Master The HCG Diet: Plan, Injections, Side Effects and Much More


woman using hcg injection

October 2015 UPDATE: FDA issued a warning – HCG Diet Products Are Illegal!

HCG diet was created by the British doctor A.T. Simeons, author of the book ‘Pounds & Inches. In his book, the doctor has exposed the theory behind this very popular program.

What makes this program stand out from the other weight loss methods is the fact that it uses a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a special type of hormone, usually found in women at pregnancy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the role of this hormone is to support the body in a fat burning process, especially when fat is broken down and used to feed the baby.

The 3 Phases of HCG Diet Plan

There are three main phases in the plan:

  1. Loading phase – This is a preparatory phase. You are free to eat whatever you want for just two days. The following period will be much stricter.
  2. Maintenance phase – This is the stage in which you will really start to see results, provided that you follow the rules. For three weeks, you need to follow a 500 calorie meal plan per day.
  3. Stabilization phase – Like in other programs, this is a transition phase, in which you progressively switch from extremely low-calorie levels to higher ones. It is designed to allow a come-back to a regular diet, without the dangers of putting on weight.

This is a very low-calorie diet, and a lot of people get scared at the thought of extreme hunger. However, Dr. Simeons argues that there is no starvation involved. HCG will help people conquer their food cravings and go through this phase without any struggling.

HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.

Related studies:

Rabe, T., et al. (1987). “Risk-benefit analysis of a hCG-500 kcal reducing diet (cura romana) in females“, in Geburtshilfe und Reauenheilkunde, Vol. 47(5).

Lijesen, G. K., et al. (1995). “The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity by means of the Simeons therapy: a criteria-based meta-analysis“, in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Vol. 40(3).

Foods You Can Eat While on This Diet

salad with spinach leaves

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The fact that you have quite a freedom regarding what foods you are allowed to eat make this diet really attractive for people all around the world. Due to the low-calorie limit, you will not be able to eat a lot in the second phase.

However, being able to enjoy a variety of foods makes things a little easier. Below you can find five groups of foods with examples that you can enjoy during the second phase:

  1. Beverages – Water, coffee, milk, and tea.
  2. Vegetables – Lettuces, spinach, asparagus, chicory, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage.
  3. Meat & fish – Chicken breast, shrimp, veal, and crab.
  4. Seasonings – Salt, pepper, vinegar, basil, garlic, and parsley.
  5. Fruits – Oranges, apples, strawberries, and grapefruits.

This is just a part of the food list you can follow. There is enough variety to prevent getting bored during whole three weeks.

The Difference Between HCG Drops & Injections

As mentioned, HCG plays a key role in this dietary plan, as it should suppress appetite and allow you to maintain such a low-calorie intake without any issues. The question is, how do you get it into your body?

There are two primary forms of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin you can take:

  1. Original injectionsThese were developed and used first. You need to inject these deep into muscles (leave administration for medical professional at a clinic). If you add the cost of the mixing kits, syringes, solutions, and clinic fees, the price can get high.
  2. Homeopathic drops – The second option is more convenient and much cheaper. You don’t need to deal with needles and worry about the administration. You can easily put the drops under your tongue and be done with it.

Because this diet has grown to be quite popular, selling products such as the drops is a profitable business. This attracted lots of companies which offer drops of questionable quality.

Pay attention: Always double-check how reliable the producer is and don’t make your choice based only on price. Legit companies do not always supply the cheapest products.

Most Common Side Effects

young woman with headache

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As with any method out there, some people may experience side effects. Therefore, you need to monitor the progress and seek medical advice whenever you feel something is not right.

This diet is a low-calorie one and some common side effects found in such regimens are light-headedness, headaches, irritability, and light water retention.

HCG should facilitate the transition to the low-calorie intake. Those who chose to use injections may develop:

  • Redness
  • Swelling in the injected area.

This happens only in the cases in which the injections were not properly administrated. Make sure you know how to administer the injections properly or get some qualified professional help.

Another element to take into account is that it is a hormone, and the human hormonal system is a very sensitive. Although there were generally no reports of severe hormonal problems, there were cases of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that include stomach and pelvic pain, swelling, and shortness of air.

Pay attention: Whenever you experience something that does not feel right, you should seek medical advice right away. It is best to be under medical supervision while following this diet (have blood tests done and a complete medical evaluation before starting any diet).

HCG Diet & Exercise

young couple jogging

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Dr. Simeons recommends only moderate exercising while following his special diet. This includes for example:

  • Walking
  • Taking the stairs (instead of elevator)
  • Light biking

Some people are confused with the fact that intense exercising is not encouraged. It all has to do with the fact that this is a low-calorie (particularly low-carb) diet overall, and while performing high-intensity exercises, your body needs carbs as a source of energy.

Pay attention: Dr. Simeons argues that HCG drives metabolic rate up and that it also facilitates the break-up and use of fat to produce energy. This is good news, as typically when you lose weight, your body starts to break-up part of your muscles to use the amino acids as a source of energy.

Vegetarians & Their Options

Girl Eating Fruits and Vegetables

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Normally, protein is part of the daily menu, and the main source of proteins are meat and fish. In this context, it seems that vegetarians would not be able to follow this diet.

This is not quite the case as in most situations, there are alternative solutions. It depends on what type of vegetarian you are, though.


