5 Best BMI Calculators You Will Want to Use


5 Best BMI Calculators You Will Want To UseWith so many people looking to try and get in shape and reduce their weight, particularly with it being new year, people are trying to find ways in which they can keep track of their body size.

Nowadays, many of us are able to do this by using an online body mass index (BMI) calculator, as well as some useful information about how we can improve our shape.

However, there are some that are better than others, and some of the sites that have them also have some extra features that are also very helpful.

Therefore, I have decided to review and provide you with the following list of the best ones that are online right now.

1. WebMD BMI Plus Calculator

WebMD Calculator

This website provides you with one of the best available online right now, mainly because of all the detailed features that it has.

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It is able to calculate person’s body mass index, while also enabling people to check other things such as:

  • Their daily intake of calories.
  • Their heart rate.

In other words, it addresses almost every aspect of a person’s health so than you are able to keep a track of everything.

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Worth pointing out: This site also has a lot of articles that address how you can make your diet healthier and some exercise techniques that can help you improve your BMI and other aspects of your physical welfare!

2. NIH – The National Institute of Health

NIH Calculator

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (a subsection of NIH) have their own online BMI calculator.

  • Standard / metric – It can be configured so it measures this index either as a standard or as a metric measurement.
  • Mobile app – It also allows you to download their tools to your phone so then you are able to find out how much weight you have lost quickly and conveniently.
  • Informative – It also gives you clear guidelines and explanations so than you can tell if your body index is healthy, or if you are over or under weight.

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Keep in mind: This site also includes some articles on improving your diet and boosting your overall health.

3. NHS Choices

Available At: Nhs.uk

The NHS.uk website has a BMI calculator that also comes with some clear guidelines so then you know what to make of your results when you get them.

  • Information rich – It shows you what factors to take into consideration if you are trying to figure out a child’s or an adult’s body mass index, and also tries to help you deal with any other questions you might have .
  • Lose or gain – The site also has some advice if you’re overweight, or even if you are looking to put some pounds on.

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Remember: It also has some helpful advice for people who have healthy results from their BMI test and they are looking to keep themselves in good shape.

4. Self.com Body Mass Index Calculator

The health and fitness website Self.com has one that can be quite useful.

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  • Helpful – Not only it helps you to figure out your index, it helps you set goals for yourself so then you are able to plan some form of workout or good eating regime that you can try to lower your BMI to a certain level over a specific amount of time.
  • Goal setter – It also has some guidelines so then you know when you might be pushing yourself too hard or setting yourself unattainable goals.

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More info: It also includes some helpful tips on how you can keep track of your calories and fat intake, and also reduce it over a period of time.


5. CDC – The Center for Disease Control

Available At: CDC.gov

The Center for Disease Control also has a BMI calculator on their site. It has three different versions of it for:

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

This is more than any other website that we have in our list. It also comes with advice with how to deal with your BMI during these three stages of your life.

Not only that, it gives you some tips and tricks on how you can boost you health when it comes to the amount of calories and fat your body consumes.

Click Here to Calculate Your BMI

Remember: It also shows you how you can improve your diet and your overall well being through exercise so then you can try and make yourself healthier gradually over time.

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Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit. My pen name is Christine and I want to make this site a great resource for those that want to get fit. Please, keep in mind that this website is for informational purposes only and that you always need to consult your decisions with your doctor.
  • Penny

    I prefer those electrical ones that actually tell your density. I have really, really dense bones, so the measures are always off for me by a lot. even when I was a competing athlete, my weight and height said that i was obese! I could stand to lose weight now I know, but at 5’4″ and 180lbs, you’d think I’d be way bigger than a size 8. I want to get back to a 4 or 6.

  • Janine

    WebMd is very useful, nice to know it also has a BMI calculator! I’ll have to go and check out the page and calculate my own. I don’t worry about my weight, but eh, curiosity 🙂

  • Larisa

    Didn’t know the CDC had one of these calculators! The more you know! It’s nice that it has separate ones for age groups!

    • Phil

      The CDC definitely should have one, being that the link between obesity and diabetes is so strong, and diabetes is at almost epidemic proportions.

  • Duke

    Nice article! There are lots of BMI calculators out there. I suggest sticking with just one to track your progress though, for consistency.

  • Christina

    I usually use the NINH to check, very simple and easy to use, not too fussy. I check my BMI regularly, as I’m just an average girl trying to keep her weight in a healthy range (while battling my raging desire for carbs)

    • Luther

      No desire for carbs, but for some reason stress makes me gain weight at an alarming weight. it’s always good to check, I weight in after my workouts every other day.

  • Julie

    Eh, BMI is only accurate for average people. If you’re a very fit person with lots of lean mass but low bodyfat, you’re pretty much screwed, as you’ll show up as “obese”. I think a body fat calculation is a better tool than a BMI.

    • Steph

      I agree. There’s a lot more factors than just weight and height, especially for those of us who build muscle easily. Where can the average person get more intensive tests, without paying an arm and a leg?

  • Angie

    Thanks, this is very important to know. Sometimes people are naturally big boned and muscular which can make the true BMI for them inaccurate so how is that worked with these tools? I hope its not a silly question, i will need to give this a try myself.

    • Xavier

      I think it’s good to know the running average though. I wish the doctors would do tests for bone density at physicals and stuff though. Do they? Mine never have.