7 Important Reasons Why No Carb Diet Is Bad for You


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If you have been considering moving forward with a no-carb diet, I would strongly recommend you to pay attention to all of the information included below.

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The last thing that you want to do is to damage your short and long-term health just to enjoy what seems to be an instant weight loss.

It is crucial for you to learn about health risks you are exposing yourself with this special diet. However, if you want to understand health risks you are facing you need to first understand basics of this diet.

Main Principle of This Diet

The rules are simple and straightforward – you need to cut out every source of carbohydrates from your daily intake overnight, and then refuse to eat them ever again. This means that you are no longer able to eat tasty food such as bread, pasta, rice, cereal, cakes, pastries, sugar (any kind), and a lot more.

As you can see, this is a drastic change of your lifestyle and daily menu!

Pay attention: We used to believe that fat was responsible for gaining weight, however, now we know that it is sugar that makes us all plump and causes our issues with belly size.

However, my advice is to not abandon carbohydrates forever, as they have some benefits for your body and it needs these to function properly.

7 Reasons to Avoid No-Carb Diet

Reason #1 – Incredibly Hard to Follow

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One of the more problematic issues of this diet is that it is nearly impossible to sustain over long periods of time. Remember, when it comes to losing weight – and keeping it off of your belly and waist – you need to focus on lifestyle transformations and not just to jump from one fad diet to the next.

Pay attention: Let’s be honest to each other – this just isn’t sustainable! And when you eliminate carbohydrates completely, you are depriving yourself of a tremendous amount of food.

Imagine what it would be like to never again enjoy pasta, noodles, rice, your favorite bread, your favorite desserts, or even just a bit of sugar in your coffee. It just sounds like hell on earth.

Reason #2 – Leads to Constipation & Dehydration

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Another reason that this lifestyle just isn’t all that smart to proceed with is because it can result in constant constipation and dehydration. Your body needs carbohydrates (probably in smaller doses than most of us eat) nonetheless.

When you deprive carbs, you are throwing your bodily systems all out of whack. Constipation and dehydration are all side-effects of this screw-up, and can be very dangerous.

Reason #3 – Causes Feelings of Depression, Sadness & Fatigue

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All these feelings are what we know as the “No Carb Flu” because they are so pervasive and so similar to the same kinds of symptoms that you feel when you are dealing with the traditional flu.

When you decide to rob your body of essential compounds, you are going to be throwing everything into a state of chaos – and your hormones are going to run wild!

Pay attention: This can cause depression, sadness, and very real fatigue mostly because carbohydrates are a tremendous source of “quick energy”! This will force you into a lifestyle that you simply did not sign up for in the first place.

Reason #4 – Leads to Bad Breath & Body Odor


Though the jury is still out on this particular problem, there is enough anecdotal evidence to show that you may be dealing with the awful breath and even worse body odor when you strip out carbs.

Again, this has to do with the role that carbohydrates play in the production of the right levels of hormones – something that you’ll want to try to control as best as you can.

Reason #5 – Dramatically Reduces Your Strength, Endurance & Athletic Abilities

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There’s a reason so many elite level athlete’s “load up” with carbohydrates right before their big event. It provides you with a tremendous amount of immediate energy you need to excel at elite level competitions.

The problem with carbs is not in that we need to eliminate them entirely, but rather that we need to use them in a smart and efficient way.

Keep in mind: If you’re stuffing your face with pasta and other carbs without moving yourself, you are certainly going to plump up (and quite dramatically).

With adequate carbohydrate “loading” you’ll be able to boost your metabolism, energy levels, and still enjoy a little body fat percentage.

Reason #6 – Forces Emotional Instability

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As we have already covered, carbs are tied to the production of hormones. If you cut these out of your daily menu altogether, your hormones start to go wild, and your mood will swing as well.

It’s probably the best that you do everything you can to supplement yourself with moderated amounts of carbs rather than cutting them out of your life entirely.

Reason #7 – “Falling Off The Wagon” Equals Tremendous Weight Gain

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Last but not least, when it comes to the no-carb lifestyle you are eventually going to reach for a cookie, a cupcake, or a sugary snack or your favorite dish of pasta. This always happens, will happen, and is something that should be embraced rather than avoided.

Keep in mind: However, if you have stripped carbs out of your life completely, even just indulging in a single meal that is rich in this stuff can flood fat right back on your body. This will wipe out all of the hard work you had been putting in.

You can avoid this if you use a slow- or low-carb diet. The Paleo Diet, in particular, has been proven to be quite useful. However, you’re never going to be able to enjoy any real results whatsoever if you go with the no carb meal plan.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Jaylyn Peters

    If you eat a diet that consists mainly of a variety of vegetables, fruit, lean meats and whole grains, you can have some carbs in there and still lose weight. I’ve never believed that you have to cut out one specific food group to be healthy or to lose weight. I just think you have to eat foods that are proven to be healthy, and balance it with exercise AND a few snack food indulgences. You only start having problems with you starve yourself of the things you love. But if you eat right and incorporate your guilty pleasures, it tends make the weight loss process more doable.

