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If you have ever considered losing weight, either for your personal self-image or for improving your health, you have probably heard of Dr. Charles and his Fat Loss Factor (FLF) program. A lot of people are looking for the perfect diet and program to get skinny and have done a lot of research on the best working strategy.

I bet they have tried a multitude of different guides and plans and found that the idea of sticking to anything that is very strict just doesn’t work. Luckily, this is the moment when Fat Loss Factor comes into play. (Click here to read success stories from Fat Loss Factor customers)

Dr. Charles Livingston & The Way His Program Works

charles livingston

Author and creator of this powerful way to get slim – Dr. Charles Livingston – is a certified wellness practitioner, chiropractic physician, and certified nutritionist. He managed to create a sophisticated system that will work for almost everybody. Check out his Facebook page to read his tips or check out this great article to read more about Dr Charles Livingston on

I bet you are asking questions like:

“How can you be so sure?” “Will it work for me as well?”

These are questions that are easy to answer. If you follow the instructions and techniques of Dr. Charles Livingston correctly, then you should see some significant weight loss thanks to this twelve week (3 months) system based on and divided into two main phases.

Phase #1: Cleansing

The first detoxing period lasts for two weeks when your body will get rid of harmful toxins and poisons that hinder your weight loss. During this time, your diet will focus mostly on pure and natural organic fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to this you will be able to improve the function of your primary cleansing organs, including your kidneys and liver. Once your organism and bodily systems are both clean and detoxified, they should start working in a much more efficient way.

Phase #2: Sweating & Burning

The second phase of Fat Loss Factor will last for whole ten weeks. Your meal plan will be based not only on your portion sizes but on types of food you will be allowed to eat. To maximize your metabolism, you should eat small meals for several times a day, rather than the usual three main meals.

What is more, here are some advantages of this system for phase two:

  1. You will get a proper timetable with best times to plan your meals for boosting your metabolism.
  2. You will get a list of foods for speeding up your dietary efforts, as well as those that should be avoided.
  3. Charles allows for an occasional lapse (a cheat day) when a favorite food – which might otherwise be banned – can be eaten.
  4. You should do a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training as one of the best ways to boost weight loss is building lean muscle.
  5. You need to drink a lot of water as it is a major building block for muscles and it helps you to get rid of accumulated toxins and fat cells.

Pay attention: This system should work not because it is a “miracle plan” full of plans, videos, and other documents, but because it adopts a sophisticated approach and incorporates all of the needed lifestyle changes to stick with it until its end. Diet, exercise, and mental strength all together play a crucial part in the process of achieving your desired body.

Just remember that diet, exercise, and mental strength all together play a crucial part in the process of achieving your desired body.

Inside Look into The FLF Package

Main e-Book

FLF main ebook

Firstly, I want to point out that copyright protects this amazing e-Book, so I can not give you any specific details on it. However, I will give you some stuff here that may provide you with a better idea of what is inside.

The main eBook is not a long document (just 90 pages), so you do not need to be worried that you will read it for weeks. It is well written and focuses only on the stuff that should work and is really necessary for reshaping your body.

The program is divided into 12 primary principles (each dealing with some aspect of successful weight loss process):

– From preparation, changing your mindset and your lifestyle; through the need for proper hydration and lists of foods to eat and to avoid; up to individual exercises and appropriate management of your rest periods.

Although you may think otherwise, Principle #1 is most crucial to your success from beginning so pay attention to every word when you read it.

90-Day Meal Plans

90 day meal plans

I like this section. There are three main pdf files; each one covers daily meal plans for one month of the FLF program. Therefore, you do not need to worry about eating bad stuff that could hinder your progress.

These are not boring meals you get from ordinary “get skinny” recipes and are really easy to do. The best part is the fact that this plan covers everything you will need so it will save you a ton of time each day.

Quick Start Guide

flf quick start guide

This is very short (just 19 pages) pdf file that divides the whole FLF program into four main phases. You will be dealing with natural foods, cleansing, smoothies as well as precise direction on how to change your lifestyle and diet.

Pay attention: Each phase should include info on foods you should eat and the way of lifestyle you should adopt to succeed. Although “Phase 2 – The Cleanse” is optional, I highly recommend doing it to maximize your results.

10 Minutes Raw Food Recipes

10 minute recipes

This is another e-book (54 pages long) that lists the most delicious recipes suited for this weight loss program. It includes various categories of meals:

  • 5 Smoothies & Juices (“Blueberry Wake-Up”, “Strawberry Lemonade”, etc.)
  • 5 Breakfasts (“Raw Granola”, “Berry Bonanza”, etc.)
  • 4 Appetizers (“Peach Salsa”, “Raw Bruschetta”, etc.)
  • 5 Soups (“Berry Soup”, “Zesty Gazpacho”, etc.)
  • 10 Salads (“Winter Salad”, “Broccoli-Raisin Coleslaw”, etc.)
  • 5 Main Dishes (“Stuffed Peppers”, “Spaghetti Squash Marinara”, etc.)
  • 7 Desserts (“Almond Balls”, “Raw Chocolate Ice Cream”, etc.)

