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There are many different tried and tested weight loss solutions available on the market currently, with the most popular being diet pills. The purpose of these pills is to allow you to lose weight, or at least make it easier for you to lose weight.

These results are usually achieved by the pills doing at least one of the following:

  • Help to reduce your appetite, which will lower the chances of you feeling hungry
  • Aid in reducing how efficient your body is at absorbing nutrients, which means that your body will harness less of the food that you eat
  • Allow you to turn your body into a fat burning machine

If you try and search for diet pills, you’ll find that you are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of different brands and testimonials. The problem is, a lot of these are either sponsored posts or purposely written negatively in order to sabotage the product.

That is why we have done thorough research, in order to provide you a list of the top weight loss pills that are available.

2017 Quick Summary of This List

Product NameOur RatingBest Deals
PhenQtop star ratingProduct Website
Phen3754,5 star ratingProduct Website
NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract4 star ratingSee Amazon
Alli4 star ratingSee Amazon
Glucomannan Plus4 star ratingProduct Website

Place #1: PhenQ (The Most Effective Option)

phenq bottle

The Best Option for Complex Weight Loss Thanks to Powerful Blend as Active Ingredient. Transparent Company Providing Precise Amounts of Each Ingredient Used.

PhenQ‘s main purpose is to help you lose weight. It boosts your energy levels, helps to restrict your appetite, and will allow you to burn more fat when you exercise.

Each bottle has a month’s worth of supply, in the form of two pills a day. User testimonials show an average body weight drop of 10lbs a week while on this supplement.

PhenQ is advertised as being able to do the following things:

– Helps to burn fat
– Prevents new fat from being added to your body
– Will suppress your appetite
– Boosts energy levels
– Enhance your mood

PhenQ Ingredients

phenQ ingredients

α-Lacys Reset® (25 mg)

This is a trademark ingredient which has been scientifically proven to help increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat and body weight. However, as it is listed as this trademarked name, we aren’t actually able to see what this compound is made from. What we can say, though, is that it works by turning your body’s natural thermostat up.

Capsimax Powder (15.5 mg)

This powder is a cocktail of a few well-known metabolism boosters. These include capsicum (8 mg), caffeine, niacin (4.5 mg), and black pepper (3 mg). These all have good thermogenic properties, which will help to increase your body’s heat, like α-Lacys Reset®, in order to help you burn more calories.

Calcium Carbonate (625 mg)

Calcium is something that helps your body not to store fat, as long as your overall health is good. It will help to trigger your body to burn stored fat, which in turn will aid in your weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate (10 mcg)

This ingredient is often used in order to help people lower their food cravings. It will all allow your body to control its blood sugar levels better, which will reduce your cravings for carbs and sugar.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg)

As most people are likely well aware, caffeine is a great energy booster. It also has additional properties like hunger reduction, as well as increasing your metabolic rate as well.

Nopal (20 mg)

This is a Mexican cactus that is rich in amino acids and is a fantastic appetite suppressant. It is also packed full of fiber, which also aids in hunger control.

L-Carnitine Fumarate (142.5 mg)

Often used as a fat burner, this ingredient will also help to combat the fatigue from having a strict diet.

Other ingredients (15 mg)

Magnesium stearate (10 mg), and silicon dioxide (5 mg).

PhenQ Testimonials

Click on The Image ABOVE to Discover Testimonials from Satisfied Users! Some Stories Are Really Interesting!
Price & Money Back Guarantee

There are three different ways to purchase PhenQ, and like with most things, the more you buy, the more you will save.

  • 1x bottle which has 60 pills is $69.95 (buy here)
  • 3x bottles that have 60 pills in each will cost you $139.90 (buy here)
  • 5x bottles + a free cleansing tea will set you back $189.95 (buy here)

PhenQ offers a 60-day money back guarantee. You will be able to return any unused bottles, as long as they are still in their original packaging, to receive a full refund.

Read more about PhenQ in this comprehensive review.

Place #2: Phen375

phen375 on a table

Second-Best Product for Complex Weight Loss Thanks to Powerful Formula as Active Ingredient. Company Does Not Declare Precise Amounts of Ingredients Used.

The Phen375 is marketed as a natural way to suppress your hunger and improve your metabolism. Not only that, but it is said that it will also increase your body’s ability to burn fat faster.

User testimonials show an average of 3-5 lbs lost per week while on this supplement.

Phen375 is advertised as being able to do the following:

– Reduce your food cravings
– Increase your metabolism so you can burn more fat
– Only uses high-quality ingredients
– Promotes increased energy levels

Phen375 Ingredients

phen375 ingredients improved formula

Calcium Carbonate 36% Grain (amount undisclosed)

Calcium is something that helps your body not to store fat, as long as your overall health is good. It will help to trigger your body to burn stored fat, which in turn will aid in your weight loss.

Chromium (Pikolinate 12%) (amount undisclosed)

This ingredient is often used in order to help people lower their food cravings. It will all allow your body to control its blood sugar levels better, which will reduce your cravings for carbs and sugar.

L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68% (amount undisclosed)

This ingredient allows your body to release more of its fat cells into the bloodstream at a faster rate, which will result in your body burning fat faster.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrious (Capsicum frutescens) (amount undisclosed)

As most people are likely well aware, caffeine is a great energy booster. It also has additional properties like hunger reduction, as well as increasing your metabolic rate as well.

Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G (amount undisclosed)

Harvested from chilies, this ingredient is often used in weight loss products. It allows the body’s core temperature to increase and is responsible for the pill’s thermogenic properties. This ingredient is said to burn an extra 270 cal a day by itself.

Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids) (amount undisclosed)

Dendrobium Nobile extract is considered a safer replacement for dimethylamine (DMAA). What is more, this substance is commonly used to improve digestion and elevate your mood.

Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) extract (amount undisclosed)

The extract from Citrus Aurantium increases the body’s metabolism and fat mobilization. Its effect is similar to the substance called synephrine.

Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin) (amount undisclosed)

Forskolin gained popularity as a weight loss aid thanks to Dr. Oz. It activates adenylyl cyclase and raises cyclic AMP levels in a wide variety of cell types. Put simply, as long as you have energy intake lower than energy output, forskolin stimulates the release of stored fat from your fat cells.

Other Ingredients (undisclosed)

Phen375 Testimonials & Success Stories
Click on The Image ABOVE to Discover Testimonials from Satisfied Users! Some Stories Are Really Interesting!
Price & Money Back Guarantee

As per usual, there are three different options when purchasing this diet pill. The more bottles you buy at once, the more you save in the long run.

  • 1x bottle which has 30 pills is $69.95 (buy here)
  • 2x bottles is $138.90 (buy here)
  • 4x bottles with an additional diet plan booklet is $227.80 (buy here)

Although they boast about a 60-day money back guarantee, on their returns page, they state that all sales are final and that you may only return orders up to 48 hours after you have signed for them.

