The Top 7 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips That Will Help You Shed Some Pounds


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So you’re probably one of the millions of people around the world that could lose some weight. Maybe you had put on extra pounds (after entering the workforce or having children) that do not want to go away.

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How you justify those extra pounds is purely up to you. Luckily, there are changes you can make right now that will alter your lifestyle and the way your body looks.

These tips are only suggestions, but if you follow each and every one of them, then you will be on the correct way to a new and better you.

Tip #1 – Eat Healthy Breakfast

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It may seem counter-intuitive that the first tip for weight loss is to make sure you eat a meal. However, eating a hearty and healthy breakfast has been shown to help people lose weight in the long run.

The science behind this is pretty simple – the earlier you start eating, the sooner your metabolism begins to kick in. Read more: 34 Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Keep in mind: A healthy breakfast full of whole grains and fiber will fill you up and prevent you from reaching for those empty calories later on, like donuts and sweet soda!

Tip #2 – Always Carry a Bag of Healthy Snacks with You

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Healthy snacks can include things like almonds, pretzels, apples (or any fruits rich in fiber), and much more. By carrying around these, you will have a safeguard against sugar cravings for empty calories in vending machine. Read more: 19 Healthy Snack Ideas

When you start to feel hungry, just munch on a few almonds or pretzels to keep your metabolism in high gear throughout the day.

Pay attention: Although almonds may not be your cup of tea, they carry tons of protein and are also great for your heart.

Tip #3 – Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

grilled steak meat

Protein is something that many people lack in their diet, but can be extremely beneficial when trying to lose weight. By eating more of this nutrient, you will feel satisfied with less food.

The best part? It will keep your metabolism at high speed. Read more: 5 Reasons Why Protein is Good For Weight

Pay attention: Just start incorporating smoothies throughout the day. There are thousands of different protein powders on the market today (with different flavors) you can add to your shakes, and the choice is yours.

Tip #4 – Exercise Daily

young couple jogging

If you want to lose weight and get in shape, then you need to start sweating. Exercising one hour each day may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or slaving away on the treadmill.

Depending on your current fitness level, just walking around the neighborhood for an hour can be enough sweating for the day.

Pay attention: As long as your daily activity is at least one hour, then you are on the right track. However, take it slow and always remember to consult your doctor prior to starting any exercise routine to avoid health complications. Read more: The Best Workout Ever, According to Science

Tip #5 – Get Rid of White Stuff

pink himalayan salt

The white stuff I am referring to is refined sugar, salt, and white flour – three most detrimental things to any weight loss plan. You should definitely start with these steps:

  1. Change your white flour for a whole-wheat flour that has not been bromated (and does not contain aluminized baking powder). Carbohydrates from the whole-wheat flour do not raise your blood sugar levels fast – hence your food cravings will be minimized.
  2. Get rid of artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. Start using natural sweeteners such as stevia leaves, maple syrup, or organic honey.
  3. Get rid of white, refined salt (pure sodium chloride). Not only will sodium in it raise your blood pressure, but it will add to water retention by your body. Just change it for pink Himalayan salt that has many health benefits.

Keep in mind: Sugary drinks, white flour, and salty fast foods are three main reasons why many people find themselves unhealthy and overweight.

Tip #6 – Drink Pure Water

tools for losing water weight

Okay, you don’t have to drink water ONLY, but it is in your best interest to cut out all sugary drinks, especially those containing artificial sweeteners. This includes fruit juice and sports drinks as many of them have just as much sugar as a can of soda.

You should do this because having water prior to every meal will help control your appetite and portions. Drinking a glass of water before you start eating will fill you up so that you are unable to gorge heavily.

Keep in mind: Water’s benefits do not stop there; it can also aid in turning the fat into energy. Water makes the fat float more easily through your system, hence making it much easier for your body to burn and get rid of.

Tip #7 – Don’t Eat Past 8 PM

meal from shrimps

Many people love their late night snacks, but little do they know that they are sabotaging any chance they have of losing weight. If you follow all other tips and still eat past 8 pm, then you will be wiping away all of your hard work during the day.

Consider implementing intermittent fasting, read more here: The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Keep in mind: You see, past 8 pm there is a good chance that your body will be going into a “rest and recovery mode”. Therefore, you won’t be burning any more calories once you lay down to sleep.

By following these 7 weight loss tips, you are sure to see improvements in your health and physique if you stick to them. You see, the most important thing in any weight loss plan is to stay consistent, as consistency is what sets the successes apart from the failures.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Sena

    This is a good read

  • Stewart

    The last tip is flawed Eating something high in protien before bed is best as it keeps your body working while you sleep.

  • Kareem Lewis

    I agree with what is said here. I have a side of me that I am trying to work on. Since I work late nights sometimes, it is hard to not eat late, but I eat something that is not heavy. Also, a true thing to do is to cut out the sugar and salt and chocolate because that will pile on the extra calories. I eat yogurt along with fruit or graham crackers in the morning, and I sometimes skip meals which does not really affect me, and I remember to do physical activity too, which always helps. Once you follow a routine, you will succeed.