This group of people avoids meat but is allowed to eat fish. This is the easy case, as this diet shouldn’t be any real problem for them at all.


This group of people doesn’t eat both meat and fish. However, they do eat eggs and dairy products. It is still possible to follow the plan, getting your daily protein intake from fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free milk, and egg whites.


This group of people avoids all animal products. You can still use soy, and vegan protein powder shakes as a source of protein. However, in this case, it seems extremely challenging to get good results with this diet.

Way to Get The Best Results with HCG Diet

woman with detoxing smoothie

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To get the best results, this weight loss program should suit your lifestyle to some degree. If dieting is a permanent struggle, you will be very tempted to cheat, and your results will be poor.


Remember, your carbs consumption will be very limited. If you are currently eating a lot of carbs, you may consider lowering their share in your diet progressively as this will make it easier for your body to adjust.


Another element to consider is exercising as Dr. Simeons recommends only light workouts. If you are currently going for very intense workouts, you should adjust this for the period in which you plan to follow the diet.

Tips worth following for best success:

  1. Make sure you learn all you can before you start. You should start with Dr. Simeons’ book ‘Pounds & Inches‘.
  2. Any diet involves some degree of stress for your body. It is not the best idea to plan your weight reduction during the most stressful period of the year, after going through a prolonged illness and so on.
  3. Regarding products, using injections or drops depends on your personal preference. However, you need to be very careful in choosing a reputable company that produces only high-quality products.

Getting medical support is key to make sure you are safe and to maximize the results. The best way is to start by a complete medical examination including blood tests and to stay in touch with your doctor throughout the dieting process.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • C Vegas

    Wow, great weight/metabolism fix for middle aged women, like myself. I saw a hormone doctor here, first. He tested me for all of my levels. Then, I did a 7 day liver detox to remove any residual ibuprofen, etc. from my system. Then, I started with the HCG shots and some bioidentical hormones at the same time. The thing for me has been that, since about 5 years ago, my hormonal changes prevented my metabolism from working properly. So, even a super low calorie diet or lots of exercise was having very little effect at all. It would take weeks of starvation dieting to lose even 3 pounds. Since I did this with my doctor, by using the detox, followed by the bioidentical hormones along with the HCG, I am seeing great results. I did do the loading days, but tried to make about 2/3 of the fat that I ate on those days some kind of healthy fat, like coconut oil, nuts and avocado. Since the weight loss phase has begun with the super low cal diet, I lost 3 pounds the first day, and I’ve been losing about a pound a day since then. I admit the hunger was an issue the first few days, but it passes. I know that some sites or experts recommend not using any body lotions or oils during this phase 2. I thought that was a lot of hooey, but after a few days, I had a major allergic reaction to the most mild lotion on my face and neck, just Cetaphil. Broke out in hives. So, losing weight fast, but very dry skin. I tried the drops before, with no luck, but not sure about source issues. The injectable type is pricey, but at least it’s working! I used to think that a low cal diet and exercise would always work for me, when I needed it and I was younger. I can say without hesitation that, being a middle aged woman, my metabolism just wasn’t cutting it with diet and exercise, without the HCG and hormone combo I’m now using. Anyone who tries to tell you that a diet this low in calories would cause anyone to lose weight without those injections is obviously not a woman of a certain age, haha. Wherever you live, I’d strongly suggest that you do some kind of Google search to see if you can find a hormone doctor, someone who specializes in that. From everything I’ve read, people with serious hormone issues don’t have much success on this HCG diet. It makes sense to get it fixed, if you can, or the money you spend on the HCG might be wasted. When I went to see the hormone doctor, the waiting room was half men, so it’s not just women who have to deal with this issue.

  • Jules W

    I’ve read about 100 comments today and find it amazing how many people poo poo the diet without understanding the basics of metabolism. If you starve the body of sugars and support it with proteins, you effectively set up the metabolism to burn fat stores in the tissues. DUH! Its basic biology. Its called the Ketogenic diet which includes higher fats/reasonable protiens and low carbs that forces the body to burn fats rather than the missing glycogen, and therefore maintains the muscle mass. The HCG is important due to its ability to stave off hunger thereby supporting this diet. People fail on this diet if they use products that have little or no HCG and end up cheating on their diets and setting themselves up for failure. You could try Ketogenic diet on its own with no HCG support, but you would probably fail quickly due to the eventual cravings and brain starvation. There is definitely a much-needed brain hormone connection with the HCG that would be missing otherwise. Consider what pregnant women experience with this HCG in their system. They have nausea and often lose weight yet their fetus seems to grow anyhow. That’s because of HCG. It makes it possible for them to eat very little during that first term, yet the fetus pulls energy from the woman’s fat stores and she still maintains health for this short term. Then she normalizes in most cases and starts eating for two. But, many 1st term pregnant women lose weight while eating very little and otherwise living normally. Just sayin’