This seems fairly contradictory. However, it’s likely that the returns page just hasn’t been updated.

Read more about Phen375 in this comprehensive review.

Place #3: Green Coffee Bean Extract by NatureWise

green coffee bean

Good Product for Blocking of Fat Production & Maintaining Your Blood Sugar Thanks to Potent Concentration of Chlorogenic Acid. Lacks Complex Approach to Weight Loss.

As the name suggests, Green Coffee Bean by NatureWise contains a 100% extract from green coffee beans. This substance is popular for decreasing fat production and maintaining good blood sugar levels. Users report an average weight drop of 3lbs a week.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is advertised as:

– An easy way to get 100% pure green coffee bean extract
– Filled with antioxidants
– Decaffeinated so that each capsule only has 20 mg of caffeine which is the same as a decaf coffee


GCB extract ingredients

Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% chlorogenic acids (800 mg)

Green coffee beans are beans that have not yet been roasted. This means that there is a lot more chlorogenic acid in them. This is the ingredient that provides all of the wanted health benefits that coffee provides.

Other ingredients (amount undisclosed)

Vegetable cellulose, and organic rice bran extract.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

It seems that Naturewise operates the business through other online retailers, rather than their own store. Therefore, the easiest way to purchase this product is through Amazon.

  • 1x bottle which has 60 capsules in costs $21.77 (buy here)

A 1x bottle will cost just $20.68 if fulfilled by Amazon’s own subscribe and save feature. As we are speaking about purchasing through Amazon, all items that are purchased through this store are eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee period.

Read more about Green Coffee Bean Extract in this review.

Place #4: Alli

alli package

Good Product for Blockage of Absorption of Fat from Your Food Thanks to Orlistat as Active Ingredient. Lacks Complex Approach to Weight Loss.

Alli is essentially a lipase inhibitor. What that means is, it will help to stop your body absorbing fat. User testimonials have shown that an average of 4 lbs of body weight can be lost per week.

However, their website does reiterate the point that this product only works well with consistent healthy eating and exercise.

Alli is advertised as being able to:

– Prevent 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed
– For every 2 pounds of fat you get rid of yourself, Alli will get rid of another pound
– Works well with those who eat three well-balanced meals a day

Alli Ingredients

Alli label

Orlistat (60 mg)

This product has a few ingredients, but orlistat is the main active ingredient. Orlistat is used in a few different weight loss supplements, as it will block some of the fat you eat from being absorbed into the body. The total fat content of your daily calories should not exceed 30% for this to work efficiently.

Other ingredients (amount undisclosed)

FD&C Blue No. 2, edible ink, gelatin, iron oxide, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium starch glycolate, talc, and titanium dioxide.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

Although there is a functioning website for Alli, their purchasing link redirects you to a page that lists all of the online retailers that you can buy this product from.

Therefore, we will look at the prices for Amazon:

  • 1x bottle with 60 capsules is $38.48 (buy here)
  • 2x bottles for a total of 120 capsules is $61.99 (buy here)

This product is another supplement that you can use Amazon subscribe and save feature on, which will save you an additional 5% on the total if you subscribe for a monthly supply. On top of that, this product is also protected under Amazon’s 30-day money back guarantee.

Read more about Alli Diet Pills in this comprehensive review.

Place #5: Glucomannan Plus by Evolution Slimming

Glucomannan Plus package

Very Good Product for Appetite Reduction Thanks to Glucomannan as Active Ingredient. Lacks Complex Approach to Weight Loss.

Glucomannan Plus has been designed as a hunger suppressor, as it absorbs additional water into your stomach which will make you feel more full. It also has the added benefit of regulating blood sugar levels.

Specific weight loss results will vary from user to user, as this is just a hunger suppressant.

Glucomannan Plus is advertised as being able to help:

– Consumers reduce or manage their weight
– Diabetes sufferers who are looking for a safe way to regulate blood sugar levels
– Those who suffer from soft stools or constipation

Glucomannan Plus Ingredients

Glucomannan Plus ingredients label

Konjac Powder/Glucomannan (500 mg)

The Glucomannan powder is essentially a water-soluble form of fiber. Research has shown it to help contribute to weight loss on a restricted diet. It helps you to feel full, as well as help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. It’s also the core ingredient in most slimming pasta and rice products.

Green Tea Extract (50 mg)

Green tea is pretty famous for its fat burning properties, although you have to drink at least four or five strong cups a day to reap the full benefits. That is why companies use extract in their products so that they can pack in as much of the good stuff as they can into a small pill.

Chromium (6 mcg/μg)

This element is essential in the metabolic process which helps to transport insulin, as well as regulate blood sugar. Chromium is a key ingredient in the metabolism process of carbs, protein, and fat. Having low levels of chromium for prolonged periods of time has been shown to be one of the causes for getting type II diabetes. It also helps to raise good cholesterol levels.

Other ingredients (amount undisclosed)

Microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

There are three different options available to you when purchasing Glucomannan Plus from the company’s website. However, you can also purchase this product from many other online retailers.

  • 10 day supply of 60 capsules costs $25 (buy here)
  • 20 day supply of 120 capsules costs $46 (buy here)
  • 30 day supply of 180 capsules costs $62 (buy here)

Evolution slimming offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all purchases, as long as the products have not been opened. They will only accept returns on opened items only if they are incorrect or damaged.

It’s true that diet pills and supplements can aid you in your weight loss goals and objectives, but you also have to meet them in the middle. That doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to have a 100% perfect diet, as well as starting a rigorous exercise plan. 

However, by doing a few of the following tips below, you will increase the effectiveness of any supplement that you take.

PhenQ – 2017 TOP Rated Diet Pill

Tips to Improve Your Success with Diet Pills

Tip #1: Stay Well Hydrated

water with raspberryIncreasing your water consumption is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to not only boost your health but to enhance your weight loss as well.

Firstly, it acts as an appetite suppressant.

Many times, our body signals thirst as a craving for food. Therefore, the next time you feel hungry pour yourself a glass of water. If you still feel hungry after ten minutes, then have your regular meal.

Secondly, water can act as a thermogenic agent.

Your body has to either warm or cool all fluid you consume to body temperature before it can be utilized. Therefore, calories need to be used to carry out this function. Amazingly, for every fluid ounce of water that you consume, you will burn 1 Cal, but the water has to be very cold.

This means that if you drank a liter of ice cold water, you would have burned an additional 32 Cal without even having to break a sweat. However, drinking ice-cold water is not healthy therefore we do not recommend it.

Last but not least, water is also responsible for your overall metabolism.

It is used for transporting vitamins, absorbing nutrients, storing carbohydrates, and pretty much everything else your body does. By staying hydrated, you will make your body more efficient at doing its daily tasks, which will also include burning fat.

Related Research study:

“Absolute and relative increases in drinking water were associated with significant loss of body weight and fat over time, independent of covariates. The results suggest that drinking water may promote weight loss in overweight dieting women.”

