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HEY! DO NOT Buy Focus T25 until you read My REVIEW based on Fully Researched Information! USER FEEDBACK Included!

The Focus T25 workout is a full body exercise program developed by Shaun T that incorporates strength and jump training for short periods of time per each session. This program utilizes the F.I.T system (Focus Interval Training).

You’ll work on one muscle group at a time, moving from one exercise to another without any rest period. Luckily, the base program does not require any equipment making it great for people on the go.

Items from The Focus T25 Package

focus t25 deluxe package

Shaun T, born Shaun Thompson, is a celebrity choreographer and fitness trainer. Shaun began his career as fitness and health specialist years ago when he worked as a health program manager at Wyeth and then Equinox Fitness.

He’s best known for developing Hip Hop Abs (2006) and Insanity Workout (2009), both home-based fitness programs designed for adults and even children.

His next addition is the Focus T25. This system comes with 10 DVDs divided into 2 main phases (alpha and beta). The program lasts for 10 weeks (70 days) in a 5-day workout and 2-day rest routine.

But don’t be fooled by “rest days” – one of these is to weigh in and check your measurements and the other one is to stretch your muscles extensively.

  1. Alpha phase – This first phase lasts for 5 weeks and consists of Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals, and Lower Focus DVDs.
  2. Beta phase – The second phase lasts for another 5 weeks and consists of Core CardioSpeed 2.0Rip’t CircuitDynamic Core, and Upper Focus!
  3. Gamma phase (optional) – This third stage takes another 28-days and consists of 4 DVDs, including Rip’t UpPyramidExtreme Circuit, and Speed 3.0!

There are also 3 bonus items to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals much easier, including Quick Start GuideGet It Done Nutrition Plan, and Alpha-Beta Wall Calendar.

Pay attention: You will even get a 5 Day Fast Track”, excellent book with nutrition plan consisting of just a 5 small meals daily during a 5 days period. Each will take you just 5 minutes to prepare, using only 5 ingredients!

Alpha and Beta phases will cost you just $119.85. However, the Gamma phase will cost you an additional $60.00!

Focus T25 vs. Insanity

focus t25 vs insanity

The Insanity program is made by the Shaun-T as well. However, there are some significant differences between these 2 weight loss routines!

Time needed:

– Focus T25 is based on a 25-minute workout, 5 days a week (for 10 weeks / 70 days). Fridays are double (50 minutes), and you can choose Sundays as stretch days.

– Insanity is based on average 45-minute daily workout routine, 6 days a week (for just 60 days).

Intensity and workout focus:

– T25 is focusing on cardio workouts that represent a good beginners routine that can get you ready for Insanity or Insanity MAX 30.

– Insanity workout program was created for people who want hardcore cardiovascular exercise program with plyometric-based movements that will push you to your limits of fat burning possibilities.

Equipment needed:

– Focus T25 requires a pull-up bar and some resistance bands or dumbbells (Optional – yoga mat and heart rate monitor).

– Insanity does not require any equipment (Optional – yoga mat and heart rate monitor).


– Both programs cost the same – $119.85!

My verdict:

If you’re older or a newbie to the exercising, I recommend you Focus T25 as you will be able to handle its intensity much better!

Advantages of This Program

  1. Easy online ordering with extra services such as rush delivery!
  2. You will pay for this program in 3 payments of 1/3 of products final price!
  3. Great program for beginners with Beachbody products!
  4. Provides a plan for a complete change of your lifestyle including exercise, food, and meals!
  5. The extended Gamma Phase is an excellent way to get back into shape!
  6. Takes very limited time to exercise (just 25 minutes a day)!

Disadvantages & Things You Will Not Like

  1. Not for more skilled and advanced users!
  2. The meal plan is slightly expensive and wasteful!

Mostly Positive User Feedback with Achieved Results
amazon critical review on focus t25
positive feedback for Focus t25

After analyzing the user feedback, I have found online I have to say that it is quite positive! Most customers who have stuck to the program and meal plan without any deviation mostly point out these:

  1. It’s a great product to start with and will lead to amazing results in just a few weeks!
  2. You’ll notice increased energy levels in just a few weeks, and the program will generate visible results that will keep you motivated till the end!
  3. On the one hand, a few comments did say that T25 is an excellent starter program for anyone who hasn’t been active in years.
  4. On the other hand, someone who is moderately active and wants to shed those few extra pounds should go for the Insanity Workout!
  5. Users mention that the meal plan can be a little on the expensive side with too many wasted ingredients that were only used once!