  • MAK

    Sorry, new to this. I did the program and had amazing results. The first time I lost 35 pounds. Gained about 15 of them back. But that was purely due to poor eating habits after the diet. Did it again and lost another 20. Almost a year later I have only gained back 7 pounds. The real deal/injections from a Dr only work though. First time the Dr ran out and put me one the drops for 1 week to maintain me. Did not loose weight on the drops and gained back 2 pounds. Be careful of anything online especially. As soon as I was back on the injections I continued my weight loss. Even went 5 pounds over goal both times. You need to stick to the 500 calories. If you are going to cheat, cheat with something good and do it in moderation. You really won’t need to. Understand that the hunger can also be emotional. Meaning you only think you are hungry because you can’t eat that pizza. If you follow the diet you can loose up to a pound a day. I lost 1 and 1/2 pounds 2 days in a row. You will also find that you level off and may not loose weight for a few days. It gets a little discouraging but stick with the diet and you will overcome the hump. The key to any diet, especially this one is what you choose to back into your body after you are able to eat again. Spend time doing your research. As this is probably the most important part of the diet. What you put back immediately will dictate what you gain back. Meaning if you do eat that pizza immediately after you are able, you are going to gain the weight back for sure. If you stick to a healthy diet and put back good fats, you will not only keep the weight off, you will feel like a million bucks. Think of the time after the diet as you being the most purest you will be. What do you want to put back into your body? Good luck.

  • MAK


  • richtray

    Get the real thing.Only real hcg sub Q is going to do what its supposed to.No orals work the same way.NOTE.If you eat only 500 calories daily you WILL lose good weight even if you take h20 drops.Real hcg shouldnt cost more then $35 per cycle.I get mine for $10 per 500 iu.

  • MKP

    Live Well Market offers a great HCG Drop. During the month of September it is only $39 by using code: SEPTHCG39. Plus they are giving a free bottle of B-12 with every order.

  • uplatejoe

    Hi all, after reading some of the studies which state there is no physical difference between groups that took hcg injections and those receiving a placebo. Do you think that those who are experiencing a weight loss are just losing based on a placebo effect thinking something is working but actually it is just by eating low calories and low carbs and the support from the clinics? I have no opinion on this but I am looking for a way to lose wieght myself.

    • Biba78

      Most likely it is the very low calorie diet that makes one lose weight but going a whole month with 500 calories daily without starving or feeling week is impossible. I have done this diet three times in the last 3 years. There has to be a difference in people who took drops and those who took placebo, maybe there wasn’t a difference for the first couple days but not for the whole diet period! Because i know i couldn’t survive on so little food for a whole month. (though I have never tried eating so little without the drops for a month i highly doubt i wouldn’t pass out or give up for i could never stick to a 1200 cal. Diet). I do this diet once a year to get down to my ideal weight agian. Over the year i eat as usual ( a lot because i love food) and gain some weight back ( i am only talking about 10 pounds). I was never overweight just not porportioned right. Try it out.

      • uplatejoe

        Thanks, i will probably try with no drugs first, then with drugs or maybe do my own test with my Son LOL

      • kgibs

        Ive read a lot of reviews where people have said it changed their body, as in they lossed muscle and could not keep the weight off. some said that each time they did the diet they would gain more and more each time it ended. what is your experience with that?

  • Skinny Minny

    As a couple we decided to go forward with our New Years resolution of losing the excess weight we have been carrying around all these years. In less than 4 months, he’s lost over 80 lbs and I’ve lost over 70. We had tried literally every diet under the sun with barely a few pounds coming off after months of feeling hungry. Not the case with injectable HCG. We follow the plan to a “T” – and we are both close to our weight goals. No hunger, no gimmicks, no slaving away in the gym. Just make sure your source is reputable – you can’t go wrong if you follow the rules.

  • casey gray

    How much do the drops cost?

    • Biba78

      I get them from a canadian website. 30$ for a month supply 10000 iu (powdered form) You also need 30 ml of bacteriostatic water (8$) to mix in the hcg. Using a syringe take out some bact. Water and add it to the powder, then take that and add it back to the rest of the bacteriostatic water. Pull out 1/2 ml with the syringe and place it under you tongue for ten minutes. Do this twice a day, morning and before you go to bed. Remember to keep the drops refrigerated. And take B12 supplements. First two days on the drops eat anything you want (more than usual), then one third day start the 500 cal. diet. By the next day you should lose about 2-3 lbs.

      • Susan

        Which website do you get from?

      • Colleen McMahon

        I would like to know that as well. I currently get mine from the states as a kit and super expensive thanks to fda. I have been on the diet now for 11 days now and have lost 17 lbs. This is my third round. Did the first two rounds on the patch. I don’t think I need to pay so much for a kit…I just need the vial, bac water and maybe mixing needle although I could probably find it here somewhere. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me and letting me know where to purchase this would be great. [email protected].

      • det0918

        What website? I cannot find it that cheap for that strength

  • Brad

    I have just started really promoting HCG at my gym as I have tried out every diet/supplement known to man. This is the quickest and safest of the diets I have seen. You really lose about a lb a day unless your already under 14% bodyfat. I have tried this diet on myself and lost 11.5 as well as my wife who lost 13.5 lbs in 12 days. You can go as long as 40 days, but there is no need. So far I have had 11 clients try it with only one who put the weight back on (due to party lifestyle). I have become a hero to all of these people and only makes my business look better. The only person who didn’t get more than 4 lbs was my own mother! However, I think hormone issues could be the cause of that. Anyways, It’s great to hear about other’s successes. Let me know what you think about a diet review I did…HCG was part of it:

  • Jenny

    Where can I purchase the HCG drops where it will be a reputable product and company?