  • Chantelle Clark

    I completely agree with all of these tips! I have lost close to 10lbs by just cutting out all unnecessary sugar intake. I don’t drink any drinks with sugar in them, so no juice, no soda, no fruit drinks, and will not eat things like candy, chocolate, or well anything with a lot of sugar. I have managed to stay away from heavily starchy foods as well, so I don’t eat potatoes, or bread very rarely. I have taken up walking for an hour each day, and am working on drinking more water which helps with my constant headaches.

    The only thing that I haven’t fully gotten down pat yet is eating breakfast. I’ve never been a huge breakfast eater, so what I’ve been trying to do is eat small things like a yoghurt, with a meal replacement drink (like Boost, or Ensure), alongside water. It seems to be helping me get into that daily routine of breakfast in the morning.

    I think though that if people were to follow these 7 steps more carefully and were more diligent about what they ate during the day, and when they ate, a lot more people would be happier with their weight, and body image.

  • The Fatman

    I’ve read that just 20 minutes per day is enough to increase resting heart rate and increase metabolic rate.

  • Sweatmaster1

    Eating breakfast is important so you don’t let yourself get to the point of starvation by noon, then eat like an anaconda!

  • Fifi

    I don’t understand the concept of eating after 8PM. Sure no cake or baked potatoes, but what’s wrong with some carrot sticks or a bowl of cerial- calories in, calories out.

  • Jerry James

    I drink lemon water every morning- it helps to alkalize my body and cleanse out toxins which interfere with metabolism. Great little weight loss trick I learned.

  • Vance

    I’ve seen a lot of different articles mentione eating breakfast, but yours is the only one with a reason why that actually made sense to me 🙂 I usually don’t eat in the mornings though, because I feel sick and way too bloated if I do. But I do want to wake up my metabolism! I’m going to try a smoothie or something, maybe yogurt and a little fruit will be light enough.

  • L. Slattery

    These are all excellent tips and I’m pleased to say I already follow many of them. I always bring a healthy snack with me if I’m going to be out and I exercise everyday.

    I do need to get better about drinking more water and my late night snacking is sometimes a problem. I’m working on correcting my unhealthy habits!

  • Isabelle Ofume

    I will really give the not eating past 8pm a try and journal my results.

  • Amanda Palmer

    Breakfast would be my number one tip also, after not eating breakfast for years i noticed a big difference with my diet after eating a healthy (ish) breakfast each day. It seems to give my metabolism a big kick start for the day.

  • matt n.

    I used to always skip breakfast and end up eating a doughnut at work. Since I started having breakfast every morning, my energy levels are higher and I have already started losing weight!

  • efpierce

    Sugar and salt is what always gets me!! And eating after eight but it is different with many people as everyone has different schedules and not everyone goes to bed at “normal” times.

  • Sthe

    You see, doing it this way is more fun than starving yourself. By sticking with what your body needs, not noughty cravings, losing weight is really not that hard. The great happy feeling you get when you eat well will just show on your mood and you’ll feel better about yourself. This is very helpful information!

  • Stefan

    When I was growing up my father always insisted that a glass of water have to be placed on the table of any restaurant we went to. As a matter of fact, he thought it was a bad service not to offer water in the first place, so much so that if he had to ask for it, he would most likely not return to this restaurant anymore. For a long time I thought it was just another fussy habit my old timer father refused to part with.

    However after reading your article, I had an epiphany! My father was slim his entire life and drank a lot of water, and always and I do mean always had a glass of water before starting his meal and usually another during. I guess he either forgot to mention this great weight managing trick to us kids before passing on… either that or he did it out of habit and had no clue that it was keeping him slimmer than most.

    I drink water now!

  • Tom Stokes

    I never eat breakfast, I am always in way too much hurry to leave the house. That is probably down to the fact that I get up late and have to rush to get to work on time. I constantly feel tired and lazy but I think the list of 7 tips you listed above will not only help me to lose a few pounds, but also to help me feel more on the ball in every aspect of my life. Cutting out sugar and salt will be the biggest challenge for me though! I love a cup of coffee with 2 sugars, I can’t drink it without any sugar. Would a sweetener still count?

    The exercise part I think I can handle, instead of driving 3 miles to work I could just bike instead. In fact, I could probably do it quicker by bike as I would be avoiding all of the traffic. Thanks, you have motivated my thinking!

    • You are welcome Tom. If you will drive those three miles to work by a bike instead of car, you will save money for gas as well as environment. With regards to sweeteners, if you use stevia instead of sugar you will achieve best results as stevia has almost no calories and is 3 times as sweet as white sugar. So give it a try next morning in a coffee and let us know how it went!

  • Ray

    Hi Christine,You know, this information is not new, however it is very consistent across all media. I think the one thing that will really help me is cutting out all products that are “white” as well as making sure I eat breakfast. I tend to forget that on busy days. Maybe if I eat a breakfast full of fiber and protein, I’ll be set! Thanks for the info!

    • Josh

      Hi Ray,

      I agree. The information is certainly not new, but for someone who is looking for a few things to help them lose a few pounds every single one of these things is quite doable each and every day. Will power seems to be the biggest problem for most people.

      I can stand 100% by 2 of your points in the list, I eat a full and hearty breakfast every morning and not only does it set me up for the day and prepare my mind, but it also stops me from picking snacks during my main meals. The other is drinking only water. Water is a natural substance, it helps me to feel healthy and energetic, I suppose I am lucky in that I actually enjoy a glass of cold water over any other drink, I know others struggle because of the lack of taste.