Pay attention: Ultimately, if you’re just getting back into fitness then the Focus T25 with Gamma Phase is an excellent way to get back into shape and to work your way up to the intense cardio workouts of Insanity.

Final Verdict: Ton of Sweat in Just 25 Minutes

focus t25 rating image

If you are just now beginning with Beachbody programs, then I highly recommend Focus T25 for you! Once you finish this one, you can go for more advanced regimes.

As long as you stay committed you will see results in a few short weeks! More importantly, you will phase in a fresh lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating and exercise that could last you a lifetime.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • alissa

    i’ve been doing this for three months and i’m not sure if i’ve been doing it in the correct order. example # one dvd should that be for week one? then dvd #2 week 2? or do each of them per week?

    • Will

      There is a 5 week calendar for Alpha and Beta that you should be using. The schedule varies each week.

  • Claudia

    I have been feeling very down about the way my body looks and feels. I lost lots weight which led to tons of excess skin around my mid section. So I bought this set. I must say I see a huge improvement. No, it is not going to happen overnight but with dedication it is possible. I notice that my stomach fat is going down while my self confidence is going up. I love that Shaun T has trained so many celebrities. This might sound corny but I pretend that I am a celeb client of his and he is helping me to prepare for a red carpet event lol. Hey, anything to lose weight.

  • Selena

    Christine, I weigh 260 pounds do you think that I can keep up with this routine? The reason I ask is, because I bought a workout tape by one of the trainers on the Biggest Loser and there was no way I could keep up. Needless to say I gave up after a week, how embarrassing 🙁

    • giggles89

      at the moment I’m 220 pounds and I can pull through. You will be tired in the end but you’ll feel amazing. There is a modifier there too, so if you don’t think you can do the jumping or certain parts then just follow her and work your way up to the exercises Shaun-T is doing. The important thing is to start off at your own pace, if you needs to stop for a sip of water then do so. Also it’s only half hour, well about 28 minutes with the cool down included so it’s not that bad. I tired insanity and had to quit a little over half way, it was just too much for too long, but I love T25.

      • Katrina Davidson

        Don’t be afraid to modify the modifier either. I am obese and my couch-honed core muscles cannot plank at all….so a lot of the floorwork I can’t even do what the modifier does. Just do what you can (even if your ‘pushup’ is only a few cm with knees bent.) It WILL show benefits, just listen to your body to know the difference between ‘pushing yourself’ and hurting yourself. Generally if it’s your brain saying “I’m tired” then push thru. If your muscle feels like its screaming in pain and/or dying in a housefire it’s probably telling you to dial it back a bit.

  • Robin

    How can you go wrong with this plan? It includes the proper workout, and the meal plans are so easy! They really do just take 5 minutes to prepare, and you get to eat 5 meals a day.

  • Becky

    I like Shaun T, but I prefer 90x I guess it all depends on who you prefer as your instructor. I prefer Tony Horton over Shaun T. Shaun T’s voice can get annoying, but than again, Tony makes some lame jokes like calling one of his cast members“pam the glam” lol, he has a corny type of humor but I like it.

  • Rachel

    Beginners beware, this workout is not for the faint of heart! It will leave you winded and out of breath. I started this workout a few weeks ago and I am just now able to do an entire video. I do love Shaun T’s energy and he has an amazing body.

    • Katrina Davidson

      Yup. Checking out the body of Shaun T and Ms. “I want that body” (ie the modifier) definitely helps with the motivation on days you want to give in

  • Lola

    Not interesting in lose weight just to get tone, should I start with Beta?