    • christal

      I got mine from creative bioscience . they have homeopathic or hcg

  • SkinnyChick23

    Thanks for posting this information Christine, as always I love that you give all the facts about a diet. You post the foods allowed and the side effects of the diets, you are a very honest writer. I must say that I almost fell for this diet. However all the people that I encountered that did it are always hungry. Their entire life revolves around this diet. To me its better to just eat healthy and exercise I allow myself a cheat day once a month, during the rest of the month I eat healthy. I follow the list you posted on the 22 foods that curb your hunger. That list is amazing! This diet on other hand is not for me, but best of luck to those doing it.

  • Wendy

    Wow I never knew that Dr.Oz did an episode of this diet. I will have to try it. The only drawback that I see, is that I suffer from major migraines and I am worried that this diet will trigger migraines, since one of the side effects is headaches.

    • harper

      I suffer too with migraines but I have not had one in the two weeks I have been on injections. I have already lost 12lbs I have had No hunger. My energy level is soaring. I was quite skeptical but it was given to me as a gift so I will do my part. I am so glad I did. The doctor I am seeing even prescribed a different type of migrain med just in case.

  • Linda

    I tried this diet last year and lost about 50 pounds and spent plenty of money while doing so. At the time it all seemed worth it because I was getting results very fast. Well sadly my poor cat, who was my companion of 14 years died. I ate while I mourned for my best friend. I ate and ate and gained back 80 pounds. So yes, it works but no, it will not cure emotional eating disorder- wait is that a disorder? Because if its not than I just made up a disorder lol. Anyways, time has helped me heal and a new furry friend I named Muffin Top, shes very lovable. I am grateful for all this information, as I am going to try to do the diet on my own by following these steps. Thanks Christine!

  • Kim

    I am currently on my first course of hcg diet I am not hungry. I don’t even eat all the food I’m allowed most days, mainly because I am not hungry and because I am in a very focused mode.Yes, it is very restrictive but with the hcg cookbook i got online, the foods are pretty decent. The recipes make the meals bearable for me. I have lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks and I am happy with my weight loss so far. I am still very sceptical about long term weight loss success and the daily injections really do suck! My poor belly is bruised and super sore. I really think that no matter what diet you are doing, they all require WILLPOWER! The initial weight loss is awesome but you need to stay on it if you want to lose more than water weight.

  • Martha

    I live in Canada and we have a program similar to this diet. You get HCG injections and B12 injections. Ladies please, please beware. My uncle is a doctor, the type of doctor that testifies in court on behalf of companies or regular people. I cannot tell you how many times he has gone to court on behalf of clients suing companies that “sell” this diet. I would stick to another diet. There is so many options out there, and you can get all the information that you need on Use the tools this website has to offer, instead of taking the easy way out and harming your body.

  • meryl

    I came on line today to see if I could find anything bad about hcg.Not much. I found out about hgc about 3 1/2 yrs ago.I dont like injections. then I ran a friend a I hadnt seen in a few weeks and said gee you are looking skinny.He said he took hcg. I said the shots? He said no oral drops I bought on line. i was totally excited.

    I was 325 lbs and this stuff could change my life. i told ny parents about it and they said they heard about it and were about to order some. so I got in on their order.I lost 90 lbs in about 6 months.I lost weight evenly all over my body and went from a size 26 to 16. When I started the diet I cleaned and rearranged my fridge and bought chicken, little steaks and shrimp. I bought broccoli and greenbeans and asparagus and strawberrys and tomatoes. I pigged out on the 1st 2 days and then I started the 500 calories. I didnt bother with any carbs at all. I was hungry all the time and didnt know what to do with myself because i was used to eating all day. it sucked but it was worth it. my whole outlook on food changed and I even found ways around the diet and still lost.

    Sometimes i would eat 2 slices of pizza for my calorie intake and nothing else. sometimes I would eat 2 bagels with creamcheese and nothing else. I drank herbal tea for breakfast. sometimes I would go out for chinese and id gain 3lbs that day and I lose 3 days getting it back of. this discourage me from cheating. i stayed on the product for 40 days and just learned not to eat alot and kept losing after the 40 days were up.I kept it off for over to years.i got down to 226 jsut because my eating habits had totally changed. in the 3rd year I starrted drinking alot of sweet tea and eating fast food and ended back up at may of 2014. i decided to get serious again and lose more weight. i bought a different brand than I had to 1st time.They advertised it as being pure hcg and it was cheaper so I bought it.

    this product was different, the label said amino acids and being misinformed it didnt register.I went on 500 calorieswith a 30 dau commitment i started losing and then started drinking alot of clamato and v8 juice thinking this was safe. not.tons of salt and I blew up 15 lbs in a matter of days and lost a week getting it back off. by the end of the 30 commitment I had lost 15 lbs.I was always exhausted and I lost muscle weight.I stayed dieting and lose more and got down to 201lbs, the smallest d been in over 23 yrs.But heres the thing. i then realized I hadnt been taking pure hcg or any hcg at all for that matter.i have lost muscle weight and no belly fat and my shirt size and bra size were smaller but my waist and stomach hadnt changed much. i took a closer like at the bottle. No hcg in the ingredients even though the label said hcg. I started eating out of control and my appetite was though the roof. that was in sept 2013.

