10+ Great Health Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil


argan fruit and oil

REMEMBER: These Are 10 MOST Important Health Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil! Pay SPECIAL Attention to Benefit #9! AWESOME Photos and Great Ideas Included!

Argan oil is easily applied to the skin and can also be found in many shampoos and conditioners. What many people don’t realize is that this oil has several health benefits that go beyond just hair.

What benefits does Argan oil have to offer? Let’s look at ten different health benefits that you can experience this week if you start using Argan oil in your daily routine.

Benefit #1 – Promotes Skin Health, Reduces Wrinkles & Premature Skin Aging

young woman with healthy skin

Beautiful skin that is wrinkle-free and youthful is what every aging person hopes to maintain. Argan oil has been studied to determine its benefits on the skin with results that may surprise you.

A very advanced and in-depth study, researchers determined that Argan oil can help with skin pigmentation.

As a result, users can reduce age spots through the use of oil. With moisturizing effects and antioxidants, Argan oil will also lead to an overall healthier look and feel of the skin.

Related studies:

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Benefit #2 – Promotes Health & Strength of Your Nails

healthy nails

Brittle and dry nails will crack and begin to yellow. Rough cuticles or nails that are dry need a little extra attention.

Many experts and high-end nail salons recommend using Argan oil and massage it directly to your nails. Allowing the oil to set for a few minutes, your nails will become softer and easier to clean.

Pay attention: If you have calluses on your feet, you can also rub this potent oil into your skin to alleviate the effects of the callus.

Benefit #3 – Aids with Digestion & Helps with Diabetes

woman with detoxing smoothie

Diabetes affects millions of people, and the main issue is that metabolic changes need to happen inside of the body to combat this disease. Argan oil has been thoroughly studied to determine how and if it can help a person with diabetes.

Argan oil was shown to:

  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Combat metabolic changes caused by diabetes
  • Increase pepsin to aid in digestion

Anyone that is suffering from diabetes or has digestion-related issues can apply the oil daily to see lasting results.

Related studies:

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Benefit #4 – Amazing Lip Conditioner & Skin Moisturizer

woman smile with teeth

Dry lips can crack, become red and even hurt in severe cases. Dry skin can also lead to fine lines and wrinkles, which no one wants to experience.

The moisturizing efficacy of Argan oil was studied to determine if the oil was a viable moisturizing agent. The results indicated that participants had greater skin hydration after application.

Related studies:

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Benefit #5 – Heals Skin Ailments & Acne

woman with acne

A clinical study conducted at a University in Bulgaria took 20 healthy participants with oily skin and required application twice daily over a four week period. Sebum levels were tested to determine if the oil in the skin was reduced due to its use.

Scientists noted visible differences in oil production in 95% of participants.

Clinical assessment scores indicated a 33% reduction in oil production and 42% reduction in oily spots. The results suggest that Argan can be used to combat certain forms of acne as well as promote skin healing.

Related studies:

Dobrev, H. (2007) “Clinical and instrumental study of the efficacy of a new sebum control cream”, in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol. 6(2).

Benefit #6 – Lowers Your Cholesterol Levels


So far, we’ve talked a lot about your skin, but very little about personal health. Cholesterol levels that are high can cause you to be at greater risk of getting a heart attack, and are not good for your overall health.

A major study showed that the phytosterols in Argan oil help the liver better metabolize cholesterol. The results indicate lower levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream as a consequence!

Related studies:

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Benefit #7 – Prevents Stretch Marks

pregnant woman with stretch marks

When your skin expands or contracts rapidly, you’ll notice stretch marks left behind. This is a problem that many women face during and after pregnancy.

Argan oil is known for its anti-aging properties, and it can also help with the presence of stretch marks. This occurs because Argan oil has high concentrations of:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega fatty acids

As a result, your collagen production will be boosted, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Just apply the oil to the affected area twice a day and massage the oil into the skin.

Related studies:

Boucetta, K. Q., et al. (2015). “The effect of dietary and/or cosmetic argan oil on postmenopausal skin elasticity”, in Clinical Interventions in Aging, Vol. 10.

Benefit #8 – Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effectsarthritis pain

Argan oil is filled with flavonoids that are very powerful due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Both internal and external inflammation can be combated with this oil.

Keep in mind: Sore muscles, joints and other causes of inflammation can be remedied through the use of Argan oil. A few drops of oil massaged into the skin in the affected area is recommended.

Benefit #9 – Strengthen Your Immune System

cancerous cell

Your immune system helps your body combat illnesses and heal faster. A study was conducted on this oil to determine if it could aid in boosting your immune system.

Used on rats, the oil was ingested, and the following results were noted:

  • Lower levels of thymocyte phospholipids
  • Increased immune cell efficiency

Final results showed that Argan oil is as effective as olive oil for immune cell function and does not affect immune cell function in the process.

High levels of antioxidants protect the skin and body from free radicals while further tests show that Argan oil may be used to combat certain types of cancer in the body. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties have a direct correlation with the lessening of cancerous growths in the body.

Related studies:

Benzaria, A., et al. (2006). “Effect of dietary argan oil on fatty acid composition, proliferation, and phospholipase D activity of rat thymocytes”, in Nutrition, Vol. 22(6).

Benefit #10 – Repairs Damaged Hair & Split Ends

young girl combing her hair

Moroccan women are known for having the most beautiful hair in the world. What’s their secret? Argan oil! Grown naturally in the region, this potent oil repairs damaged hair by allowing the hair to become moisturized as the oil soaks into the roots.

Most shampoos and conditioners dry the hair, causing split ends and damage. As the hair is moisturized, fewer split ends will form, and the hair will maintain its shiny appearance.

The oil does this by sealing moisture inside of the hair follicles. People that dye their hair or use colorants can also retain their color for longer due to the sealing properties of Argan oil.

Pay attention: With a high concentration of Vitamin E, the hair is then nourished, and natural shine begins to appear.

Most Common Side-Effects & Dangers of Using Argan Oil

Argan oil is mostly safe with very rare side effects witnessed. It’s always recommended to try a drop of Argan oil to determine if your skin or body has an adverse reaction to it before adding more drops and continuing use.

There are no common side effects or infrequent side effects noted, according to WebMD. Rare side effects that are all listed as severe include the following:

  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin reddening
  • Bronchospasm

These are all side effects and dangers associated with allergic reactions to the Argan fruit. If you have allergic reactions to other types of fruits or nuts, you will want to be cautious when using Argan oil – especially when ingesting the oil.

If you do experience any of these side effects, cease usage of the oil immediately!

Argan oil has been shown to combat many age-related skin conditions with the utmost efficiency. Powerful antioxidants inside of the oil will help boost your immune system! The topical treatment done just two times daily can help a person’s body metabolize cholesterol easier, reduce inflammation, assist with oily skin and of course, provide healthy, beautiful hair!

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