– Stookey, J.D., et al. Drinking water is associated with weight loss in overweight dieting women independent of diet and activity. 2008. Obesity. 16(11): p. 2481-8.

Tip #2: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

woman sleeping well

Apart from the obvious benefit of having additional energy, having an adequate sleep increases the number of calories your body burns.

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that those who were well rested were able to burn an additional 5% more calories than those who were sleep deprived.

On top of that, those who had adequate sleep were also able to burn 20% more calories after a meal, compared to those who were tired.

Another study, from the University of Chicago, concluded that those who slept for 8 and 1/2 hours a night, compared to the 5 and 1/2 that the other test subjects were exposed to, were able to burn off 25% more fat over an extended period.

An additional added benefit that you may have noticed yourself is that if you are well rested and not hungry when you go food shopping, you’re more likely to buy healthier foods. There is nothing worse than walking down the sugary sweet and chocolate aisle when you’re hungry.

Related Research study:

“Our data show that a reduction in sleep increases energy and fat intakes, which may explain the associations observed between sleep and obesity. If sustained, as observed, and not compensated by increased energy expenditure, the dietary intakes of individuals undergoing short sleep predispose to obesity.”

– St-Onge, M.P., et al. Short sleep duration increases energy intakes but does not change energy expenditure in normal-weight individuals. 2011. American Society for Nutrition. 94(2): p. 410-416

Tip #3: Swap Sweeteners for Honey or Stevia

honey cinnamon combination

We are a society that chucks sugar and sweeteners on everything we can get our hands on without ever thinking about if there are alternatives. Sugar consumption is one of the main causes of obesity and diabetes in the West.

Luckily there are two readily available alternatives that you should definitely transition to if you can’t live without tasting something sweet.


Raw honey, rather than processed honey (although this is still better than sugar), has many great properties and is not just used for its taste. It can help boost your immune system against microorganisms.

The antioxidants found in raw honey helps to support enzyme activity, which results in improved digestion. It’s also been shown to reduce enzyme depletion as well.


Stevia is quite an amazing sugar substitute too, as it has been found to reduce sugar cravings, unlike artificial sweeteners which have been found to actually increase your sugar cravings.

It also contains no calories whatsoever, which makes it a perfect sugar for artificial sweetener replacement. Stevia has also been shown to be safe for those that suffer from diabetes, although this should always be checked with your doctor.

Tip #4: Ditch The Junk Food

woman with sugar cravings

Most people associate junk food with food that is bought from fast food chain outlets, but that’s far from the overall extent of it. Any food that has been processed and preserved using additional substances is far from healthy and is classed as junk food.

Eating high-fat processed junk food regularly can lead to many life-threatening illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. In fact, some chemicals that are used as preservatives are even linked to the development of cancers.

Apart from the serious life-threatening complications, it also makes you gain weight.

It’s high in sodium and sugar, and will contribute to excessive weight gain. Also, unhealthy food will slow down your metabolism and clog up your blood vessels.

Just keep in mind:

It doesn’t matter how many diet pills you take, if every meal you consume is dripping with fat, then you will not achieve your health goals promptly.

Tip #5: Try Short Cardio Workouts

young couple jogging

After making sure you follow all of the points above to ensure that your diet isn’t terrible and that your body is healthy and hydrated, the next step in bump starting your fat loss is to start a cardio regime.

This doesn’t have to be intense and it certainly doesn’t have to be done every day, but doing something will not only help you strip that unwanted fat, but it will also enable your body to be healthier than it’s ever been.

Although many cardio machines will list the heart rate range for optimal fat burning, if you aren’t unfit and willing enough, doing more cardio will provide you with better results.

There are lots of different cardio options available to you, so if you don’t fancy the idea of going outside for a run, there are plenty of other ways to raise your heart rate and push your cardiovascular system.

We have listed some of the most popular cardio activities as well as showing how many calories are burnt an hour, although this can massively fluctuate depending on your weight and cardio intensity.

Walking (between 300 – 400 cals / hour)

This is generally the most preferred cardio activity for beginners or those who are obese. While this is low impact and useful for those who aren’t able to perform any other type cardio, this will be the least effective cardio for burning fat.

Running (around 600 cals / hour)

Running, on the other hand, burns almost double what walking will in an hour. It’s important to note that this is obviously not sprinting, so as long as you can keep a pace while not injuring yourself, running will give you better results over walking.

Cycling (around 600 cals / hour)

This activity also burns approximately 600 cals per hour. The added benefit of cycling is that you have less risk of being injured, as well as it easily being accessible via a stationary bike. Additional equipment or clothing will of course not be needed when using a stationary bike too.

Rowing (around 840 cals / hour)

If you have access to a stationary bike, it’s likely that will have access to a rower as well. The benefit of using a rower is that it’s a fairly high-intensity way of stripping body fat as it exercises all of the main muscles in the body, as well as being low impact.

Swimming (around 600 cals / hour)

Similarly to rowing, swimming gives you a total body workout. It’s also low impact and using the standard freestyle stroke will be enough to kick start the fat burning process.

PhenQ – 2017 TOP Rated Diet Pill

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  • Olivia Adams

    I guess the author should have provided more info about some of the supplements reviews in this article, notably Phen375. This one can result in some really unpleasant side effects. Besides, placing a picture of Phen375 bottle under Phentermine suggests these are the same with the only difference being the fact that Phen375 is sold over the counter anf the other one requires a prescription. Quite misleading, huh? From what I could find on the net, these two a different, you can check it out yourself by reading the Phen375 review here: http://expertratedreviews.com/category/reviews/ I suggest you guys don’t use such lists as a substitute for medical consultation.

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    I really love diet now.

  • Vivian Westwood

    Im starting the Lady Soma Detox this week – wish me luck!

  • I tried Alli and phentermine and those were not for me. I do not recommend the phen375, I just felt jittery and ill at times. I wanted something that addressed the hunger control side, the thermogenics, and something that would encourage discipline, but wouldn’t make me sketchy. The best ‘wide angle’ approach I found was Appetite Away, which combines hoodia, green tea catechines, glucommanan, and a really smart range of key support ingredients so that I felt less appetite, had more energy, and ended up losing 28 pounds over four months. Plus it made me feel good. It’s at http://appetiteaway.com and I think they still offer free samples. You should include this in your line up for its excellent formulation.

  • Tred

    Here is the real deal…I am 52 years old and was 50 lbs over weight for over 10 years. I was having symptoms of type II diabetes and needed to do something to change my life. It was what I needed to make the change!
    I calculated my BMR which is how many calories I must consume to maintain my current weight. based on my age, weight, gender, height and amount of exercise. My BMR was 2200 calories. I worked out a 1800 – 2000 calorie per day diet consisting of 50% high quality protein and 40% complex carbohydrates (vegetables and fruit) and 10% essential fatty acids (The Good Fat ) and split the calories into 5 equal meals per day. 300 calories at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 5-6pm. If I needed to snack I would eat protein in the form of grilled fish, grilled chicken, lean hamburger patties or raw vegetables. No sugar, No pasta, No bread, no sugary drinks and no diet drinks either. I walked for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times per week. I began at 265lbs and lost 10 pounds per month for 4 months. My weight dropped from 265lbs to 225lbs and my waist decreased from 40″ to a 36″. I have maintained this loss for over 2 years now sticking to my portion control, frequency and choosing good quality calories. That is how it is done.