  • macreds

    I had been doing the gym thing for years and could never get past a certain weight. I plateud at around 243lbs-245lbs. I needed something to really get my metabolism kick-started. I wanted to get down to around 210lbs-205lbs. I finally did Insanity last summer and lost 20lbs. I was down to around 223-222. I started doing a hybrid of P90X and Insanity after thatbut then I had surgery on both of my legs. With the last surgery I developed a blood clot which put me out of commission for about a month (everything OK took the blood thinner meds clot gone). Then the holiday’s came and I gained about 10lbs back. With the start of the new year I began T25. I did the first workout of Beta today but since starting T25 I lost 10lbs and about 15 to go for my target.

    These Beachbody workouts and particularly Shaun T’s have been fantastic. I can do it at home and they don’t require much or any equipment.The other part of this is diet. But, I don’t really feel like I’m on a “diet”. The one thing with Insanity is that I could eat way more calories but I’m at the 1600 calorie track with T25 which isn’t too bad. I also find that the weekends can kill you as far as diet plus there is a rest and a easy stretch day. I can get a bit too confident and eat a bit more when out with friends etc..I just have to mindful of that. I allow myself one cheat day (or night).

    With any of these workouts you have to focused, patient and just give it your all but they do work and more importantly are maintainable.

  • Eric

    Hello I have Insanity already put I love that with T25 it only last 25min. So before I purchase from any of the users of this new product where will I get the best results. I got board having to do Insanity for and hour and watching the TV. I just want to lose like 30 pounds in the next 3 months do any of you thing this is remotely possible with T25. If not I’ll just try to stay dedicated to Insanity one more time. PLEASE I NEED YALL”S OPINION!!!!!

    • Rick

      I’ve lost 15lbs in my first 5 weeks so I’d say go for it…I’ve been sticking to 1600 calories.

  • cmcinmb

    Has anyone had the issue of either gaining weight or maintaining their weight (while eating properly), rather than losing during the first two weeks of the Focus T25 program?

    • DickSlick86

      I have, I’ve always been very active with sports such things and I can never break the barrier of 185 pounds. I have been 185 for four years now and I quit working out about a month ago and within a month I gained ten pounds. I can easily lose those ten pounds in a couple weeks, but I have never been able to get back under 185. it sucks

  • Treacle234

    T25 is great for beginners, you will sweat like a beast in heat after the 25 minutes. Some of the moves even the modifications are hard. In I’m almost finished with the alpha phase and I will say I can’t cope with the many,many, many, lunges and squats. I hate lunges so I rarely do them. The abs workouts is hard, b/c a good lower back strength is required for some of the moves. I will say that the modifications done by Tonia could have been better esp in the abs dvd or shown more. Sometimes you don’t see the modifications as soon as they switch to a new exercise.

  • Jennifer

    Just curious do you also do cardio on your own like running or elliptical with this program or just the exercise video, not sure if I can give up running.

  • Alex

    This program helped me to lose weight in no time at all, and I didn’t even change my diet. I went from sitting around all day watching TV and eating bad, to sitting around most of the day watching TV and eating bad and working out before lunch time and I’m down 6% since November! Eventually I’m sure I’ll need to incorporate some changes to my diet to see even better results, but for right now I am super happy with the way things are going.

    • Christine Derrel

      Alex, thanks for sharing your insights!!

  • Max

    I love this program, but don’t skimp and try to go without a pull up bar. I was just using the trim on top of my door to do pullups which really hurt my fingers but also I wound up accidentally ripping out the trim since 155 pounds pulling down on a couple of small nails and wood doesn’t hold up very well in the long run!

    This workout is brilliant and Shaun continues to put out great products, can’t wait for his next big hit.

    • Christine Derrel

      Max, I am glad that you like it.

  • Quinn

    My brother Anthony has been giving me trouble for years, always being a little bit bigger than me and picking on me just because he was born with a bit more size (don’t worry, the jostling is in a brotherly love way but it is still annoying).

    A few months back I heard about the T25 workout and made the purchase, and the gains have been astounding. I also make sure to have a daily shake with lots of kale and whey to help supplement my gains, but the workout is the thing that makes all the difference in the world. Trust me, if you buy this you won’t regret it. I am tired every time but feel absolutely amazing.

