10 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Health



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Many fruits and vegetables can be categorized as superfoods these days. They usually come jam-packed with various substances and nutrients your body needs for excellent health.

A combination of following ten items has many health-boosting elements that everyone should make sure to add to his or her dishes to help maintain the healthy, resisting and well-working body.

Superfood #1 – Tomatoes

tomatoes on white table

One of the most important vegetables, tomatoes are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and a lot of fiber. This low-calorie vegetable (though technically classified as a fruit) has only 32 calories in a 100g serving which has made it one of the most popular salad ingredient consumed today.

Pay attention: Tomatoes also contain an antioxidant called lycopene. It helps protect you against many diseases and fortunately is more readily available when this vegetable is cooked mainly in a combination of olive oil.

Superfood #2 – Walnuts

walnuts on table

If you want to live a longer life and increase your overall health then one of the best superfoods to include in your daily menu are nuts. The best of which are walnuts as these have a high concentration of Alpha-linoleic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phytochemicals.

All of these substances contribute to this nut’s health improving powers. Studies have shown that people who eat these nuts have less of a chance of dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Pay attention: There was also less occurrence of diabetes and other chronic illnesses when people add walnuts to their diet.

Superfood #3 – Avocados

tasty avocado

Avocado is the super-food that has somehow a misleading reputation. But the rumors are not true as avocados are a truly powerful food that contains high amounts of many beneficial nutrients.

These include substances, such as:

  1. Oleic Acid – A naturally occurring mono-saturated fat that can contribute to low-density lipoprotein levels.
  2. Lutein – They also contains lutein which improves eyesight.
  3. Folate – Folate is also present and helps pregnant women to stay fit and well.
  4. Antioxidants – It has vitamin E which works as an antioxidant and a few more helpful nutrients that work together to protect your body from a degenerative eye and brain diseases, heart diseases, and even cancer.

Keep in mind: This tasty vegetable contains healthy fats that we should include more in our diets, and it is very easy to enjoy with a variety of delicious dishes.

Superfood #4 – Black & Green Tea

teapot of black tea

If you are looking for a great, healthy alternative to warm yourself during cold weather, then try a black or green tea. Both have almost ten times the antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable making them true members of this exclusive club of superfoods.

Pay attention: Both black and green tea come from the same plant but are just processed differently which is why they are both so beneficial. The plant is called a Camellia tea plant and is known to have highly concentrated polyphenols, a very potent antioxidant!

Superfood #5 – Spinach

salad with spinach leaves

Popeye (yes, that animated character) knew what he was doing when he ate spinach since it is a truly excellent green leafy vegetable. One of its biggest benefits is its high protein content.

It is even bigger than in any other vegetable available. In addition to this, spinach is also rich on:

– Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, fiber, carotenoids, and flavonoids.

Keep in mind: It can provide a nutritional punch to your body and is a great addition to your nutritious superfood diet.

Superfood #6 – Blueberries

tasty blueberries

This small, round, fruit often hides under the radar of superfood greatness, but it truly qualifies for this title. Blueberries have managed to stay hidden because they did not have the rich vitamin content of other fruits.

Therefore, for many years nutritionists ignored these tiny berries. What they were missing, though, is their high content of phytonutrients. These substances help cells within your body to communicate more efficiently and stop mutations from occurring at the cellular level.

Pay attention: This means that they are a cancer-fighting food and should not be left out of any proper health boosting diet.

Superfood #7 – Ginger

ginger root

Ginger is often associated with Asian cooking, and the oriental culture was definitely on to something with this root of a very potent plant. The zesty, spicy flavor of this root is great within meals coming from “Orient“, but it has other benefits as well.

Eastern medicine has been using ginger root to reduce nausea, stop vomiting, reduce inflammation, and minimize pain.

Pay attention: Homeopathic doctors have recommended this root for patients undergoing chemotherapy to reduce nausea caused by the drugs.

Superfood #8 – Turmeric

anti inflammatory turmeric root

Turmeric is known for its bright yellow coloring, but this high-powered superfood does more than add color to our meals. It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a less-known but highly useful part of our dishes.

It comes from a root and contains curcuminoid polyphenol antioxidants. These are responsible for its bright yellow coloring and healthy properties.

Some studies show that curcumin is also helpful in balancing out blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistances. This is ideal for patients who have diabetes.

Related studies:

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Superfood #9 – Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate with powder

Whomever in the ancient world decided to squash the hard-shelled cocoa pods and get the beans hidden inside was a genius. Very few of us really know that cocoa beans are full of flavonols – very potent antioxidants – that helps keep your blood pressure at a healthy level and your heart in a good condition.

Dark chocolate (with its potent antioxidant properties) falls in the same family as red wine, cranberries, and various teas.