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  • tia

    Green beans seem like a great option. They have almost no side effects and they appear to have good results. If I workout 3-5 times a week how long do I have to take them in order to reduce my body fat? I don’t want to lose a lot of pounds but I rather want to get my body fat to a minimum level.

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    I want to lose 40 pounds but I’m seriously freaked out about using diet pills. I’ve seen and read about so many side effects that I’m terrified of buying some. Which are the best, safest pills to try on first? I’m not big on working out but I do Pilates and Yoga every now and then.

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    • ht

      Agreed, Thermal shock is the best! I’ve also tried Nutrex Lipo 6 but experienced shaking and headaches and decided to stop even though I’ve had noticeable results. With TS everything seems just fine, I’m on my second month of using them and I am completely hooked. If you want to lose weight by working out not by sitting on the couch and flushing down diet pills, TS is the best choice.

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    Great article Christine, very thorough and unbiased.

    I haven’t tried all of your suggestions, however I have tried Phen and your description is spot on. It suppresses my appetite just as you say and that’s all I wanted to be honest.

    I follow the program at: V-Factor.info which has worked amazingly well and helped me lose 20lbs. However my evening cravings were really hard to control and Phen was exactly what I needed. I no longer desire chocolate and sweet things (my kryptonite!)

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      I’m following the same program, I love the Venus Factor, one of the few plans that actually works!

      I can’t say I’ve had the same success with Phen though, it makes me feel weird. I think I’m going to stick with Thermal Shock, a great product.

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    I really like Thermal Shock, makes me feel very energetic. I take it just at lunch, during my college break. Gets my appetite supressed and my energy going to get trough the rest of my classes 🙂

  • Alli user

    Be careful of Alli, it really messes up with your…erm, poop patterns. I’ve not gotten gassy, but I definitely get some bathroom attacks here and there. Maybe I’ll change them for another brand after reading this list….

  • Cristina P.

    I agree with Cynthia below, it’s very useful that you listed the side effects. I used to be dumb and took some pills without informing myself beforehand, and almost destroyed my liver in the process 😐 Please people, do get some information before buying!

  • Annelise

    I don’t think diet pills are the way to go, as you get dependent on them to maintain your new lifestyle, but I think this article will be very useful to those who feel the need to use some 🙂

  • nataly

    i am starting trying phenterpill, a natural diet pills made with hoodia, african mango, raspberry ketone, green coffe and garcinia cambogia, I guess there isn’t something like that in the market now. I am losing an average of 3kg per week.

    • Lily

      How long have you been taking phenterpill? N how has it been working for you

    • fernanda

      Were did u buy those pills?

      • nataly

        @fernanda I buy the pills on their official page.
        I am taking it now for about 1 months and half, and I am losing weight. i take 2 pills per day. @Lily It suppresses my appetite. I eat less but I don’t feel the need to eat and I can say it is increasing my metabolism that it has always been very slow.

        • Amber

          Are you taking them all at the same time?

          • JAzz

            nataly please could you tell me the official page of that product

  • mike

    note: the picture for phentermine is not corret. this is not phentermine, is phen375, a “copy” of the phentermine.

  • Cynthia

    So glad that you have shared the side effects of these diet pills. Sometimes people take diet pills and fail to realize that most of the time there is side effects. I the other good thing is that this list shows popular diet pills such as Hoodia and Alli. I have a friend that took diet pills that were banned from the States, well after she stopped taking the pills she gained so much weight! this was like 10 years ago, she went from 105lbs to 250lbs!! Some people need to try eating healthy and exercise!

  • Brittany

    I take hoodia pills and I have lost 40 pounds in 3 months, BUT i also eat healthy and do Tabata. I am very proud of my results and proud of myself. Losing weight is not easy and sometimes we need a little of extra help. Hoodia has been around for a long time and I haven’t had any bad side effects.

    • Alison

      what is the name of the Pills that you are using that contain Hoodia??? Need to lose some weight and have had good results in the past, but the company’s product is no longer available.

      • jazz

        Alison i want to talk to you please could you contact me on my UD [email protected]

  • Juanita James

    Does anyone know if the coffee beans make you stay up?? The reason that I ask is because I when I drink coffee I can never sleep at night. These do sound like a healthier option compared to the other pills on this list. I just don’t want to stay up all night.

    • harry c

      The coffee beans are the way to go there are”NO” side effects if u take them take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon “NOT” 1 at nighttime and”MAKE SURE” u “EXERCISE” WALK PUSH UPS JOG!”SOMETHING” it will help!! I was 330lbs i’m 275 now and I wanna go down to a”SEXY” 250LBS SO”TRY” my way

      • Stephinlove

        Where do you buy your tea pilss and whats the name brand?

      • Shay

        Way to go!!! You sexy beast!!!

  • Gia

    I have tried Alli and I do not recommend it if you have to leave your house or live with other family members. I took it for about a month. Within 2 weeks I lost 8 pounds, which is good because I was still eating carbs and sweets. Well on the third week, I was out at the mall when I got a terrible bathroom attack! To make matter worse I was wearing a tan pair of pants! I had to run to the bathroom, every time I ran I let out gas, to make matter even worse I was on a first date! Well the guy never called back and that outfit wet straight into the trash!. Please be careful with Alli, like this article says, the side effects can be rather embarrassing.

  • Trapped In My Body

    Someone tell me what I gotta say to my doctor to get Phentermine lol jk, actually I am not kidding. Losing weight is so difficult. I weight 290lbs and I have been over weight my entire life. Its not easy not getting a date to prom, not being able to shop at stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Its so easy to ask “ How did you let yourself get so fat?” but to be honest, my mother is overweight and she is one of the reasons I eat bad, shes always baking and ordering take out. I am definitely going to talk to my doctor, its time to make a change. I am so tired of not going anywhere, because of the constant stares and laughs from little kids. Thanks for this list.

    • charlenelo

      Sit down with your mom and be firm. My son decided to get in shape a year ago and he simply refused to eat high calorie food that I served him. I got the message loud and clear and now I run my grocery list by him. He learned all about nutrition and exercise from the internet. I am now losing weight because of him. Since I love to cook, like your mom, I look up low fat, low cal recipes and experiment with them. I even print the nutrition information up for him so he knows how much fat, carbs, sugar, etc is in each meal. He now has the body of an Olympian athlete. Also, no one has mentioned a new drug out called Belviq. It’s working somewhat fo rme – the good thing is there are no side effects, the bad thing is the cost.