    Ive gained 70 lbs back because dieting like this without the right product screwed up everything.I lost and kept all that weight off for 3 yrs, my metabolism changed and my appetite and attitude about eating had changed. I looked it up on the web and found an article that explained what had happened because I wasnt using real hcg.I wont make that mistake again. what i have learned is that real hcg works. but you need to buyer beware. the more expensive product is better and you need to make sure the product has hcg in it before you buy. it has also been outlawed by the fda and companys selling it on the net have been put on notice. you can still get it from a dr. but your health insurance wont pay for it and only diet specialists have it. the company on the interner i bought it from may still be selling it but they dont answer their phones anymore. they have a clinic in my area and responded email communication but that was a few months ago. their website is still up.I got into it with my dr and he gave me a script and a brochure for the product he wrote the script for and I called the compant and they gave me the name of 1 dr in my state i could get it from. i get a vm and no one returns my calls. there is another weight loss clinic in my area that has it but I would rather not have to take the time to go there and pay the feess. anyway i have about a 15 day supply left from the good compant and I am getting ready to restart tommorrow.It works but as someone else mentioned you have to change your way offr eating if you want to keep the weight off.

    i found that when I had the real thing it had a psychological was only after taking the amino acids that my head and my system got screwed up.also I tried garginia cambogia and it may work if you diet but I can guarantee it dont if you dont diet. they claim you dont have to diet but when you get it the directions say diet and exercise.

    no shortcut you have to change your habits but real hcg will definitely help you get started and headed in the right direction.It did change everything for me and I would be devasted if I cant get it because of the fda.

    • kgibs

      very very helpful. thanks for sharing!

  • JoAnne

    i’m really excited. i went for a consult yesterday and go back tomorrow to get started… i hope it works… as alot of the posts here indicate, being overweight is probably more dangerous…, fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marcia

      Hello!! I received my first shot today!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! We could do it together so we could have support from each other!

      • JoAnne

        perfect!!!!!! today is my last ‘load’ day… i call it a ‘gorge’ day… i have never eaten so many ‘bad’ things in one day as I was always conscious of what i ate… i am mostly a carb addict so not used to all these burgers, calzones and pizza… but its my 3rd days of HCG and I hope when I start the VLCD tomorrow, I am not hungry,,., i put on 2.5 pounds since Tuesday morning… it better come off right away. my dr. estimates by this Monday, I should drop between 6 and 10 pounds… good luck Marcia… keep me posted!!!!

      • Paula

        Marcia, how is it going? I am starting soon. How was your first week?

    • Paula

      JoAnne, I am going to start the drops from the doctor this weekend. It is my first time. I am also very excited and hoping to lose 20 – 30 pounds in March. Good luck to you!

  • Bekki Torreso

    I just started with the injections 6 days ago. I am very happy with the progress. I am down 17 lbs now. So its only been 4 days on the 500 calorie portion. The first 2 days were hard and I was hungry. Now it is not a problem. I found what helps me is I break my meals into smaller portions. So I am eating 4-5 small meals/snacks a day. I have about 150 lbs to lose. It is not easy but it does work. And for those who are worried about the injections it’s not bad at all. The needles I use are insulin needles and they are smaller than a pin. Does not hurt at all. I inject in my stomach every morning. I have high hopes.

    • marcia

      I started today!! Congrats on your progress

    • JoAnne

      Bekki— you lost 17 pounds including your load days??? holy smoke!!! amazing… what a confidence builder. this is my 3rd day of injections… you only had to do 2 load days? My dr told me 3…. way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Monna

        I.m doing this hcg programme. Want to tell you this is the best time of my life. Started in Sept 2012, weighing 71.4kg, with a bmi of 28.32% (O_O). I’m only 1.58m high. So you can imagen….Nov 2012 I have stopped, because it was silly season and I went on holiday. My last weight and measurements were taken,( so by the way I went to a clinic, which monitored me every 2 weeks), and went beserk, My weight dropped to 56.5kg, I’ve lost 117cm, and my bmi was 22.63%. The last time I weight this much was when my son was born in 1987.
        Whilst on holiday and up till the day I went back to clinic to restart my programme, in March 2013, I weight 55.6, my bmi 22.15%, although I cheated sometimes, I remained not mixing my proteiens and starches. Drank 4 liters of water per day and kept on taking CLA. I stabilized on 53.4kg, bmi 21.75 and lost 157cm in total!!!!! Now after that I really was weary of what I was eating, had potato chips en then ate my fish or steak about an hour later. Had my green Granny Smith apples in between meals or just for the sake of having a apple (my best travelling companion) 😀
        As a maintenance measure I go back to the clinic every 6-8 months. As I sit here, I’ve gained 2.6kg and my bmi is up to 22.75 and that, ladies is in the past 12 months. I’m doing a maintenance again just to get me back for winter and that will allow me to have a cheat every now and again. I NEVER want to go back to being a overweight Granny, yes I’m 48 years old and haven’t felt this fabulous in many many years. So girlzzz please if you can, keep up with this programme and make sure that you stabilize on your ideal weight…….that’s the most important part of the programme. Good luck and let me know how youre keeping up!