Pay attention: Nowadays, we can find it in everything from candy bars to meat dishes. Chocolate powder flavor our coffees and dark chocolate candy bars satisfy our sweet tooth.

Superfood #10 – Broccoli

green broccoli on table

Last but not least there is broccoli – a green cruciferous vegetable that has only recently shown its real value as a cancer-fighting agent! Studies had shown that when broccoli was consumed, it slowed the growth of cancerous tumors by 60% and reduced its size by 75%.

Keep in mind: Besides this, broccoli provides your body with immune boosters that help to prevent diseases. This remarkable achievement has made broccoli one of the top ten superfoods and a must-eat for anyone who wants to limit cancer.

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  1. I just love black tea and green tea. They are so good. Of course I always buy organic, just to make sure that they are extra healthy. Love this website!

  2. Avocados are so yummy, i love to eat them as a side dish. My only issue is that they are so hard to pick. It seems when I buy them. But i read somewhere that if you want to make them ripen faster you just put them next to other veggies in a dark spot.

  3. GInger is such a healthy superfood and its also a healing food. It really helps when you are sick to drink ginger tea. It doesn’t taste as good as other tea,but its healing you so who cares. When my kids are sick I always give them ginger tea with honey and lemon, a few days later they are all better. No need to see the doctor.

  4. I love walnuts! They are loaded with nutrition for your body. I love walnuts with my salads, it gives them extra flavor. The only time I hated walnuts was when my grandma gave me Black Walnut ice cream, it was so nasty!!

  5. I have to say I am loving this list Christine. I know several people out there that do not like eating raw tomatoes, but they are so good, just cut them up, put some lemon on them, pink himalayan salt and black pepper. They are good for you and taste awesome.

  6. This list has given me a fantastic lunch time idea. Spinach salad, with tomatoes, walnuts and a balsamic vinagrette dressing. I can have cold green tea for my drink. (Yum!) And then I can top it all off with a piece of dark chocolate for dessert. My gosh, that is healthy heaven in a 30 minute break. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. I could eat blueberries all day, so I’m glad to see that it’s on the list. When they’re in season I keep a big bowl full in the fridge. My kids can easily clear out that bowl in 2 days flat. My 11 year old eats them frozen in the morning for breakfast. My son puts them on ice cream. And my oldest daughter eats blueberries in her plain yogurt. We eat so much we should start growing our own.

  8. Hi Christina — as usual you’ve got some great advice here. I agree that turmeric is great superfood.

    I used to suffer regularly from boils, which are painful lumps that get big and rather painful. I read somewhere that turmeric was a good anti-inflammatory for boils, so I started drinking it as a tea. I would put maybe a teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of hot water.

    After a few months I stopped getting boils. This was after getting the several times a year. I really don’t drink turmeric tea anymore, but I only get a boil maybe once a year now. I really believe it helped me.

  9. My favorite item on this list is spinach. When I’m dieting, I eat it twice a day as a salad. To me, it’s so much more flavorful than regular iceberg lettuce. Plus, it’s great if you’re on your menstruation because it’s got lots of iron. Sometimes I even put a few leaves in my smoothie. Not a lot though, because spinach has a strong flavor to me. Kale is actually a better leafy veggie for smoothies as it has a less potent flavor.

  10. Dark chocolate is a superfood?!? Thank you for giving me an excuse to eat some more! Is there a recommended amount or a certain kind of dark chocolate I should be looking for?

  11. Avocados are actually very good for you and thanks for supporting that. Many people have been afraid to eat it because it is high in fat but the fats are good fats.

  12. Thanks for the list, very good! I love tomatoes and broccoli, I’ll be healthy a long time ahah Black tea is awesome, especially with a little milk.

  13. Wow, thanks for the list, I found out so many new things! I really should eat more of these, I’ll have to think how to incorporate them more into my diet.

  14. I always saw turmeric at the market and never paid it much mind. Look what was hidden under my nose all along! Very informative list!

  15. Aw yes, all of my favourite food are here!!! Thank God I can be more healthy while eating more of what I like, this is an awesome list! Found out more about the food I eat!

  16. Very nice list! As a chocolate lover i am delighted to know i can still enjoy my favourite treat and still be healthy haha. I’ve never tried green tea, I’m more of a coffee person, but maybe it’s time I try something new haha!

  17. i drink 2-3 glasses of green tea a day and when i don’t, it really makes a difference in my mood and how i look. it just cleanses you. awesome that you included it on the list 😀

    • I drink green tea about 4x a day, and you’re right when you say that it makes a difference in your mood. It’s calming for me. If I drink a cup of green tea right before bed it makes me feel like I’ve had chamomile tea. I get very sleepy, lol! I like it better than black tea any day.

  18. A piece of dark chocolate a day I know is supposed to be great for you, not milk chocolate. This is some useful info, thanks. Had no idea how good walnuts were too.


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