      • Kelli

        How much weight loss have you had with yhat pill and
        over what time period? My doc prescibed it but my insurance has to get approval by the doc now.

  • Harald Theodor Arnesen

    Very interesting info here and thanks! Prior to losing all that unwanted weight where I felt bloated no matter how little I ate, I had a low metabolism and I was suffering from frequent heartburn. I decided I had to combat this problem using natural methods. The green coffee bean seemed to have helped me gradually lose weight but then I realized I needed some enhancement and that was having a clean liver. I did find a link on a site I’d like to share with you http://www.nomoreweight.biz that has a link to a liver cleanse site. A clean and healthy liver is very efficient to burning off more stored fat from the body. Thanks to everything I came across I lost 30 lbs and I feel great. I’m in my early 50’s but I now feel like I’m in my 20’s full of energy. Thanks a million!!!

  • jazmin

    where can i buy green coffee bean that is the real working product?

  • bere

    hi im using plexus slim and do not work for me…i just need to to losse 20 pounts i have try alot pills but nothing works for me…can some one help me…any pill that wotk and gives energi…please…

    • Ellie

      Has anyone else used the plexus Im going to try it…I know 1 person that lost 20 lbs in a month

      • Janey

        I’ve tried plexus for 3 months. No weight lost at all.

    • Betty C.

      Have you lost any weight with plexus? Thinking of trying it but costs too much

  • shapna

    Yeah, These are the well known weight loss capsules. Definitely it will help everyone to lose weight fast. Before you have to conform that it suits for you or not?

  • Brenda

    Alice, weight loss pills certainly do work, D4 is a good choice. However, please remember that pills should supplement your diet, too many people rely on them completely. Using D4 with a solid diet program, will give you even better results, believe me.

    If you’re unsure of what diet program to follow, I highly recommend: http://TheVenusGuide.com – It’s designed specifically for women.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your weight loss goals.

  • Sunshine Blues

    Hi can you please tell me where to buy this slimming product i have been searching in guardian watson and caring beauty pharmacy but can’t find only those slimming like kinokomitsu all i can see which is not effective to me.I want to try the D4 but dont’t know where to buy.Thank you

  • Sunshine Blues

    Hi just want to ask where to buy the D4 themal shock i am interested of this.Thank yoh

    • Krista

      GNC carries the D4

  • Tired of being obese

    Can you use d4 and green coffee bean together ? I’m severely onerous weight by 250 lbs and I’m try to lose naturally before opting for surgery I could use all the help I can get

    • Christine Derrel

      Dont know, better ask your doctor. Sorry I couldnt help you.

  • Jen

    I am menopausal and was the heaviest I had ever been 84 kilos at 164 cm – at first I lost weight but put it back on because I was using it like a wander drug which it isn’t. Now I’ve changed my diet to something I’ll be able to sustain after I finish and the weight is visibly dropping off.

    • Christine Derrel

      Wow Jen, how are you? I agree with you, you have to find something sustainable for the long term and that is a lifestyle change. And you have to know how many calories you eat, its the main priority.

  • Stella B

    1st day of starting the Phentremine pills, I had 1 tablet this morning, and can’t stop going to the bathroom. I heard this was normal so I’m not panicking about it, but it’s damn uncomfortable.

  • Lynn

    i’ve been on Phen for a month now and lost 7kg. I’ve not started exercise yet, so happy with the result thus far!

    • Christine Derrel

      Lynn, so happy for you, thanks for sharing the results!!!

  • Genvieve

    I have only started using Xen a few days ago and haven’t had a full 3 tablets a day until today. I am trying not to eat fat and have gone thru and thrown out all the junk in my fridge and cupboards to make the transition easier. I haven’t had any side effectsbut I do feel a little bloated today

    • Christine Derrel

      Hello Genvieve, thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  • LesNesman

    I took Xenical at dinner time over a 90 day period. At first it was great, the weight was coming off and I didn’t experience many side effects (only the oily discharge in stools) but that didn’t bother me too much because I could see it was working.

  • Jake

    I use Thermal Shock and I love how you feel a clean energy that is jitter free. 🙂 This product helped fuel my workouts, helped regulate my appetite, and also helped me become the leanest I’ve ever been within weeks.

    • Christine Derrel

      Wow Jake, I am glad for you and wish you all the best on your journey.

  • Anon

    In the short amount of time I have been on D4 this product I can already see results. Amazing!

  • Leslie

    The first day I used it I broke out in a huge sweat while sleeping was really uncomfortable and had a horrible head ache but since that first day I haven’t had anything wrong. I truly love this product. Give it a try!

  • Jennifer B

    To respond to the below comments of headaches and feels like a drug ect. Yes it gives you energy, a lot of it depending on your size and what you do with the energy.

  • E.Holloway

    D4 Thermail Shock helped me shed 25 pounds in a month. It’s an amazing product, but you do have to work with it to see results push your self to do more. I love this and would recommend it highly

    • Christine Derrel

      Hello E. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your comments with us.

  • The idea of using a tablet to be able to speed up the procedure is one that must be examined on many methodologies and not just one perspective, as the consequences and results of each tablet can be extremely various.

  • Denis

    I would vote for Phen which has proven over and over again and that is why it became so popular all over the world.

  • Sandy

    Garcinia Camogia Extract worked for me. I bought the Advanced Nutrition Labs brand from Amazon. It was high quality be not too expensive.

  • Anuv

    G-Slim from Kerala Naturals is one of the best dietary supplement in this category.. Please add a review about G-Slim.

  • Amber

    Dont know how true all this is but I know how I just lost 14lbs and 9inches in 8 days and I feel amazing. I am not saying this is a scam but I am not saying it aint I dont know but I know that what I am doing is not and it is helping sooo many ppl I would love to tell you how.Just send me a message if you want to know more [email protected]

  • Michael Dunnigan

    Talk to your doctor about these pills before popping them randomly. I haven’t been involved with the newer diet pills but Ephedrine definitely gave me a run for my money some years ago. Today I have some heart palpitations that I am told were a result of the Ephedrine abuse and now I can’t do anything but maintain my damaged heart and hope it lasts.

    I’m not saying any of the pills listed here are bad, but please just be careful deciding what you put into your bodies.

    • Christine Derrel

      Michael, completely agree with you, you have to consult your doctor before doing anything!!!

    • Christine Derrel

      Michale, totally agree with your statement, you have to talk to your doctor indeed!!!

  • Danielle

    Hoodia appeals to me since it works in tandem with an existing diet plan. One and done pills, while appealing on the surface, seem like they are full of smoke after you make the purchase. It is just hard for me to believe that I can take a magic pill that will solve all of my weight problems without changing my lifestyle beyond popping the pill every day.

    One thing I feel is necessary for any diet is focusing on the problem. For some people, this can be binge eating. Others simply don’t get any activity and their body slowly builds up stores of fat that become more and more difficult to get rid of as time progresses. I would recommend focusing on what exactly your lifestyle issues are and work on changing those first, and only then looking into diet pills to help supplement your new changes.

