaks but cure herpes i very much doubt, even completely stopping the outbreaks is possible but not easy. Anyway it would be very much appreciated if you could tell us if the book as helped you in anyway we all look forward to hearing from you good or bad news.

  • Kat

    I don’t have HSV, but I did watch the video out of curiosity. It looks like the treatment can be used for other types of infections. I frequently get boils, which is a virus also. I bet if this program can eliminate HSV, it can also work with boils. Sold!

  • Andie

    You’d think with all the research and advances in medicine that big pharma would just say, “Okay, here’s the cure.” But the won’t, and chances are even if the cure is locked away in some big corporate vault, they’ll never let it go. It’s more profitable to suppress the symptoms than provide a cure.

    I don’t have herpes, but this seems like it could be a sound program to follow. Interesting how it’s based on natural methods. It just goes to show that sometimes the answer is indeed right under our noses.

    • Christine Derrel

      Hey Andie, you are right, sometimes the simplest answer is the best one possible!!!

    • Prince

      I know getting a cure can be complicated because of how the virus hides inside us but honestly i would of thought by now that there would be a cure as they keep saying they are close but need more funding, but even after funding it still needs to be approved how can all this take sooo long its frustrating.

  • SJ

    Because of a cheating spouse (EX spouse), I’ve been suffering from herpes for the past 4 years. Every few weeks I get an outbreak. Although I do date, nobody has stuck around once I reveal that I have this disease. I just watched the video for Ultimate Herpes Protocol and I’ve decided to give it a go because I hate living like this. I really hope it works. I’m so tired of suffering. 🙁

    • Christine Derrel

      SJ, that is so sad to hear. I hope this course will set you free!!!

    • monty

      hey how has this program worked out for you? i haven’t been able to find a legit review for this product. Please reply and share you results

      also how hard is to make r get all the products you need from the book?

      really looking forward to hearing from you


    • Prince

      Hey SJ i am sorry to hear that, every few weeks sounds like a complete nightmare you are very brave, i think the reason nobody sticks around is because they are scared and dont understand the virus, i think if you are getting the outbreaks that often the book can surely help you but i will say this, i strongly believe it wont cure the virus or kill it as the book states, i thought claims like that were illegal? Please let us know how it goes we are all looking forward to hear from you good or bad.

  • Rene

    My best friend recently found out that she has herpes, but it has been dormant in her body. She doesn’t know how long she has had it because she has been in a monogamous relationship for the past 8 years. The doctors say it could have been there long before that, it just never came out of the dormancy stage.

    I’m definitely going to tell her about this product. Even though she’s not showing any symptoms, she has been really upset since the diagnosis.

    • Christine Derrel

      Rene, what about your friend? Did she get it?

    • Prince

      Hey Rene its true that the virus could of come from any sexual partner as the virus can stay dormant for years if only more people knew this it would stop alot of arguments and relationships ending. If shes not showing any symptoms the book can only help in preventing the symptoms from arising but i honestly dont think herpes can be cured or killed. Please let us know how your friend is comping.