  • Nicki

    I went on a no-carb diet one time and got that terrible flu like feeling you described. I’m talking body aches, chills, fever. The bad part was that I’d just bought magic show tickets for me and my daughter so I had to drag myself out of the bed to go. I’ll never forget how terrible I felt!

    I thought it was due to the fact that I was cleaning all the crap out of my body, but now I’m seeing that it’s not a good thing. I immediately went back to eating carbs, but just in moderation. I honestly don’t know how people were making it through that Adkins diet.

  • Natalia

    Who won’t be depressed and fatigued if they couldn’t eat yummy carbs! I love carbs, I am Italian and we eat pasta at least 4 times a week. The issue is not always what you eat, but how much you eat.

    • Erin

      I have to agree with you! None of my Italian girlfriends are overweight and they’re serious pasta eaters. I think it has to do with the fact that they also include lean meats with their meals, lots of olive oil and yummy vegetables. Plus, they make a lot of meals from scratch, which eliminates all the salt and sugars in processed foods.

      I have one friend who alternates regular pasta with rice pasta because she thinks the wheat in regular pasta bloats her. It doesn’t taste that much different than semolina wheat pasta.

  • Jessica

    No carb diets do help you lose weight , but BEWARE! My oldest cousin, who is 35 was going through a phase. She was all depressed about getting older, even though 35 is not old. Since she was in this slump, she decided that she was going to do a no carb diet. She lost like 50 lbs in one year!! She looked amazing! She even got a younger boyfriend lol. Well fast forward 2 months later, she went to her doctors for a check up and she health problems such as kidney & liver issues, she was told it was diet related. I am not saying that everyone that goes on a no carb diet will have these issues but please beware! You need carbs, people!

  • Lisa

    I have been on LOW carb diet and so far it has worked. I started at 230lbs and now I am down to 180lbs . Of course I still eat carbs, usually in the morning, that way my body has time to burn the carbs. I also do Tabata training. I learned about it on this site and ever since I have been committed! I hope that I can lose at least 10 more pounds for my high school graduation. Wish me luck!

  • Jogger333

    Love this blog!! Keeps me on my diet, and I am always learning new ways to lose weight and keep it off. I completely agree that cutting carbs completely from your diet is so unhealthy and its about lifestyle transformations. Anytime that I have given up carbs, I always end up feeling fatigued and dehydrated. Great article Christine!

  • Jamie

    This is beyond crazy! I started my new healthy “lifestyle” this week and I am so glad that I found this site! Especially this article, the reason is because I have been working out but the issue that I am having is meal choices. I began the week avoiding all carbs- but like this article says- i experienced mood swings and I never felt full. Well this morning I had egg whites, avocado and a one slice of organic whole grain bread. Afterwards I actually felt full and my mood was even better:) Maybe you can tell us some healthy carbs?

    • Rosie

      In general, I try to stick to stay away from ‘white’ carbs, including foods made from white flour or white bread. The only white bread exception I make is a croissant. That’s my guilty pleasure!

      You can get good carbs from vegetables, fruits and beans. Oatmeal is a good carb. Whole grain bread is excellent. Brown rice and quinoa are also great for healthy carb intake.

  • Vance

    Oh no, I’m in this diet plan as much to return to my great shape as I am to my great athletic ability, as you put it. I guess I’ll pass on this one.

  • Ziggy

    I remember when my mom was using the south Beach diet, that was one of the biggest risk factors they talked about, getting tired from lack of carbs. She was, and would nap several times throughout the day. she didn’t stick to it very long – I’ve never tried it.

  • Bart

    If I cut out carbs, but still take all of my b vitamin supplements, will I still get the fatigue and stuff that youre talking about here? I thought that’s where most of our energy came from.

    • Jiya

      It’s not necessary to remove carbs, if they’re healthy like whole grain bread. It’s not carbohydrates in general that you should stay away from, just the bad carbs. A B vitamin might help with fatigue, but it won’t replace all the nutrients that a good carb gives you.

  • Norman

    I’m not sure where I read it, but I heard somewhere that you need to eat at least 35-60 grams of carbs a day. that’s about the amount in one piece of bread, so I don’t think the dangers of a low carb diet should scare anyone away from it.

  • val yenko

    I am not sure if this diet is right for me. I need to lose around 20 pounds and still have the energy to workout. What can I replace carbs with so I can still go to the gym and be effective?

    • Greg

      Maybe try cutting down on carbs, but just not cutting them out completely? Most people eat way more than they need, of everything and *including* carbs.