    • Christine Derrel

      Hey Danielle, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, appreciate that.

  • Danielle

    If you are looking for a diet pill that makes you feel sick and uncomfortable, I recommend Xenical. A couple friends of mine had been on it and told me it was working for them, but the problem was I didn’t let them get a full week in before I took their advice and made the purchase.

    Apparently the oily stools issue is pretty popular and I should have checked out a few forums or this site before giving it a try…long story short it was just a bad experience. I did lose some weight but I’m pretty sure it was just dehydration from the bathroom issues and lack of eating because I was scared what would happen in the bathroom later on.

    Right now I am using Green Coffee Beans though and I can’t say enough good things about it. If you want to try a diet pill without a massive worry on the side effects, so far I would say the Green Coffee Beans are the way to go.

  • Sarah

    After seeing about a million commercials about how well Alli worked, I knew I had to give it a shot. I was pushing 200 pounds, which might not sound like much but as a 5’2 girl this was really putting a hindrance on my social life.

    The product just arrived yesterday, and while I can’t give a full review yet I can say that it definitely helps to suppress my appetite and habit of eating out of boredom. Coupled with the fact that I have already rationed out my meals through January 2014, I’m really hoping this diet will be the one to get my into shape for good. Wish me luck everyone!

    • Nikkirowe02

      I was on Alli 4 years ago. It was AWFUL. The oily stool, and the leakage was too much for me.

  • Jack P.

    Haven’t tried D4 Thermal but I do use the C4 pre-workout supplement before I go to the gym and that stuff works great. It makes me feel super alert and ready to take action, both mentally and physically (sometimes I take a hit a few hours before studying for and taking an exam to get an edge).

    Given what I know about their C4 product, I’m sure D4 Thermal would have similar effects with the added bonus of weight loss.

  • Henry S.

    Phentermine is incredible. I went from a 38 pants size to a 32 in three months and kept eating exactly the same diet! The biggest thing about diets for me in the past was that I would never stick to them, but with Phentermine I don’t even have to worry about sticking to a diet – I just need to remember to take my pills every day 🙂

    • Kmh82

      …..and that is why you will revert back to your previous weight after. This medication is similar to meds for ADHD. If you don’t change your eating habits, when you stop, the weight will come back plus more. I say this because it happened to me. I went from 155 to 119 on phentermine. When I stopped, the weight all came back within 4 months even though I wasn’t eating more. Please don’t think I am bashing you. I just don’t the same to happen to you as it did to me.

    • Christine Derrel

      Henry, how is that working for you now??? Still on the perfect weight for you???

  • Izzy

    I did Phentermine for some time and It really does a good job and I lost some weight. Even still Im tempted to try other one’s because Phentermine eventually started to mess with my heart and even now that im not taking it anymore my heart still mess’s up. Just giving a fare warning.

    • Christine Derrel

      Izzy, please come back and share your tips for losing weight with us!!!

  • Amy W.

    I am not so sure that D4 would be all that great for those who don’t exercise a lot. My friends have said a lot of great stuff about it, but for them, they go to the gym every day (sometimes twice a day) and use up all the energy that it gives them. Says it makes them feel motivated and pumped up for their workouts. Me being female, and not exercising as much as them, I went the hunger suppressant route (Hoodia) mixed with the Green Coffee Beans and have so far been happy with my results.

    I’ve been walking for a few months now, every day, and have dropped close to 15 pounds – going from 160 (158)-145. So with even a little bit of exercise and less food in my body, and more water, I have been able to achieve weight loss. I would like to lose more and what I am finding is I will go down in weight, stay there for a week or two, and then drop more and stay there for a week or two and then dropped some more.

  • Katie L.

    Alli worked great for me. I went from being 168 to 144 in 3 months, and I didn’t change all that much. Since being constantly busy and always on the run, I was prone to eating out a lot and I mean a lot! That was the reason for my weight gain, and so what I did was looked up the nutritional information and stuck within guidelines for the day.

    The only reason why people have the side effects listed above, is because they eat high in fat meals which causes you to pass that fat right into your stools – hence the oily, bathroom issues. But if you have less than 15 grams of fat in your meals when taking Alli you shouldn’t have a problem! It’s great for those who don’t want to spend hours counting their calories – or hours at the gym either.

  • Katherine

    Well there wasn’t much written on Hoodia, so I thought I’d add in my two cents about this. Contract to a lot of negative reviews that the product has gotten, I found that it worked. It is not a “weight loss” herb though, and people need to understand this. It is nothing more than a herb that suppresses appetite and therefore one must still watch their exercise, still watch their portion sizes and allow it to build up in your body.

    However please note that if you really want it to work then you need to take more than the recommended dosage. One pill is 500mg, and when doing research I found that it takes about 6 pills in order to really work.

    I also found that there was some gas issues – but this went away after the first week as my body adjusted to it.

    • Christine Derrel

      Hey Katherine, thanks a lot for your 2 cents 🙂

  • Debbie.

    I would highly recommend choosing the Green Coffee Bean Extract (for females – males might need something more intense), as it is all natural and did indeed help me lose weight. Now I do want to note that I am taking it simply as an aid, and am still putting in all the effort with my exercise routines. But since starting the supplement, I have had no side effects (like other diet pills I’ve had in the past) and they did give me energy without making me jittery.

    The pills are super easy to swallow, don’t have a bad taste really (unless you bite into them – then they are incredibly bitter), and help a lot with suppressing hunger. I would highly suggest drinking a lot of water alongside them, as I would to anyone who isn’t drinking enough.

    I have already recommended this to friends and I would
    recommend this product to anyone who is looking to speed up weight loss

  • John H.

    I took D4 Thermoshock last summer at the recommendation of a GNC
    employee. As a 22 year old male weighing in at 245lbs I wanted to lose weight badly. In 4 weeks of taking this stuff, I dropped to 210 pounds. Keep in mind though I did daily regiments of exercise and was on a diet as well.

    When taking the pill, I could feel my core body temperature raised, increased mental focus, better pumps during workouts, outstanding energy, and I was sweating like a pig
    during my workouts.

    This went well for the entire first bottle that I had, but once I started in on that second bottle, I ended up getting sick. Had many symptoms that a lot of other people get while taking D4:
    fever, chills, stomach cramps, nausea, headaches. These lasted a few days, but once I went off of the D4 the symptoms went away.

    I was drinking a ton of water but I was definitely not eating a lot during the time spent on that second bottle. So that is probably what contributed to my sickness. So if you’re thinking about getting on D4, then I would highly suggest to make sure you’re ingesting the proper amounts of food, and water. Don’t sacrifice and nutrients or else you may become sick like I did.

    • Christine Derrel

      Wow John, I am so glad for you!!! Awesome results.

  • Sienna

    I don’t want to lose a lot of weight. I mainly just want to tone up during the winter so I’ll be fit looking by spring. Basically in my mid-section. I’m thinking about trying the D4 Thermal Shock because I’m already doing a pretty regular workout routine.