        • Lorraine

          Congratulations Monna I am a granny too. I am going to give it a go you have motivated me. what is CLA please. I can see maintenance is very important

    • Ms B

      Bello. Great job on your incredible weight loss. How do you inject yourself. What area of the stomach and, how far does the needle goes in. Thanks

  • Alex

    I took the HCG pills in 2012 for a couple months, it definitely works, i lost a bunch of weight, my biggest complaint was that when I stopped doing the diet, I gained all the weight back fairly quickly and it all went to my stomach instead of spread out (I’m guessing because these are pregnancy hormones). I promised myself I’d never take the pills again (they take forever to get out of your system, you gain weight back so easily, gaining 2-3 lbs a day) but I’m considering doing it again just because I’ve gained so much weight since then and am having trouble losing them. I guess my main point in all this, if you’re gonna do this diet, be prepared to live like this forever, or otherwise suffer a horrible rebound effect.

    • CPerk

      Pills do not work. That’s why you gained it back. Also, there is a 21 day maintenance plan you must follow in order for the diet to be successful.

    • Elle

      Well there is a maintenance phase that you have to go through as well. The maintenance phase teaches you how to introduce carbs and fats back into your system. It will also teach you to eat properly for the rest of your life. You will learn to respect your body and respect food. You will enjoy the things you love in moderation. HGC will jump start your diet but you must alter your life style, which is not a bad thing. You will have greater health and look great! If you are not willing to curve bad habits or stick to the plan, don’t waste your time or your money. It will not work.

    • Heather Greene

      it is a lifestyle change you have to stay with it not taking the pills but the way you eat and exercise you cant just do the diet and expect it to say off if you don’t change

  • Juan gomez

    This stuff is junk. It does not work

    • CPerk

      It absolutely does work. I lost 100 pounds in one summer doing the shots. I have successfully kept off 80 lbs of it.

  • justmeforlife

    The FDA approves the use of transfats in products we eat. Everyone knows transfats are dire to your health. They also approve of sodium lauryl sulfate, a known carcinogen, being added to almost every soap and shampoo on the market. Same institution that approved bovine hormone in cows, says you can’t use a naturally occuring hormone found in pregnant women….Hmm, I don’t think I’ll put too much weight behind their silly little alert on a something that actually works.

  • landtinky

    My experience. I am currently on day 11 and believe me it’s working. I’m down 11lbs since I started and I constantly have to remind myself to eat. In the beginning (the first days after the loading phase) I was hungry, but nothing to the extreme and now I don’t even feel hungry or empty. I still have a long way to go to my ideal weight, but the HCG diet is helping me get there. I eat a lot more healthier now than I ever did. I’m taking the injections and trust me its not that hard to do. I’ve never tied the drops, so I don’t know if it works. I read Dr. Siemons book and I follow it to a T. NO soda or diet soda nothing that is not recommended by him. I recommend this diet to everyone that has experience the same dieting experience as me (I’ve tried EVERYTHING) and has been able to lose a couple of pounds and then can’t continue to commit. One more thing for those who are asking about exercising, I personally only play with my Nintendo Wii every other day and I’m still losing one pound a day.

    • JoAnne

      can you use sweet and low or just stevia??? i only use sweet and low in tea… i only use milk in coffee and i am a big coffee drinker so I will have to get used to drinking it black… but i’m hoping it will be worth it….

  • Christina Warner-Nelson

    I would not do this diet unless you were under a drs care at the time. It is extreme but it works I have seen fantastic results. There are many reasons to choose the shots over the pills or drops. For one it absorbs faster and another is there is less room for error. I take mine at the same time every morning , I was given supplements to take as well . 500 calories seems extreme but after you start the diet you will feel full . You can have diet soda no more than two a day . It is normal to have cravings , we all do no matter if we are on a diet or not . I was the queen of carbs and sweets and although I have a craving it is not severe. This diet has many phases it doesn’t stop when you are done with the medication. You eat healthy for women that means about 1200- 1400 calories in healthier foods and increase your exercise routine. It is not a quick fix it takes being motivated to make a life style changes. That being said if you are living a healthily lifestyle and getting exercise you can have some of those things you crave . Just don’t over do it I would recommend this diet to anyone hands down.

  • Smurfette

    There are no reasons to take the injections, most compounding pharmacies make the liquid hormone that can be used under toungue as drops that are as efficient as injections.
    I am currently on day 8 and It’s so hard… no wonder they say this is one of the most difficult diets both mentally and physically, you get very very very hungry, it doesen’t supress appetite that much, you want to stop every day, you get a bit weak, no energy and cranky cause you cant eat other stuff but… you get the results. Ihave to lose around 25 pounds and I have already lost around 10.
    I still have another 32 days to go (they say the process slows down a bit the more days you successfully complete)
    Also I am not stopping as I have paid 600.00 to a compounding pharmacy to make this for me after I’ve paid 70.00 to see a doctor and get a prescription.
    On average I am losing anywhere from 1 to 1.5 pounds a day and the results are Very Very visible. I hope this helps to all that area reading this post.

    • Cherry G Vangalder

      I can do a round of hcg 23 days lose 20-25 PDS take supplements for less then 60 dollars a shot in belly in morning and good to go

      • socalgal

        just wondering about your reply. Do you do the supplement and shots? i mean i only do shots and am still hungry I am 5’5″ 150 and am starving still on 25 cc of the shot each morning. what can i do?

    • Ann

      I did the drops and they never helped with the hunger. They say that if you are hungry you don’t have the real hormone.