  • Katie

    Christine, I’ll be honest. I was pessimistic about this product all through the Alpha phase…
    I didn’t feel like I was getting a workout in and thought that I had just wasted my money, then one day I reached the Beta phase and it kicked my butt!

    To anyone out there who is already in shape and is just looking to take things to the next level, you might want to try skipping the Alpha phase or only doing half of it or so because I think it is meant for people who don’t already work out every day to get their bodies used to the routine.

    • Christine Derrel

      Katie, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Erik

    What more proof do you need, just take a look at this guy! He is ripped, attractive, and clearly knows what he is talking about. I loved his material on the hip hop ab workout a few years back, and trust I have been using his insanity workout ever since its inception.

    Going to be purchasing the T25 Workout as an early Christmas gift for myself, I’m sure I’ll love it as much as his other material. Really I could keep using his old stuff but it is nice to refresh the routine every few years and keep things interesting 🙂

  • Ash

    For anyone thinking about this program, do it, it’s amazing. I personally love the 25 minute workout, because I can easily fit this into my day no
    matter how busy I may be. So even those who are running around with a 9-5 job plus children’s sports and dinner and whatnot don’t have an excuse.

    Don’t be fooled though because, you will really sweat. I loved the
    high energy and the encouragement given throughout. The modifier was a great
    help especially considering I was not in shape at all although it was a bit hard to see at first (the modifier moves). Over 10 weeks,
    with this program and watching what I ate, I lost 20 pounds and have
    definitely tightened and toned up.


  • Tammy

    I have been doing T25 for 6 weeks now and must say that I have never seen results like this in the entire year that I’ve been trying to lose weight. My pants are all baggy and I have gone down two pant sizes. It is not an easy program, so I follow the modifier when
    needed, but it is quick and very effective and besides, losing weight is never easy but it can be fun and motivating!

    The great thing about this program is it gives you structure, and it can be done in less than half an hour. Do you want to lose all of your unwanted weight, because if you do let me be a good testimonial as a 32 year old who has had no fitness training.

    I will be in shape for my wedding!

  • Amy

    Well at 25 minutes, 5 times a week, burning 250-300 calories per session certainly makes you sweat and feel the burn. To be honest, this program is intense, just not as intense as Insanity or Asylum. You will lose weight if you eat properly, and keep with the scheduled workouts. Just make sure that if you have feet problems, or joint problems that you do the modified versions before jumping in full force.

    In my first week of it, I lost 3-5 pounds and noticed some inches coming off. By the end of the first phase, I had gone down in pant size, and was thinner in the face. Mind you it was a struggle to keep my diet as healthy as I needed it to be. But being able to burn that many calories, so quickly really does motivate you.

  • Katie LeClaric.

    Well being able to work out at home is a major thing for me. Plus I don’t have a lot of equipment either nor a ton of time to spend on my workouts. But from what I’ve seen of the other products and testimonials, BeachBody is a great company and one that I am definitely interested in trying out.

    I already eat healthy as it is, but am looking to make sure I maintain my looks and keep off the weight by exercising and eating properly. I’d like to check out the meal plan as well, as it could provide more insight into other foods that I haven’t tried yet.

    I also have a couple of friends who are looking to lose a bit of weight, so I might just share this with them. Thanks!

  • Chantelle Clark

    I’ve been looking for another way to workout that doesn’t require a lot time and is not too intense like the insanity workouts. I want to lose some more weight and make sure I do my daily walks every day. I have done Hip Hop Abs in the past and sort of got into it, on my good days, but I’ve never really been one to just really enjoy working out.

    I am moderately active, walking every day and doing soccer once a week. So I am definitely thinking that this is for me, over some of the other stuff that I’ve seen.

    Your review though has made me take a look at this product again, and knowing that it comes from BeachBody speaks for itself. Thank you for sharing it!

  • AlleyKat34

    Hi Christine… Thank you for this comprehensive review of Focus T25. I’ve never tried any of Shaun’s other programs, but I’ve seen the infomercials and they look great. I don’t do much cardio besides walking, but lately I’ve been noticing that my right knee has been aching if I walk a lot. I’m thinking of doing T25 to start building my quad strength, which always helps with my knee. Anyway, thanks again for the heads up.