    Does anyone know if this would be a good choice for me? It seems like it’s ideal for people who already exercise, but I’d definitely like to get some feedback before I get started. Thanks in advance!

  • Katelyn

    I’d only briefly seen information about green coffee bean supplements for weight loss. It really seemed like just another fad-type of diet. Then I started taking it about 2 months ago. The first month I didn’t see any major results. I lost maybe 5lbs total. But even that’s not bad because I wasn’t even working out that much.

    Then the 2nd month I started exercising while taking it. Big difference! I lost 13lbs and gained some nice muscle. I could even see the beginnings of six-pack in my tummy! I would definitely recommend the green coffee bean supplements.

  • Gabby in GA

    Two very close friends of mine SWEAR by phentermine. One of them was about 60 pounds overweight, the other was about 20-30. According to what they told me, it does make you feel fuller faster. But it can also make you a bit jittery. The friend who was 60 pounds overweight said it made her heart beat faster. They both took it on and off, but when they were on, it clearly helped them lose weight.

    I would try it, but I’m a little nervous about the fast heartbeat thing. I don’t want to develop any problems while I’m trying to get rid of one.

    • steff

      Where can I buy Phentermine?

      • Sandy S

        You cant buy it in stores, u have to get a prescription from yr Dr. I to used it and lost 25 pounds in a few months. it is the best Diet pill ever! BUT u have to be very very careful because it can mess up yr heart.

  • Brea

    My sister took Alli for 7 months. In that time she lost 53 pounds, which was 13 pounds more than she originally said she wanted to lose. When she came to visit, she almost looked like a completely different person! That was the great part.

    The not so great part? The thing about the oily diarrhea was 100% true for her. She also had cramping from time to time, which presumably came from having diarrhea. It wasn’t everyday. I believe it depends on what you eat. But it definitely did happen.

  • Violet

    Wow Christine… I’ve never seen the differences between weight loss pills explained so well. I had no idea each one had such significantly unique functions, so I’m glad I read it. I haven’t struggled with weight my entire life, but I did have a baby a little over a year ago. I’m now finding it extremely hard to lose the extra 30 pounds I’ve gained.

    Now that I’ve read these descriptions, I’m thinking the green coffee beans might be the best option for me. Compared to the side effects of the others, they seem like they’re the safest to ingest.

    Thank you!

  • Carlisle

    Green coffee beans look the safest. I would have guessed that, but it’s good to have a study to back it up. Thanks for doing the detective work for us.

  • Mark Tennis

    I am a skeptic on fads and on buying supplements online. Never have before, and never did I think my wife would buy weight loss sstuff online. I did my research on Lady Soma. My wife has been on it forI one month, and has lost ten pounds, and she just feel better. She has had zero side effects, and I am very happy with this supplement!

  • Janice

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for sharing all of this helpful info to the masses. I would like to say that Alli is a fantastic supplement and I’ve been using it for some time now. It works for some people, and others it does not. It really depends on the person. But It works for me and I think it’s safe to say it’ll work for many others.

    Skinny With Fiber, you guys have an awesome site here, keep posting all of these articles and I will continue to read them. 😀

  • Brad Arnold

    Why does weight loss have to be so hard? I’ve taken so many supplements, I’m interested in all of these, but I got some questions. First things first, which one is best for heavier men? I’m a bit on the heavy side and I need supplements that are safe for me, so I don’t know if D4 would be proper for me.

  • Jared Hass

    The D4 thermal shock sounds enticing. I’ve been meaning to get into using supplements for my fitness, and I really am considering giving this stuff a shot over all the rest. Any chance I can get this stuff at a local store like Wal-mart? Otherwise I’ll just order the stuff online if I can.

  • Heather Michaels

    Green Coffee Bean has been fantastic. I’ve been taking these supplements for about a couple months now and they really do work wonders and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know and meet. I haven’t tried any of the others on the list, but I imagine they’re good products and could easily get the job done, but I prefer organic and Green Coffe Bean sounds much more organic than anything else.

  • Carson B.

    I’ve heard a lot of great things on Alli and I’m considering checking them out to see if they can help me. I always thought they were just for women, is this true? If not, I’ll give Alli a try and see if I can lose some weight with it. Otherwise I’ll check out one of the others on the list.

  • Jessica Bell

    My brother uses D4 Thermal Shock and raves about what thermogenic supplements have done for his metabolism. I can’t personally report on the product itself but I can say he’s definitely lost a lot of weight in the time he’s been using it. He exercises regularly but he really swears by this stuff.

  • Maria K.

    This is a very comprehensive list. Thank you!

    To be honest, whenever I attempt to research or shop for weight loss supplements I get incredibly overwhelmed. There’s just so much on the market and each product claims it is better than the others. It can be difficult to know which is best. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to review these supplements.

    • Christine Derrel

      Maria, you are welcome, make sure to leave your feedback in here if you try some of these products.

  • Susan Wilde

    Hoodia has always been my go to supplement. I have been using it for years and I’ve found it curbs my hunger like nothing else. Definitely shop around and look for a high quality product. Many contain too much filler and won’t deliver the hunger fighting properties you need to beat those pesky cravings.

    • Ashlan

      I heard there were some side effects with Hoodia. Is it addictive?

  • Stephanie

    Weight loss is a difficult concept for sure! Knowing what to do what to take and what not to take can be confusing. I know i have been confused more often than not. Trimming down your body shouldnt seem to be so hard, but it really is sometimes. I am glad I poked around long enough to find this post. I’m going to read it again to get a better idea of all the supplements you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cassie

    This is a great post to be able to compare the different weight loss supplements you can find out there. I know there are tons of them but if these are the most popular of 2013 then obviously they are bound to work and you give enough information here to help people make their decision. I have seen sites where they just talk about how they help you lose weight and not really the benefits or maybe even side effects. You give all of that here and thank you.

  • Beth

    This Green Coffee Bean sounds like a winner. My life rarely allows me to fit in a full workout or even stay consistent on healthy diets, especially with having picky kids who still like their pizza and mac N cheese. Sounds like I wont need to make drastic changes in my life or eating habits and still be able to shed some pounds. I am also glad to hear about no known side effects during studies. Dont know if a busy life can handle a sick day of some sort. As far as FDA they dont approve a lot of over the counter weight loss supplements.

    • Bethany

      I remember seeing the Green Coffee Bean featured on Dr Oz a little while ago. I know that some people kind of write Dr. Oz off as being just a pop culture icon, but he actually does the research in his own lab to ensure that these products actually work before he brings them to his audience!

  • Stacey

    Ya know, I have heard and seen results from Alli, my mother and sister tried it and it seemed to work for them. I didnt try it because I thought it was another phase they were going through but I also never took the time to find out what it was about. I didnt realisze that Alli was a fat absorber. Maybe I should give it a try.