    • CPerk

      You’re hungry because the drops do not provide any type of appetite suppressant. On shots you do not get hungry.

    • Barb Price

      I just paid about $80 for my HCG to be injected from a compounding pharmacy. I’m only on day 3 (my first low cal day) so am anxious to see what the scales show tomorrow!

  • Geoff

    Maybe it’s just the injections, but this sounds way too extreme for me. I’ll stick to exercize before I poke a needle in my arm, thanks.

  • Jessica Bell

    Only moderate exercise? This sounds fantastic for me! I’m really not into exercising. I try but it just doesn’t ever seem to go well. I’m too tired, I don’t have time, my kids and husband need me… You know the story.

    The HCG Diet sounds interesting. I’m not sure about using hormones to aid in weight loss but this plan seems solid.

  • Maria K.

    My friends were recently talking about a new diet where you are only allowed 500 calories a day. They said they knew people who are doing it. I wonder if they were talking about The HCG Diet? If so, I don’t think they understand that there’s more to this system than just cutting calories!

  • Susan Wilde

    I have been hearing so much about the The HCG Diet lately. It seems like everywhere I go someone is talking about it. There’s a lot of buzz about this program.

    Personally, I think it sounds very effective but maybe too extreme for me. I can see it being very beneficial for someone who is looking for rapid weight loss.

    • Vance

      I’ve been hearing about it too, but I think I’ve heard that there are some foods that are naturally high in this chemical, so that you can ingest it rather than inject it 🙂

    • Cherry G Vangalder

      You can increase your calories up to 800 a day you will not lose as fast but I lost 58 PDS in 6 wks if you follow diet

      • JoAnne

        wow— incredible!!!!

  • Linda

    I appreciate that The HCG Diet offers alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. Most weight loss plans don’t and I can personally say that I would never break my vegan diet just to fit myself into a program. I’m glad doctor A.T. Simeons understands those with restricted diets and is willing to work with them.

  • Jess MN

    Woah, the HCG Diet sounds seriously intense but I bet it works wonders. The program sounds solid and I like that there’s real science to back it up. I’m not sure this program is for me but I’m really intrigued by the idea of harnessing certain hormones to help aid in weight loss.

  • spiritholistics

    Ya know I have been pregnant twice and didnt even realize there was a hormone that helps with burning fat. Great concept to harness that hormone property to help burn fat in non pregnant women. Geniouse actually.

    I love how you explain each phase, helps me make a better decision. The foods to eat sections is great. Most of the time getting started on a supplement can be easy, but chosing the right food to eat can be confusing. Especially when my gaining weight is the lack of healthy food knowledge in the first place.

    • Donald

      There’s definitely hormones that help people gain fat, but this is the first that I’ve heard of fat burning hormones too. I’d love to know more about it.

  • Chantelle Clark

    I’m not the best when it comes to swallowing pills, but I’ve managed to become tolerant of doing so. But injecting myself… because I am on a diet?! I’m not one for needles in the first place, so I really don’t think I would be all that excited to hop on the band wagon for this one.

    I think it’s great that it is a lower calorie diet, that is paired with low intensity exercise (no intensive stuff), but I tend to play sports a lot, so I really don’t think that this would be for me, as interesting as it seems, diet wise.

    Great information though!

    • Brianne

      I’m with you. I’d love to see this made into a shake, or maybe even a patch would work. Are there any weight loss patches on the market these days? That sounds easy enough.

  • Ruth Martin

    One more comment, this is my last one, I promise! The one thing I do like about what I read on the HCG diet was the fact that only light exercise is recommended. I don’t do well with heavy exercise – it makes me light-headed and dizzy. Probably because of my blood sugar level problems. Anyway, great job on the weight loss info on your site, Christine, I’m learning a lot!

    • stacy

      Hi congratulationsi m new to this discussion… well my names stacy.. I wanna lose 20pounds… can u plz send the link from wher u purchased the hcg product …on [email protected]….. thanks

  • Ruth Martin

    Thanks for including the MayoClinic and WebMD sites’ information about HCG. I visit their sites a lot for health info, I know I can trust them.

    • Brittany

      Hi everyone.
      Iam officially starting the drops tomorrow morning. I am a bit nervous. I do have some questions tho. Maybe you all can help. At what times of the day do you take the drops and how many drops at once? I only want to lose 20lbs. Im excited to start this journey

  • Ruth Martin

    I’m still not quite convinced with the HCG diet, but I liked what I read on here about the Fat Loss Factor program, by Dr. Livingston. That sounded very doable and natural. I’m sure that everyone has their own personal preferences though 🙂

  • Ruth Martin

    Someone once sent me a free book that was all about HCG – if I was going to try it, it would have to be the drops, I don’t do needles! Does anyone know how the drops taste?

    • Nel

      They are souwer, like a lemon…

    • Rose

      I found them to be tasteless. Varies from brand to brand perhaps?

    • Alex

      There are also HCG pills that you leave under your tongue until they dissolve, and they taste sweet.

  • Ruth Martin

    I need to watch what I eat constantly, or I gain weight. It’s really depressing. I’m wondering if there is a way to maintain my weight better? Or is HCG just for losing extra weight?