  • Ivy Lee

    I used to have a serious problem keeping the lower half of my body in shape. I mean I love doing arms and chest and back. But legs and butts, uuugh! I’ve always been really lazy. Shaun T’s deep pulse lunges are dangerous — in a good way, of course. My quads are usually on fire after 4 reps, but I just keep going.

    The Ab Intervals are also killer. I can do 100-150 crunches easily. But these Ab Intervals kind of force you to keep moving. It’s strenuous. However I just looked in the mirror and noticed that my 6 pack is coming back. So much for those 150 crunches. I’m sticking with this stuff.

  • DeAnne Murphy

    I only have one thing to say about T25 – Burn Baby Burn! I’m on week 5 and quite honestly, I feel like I’m working up a bigger sweat with this one than P90. And that’s a huge accomplishment for me, because I thought P90 was the end all-be all to at home exercise routines. I normally work out for an hour, 4 days a week. But I’m really loving that this one is only 25 minutes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to lose some pounds fast, especially if you’re also eating right.

  • Lanna

    Hi Christine and everyone else at Skinny With Fiber. I wanted to say thanks for all the awesome content you’re posting here. I am very happy with everything you post here, it has helped me out greatly over the months I’ve been frequenting it. If it wasn’t for you guys here, I would not have know about this workout program, that I will now be getting into very soon. 😀

    Happy Holidays!

  • Brad MA

    I’ve been doing this workout for a while now, along with P90x and Insanity. I even tried hip-hop abs, but I couldn’t get into it. It’s a really well done workout program with a really good food guide. You’ll be very happy to use this program. Trust me. It’s fantastic!

  • w28w

    I’ve been using this workout program for about a week and a half and it’s very intense. I really think it’s more intense than insanity. It’s funny because you’d think insanity would be tougher, but no, this stuff may be tougher, well harder. Anyways, I recommend anyone interested in losing a lot of weight to go with this fitness program, you will not regret it.

  • David

    I’m a huge fan of Shaun T and anything Beachbody releases. As well as Tony Horton. If it weren’t for these men and that site, I would still be heavily obese and probably dead by now, but since I’ve lost a ton of weight using many of these programs, I’m happy to say these guys and BeachBody have saved my life.

  • CG

    Shaun T has some of the best workout programs around. This looks like yet another good workout program and I will have to purchase this up very soon. I think BeachBody alone sells some of the best workout programs around and I really respect the help they’ve given me and my family who also partook in their workout programs.

  • Hop

    Insanity has been great to me and I’ve lost a lot of weight from it. Now I want something new and I think I’m going to get this program. I imagine it’ll cost me a lot, but when it’s already proven that Insanity worked perfectly, I think this could be possibly better. We will see.

  • brem

    I should probably share this with my brother. He’s been trying to find the right program to lose weight, he’s tried P90, P90X, Insanity and is interested in P90X3, but this sounds like this might appeal to him, so I think I’ll send it his way. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Claire

    Even though I don’t have the best abs in the world (I have a hard time staying away from potato chips, LOL!) I’m still a LONG TIME fan Shaun T’s previous program Hip Hop Abs. You can get a serious sweat going with that one!

    I planned on trying T25 as part of my New Years resolution, but I decided to get going with it a little earlier since I’d already gained a couple of pounds during Thanksgiving. So far I love the results. I sweat even more with T25, than I did with Hip Hop Abs. Okay… a lot more.

    I haven’t been following the meal plan exactly because it has been a busy week with work. But I’ve been doing the best I could. So far I’m about 2.5 weeks in and I’ve already lost 5lbs. That’s pure awesomeness in my book!

  • Jennifer

    I don’t work out all the time. In fact, I haven’t really had a consistent workout schedule in 6 years! But when I do, I like to go pretty hardcore. The last at home workout program I used was Tae Bo and even though it kicked my butt, I loved it!

    That’s part of the reason why I’m thinking the T25 program might be right up my alley. But since I’m on a budget, I might have to eliminate Shaun T’s diet. I’ll probably just stick to a whole foods and eliminate dairy, wheat, soy, flour, sugar and all those fat calorie packing processed foods