The best part? Each one looks tasty and should take you only 10 minutes to prepare.

10 Free Bonuses

Fat Loss Factor Free Bonuses

As you can see in the picture above, you will get ten free gifts after you pay for FLF program. There are various documents, videos, as well as other excellent tools:

  1. Liver and body cleansing videos – These cover everything you need to know about a master cleanse, including necessary resources, places where to get them and direction how to make your working cleansing drink.
  2. Foojoo fast food software – Program that lists around 140 fast food chains and provides you with the healthiest options from each chain.
  3. Pre-created grocery list – This one is really great as you will always have a list of everything you need to buy at your groceries or supermarket at hand.
  4. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced weight loss exercises – List of great workout routines with detailed videos how to do each one individually.
  5. 5 sample 15 minute workout routines – 5 routines that can change your mind about exercising.
  6. Fat Loss Factor measurements form – This one should be a simple guide to measuring your whole body, with precise directions where and how to measure it.
  7. Goal setting guide – This document will teach you everything you need to know about aiming and focusing your mindset to finish your weight loss goals.
  8. Food diary and exercise log – Tracking your progress with exercise and meals will be no biggie thanks to this record.
  9. A full year of email coaching – Yes, as soon as you order this program you will be granted fantastic one-year free coaching that will help you to make clear anything you are concerned about.
  10. Lori´s special weight loss recipes book – This document is fascinating and will teach you some special meals that will help you feel satiated while at the same time you will get rid of some fat as well.

All of these should be included within the price you will pay, and these will help you to stay motivated and fulfill your weight loss goals.

6 Things I Liked

  1. Very efficient system
  2. Experienced author
  3. Great customer support
  4. An excellent possibility of online as well as physical versions of FLF e-books
  5. Plenty of free bonuses
  6. Short and easy to read

3 Things I Hated

  1. Need to pay extra for a paperback version of the main book.
  2. Individual results depending on how strict are you following this program.
  3. FooJoo software works only on Windows OS.

User Feedback I Was Able to Find

Comment from Sun Nam

I have taught for many years about Consumer Education. This plan by so called Dr Livingston sounds like a scam, presents itself as a scam, and no doubt is a scam. When his presentation begins, we are lead to believe that it will be relatively short. IT isn’t. The hit for the pills and book doesn’t come till the end which is quite typical of scams.

The Dr, not an MD,seems to have a terrific feel for the internet and how to use it. There is no proof that this works. Beware, many…have tried to get refunds, but can’t..another sure sign of a scam..

Continue reading this comment here…

Comment from Virginia

WORSE PROGRAM EVER! It did not work for me, it has now been since NOVEMBER therefore 3 months that i have been trying to get my money back and no response (JUST ONE) i replied and got no more news or my money back. I advice all of you to NOT use this service, the diet is common sense go to a nutritionist if you need too.

Continue reading this comment here…

Comment from Dante Poe

If it doesn’t work they WILL NOT give you you money back or return your emails…. It is better to buy NOW liver detox or other good brand… exercise and eat right… plus its a lot cheaper.

Continue reading this comment here…

One of the best ways to judge any new guide is by finding out what others who have used it have to say. Surprisingly, there are plenty of comments and testimonials to the validity of its usefulness, a significant majority of these praising the results of its use.

I was able to discover statements such as:

  • I have much more energy and less appetite.
  • Has only been a week and I have lost 10 lbs.
  • Not only did I lose weight, I feel healthier too!

Pay attention: Such responses are very common and come from all age groups, and from both male and female users of the program. It is evident that many people have experienced very positive outcomes from following the advice of Dr. Charles.

The Best Place to Buy Fat Loss Factor

fat loss factor official website
Image of official product website –

You can buy this program online via the official website, and have it shipped directly to your home. There, you can even watch a free video on how to burn excessive pounds and lose extra inches.

You can also check out the site for more info and testimonials from other buyers who have used the product and got skinnier. Right now, this program with all its extra stuff is on sale for the low cost of only $47.00.

However, its average price is around $97.00 – making this offer a massive 51.5% discount!

This is really once in a lifetime offer with such a low price for this great guide with all the bonuses which can change the way you feel about yourself, help you lose some pounds, and build up your energy levels all at the same time. What other product can you think of which can accomplish so much for so little?


Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.