    • Cherry G Vangalder

      You won’t use hcg to control hunger when not on diet you would gain weight that’s why fats…sugars and carbs are controlled but lots of time drink a glass or two of water hunger will ease

  • Ryan Levine

    I don’t know about this one… maybe it’s just an emotional reaction, but the thought of having to inject myself with anything just to lose weight seems a little extreme. It’s like using steroids in reverse!

    • Kim

      Can’t feel the teeny tiny needle. I took my first dose today.

  • Amanda Austin

    Your posts are so honest, it’s great that you include the benefits AND the side effects. Thanks to you I am sure I won’t be trying this diet considering the FDA has issued a warning on it. You are a life saver!

  • Janette

    Thanks Christine for a great article, I particularly like how you have mentioned they are other methods of ingestion other than a needle as this thought quite scares me, Also being a mother myself i do not want my Children to see me injecting myself or having needle marks when i goto pick them up from school.

    • Jeanne

      Janette…I was scared of needles also…but I figured if I became a diabetic from being overweight I would need to use needles for insulin. Plus, you inject into belly fat so you won’ t feel it much or see it. I was on it a few years ago & lost over 80 lbs. I have been bad…I went back to overeating the wrong foods & have gained back 20 or so….but it does work. I have to lots of health issues to exercise, can’t be on feet to long or I can’t walk for days , plus I was always the one that never saw results or gained the energy that so many do. I have done the drops, the homeopathic & injections. I had best results with the injections…so I always went back to that method. Never hungry with that method. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!!

      • JoAnne

        great answer…. my sugar was starting to get on the high side from all the darn carbs,… my cholesterol and triglycerides were fine but my sugar concerns me… you are so right about the shots… i was soooo squeamish Monday when I gave myself the first one with the dr right next to me.. he promised it wouldnt hurt and frankly, i dont feel a thing!!!!

    • Jeanne

      I understand being scared of needles. I was also at first, but I figured if I ended up a diabetic for being overweight I would have to use needles then. So I learned to deal with it & got over it. Yes at times I still freaked but overcame my fears. Besides, you put it in your belly fat, so it really doesn’t hurt. So needles marks to see, unless you are wearing a mid drift top. lol. I have tried the all forms, injections, drops & homeopathic, nothing was as effective as the injections. I had lost 80 lbs a few years ago. So I can attest…this does work. You just have to stick to it & change your life style. I admit I have been bad & went back to eating the wrong foods so I have gained back 20+ but I am ready to start back on it soon…Hope this helps. Good luck!!!!

  • Eve Schofield

    Is it safe losing weight this quick? In my personal opinion i think that surely it must be safer than being heavily overweight?

  • Rebecca Finnigan

    If using needles please make sure you use fresh needles each time and do not share needles to avoid infection. Just thought i would mention this although im sure everyone knows about sharing needles.

  • Dannielle Houston

    Has anyone who tried the diet found that they have cravings for sugar? I myself love a can of cola and often find this being one of the downfalls of my diets (as this is where it spirals out of control) But does the HCG surpress the need for this?

    • Smurfette

      Hi Danielle,

      You can cheat** a little bit and have a can of diet coke every other day it will not change the way you lose weight but you have to be strict with the rest of the food plan in order to work. I don’t find myself craving sugars so much, but I crave all the food in general because your body in this stage is so deprived of so many other foods and the food is so plain – you find yourself craving all sorts of stuff like soups and cheese and rice and REGULAR coffe, like cap. and lates, because you are ONLY allowed one tablespoon of milk a day! .. things you don’t normally crave because it’s so readily available to you.
      I found myself craving boiled celery today and I NEVER crave vegetables cause I usually eat a lot of them when not on this diet anyway!

    • landtinky

      You can try 100% liquid stevia. I’m a sugar freak and trust me this is working for me. No you CAN NOT cheat or else it won’t do you any good.

  • Ashleigh Draper

    Just a quick question, As this diet will surely result in quick weight loss as it will burn your current fat as you are not taking in enough food is there an ideal weight or BMI to stop this diet at? I know most people would like to be slim but at what stage would this diet become unsafe?

  • Charlotte Robbins

    I like the fact that you can still eat chicken does this also mean turkey would be ok?

  • Matty Brown

    SO hang on? Take the tablets, cut back on the food that your not craving anyway as your appetite is surprised and no heavy exercising on top sounds like a piece of cake (pun intended)

  • Irene Jones

    Im still skeptical about this diet, as some may say I am a wimp but i don’t like the idea of needles however i would try the tablets but i don’t know if i have the will power to cut down so drastically.

  • Gemma McFadden

    I had never heard of this diet until reading this either, However it is very interesting. Christine mentions that it is important to buy these from reputable sources. Do you have any links to websites? or store suggestions where good quality hcg can be purchased. Preferably in the tablet form as I’m not a fan of needles.

  • Dave

    I love the fact that there are no difficult meals to prepare or buy (for an extra cost) Once you have the pills / or injections. I don’t like needles personally so will probably opt for the pills as its easier and doesn’t look dodgy if you need to do it while at work or whatever.

  • Lisa

    I never heard of this diet before. I am usually not able to catch Dr. Oz show because of my work schedule. So, I missed this one. It sounds very good. I would say if you could handle a strict diet for 3 weeks you will see the results.I would say for me, I would definitely have to build up one day at a time. I would have to try to make it up to a week and then increase it until I could do the 3 weeks.

  • BD

    I could never do injections…I hate needles. Yikes!!