    • stella

      im 18 yr old i wnt to lose wait tel me hw many kgs cn i lose n tell me whether it hs any side effects

  • Jed

    I have been taking the green coffee beans for a few weeks now and they do seem to be helping although i have a long way to go. I haven’t had any negative side effects too which i have experienced with other weight loss pills.

  • Jed

    I was thinking about taking Phentermine but i think i will give it a miss after reading that it affects your nervous system

    • Lucy

      Yeah, I don’t think any diet is worth nerve damage. Then what would be the fun in being thin?

    • saz

      I think its phen375 people r talking about. its safe

  • Madeline

    I have tried all different methods of loosing weight but non of them have seemed to work very effectively for the amount of effort put in. Im hoping to try some of these weight loss pills (not all at the same time don’t worry) and see which ones work best for me.

  • Micheal

    Id definitely take advice of the FDA approval, otherwise you don’t know what you are putting inside your body and it could be alot worse than fatty foods.

  • Leanne

    Ive alway said pills arent the answer but the alli has worked really well for me in the past.

    • Mariah G

      A lot of people like Alli so I’m told. My friends have been using it. I’ve seen the book, but never taken the pills. The book has a lot of diet guides and meal plans in it. They seem pretty healthy all by themselves. Does the pill really help?

  • Charlotte

    Isnt the d4 dangerous? I thought if your raise or lower your resting body core temperature by only a small amount you could be in for problems? or have i mis understood this

  • Louise

    I have started the slimming green coffee beans recently and have started to notice the difference already. Unlike the guys in the study i have cut back a little on fatty foods but they seem to be working really well in line with a healthier (not totally healthy) diet.

  • Michelle

    10 percent fat loss in 22 weeks is fantastic, I may just have to try the green coffee bean slimming pills.

  • Stacey.

    I have tried the Allii pills and can assure you they work great but the side effects are too much for me. I have had to stop taking them and now i am looking for alternatives.

  • Jennifer

    I am always wary about taking pills, i have heard a ton of horror stories over the years regarding slimming pills. Thank you for this informative article.

  • Shirly

    Not to big on workouts, but I do a lot of physical work on a ranch and I

    think the D4 Thermal Shock would be a great supplement for me at any time

    of the year. Just wondering if I will be hotter in the summer though.

    Well I guess it’s better to be hot than fat. Will make sure to start out

    small too. Thanks for that warning

    • Raymond

      I know you may not be too big on workouts Shirly, but I also have a very physically intense job, and found that my energy level totally skyrocketed when I took a few hours a week to workout, even on top of it all. It’s a different type of work, working versus working out.

  • Linda

    I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about Green Coffee Bean extract and how effective it is. I’m very curious about this product and I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to report on how it works and how it differs from normal roasted coffee. I can see myself trying this product in the future.

  • Jess MN

    I’ve been working so hard to lose weight this year. I’ve seen real results through diet and exercise but I’ve hit a plateau and everyday is a struggle. I’m not seeing results anymore and it is so hard to stay motivated. I’m considering adding a supplement to my regimen. I’ve heard good things about Alli and Hoodia but some of the others you’ve listed here sound amazing. I’ll be reading up on them. Thank you for the information!

  • Sioux

    All of my friends have been raving about these Green Coffee Beans, but this is the first article I’ve seen that actually talks about how they really work. It’s interesting, maybe I will give them a try. Are there any foods that are naturally high in cholinergic acid that I might just try adding to my diet. or are the supplements really that much more effective?

  • Green Coffee bean extract sounds like a supplement that’s worth researching. I’m not familiar with the benefits of chlorogenic acid as a fat burner but the trial seems to suggest that it is very effective. Paired with diet and exercise I could see this being a very powerful aid.

    I’ll be on the lookout for more information about this supplement.

  • Jessica K. Parker

    With so many pills and programs on the market it can be difficult to know you’re choosing the right one. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly research your options. Read reviews, ask questions and don’t make rash decisions until you’re certain you’ve covered all your bases. Supplements and other weight loss aids can be very helpful but you need to be well-informed.

  • Mina Mathews

    I don’t know which supplement would best suit my needs. I have a slow metabolism. I do exercise and I watch what I eat but I sometimes struggle with overeating. I want a natural weight loss aid that is safe and won’t leave me feeling jittery, bloated or nauseous. Any suggestions?

  • Mark

    It’s true that one should always approach weight loss aids with a certain level of caution but that isn’t to say that some are not truly safe and beneficial. You’ve composed a very good list showing the pros and cons of some of the most well-known and effective supplements. This is exactly the sort of information one needs in order to make an informed decision.

  • Holly

    I prefer the more natural supplements because they seem to be the safest and their side effects are mild.

    I’ve tried Hoodia and found it helped me curb my hunger. I’ve also been seeing a lot of talk about Green Coffee Beans lately but I have yet to try the supplement, though I am curious.

  • L. Slattery

    I’ve been thinking about trying Alli. There’s so many positive reviews for it and I’ve heard that the possible side effects are really not as bad or as common as some people make them out to be. If you’re eating a low fat diet to begin with it is unlikely you’ll experience bad gas or messy bowel movements. Maybe that would happen if you’re loading up on greasy snacks and fast food but I really have to question why anyone would if they’re actively trying to lose weight.

    I think a lot of the potential side effects on the fat blocking supplements are overblown.

  • Allen Rogers

    I tried Hoodia but it didn’t work for me. It didn’t diminish my hunger at all, which I thought was weird because many of my friends said it worked for them.

    I later found out that you need to be careful when buying it because many brands don’t have enough of the active ingredient in the pills to make any difference. Do your research and make sure you’re buying a quality supplement.

  • Lynn Ross

    Thank you for this list! I’m in the process of looking for a good weight loss supplement and I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to review the best ones.

    I’m intrigued by the Green Coffee Beans supplement. It seems very effective and I like that there are no known side effects.

  • Amanda Austin

    I have always been skeptical about diet pills, and honestly a little scared to take them because I have heard so many horror stories, but your list is very informative and put a lot of my concerns to rest. I am especially interested in Green Coffee Beans, I think I am going to give them a shot. Thanks for the information!

    • MyMeratolReview.com

      So, if you take the Green Coffee Beans, do you intend to take them on an ongoing basis or just for a time?

  • Grace

    Interesting list of supplements. Alli is the only one I am familiar with out of the group. I have heard of Hoodia and other saying they have had positive results from using it.Out of the list I am finding the green coffee bean supplement to be interesting. I think I would like to give it a try it might be promising.

  • BD

    “On a similar note, if one does not exercise caution in monitoring exactly what goes into a supplement that they take, then they may very well find that the repercussions actually outweigh the benefits.” – worth repeating.

    Our society is basically a pill-popper. What many people don’t realize is that yeah, sure the med might help with one symptom you have, but it can cause two more to pop up so then you have to take capsules for those. Look at any diabetic or senior citizen’s repertoire of meds. It is insane how much they have to take!